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like maybe im just being super sensitive but  I saw an edit on twitter where they replaced the Azaan on Sana’s phone with that clip of Tarjei rapping.

and yeah it looks funny when you see Sana trying to find her phone and turn it off while Tarjei raps the words

“Similar to the thriller in manilla, Honeys call me “Bigga the Condom Filler” Whether it’s stiff tongue or stiff dick Biggie squeeze it to make shit fit”

but at the same time im like…..that really disrespectful to the Azaan? like that the call to prayer? muslims dont speak during that, it’s something that is respected, the name of god is called and people observe silece? 

to have it replaced by crude rapping is kinda…. idk makes me feel yuck

Actual translation of the Azaan:

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Hip-Hop Instrumentals.

DJ Premier - Mic & Gun

The Alchemist - That’ll Work

MF DOOM - Vomit

Spunk Bigga - Harlem Kids Get Biz

Pete Rock - Smooth Sailing

J Dilla - All I Do

Madlib - A.V.E.R.A.G.E

9th Wonder - Let Me Talk

The Alchemist - Break the Bank

Buckwild - Problemz

Dilated Peoples - Basics

RZA - Motherless Child

imanmeskini  asked:

What's this thing about the adhaan and rapping??


Someone on Twitter yesterday edited the scene where the Adhaan sounded, by taking away the Adhaan, and in its place, putting Isak’s voice of him rapping the following lyrics from One More Chance by The Notorious B.I.G. 

I’m similar to the Thrilla in Manila
Honeys call me “Bigga the Condom Filler”
Whether it’s stiff tongue or stiff dick
Biggie squeeze it to make shit fit, now check this shit

and …. yeah, they thought it was funny???? Which …. it isn’t??? It’s disgusting.

korolevx  asked:

re: bigga darklighter - my first introduction to him was reading a battered copy 1977 Star Wars Storybook that included the deleted scenes. when i finally saw the movie i was convinced that my parents were racist and had censored Biggs for being black. of course, they didn't, and biggs isn't black either. i guess my copy was missing some pages because the only actual picture of biggs i remember from it is one where he's in shadow and genuinely does look like a black man from a distance


Hip-Hop Instrumentals.

J Dilla - It’s Your World

4th Disciple - Tai Chi

Pete Rock - You Can’t Stop The Prophet

Kev Brown - Power Bars

Spunk Bigga - Harlem Kids Get Biz

DJ Premier - Classic

RZA - Bring The Pain

Saukrates - Flagrant

Necro - Refuse to Lose

Kam - We Nah Easy

Lewis Parker - Two Blazing Eyes In The Sun

A Tribe Called Quest - Brooklyn

Alchemist - Confidence


There it is….in all its beauty. The LOOTED KNIGHT!

Orks are well known for their looting skills. One day they managed to get hold on some wrecked Imperial Knight and did what any good ork would do. More cannons! BIGGA CANNONS! LOUDA CANNONS! Add some proppa choppy stuff! And…and…Horns an’ teef an’ more dakka!

Ah, yeah…nice an’ stompy.

1. Moving Screens ft. Draymond Green & Andrew Bogut
2. RIP to ur fav team
3. Splash Bros ft. Klay Thompson
4. Back them 3’s up
5. We can beat da 95-96 bulls (Jordan Diss)
6. 2-5(Lebron Diss)
7. Retire Old Nigga (Kobe Diss)
9. Hold this L
10. Back To Back ft. Andre Iguodala

Deluxe Edition tracks: 

11. Half Court ain’t sh*t
12. Sick with them handles(CP3 diss)
13. Cook ft. Ayesha Curry
14. Legends ft. Tim Hardaway, Chris Mullin, Mitch Richmond, Latrell Sprewell
15. 30 at da half(Put em up)
16. Small school, Bigga dreams
17. Swish
18. GS State Of Mind