Big Dub 2015!!!!!

I meant to write this a while ago but I bought my ticket last month!!!! My friends and I are actually going as a theme camp this year. I won’t reveal which one just yet but AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! So much excite!!!!!!!

Last year was my first year going, my first festival ever in fact and it was BEYOND AMAZING! I can’t wait to go back up on that mountain. 

Is it July yet?

Where do I begin?

This isn’t about me.

It’s about love. 

It’s about seeing all of my friends’ faces. Everyone; coming together, showing each other the diamonds that lie within us, through hard work and the care we take, to be our best.

My heart fucking goes out to the EMS and Security teams, and especially Jessi Love for being amazing.  Every time I saw you guys, you were on point, keeping calm and composed, as night fell and the fury that has become Big Dub raged around us. 

I gotta commend Sentient Lighting, for setting me up with my very own light show during my super early morning security shift at the main stage. Thank you! It was enchanting!

All of my very talented DJ friends, big ups for blessing us with your magical, raucous sounds and sets. It’s always a pleasure to hear you over and over again, listening to you grow. Oh man, and the #SilentDisco was god damn beautiful, miniature #Bisco status, forreal. 

Eric Tyler, CustomNightGlow, Leo C Giacometto, Ellie Brower. The dexo was fucking amazing, you totally outdid yourselves. I’m just so proud to have met you, and be blessed to work alongside you. 

This was the first year with the Marketplace. It has been a brilliant ride on this entrepreneurial rollercoaster with everybody. 

Shout outs to all of the theme camps, and the pleasure it was to see everyone’s individuality shine! It was amazing to be part of #Biodome’s #Domemunity again this year through tapestry, and was beautiful seeing everyone working so hard and coming together, especially since we all met at Big Dub 2 as neighbors and have been close friends ever since.

This year, I really learned to love.  Careening through the festival with Jacob; he made the ultimate partner in crime. He and Austin made the Hajj all the way from Michigan on a whim, and made my Big Dub completely unforgettable. 

Mad respect to Chad Thugnificent Bozzarelli, Matt Pawlik and absolutely everyone on the  B.A.D.A.S.S. RAVES Team. I simply cannot wait for next year.


Big Dub Festival 2013 || SoleLab Media

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Oh, and I’m the girl in the neon yellow dress and flower headband swing dancing in the opening. :)