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Maybe I wanted to draw some younger Keith and Lance getting to know each other, maybe I just wanted to draw Keith in a band shirt.

romeo & juliet au where all the Cute Bros TM (bits, lardo, nursey, ransom, chowder) live in one disgusting off-campus rental house and the Burger King Robbery Bros (jack, holster, shitty, dex) live in another across the street and they have a friendly but Very Intense rivalry – which includes but is not limited to a) throwing bigger and better parties, b) pranking the shit out of each other (”BITS. THERE ARE NO PIES IN PRANK WARS”), c) decorating the shit out of their Beer Sticky & Possibly Condemned Front Yards with wilder and more inappropriate yard art (lardo has the Art but dex & his toolbox can be bribed with captain morgran so)

then, jack and bitty sit next to each other in a class and everything changes

How to Steal: Good Writers Borrow

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Good writers borrow. Great writers steal. -T.S. Eliot *

This is great writing advice, but many people are wary about following it because they misunderstand what the terms “borrowing” and “stealing” mean in this context. 

I’m here to clarify. 

Borrowing is using something of someone else’s. Stealing is making something your own. 

This advice means two things:

1. Don’t be afraid of reusing elements from books you love.

I’ve spoken before about stealing in How to Steal: Know Your Tropes. When you see story elements** in a book you love, don’t think that they’re now off-limits to you forever. Just because you love The Great Gatsby and it’s set in 1920s New York doesn’t mean that you can now never write a story set in 1920s New York. Just because you love I Capture the Castle and it’s written as the protagonist’s journal, doesn’t mean you can never write a novel that takes the form of the protagonist’s journal. Just because Scooby-Doo… you get my point by now, don’t you? 

Take note of what you love in other stories.*** Remember those elements–the plot twists, character arcs, tropes, settings, etc.–and then use them to write a story full of things you love. 

2. Make the things you steal your own.

Borrowing, in this definition, would be writing about a 1920s bootlegger in love with the girl across the way, trying desperately to impress her with his wealth. You’re stealing from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby… and making it no less F. Scott Fitzgerald’s story. 

This example steals too much from one place. It’s too timid in it’s approach. it’s too afraid to take anything from the story, so it keeps everything the same. Anything that tries to be like Gatsby, but better is destined to fail. (Maybe a little like Gatsby himself. Just throw a bigger party, old sport! That’ll do the trick!) 

The key to stealing is stealing from multiple things at once until it looks like your very own thing. Stealing is writing a novel about a gang of mystery solving teenagers in 1920s New York, told in the form of a journal the group takes turns writing in. (Because we’re going to add a splash of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants here.) 

Stealing is saying: these story elements are mine now and I’m going to use them the way I like, combined with my interests. And you know what? By stealing bits and pieces from all of the things you love, you’re creating something unique and new and wonderful

So go out there. And steal. Never borrow. 


*This is commonly attributed to him at least. The internet tells me he definitely said something close to it. 

**Obviously, this doesn’t apply to the words themselves. Never steal somebody else’s words. Basically everything else is up for grabs, though. 

***You’re not limited to stealing from books. Steal from movies. From TV shows. From plays. From epic poetry. From that anecdote your neighbor told you last week. 

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Mary Winetoss - Deleted scene

Pity Party

Summary : Emma imagines the worst when she finds out Killian’s been on a date - and kept it from her. Turns out her pity party could get worse. Captain Swan AU (1500 words). Rated T+

Emma opened the door, a wide smile replacing the former frown she’d been sporting. 

“Hey Killian ! You’re just on time, I was just about to - what’s wrong ?” 

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to stay tonight. I know I’d promised to but something came up,” he apologized, glancing over at the all too inviting couch. “I’ll make it up to you.” 

“Don’t worry about it,” she waved his worry away. “I’ve been dying to get away from you anyway.” 

“Is that so ?” Killian replied, the humour in his eyes matching hers. 


“Then I guess I’ll just be on my way.” He walked towards the door, only to be stopped by Emma’s voice. 

“Lunch at Granny’s tomorrow. You’re buying !” 

He chuckled, turning around to look at her and reaching back for the door handle. “If that’s what it takes to see you again, oh fair maiden, I shall provide you with grilled cheese and onion rings.” 

