Allow me to introduce myself - I’m Michelle. I interned at Big Frame for the month of January and now that my spring semester is over, I’m back! I’m so happy to be here!

I’m currently sitting in Grant’s desk MWAHAHA! I have become Grant. Grant is out of the office doing important things. You go Grant!

Today I had a lot of fun going through videos from the last 24 hours and scheduling Tweets for the @BigFrameCo Twitter. That task involved watching a lot of YouTube, which is my favorite thing to do.

I had a lovely lunch break today with the amazing Sarah, Rachel and Megan. None of us took pictures, but I promise it was delicious.

Recently I’ve also thought of ideas for the BigFrameCo Tumblr, reviewed videos on StumbleUpon, learned to image map, compiled lists of influencers, submitted secret VidCon things, I revamped our Google+ page, managed the K1 pre-party event on Facebook, helped out with a MysteryGuitarMan video and engaged with a lot of awesome people on Twitter. 

My goal for tomorrow: STICKERS!

Peace out,

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Use jargon in the @bigframeco office at your own risk!

Holy crap. I feel like someone hit me with a two ton train, and my brain is not currently connected to my body. All signs of a successful VidCon. Definitely missed a few people, but maybe the most fulfilling VidCon yet for me. Got to meet and sit in on interviews with some of my favorite creators with @whatstrending Got to see so many friends from @bigframeco and their talent absolutely smashing the digital game and blazing their own trails. Even became the impromptu photographer for the @finebros, the people who gave me my first experience ever working in this crazy industry - what an insane way to see and catch up with the @mymusicshow cast. Now, back to the grind. Until next year - thanks to @johngreenwritesbooks @hankgreen Laura, the rest of the @vidcon team and their volunteers for putting on a wonderful event, and the most organized VidCon ever in my opinion. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


Check out our first “Intern Vlog” here at Big Frame. We look forward to posting a lot more this summer!
-Michelle and Young Mack