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Request from @ghstczerny: Kandreil: The first time Andrew watches/tells Kevin what to do to Neil/Kevin calling Neil ‘pretty boy’ in bed

OH MAN SARAH I am so glad you sent this :D  Anyway this is like…. so filthy, so if you don’t want to read smut then…. here’s your warning: HELLA NSFW 

  • Andrew can barely handle getting touched by one person, much less two.  It takes him awhile to warm up to touching Kevin just like how he did with Neil, but they find ways to work around it in the meantime. ;) He quickly learns that he likes to step back and watch Kevin touch Neil.
  • Kevin is so much bigger than both of them—Andrew loves the way he looks hunched over to reach Neil’s lips and how his hands cup Neil’s entire face and wrap around the back of his neck to twist in his hair.
  • If they make out long enough, Kevin’s back starts to ache, (he 2 tol) so he takes to shoving Neil up against walls and dressers and lockers and anything else to eliminate the height difference.
  • The strangled gasps Neil lets out when Kevin manhandles him are a definite bonus.  (Andrew has to swallow hard every time to avoid making a noise himself)
  • One day they’re in the dorm—Andrew’s sat on the windowsill with a cigarette in his mouth, and Kevin has Neil crowded into a corner while they make out—and Andrew just casually blows smoke out the window and says “Get on the bed.”
  • Neil’s eyes go wide and he flushes from his cheeks right down below the collar of his shirt, and he and Kevin both turn to stare at Andrew, who says “yes or no?”

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