Cryptid theory: Bigfoots don’t sexually reproduce; rather, they’re derived from Bigfoot hunters who go too deep and undergo the necessary metamorphosis into a Bigfoot, attracting new Bigfoot hunters in turn as part of a sinister cycle of transformation and reproduction.

hey if things aren't going well please just remember this

everyone makes mistakes

no one is perfect

you will always have worth as a human being, and there will always be people who care

bigfoot is still out there and needs to be stopped by any means necessary

every day that bigfoot lives is a day we have not done enough

bigfoot’s fiscal irresponsibility is a direct result of countless tax dollars delivered into their hands by covert order of “president” obama

find bigfoot.

kill bigfoot.

This is a real book on Amazon… yep.

Editor’s note: I often get comments like “this can’t be real”, but I assure all of you, there would be no point in spending the effort to make something up to post when this kind of stuff is readily available. No point at all.

If you believe in Big Foot, the Alberta Foothills get’s “regular” sightings and reports.  I haven’t encountered the elusive creature yet, but looking here there is definitely a lot of forest for Big Foot and his family to be hiding out in. Learn more about the wildlife I’ve encountered on my journey on the blog.