(      sorry    for    the    shitty    graphic    tho    )       okay     i’ll    keep    this short    as    always    and    I’m    sorry   that   i   always   make    bias   list  
   (     you   know   i’m    quite    busy    all    the    time   )     but     you    know    this is    my    way    to   show   you   all    how    much   i    love    you  .
                                                It     have    been    almost    3    weeks    since    i     remvamped     this    blog    and   i    just    hit    380+    followers     real quick     and    i    love    every    single    one    of    you    so    once    again thanks    for    being    part    of    this.

I’m    quite    sorry    if    i     forget   to   put    someone    in    the    list    but    i wanted    to    let    you    know    that    i    love    you.

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             Have    some     FETUS    bruce    up    ↑     there.           OMFG    I JUST   HIT     908+     FOLLOWERS       this     just     happened      too    fast. thanks    so     much    guys     for     being    my     followers     you’re    all amazing      and    I     wish     i     could    rp     with    every     single    one    of you    (     but     you      know     i’m     way     too     shy    )      I     really     don’t      wanna      be      tedious     with     words     so     here     a     small bias     list      (    since     i     don’t      have      time     to     make     a    giveaway     )     to     let     you     know     how     special    you    are    ♥    pls keep     being     amazing    with    your    characters !  

also sorry if not everybody is here.

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Shadowhunters - June 12th 2015

+ Kaitlyn Leeb has been cast as Camille Belcourt
+ Video of Kaitlyn Leeb
+ Two new cast members - Alaric & Pangborn (CONFIRMED)

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