i’m so sad because there are so many amazing groups that are being slept on right now, y’all let me take u on a journey

  • ok you like groups that make u wanna go hard as fuck??? then listen to 24K
  • even their cute songs have a dope ass beat
  • speaking of damn good beats BIGFLO have a lot of um they get u so pumped and ready 2 go
  • boy groups that can go from cute to deadly in 0.003 seconds?? then high4 are the ones for you
  • groups that have hella dope dance moves, acrobatics and r just complete dorks then hop onto the SPEED train for a life of tears and joy
  • i know u want the weirdest kids that walk this planet that make damn catchy tunes
  • will also love you with everything they have because that’s what MYNAME do
  • OH! and you want to write fanfic about them? no need my lovely, they do it themselves
  • u want there to be instrument playing and beautiful vocals? give Royal Pirates a listen
  • some good head boppin tunes, great rapping and infectious ass dance moves then pls love Cross Gene
  • they also got them intimidating looking members that are actually the biggest fluffballs u know what i mean
  • groups that go hard but also wanna stab u in the feels? u deffo for N.Flying
  • absolute losers that just want to have fun? heck they danced with animated penguins 
  • that’s right u guessed it.. UNIQ
  • oh ok so u want more of a hip hop feel rather than a cute boy group??
  • or maybe not bc they are the dorkiest, shyest lil babies ever. love madtown
  • i don’t even know how to describe hotshot they actually leave me a lil bit speechless they r just so good u will deffo not regret this decision
  • also body rolls for days i tell ya
  • Snuper are those mad dorks that u will fall in love with in all of 2 seconds, good luck
  • did u hear face off by A6P?? just listen to it u will be jamming for weeks
  • and the concept was so good
  • pls come back babies i miss u
  • B.I.G just give off a vibe that make u love them, take these losers in as ur own they r ur children now also all their songs are SO catchy
  • not to mention the hit song hello that will always have a special place in my heart
  • r cute girl groups ur weakness?? because my dear u will love Laboum
  • what about a group that work with whatever sound they take? also got some hot vocals and some nice beats to get u up or just to chill and jam to whatever u feelin BIGSTAR got it
  • i also just wanted to include hot boy because it’s the song of the century ok
  • boys republic just put so much into making some good tunes and some damn amazing mv’s like that shit is just so nice to look at i cannot recommend them enough i’m !!!!!!!!
  • M Crown??? That’s all i should have to say really just go listen to them
  • cute but not so cute boy groups? u feel me? also some good dancers and can work them hips oh my god i got u covered with halo
  • speaking of dancing if u into that then check out romeo plus they’re just so fun sounding and such a feel good listen !!!!
  • ok so back to the girl groups, u want a bit more after the cuteness. my friends, sonamoo are waiting for you 
  • what about the biggest dorks on this planet?? no i’m serious
  • i mean sure there is some questionable styling choices but u won’t even care when you listen to topp dogg because DAMN
  • also throw back to when they got brazilian waxes because i feel the world needs this trust me ok
  • the sweetest group to walk this god damn earth (also the dork level is pretty high) but hella pushed aside by their company
  • but still make absolute bangers from cute to sexy u got it all
  • why r boyfriend still not loved???
  • and finally, the ones most of you will know
  • stop
  • ignoring
  • infinite
  • dammit

ok i think i’m done, pls add more because there’s so many good groups out there that i want to know about too 

Song recommendations because some of you aren’t living your life right

Cross Gene - Love & Peace
Cross Gene  - I’m Not A Boy, Not Yet A Man
Hotshot - I’m A Hotshot
Myname - Baby I’m Sorry
Myname - Hello Again
Myname - Sugar (audio)
Boys Republic - Hello
CRUSH - Oasis 
Zion.T - Just
Zion.T - Eat
Epik High - Born Hater
Epik High - Spoiler + Happy Ending 
Boys Republic - The Real One
Akdong Musician - Melted
Madtown - New World
Madtown - Stunning (audio)
Mr. Mr - Out
Mr. Mr -  Waiting for you
Mr. Mr - Big Man
Nu’est - I’m Bad 
Timez - Awaken (CHN ver.)
A.Cian - Ouch
A.Cian - Driving
TARGET - Please Love Me 
Hotshot - Watch Out
Hotshot - Rain On Me (audio)
Speed - What U 
Speed - Look At Me Now
Legend - Left Out
Legend - I Wanna Know
N.Flying - Awesome 
Toppdogg - TOPDOG
Toppdogg - Love Me Like You Do [Ellie Goulding cover]
Toppdogg - Maps [Maroon 5 cover]
Toppdogg - Annie
Toppdogg - Open The Door
24k - Hey You
24k - U R So Cute 
JJCC - Fire
JJCC -  At First
JJCC - BingBingBing (Oneway)
24k - Hurry Up
24k - Secret Love
Halo - While You’re Sleeping 
Halo - Come On Now
Halo - Fever
M.Pire -  너랑 친구 못해
M.Pire -  그런 애 아냐 (Not That Kind Of Person)
BigFlo - Delilah
BigFlo - Bad Mama Jama
BTL - Too-G
9Muses - Hurt Locker
Alphabat - Tantara (딴따라) 
Alphabat - AB City
Romeo - Lovesick
Lu:Kus - So Into U
100% - 심장이 뛴다(Beat)
A6p - Face Off 
High4 - Baby Boy
High4 - Day By Day
High4 - Headache
History - Might Just Die
History - Psycho
History - What Am I To You
History - Dreamer
History - Tell Me Love
NU’EST - Good bye Bye
Loco - Thinking about You
BoA - Kiss My Lips



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