(1/6th scale) 1996 TARDIS Console commission: Here we go! The console is in its completed form and to see all in one piece is amazing! Flick through to see some close up shots! The console will have all its lights fitted by the chap who I’ve made this for, I will be able to post the lit up version once that’s done 👍

It really has been a fantastic adventure this one!!!

(1/6th scale) 1996 TARDIS Console commission:

Back on with finishing off the console - I needed to find a way to make a few domed light covers for some of the panels and I was struggling to know how to go about it. I settled on cutting off the bottoms of some plastic test tubes… to do this I had to avoid cracking the fine plastic so I put some tape around the tube to ensure a consistent cut and then with knife cut a score line. This allowed me to snap off the bottom of the test tube. I also had some screw covers handy which to my amazement fitted the test tube diameter perfectly… it really is the little things sometimes 👍👌😁