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this is sin; update tl 1/7

STNK Only Talking Series

Satanick: If you do it once you’re already a weirdo.

Satanick: Roachykins’ nipples are weak.

Satanick: I’m gay to the max, you won’t be able to keep your chastity.*

↑ Template.

[tl note: i’m not kidding it literally says that, interpret it how you will.]

In the middle of the night I suddenly thought I wanted to try making a tapestry, and since I found a place where even small copies can be made, I thought I would make it with ◆◇. (Complete) About 10 sheets were entrusted to them.
Now hurry up and do the work you’re supposed to ( ‘ ^‘c彡☆))Д´)

Satanick: NAKED THI-


◇”Are they a little bigger?”◇

☞ Ver.1   ☞ Ver. 2

Reisi Munakata and Saruhiko Fushimi Valentines cards ;o;


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I initially just wanted to draw Miel’s face based on this screenshot @shuuzaar​ took of our kids dancing (theirs is vito, on the right !) because I REALLY loved Miel’s expression, but i ended up pushing it to a screenshot redraw to exercise with colours n stuff !!!

It’s also been a while since i wanted to try a luminesence gif and it’s really cool to do dang ;;;