ca-me-donne-le-cafard asked:

I need to sell my horse ASAP. Do you know of any ways to speed up the process? I love her but I'm leaving and no one to take care of her plus I can't afford it. Thanks.

There are plenty of horse websites (Dream Horse,,, etc) were you can post a listing. Also make posts on local horse listing pages on Facebook. Just try to spread the word to as many people you can.

Make sure you provide good pictures (usually conformation and some under saddle pictures) and a video WTC in both directions showing transitions (and if she jumps, you should probably have a video of a course or two).

Saw my old friend @cory.hardy @newburyfarm a few days ago and fell in ❤️ with his young horse Surfside! Check out our account to see a full photo sequence of his hack winning gaits! #hackwinner #bigeq