“Just get out of here,” she laughed. 

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What Comes Next?

Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader

Note: Umm I wrote this after reading like 10 articles in a row about Oak and deciding that the best course of action would be to write this. Enjoy!

Warnings: that feeling when you’re in high school and you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing with your life, self doubt. 

Word Count:1,140

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Oak sighs as he turns the last page of his book, War and Peace, and drops it onto his lap. His days had gone from hanging out with friends, training for football and neglecting his ever growing pile of homework to sitting on his ass all day in the hospital reading books and staring at the ceiling.

Really, he couldn’t blame anyone but himself for his predicament. He and his friends had been messing around one day after school when all of a sudden he had heard a distinct crack. Now he had no idea what was going to happen next for him, the doctors said that with his fractured femur he couldn’t play football anymore so what was he supposed to do next?

“You already finished it?” A voice sounds from the doorway, he quickly looks up to find his girlfriend Y/N leaning against the door frame.

“It’s easy to get through a book when you’ve got nothing else to do” he admits as Y/N makes her way over and plants a kiss on his cheek.

“That thing is over 1000 pages long, and I gave it to you like a week ago” she points out as she sinks into the chair by his bed.

He glances down at the thick novel in his hands and shrugs. “It wasn’t that bad, I just have a lot of time on my hands in here” he admits.

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Marichat May: Age-up Marinette



With was with a loud sigh that Marinette crept out onto her balcony, a little worn out from the birthday party Alya and her parents threw her. A party much bigger than she personally would’ve desired. But everyone in the class came, even Chloe, and some others from other classes.

Still, despite it being bigger than she would’ve liked, it was still fun overall.

But sadly, Adrien couldn’t make it, he wound up backed up with shoots and was just busy today and according to Nino, he barely remembered sending her a happy birthday text.

It was sweet that he made an effort to despite how exhausted he must’ve been, but she was still wistful that he was able to make it.

Marinette collapsed into her lounge chair, groaning as she put her feet up.

It was so nice to finally put her feet up and have some solitu-


She jumped, looking over wildly to see Chat on her balcony railing, tail wagging about, hiding something behind his back.

A Chat that looked a bit tired too.

She raised a brow, slouching back down. “What are you doing here Chaton?” she asked, running a hand through her bangs.

He blinked at the nickname then shook his head, hopping down and drawing near. “Wishing you a happy birthday, you are my favorite princess you know. And a knight should always bestow his princess a gift!”

He beamed, then faltered, sheepish.

“Unfurtunately,” he continued, “I was… really busy, and had limited time and-”

Marinette cut in, “You didn’t have to get me anything Chat.”

“I wanted too,” he insisted, tail swishing about. “I’m just… sorry if you don’t like it, it’s what I had lying around and a friend suggested it and… ” He pouted, looking unsure, then presented the now sixteen year old a small, roughly wrapped wheel.

Blinking at it, she took it and unwrapped it, staring down at a wheel of Camembert she had in hand.

“Chat,” she started.

“I can get you something else,” he quickly offered, “this was a really rushed choice and—”

“Thank you!”


“I love Camembert! And this is like one of the most expensive brands, but they’re so good. Thanks so much!”

Chat just smiled and nodded and internally screamed.

Marinette liked Camembert.

Just as Plagg predicted.

This was another in his life that liked stinky cheese.

And it was his friend.

Well, at least Ladybug doesn’t like Camembert… he thinks. And definitely hopes.

My Chemical Romance As Killjoys  - Taken September, 2010

Photo Credit: Paul Harries

Published in Kerrang Issue #1333

Magazine Release Date: 2010

Issue Label: October 9th, 2010

recently i’ve seen some talk about how Eva changed so much after season 1, from a “sweet girl” to a “party girl” or similar phrasing and i’m confused? like she wasn’t a party girl before and isn’t a sweet girl now? and that those things are mutually exclusive?

