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Trouble maker Gryffindor Natsu and his starry eyed Ravenclaw girlfriend Lucy

I’m finally free! I finished with my uni project so I can now draw more for my own pleasure instead of for work.
I always love Hogwarts AU’s and Natsu would definitely be the trouble maker of the school. He always loses house points for Gryffindor but he’s totally head over heels in love with his sensible smart gf Lucy (= ̄▽ ̄=)
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anonymous asked:

A guy like you's probably got a lotta scars from the battles you've fought with DIO, Kira, Pucci, etc. Which scars are most memorable? Or perhaps which scars are most prominent? Your wife (ahem, ex wife) ever ask about your scars?

I wouldn’t say any of them are more memorable than others, a majority of them are from times I cannot forget, even if I wanted to.

And yes, she has asked before. 

((I compiled a small ref for hc body scars even though I don’t draw Jotaro with the face scars..or … a lot at all because I’m forgetful– Though he wont admit, the scars given to him by Dio are the ones that give him most trouble mentally. bigger ver here