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Hi! Firstly, I would like to thank you guys for your hardwork :) So, do you know any fics where kaisoo used to be close when they were kids but they grew apart as they got older coz of conflicts/misunderstanding/etc and then they reconciled? I hope you get what I meant. Thanks in advance!

Hello hello hello, sparkly Anon!!! Here are some fics where they used to be bffs but grew apart due to some sort of conflict~ All the fics have them get back together in the end tho, don’t you worry your little heart ♡

  • A Table For Two - CUZ WHAT BETTER WAY TO START THIS LIST THAN WITH ONE OF CURRYRAMYEON SENPAI’S FINEST??? Country boys!KaiSoo were hella good friends until Soo moves to the city and Jongin doesn’t want him to come back cuz he thinks Soo’s better off doing bigger and better things there.
  • Ain’t no fun -  KaiSoo has been besties since kindergarten but then they started to drift apart as they grow up, they’re ~forced~ to interact again when their mothers become friends.
  • Broken Heart Beats (How Long ‘Til We Call This Love) - Band!AU where after high school Jongin cuts all ties with Soo but then years later they meet again when Kyungsoo joins his band.
  • Change - KaiSoo used to be really close friends to a point where people think they were in a relationship but then Soo leaves their home town.
  • I’m Gonna Make You Love Me (I Love You) - Jongin’s been crushing on his bff Soo since they were kids but then they separated and when they meet again he finds out that Soo needs a kidney transplant to live (damn, this one’s the most dramatic one of all the recs I think).
  • i’m home (waiting for you) - Kids!KaiSoo were bffs in an orphanage and when Jongin gets adopted he tries to look for Soo, but when he found Soo in college Soo’s not the same person he once knew…
  • Mine - This one’s a lil on the creepy side where Jongin and Soo were bffs but then Jongin started becoming really possessive to a point where it traumatised Soo, and then craycray!Jongin leaves but reappears years later as a transfer student in Soo’s high school.
  • my whole universe (is you) - KaiSoo are childhood friends but as they get older Soo’s afraid he’s bringing Jongin down so they start to drift apart.
    Play of Destiny - KaiSoo has been bffs since they were born until Jongin decided to leave to pursue his dream as a dancer and Soo gets left behind.
  • say you’ll remember me - Prince!Jongin and maid!Soo used to be besties until Soo runs away.
  • where the stars shine brightest - Soo left his bff Jongin in high school but then they become roommates years later.
  • Why Now? - KaiSoo were #brosforlife in high school until Soo confessed his feelings to Jongin and got rejected, they meet again when they got into the same entertainment company and now it’s Jongin who’s interested in Soo but Soo’s still kinda bitter.

I hope these satisfy your request, my sweet Anonnie!!! Enjoy reading and give the writers some love too ehehehehe! Much love - Admin W ♡

I’m so proud of Sophia.

This woman is gonna take over the world.

She deserves ALL the good things, she leads with passion, love and compassion. I cannot be more proud to have her as a role model.

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Sebastian Stan and the Tshirt™ for the Beauty Book (2011) (x)



That musical crossover was so cheesy and romantic and beautiful and everything I’ve ever wanted in life and we have been truly blessed. Between the singing, the adorable superflash tap dancing duet, the self realizations/character love growth for Kara and Barry, the true love/true love’s kiss saving all concept, KARA FORGIVING MON-EL, BARRY SINGING HIS PROPOSAL, and the happy endings for the otps, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier.

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when the moon fell in love with the sun

Anonymous said to buckykingofmemes: Ok but talking about salsa and swing I gotta ask if Steve’s done any dance sketches, it is in my contract as a social dance nerd

steve actually has a ton of dance sketches. he used to come with me when i wanted to go dancing and use it as life drawing practice. said it helped him get the unusual poses better. 

anyway, this sketch  is a really old one, from back before the war. that lovely lady im dancing with is my baby sister becca. becca and i used to do swing competitions together, and we were an unstoppable team, since we’d been dancing together since before she could walk. we danced with other people a lot, but when it came to competitions becca and i were pure magic. i was a pretty big guy and she was always tiny, so i could whip her through steps and lifts like lightning. and she always trusted me to catch her, since id been tossing her in the air for as long as she could remember, and never once let her drop. the two of us would invent lifts nobody else in brooklyn would dare to try. 

sometimes we roped stevie into helping, because he wasnt much bigger than becca, and we didnt have mirrors to practice with. so if we wanted to see how a move looked, we’d teach stevie becca’s lift and she’d watch and figure out what needed changing. steve had no rhythm at all, but he was usually game for the lifts. later, in the star spangled show, they tried to make use of some of those, but he still didnt have the steps down, so it never worked out.

after i got drafted, becca kept dancing. by the time she was thirty, she held the title of brooklyns longest-running swing queen, with fifteen consecutive wins. 

Kinda a WIP.

After Old Xian’s rockstar pics from the four, I couldn’t resist….
Boyband, with He Tian as the frontman…? I bet his voice is deep, raspy, smokey, sexy as fuck. (I absolutely don’t know how to draw drums or guitars or a stage, so don’t mind the mistakes, pls *laughs*)

I feel so happy and confident about myself lately??  🌼(he/him)