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bigcuppajoe  asked:

Did you know that even though their songs have breakdowns Kellin will stop the show if people are pitting.

I know I saw I was like what the actual fuck.  He was like “WE ARE NOT THIS KIND OF BAND” Like so you’re a bunch of pussy’s?????

bigcuppajoe  asked:

How often does Jack get boners

Jack: Dude multiple times throughout each hour all day

Cassie: every time Jack looks at me. which is a lot. he has a cute boner

Url: 10/10

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overall: 10/10

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Okay! on to the questions!

you’re making a time capsule name 5 things you’d put in it 

 TGI sunglasses, picture of my grandparents, my frag grenade, my playlist of relaxing songs from my iphone, condoms

worst movie you’ve seen?

Any movie with Ashton Kutcher he fucking sucks at everything he does

something you’ve done that you’re proud of?

i’m proud that i stopped caring what people think about me

something you’ve always wanted to learn?

I want to learn how to sing, so i can not suck at singing

you’ve found out you have 90 days left to live, ho

w do you spend that time?

I would kill myself the second i found out I had 90 days to live

dumbest thing you’ve done?

joined tumblr

name a fear you’ve faced?

rollercoasters, i’m still scared of them but i’ve been on them multiple times 

would you donate a kidney?

Maybe, depends who it was going to.

what do you always carry in your pockets/backpack/purse etc?

wallet, phone, pocket knife, like the utility ones

favorite smell?

campfire, like the smokey smell, 

whats something that always comforts you?

music. always music.

My questions for you

1. if you could kill one celebrity who would it be and why?
2. Go on tour with any band/artist who would it be?
3. A zombie apocalypse occurs, what is your weapon of choice?
4. Pepsi or Coca Cola?
5. You get one million dollars what do you do with it?
6. Pick your 2 worst fears, which would you rather deal with?
7. Zombie apocalypse or Alien invasion?
8. Live in the 60’s or Live in the 80’s?
9. Super powers, invisibility or flying?
10. Godzilla or King Kong?
11. Beer or Water?

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