PS if anyone still has trouble, my email for my paypal account is Please message me if you have any questions. Again, we really appreciate it. 

General update about our situation: 

I put a donate button on my blog on February 5th, 2013. The situation then was that we were being threatened with an eviction if we didn’t pay what we owed. As it turns out, there were bigger things at work, and we didn’t really have a choice in the matter. Details are still being figured out, but at this point, we have a house to move to in May. It’s a fixer-upper farmhouse, not unlike ours, and it’s in a really good community. We’re excited about it, though we’ll be sad to leave this place. There is a family interested in our house/property, so with any luck, if they buy it, we’ll be able to live here through the summer while we renovate the new house.

As for the fundraiser, the tumblr community really came together and worked hard to signal boost my story and get the word out and raise money. The original post got about a thousand notes, and we raised over $300. I won’t put any information here about the wonderful people that donate, but if y'all are reading this, I seriously appreciate it so much. This money will be kept in savings and used for the renovations in the coming months. 

Regular blogging will resume now that things have calmed down a little because no matter how crazy shit gets, there will always be tv shows, books, and movies haha

with-a-k asked:

What inspired you to write?

I’m gonna publish this one, because it’s kind of relevant right now (sorry)

A lot of things day to day inspire me–music, people, conversations, television, animals, books, everything. I’ve always been a storyteller, but it was the unflappable faith of a few very important people in my life that inspired me to turn that love for storytelling into writing. It was a natural growth, but one that I wouldn’t have had the faith to pursue without the support that I have. Yeah, it’s still hard sometimes, but they believe in me. So, I’m doing this for them. I write for the people that love and support and depend on and believe in me, because I want to someday be able to use writing to make their lives better. It’s…unrewarding at times, because I’m not at that point yet–the point of recognition and success and compensation–but that just encourages me more, the thought of making a better future for them. 

Sorry for my fluffy, rambling explanation~

anonymous asked:

How much money do you still need???

Um…well, I’ll be honest with you. We are applying for an Emergency Relief Fund through DHS, and the people and programs there have really helped us out before. I’m hoping it will be approved soon, but it could take a while. I don’t know how much that will cover though. My dad doesn’t think he’ll get paid, but maybe he will. My dad’s brother may loan us some, which would be great! As far as this tumblr/paypal donation setup, we’ve got about $250, and I’m really touched by how many people have reblogged and messaged me and donated. Who knows, maybe the money from you guys will be the difference! And if we do end up having to move, well, I guess that will go towards a new house!

anonymous asked:

i donated and shared. How much more do you need? Good luck, I hope this all works out for you.

I really appreciate that, seriously. Every little bit counts, anon. 

The post has been up for 12 hours, has 500 notes, and we’ve raised about 10% of the goal. 

I’m so thankful. Just keep reblogging, everyone! There’s now a donate button right on my blog for anyone having trouble with the link on the post! 

anonymous asked:

so this is awkward but I'm talking to one of my friends irl who also has a tumblr because I asked her to reblog your post and she is literally freaking out over how pretty you are and she won't send a message so I'm telling you for her.

Well, that’s really sweet of you to spread word ~in the real world~ to get even more people involved! See, people, that’s how you network! And that’s really nice of her to reblog and to say such nice things:3 That just made my day, to hear from you guys! Do please come off anon and send me another message, because you both seem really sweet, and I would love to chat!