there’s a lot of things in season 1 that told us Eva was a party girl, yes once we switch to noora’s pov and especially isak’s pov we get less of Eva’s day to day life and only see her in social settings (mainly just parties by season 3 for a whole lot of reasons) but that doesn’t mean she’s acting out of character from season 1

the show started off with establishing Eva as someone who like to go to parties, it’s even mentioned in her trailer, her old friend group goes to parties and in the first episode we see her get tipsy from wine she stole from her mom (she mentions this later) that she’s hiding in her room and going to the revue party

she has multiple motivations for going to that party and drinking of course but her wanting to go because its a party and wanting to drink are apart of that

she posts on her instagram a lot about being home on a friday/saturday night while everyone is partying because she’s not use to being in this position, she’s not use to not going out, she not use to being alone, it’s eating her up so she tries to make jokes about it to cover up just how lonely she is, thats part of the main conflict of her season how her entire friend group just dropped her, she was never someone who liked staying home and in bed all the time, she’s clearly a very extroverted person and thats part of the reason she dislikes what her life has recently become

then every time the girl squad goes to a party it’s because Eva arranged it, yes it’s her season so it’s about what she’s doing but none of the other girls ever set up a party even though Vilde and Chris were certainly interested in doing so and Sana was doing that whole ‘master plan to make the group popular’ thing (Noora was just along for the ride)

the problem is that she never gets to have fun at these parties because of the drama in her life, not because she doesn’t want to party, remember this moment? 

she’s very uncomfortable with the situation she’s found herself in and therefore can’t get into the party, she can’t have fun and let loose like she’s able to do in season 2 & 3, this happens at the halloween party too because she’s freaking out about Jonas cheating on her and then again at the girl power party because before the party really gets going Vilde needs their help, all of the parties are very plot relevant and a bunch of shit happens where they get cut short so there’s no time for Eva to just be the party girl she is, and yeah she has this thing against weed and drugs and thinks Jonas is a stoner because he smokes some times but then when Jonas calls her on it?

she literally responds “you can’t compare those” like the little shit white girl partier she is

and then of course we have this iconic line, like not a party girl where??

Eva ends season 1 in a good place thats the point when we see her again afterwards she’s happy and comfortable with her social life and her friends and that’s why we see her more open and comfortable at parties, not because it’s a new trait but because she’s no longer in the same situation she was where she was upset at herself and her life and having a lot of internal struggles 

skam of course isn’t perfect, nothing is, but i’ve never found Eva’s characterization from season 1 and onwards to be unrealistic or without reason, maybe it’s just because i’ve grown up in a similar party crowd (because we all know skam focuses on a group that’s really into the party scene) but it all totally made sense to me, especially when you consider that fact that Eva is 16 in season 1 and it’s just a fact that (if you are in that scene) you go to more parties and bigger parties as you get older and know more people who can buy alcohol and such, this is true about everyone in the main cast, they are all going to more parties now because they have more opportunity 

but none of what i’ve mention in this post takes away from the Eva who is a loving, supportive, and caring friend, just because she’s getting wasted more doesn’t mean any of her “sweet” characteristics are gone, yes we see less of her thats just how the show works but that doesn’t mean they’ve abandoned who she is, there’s literally no reason someone can’t be both a “party girl” and a “sweet girl” and i hope Eva as a character can help teach people that 

The third of 7 ways Otayuri decide to be cute af

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I put it under a read more because it’s longer than 500 words ^^’

“Yuuuriiooooo, tell meeeeee~”


“Yuuuuriiii, can you ask him?”


Victor showed his biggest pout ever. “You’re both very unfair.”

Yuuri looked up from his newspaper. “Victor, it’s none of your business whether Yurio wants to get married to Otabek or not.”

“Thank you for your input.” Yuri restrained himself from rolling his eyes. “And what’s with you, suddenly demanding an answer ever since I arrived over an hour ago? I thought you were an adult.”

“Well, you’ve been dating for a long time now, haven’t you?” Victor ignored that last comment.

Yuri shrugged. “So?”

“So, don’t you want to marry him?”

“You can’t help but butt into other people’s business, can you?” Yuri snapped.

“Nope,” Victor smiled brightly.

Yuuri reached for his coffee. “Victor had been pestering me about it all week and you’re the only one who can make him shut up.” He looked sternly at Yuri. “Please make him shut up.”

“Victor, shut up.”

Victor pouted again. “Why won’t you tell me?”

