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So I saw this ask while i was on vacation and I occasionally thought about what other hairstyle suited Zen and well.. This is what I got lol..

  1. I tried his hair grown out and his bangs covering one eye. I feel like there’s a character like this already LOL.
  2. Uhhh.. Idk if you can tell the difference.. His hair is grown out here, but it’s more messy lol. Like, he still has some short layers sticking out;;;
  3. Lol my attempt at Cult Zen OTL his eyes would turn mint right.. idek LOL
  4. Yeah, I have this thing for pushed back hair and I’d say this one is my favorite that I’ve done HAHA

emimelon  asked:

is michael taller than jeremy or the other way around??? 0: i keep seeing it differently everywhere-- also i love your art so much and it gives me life when i get your blog's notifications, i'd fight for u

michael is taller!


Screensavers ft. the raira trio


when the moon fell in love with the sun