Bigfoot horror-comedy Stomping Ground will be released on DVD and VOD on March 8 via Brink Vision. The indie flick is directed by Dan Riesser, whose previous short film, Night of the Punks, is one of my favorites.

JJohn Bobek, Tarah DeSpain, Jeramy Blackford and Justin Giddings star in the film, along with an appearance from original Evil Dead star Theresa Tilly.

Read on for the special features, trailer and synopsis.

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Cute Cryptids Plushies
(Mothman, Bigfoot, Wendigo, Fresno Nightwalker, Jersey Devil)

Cute Cryptids is a plushie line modeled after some of the worlds most infamous and curious cryptozoological creatures, creatures that have reported mysterious sightings and urban legends across the globe but have yet to be officially confirmed by any government. This line takes the reported information and turns it into something a little more cuddly and adorable. But don’t be fooled by their plush appearance; these creatures are every bit as sneaky as their real life (???) counterparts!

By Nerd Bird Craftings


Hunter Captures Video of a Sasquatch in Utah.

While out scouting for hunting season out in the Alpine Loop in Provo, Utah, a hunter captured this footage of what he believes is a real Sasquatch. The man says he began filming after he saw the creature duck into the brush.

After the creature reappeared, it makes it’s way into the woods, where it vanishes from sight. Although he was scared, the hunter says he tried to chase after the creature. However, it was far too fast and was already long gone.

Many suspect the suspected Sasquatch was merely a person dressed in a costume or a dark hooded jacket. Given the creature’s almost perfectly timed reappearance just as the recording starts, it seems likely that this was indeed just a person. 

I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this footage? Do you think it shows an actual Sasquatch? Or do you agree with those who believe this to be nothing more than a hoax?


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