Yuri turned to Yuuri. “If he doesn’t shut up in three seconds, I’ll leave and won’t return any of his calls.” He stated. “None.”

“Then I’ll text Otabek to tell me –”

“I’ll warn him in advance.”

“It’s no use, Victor, he won’t tell you,” Yuuri casually reminded him, obviously enjoying the bickering going on.

“You can at least try to be on my side, Yuuri.” Victor sniffed dramatically.

Yuuri didn’t even look up from his paper. “I agree with Yurio though.”

Victor made a show of turning his back to Yuuri and faced Yuri. “Would you invite us to your wedding?”

“No,” Yuri answered immediately. “You’re annoying.”

“You’re hurting the both of us.” Victor cried.

“Oi, leave me out of it.” Yuuri slapped the back of Victor’s head with the paper, while Yuri gave an uncaring shrug.

“But Yuuri, don’t you want to see him stand at the altar with Otabek?” Victor tried to involve him too. Yuuri simply hit him again.

“Victor, I’m not getting married to Otabek anytime soon, understood?” Yuri stood and moved to the front door.

Victor clung to him. “But whyyyyyy?” He dragged out the last syllable annoyingly.

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-For his 4th birthday, Sirius Black received his first proper three piece suit. It was pure black with a grey waistcoat and it brought out his eyes perfectly. He hated it and picked at its loose threads until it came apart, which earned him a slap from Orion for ruining the family heirloom.

-For his 6th birthday, Sirius Black received Black: The Full, Detailed and Illustrious History of the Most Noble House In England with full illustrations of prominent family members. Walburga hexed him twice when she caught him doodling on the faces of his ancestors the next day.

-For his 11th birthday, Sirius Black was told he was too old for silly presents and instead a large pure-blood ball was thrown to honour his Hogwarts letter. He sat by the wall all night, cheered up only when Andromeda Black over to give him a kiss on the cheek and slipped him a charmed dragon figure that breathed real fire. 

-For his 12th birthday, Sirius Black received coal from his parents and a note of disappointment. He also got 12 birthday punches on the arm and a promise of the best Christmas present ever to apologise for not realising today was the day from a certain messy hair boy and some of the best chocolate he’d ever tasted from a kind faced, auburn haired one.

-For his 13th birthday, Sirius Black received a large collection of Gryffindor memorabilia and muggle posters to take home for Christmas from his friends. His parents sent a letter talking of their approval of Regulus’ sorting and a Slytherin badge saying ‘you may not be in it Sirius, but you can at least  display which house you belong in on your person.’. Sirius and Reg burned it together, agreeing brotherhood was more than a house.

-For his 15th birthday, Sirius Black received a birthday kiss from each of the Gryffindor girls, more chocolate, and engraved snitch that said ‘To my Brother from another Mother.’ and Gilly Gerwinkle’s Guide to Hexes of Hilarity. Uncle Alphard sent a few Galleons. His immediate family didn’t send anything, expect a flicker of a smile from Regulus. Almost all his year turned up to the firewhiskey fuelled party the Marauders threw for him and he spent the night in drunken bliss.

-For his 16th birthday, Sirius Black received an even bigger party and better present from his friends. He hadn’t spoken to anyone in his family since May. They no longer acknowledged his existence, but he was okay with that, he had found his true family. At 11:59 that night, Sirius would get the best present he would ever receive, because after a year of stolen glances and heart palpitations, feeling Remus’ lips kiss him back was the best feeling in the world.

-For his 17th birthday, Sirius Black received his annual party, chocolate and birthday sex from the boy he loved most, and countless other treasures from his friends. A certain darkness clouded this birthday however, as the pressures of the outside world and the war that raged outside their little bubble became far scarier and far closer.

-For his 18th birthday, Sirius Black didn’t receive any gifts, he asked everyone not to, he knew people would need all the money they could hold onto just to keep themselves safe. He did however buy himself a flat to stay in for the holidays and once he left Hogwarts as Uncle Alphard had just died, leaving Sirius his fortune. James Potter also received something that night at Sirius’ party, his first, but by no means last, yes. To a date with Lily Evans.

