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Once upon a time, Lando Calrissian met a man named Biggs Darklighter, and spent the night with him. Five years later, when he comes to the Rebellion, he finds out Biggs’ fate.

This is all @spookykingdomstarlight‘s fault. ALL OF IT. I take absolutely ZERO responsibility for any pain this fic may cause you. None.

(Enjoy :D)


Transient Brute by Joshua Jackson


Why would Luke “hate” the Empire?

Why would Luke tell Ben Kenobi that he “hates” the Empire? The Empire seems to have little to no presence on Tatooine. The original Star Wars was supposed to address this issue before Luke meets the droids; but these scenes were ultimately cut because they slowed down the movie. The background information is there, however, and it appears in pretty much the same form in the novelization and radio drama. Here’s what I learned about ordinary Tatooine folks’ opinions of the Empire.

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