-For his 19th birthday, Sirius Black received a motorbike from Remus Lupin. Remus said it was a death trap but if it would stop Sirius from trying to buy one from the dodgy car dealer down the road it was his. Sirius fell in love with his boyfriend all over again. They would have had a fancy dinner in the flat (of course Sirius asked him to move in the second they left Hogwarts) but Remus was called away on a mission for the Order.

-For his 20th birthday, Sirius Black received a small cake baked by Remus.Peter, James and Lily came to visit and they sat around the dining room table, the absence of Marlene and Dorcas pressing down on them. They smiled none-the-less and Sirius blew out his candles, wishing desperately for this to be over, for Marlene to still be here, for Dorcas to still be here, and more than anything, he wished Regulus was still here.

-For his 21st birthday, Sirius Black received a night off. Him and Remus had been given Harry for the evening whilst James and Lily were on a mission (pre going into hiding) and the two men smiled, laughed and had the most fun with the baby than they had had in a very long time, it was night of light in their world of darkness.

-For his 22nd birthday, Sirius Black received nothing but the pain of loss, betrayal and hatred. He say alone in a cold rocking back and forth screaming for forgiveness and sobbing with fear as the dementors drew closer. He was so sorry for everything,how it was all his fault, so sorry it ripped through him, stabbed through him like a hot blade and he fell apart, completely unaware that it was his birthday.

Higher (pt 5)

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Member: Exo Suho/Junmyeon

Type: Fluff/Angst/Future Smut

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

You touched your throat nervously as you stepped into the spacious hall, your other arm grasping Junmyeon’s tightly. Already, you felt like the dress was suffocating you, your breathing becoming more and more labored with every painful step you took. The heels weren’t helping either, and you suddenly wished that you’d asked to wear something more comfortable, since the dress was too long to show your feet anyway. 

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"force Kylo into a characterization he does not fit" meanwhile the entire other half of the fandom loves to bend to YAOI culture and protray Hux as some sort of slutty pink twink who is only there to take big manly Kylo's cock 🤔 talk about butchering characters.

But Hux is a slutty pink twink though???

The Island

New multi-part Omelia AU fic. Owen Hunt is a business man. He’s a firm believer that he is completely self-sufficient and void of human ‘weaknesses’ such as love. His favourite relationship is the one between him and his phone. He takes care of himself, he satisfies his needs and he prefers his own company over others’. He has his money, his looks and his power. What else does he need?

One more kick and that’s it, I’m turning round and saying something, I think to myself again and again.

There’s a certain etiquette on a plane that one should respect and adhere to, and first class usually guarantees the privelege of such behaviour. I can hear what is behind me. It’s a child- a child I now know is called Theodore Francis Shepherd after its mother scorned it with its full name for not calming down, shutting up and falling to sleep when it was asked.

Now, if I ruled the earth, sea and sky, I would insist that first class have an age requirement. They’d be no parties bigger than two unless it involved a horny, drunk bachelorette party providing a plethora of depressed single ladies about to lose one more of their kind to the married life.

In an ideal world, all flights would have the private suite option like the Emirates flight to Dubai have, but I suppose I’m not in charge of what airline the law firm book me on. British Airways will have to do.

New York to London is a trip I do regularly for work. I travel the hour or so in a yellow taxi from my Manhatten apartment overlooking Central Park to JFK, I breeze through check-in and security and patiently wait in the first class lounge with a glass of champagne. If it’s the morning then they often put orange juice in too, much to my dismay. With someone, you’re thinking? Do I do this all alone? Yes. Thank God. From what I’ve experienced, from what I’ve seen, alone is better.

A 1624 work by the English author John Donne states that “No man is an island”. Nobody can live self-sufficient from the world, from other people. We depend and rely on others. Well, aside from people providing me with work and a way to get around, I beg to differ. Consider me an island with a big fucking ocean surrounding me. On my island there is me, there is work, there is a gym, there is an occasional female visitor and definitely no mother trying to tell her child to stop kicking the back of my fucking chair.

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New York, 1922, the tempo of the city had changed sharply. Stocks reached record peaks, and Wall Street booms a steady golden roar. The buildings were higher, the parties were bigger, the morals were looser, and the ban on alcohol had backfired, making the liquor cheaper. Wall Street was luring the young and ambitious, and I was one of them.