General update about our situation: 

I put a donate button on my blog on February 5th, 2013. The situation then was that we were being threatened with an eviction if we didn’t pay what we owed. As it turns out, there were bigger things at work, and we didn’t really have a choice in the matter. Details are still being figured out, but at this point, we have a house to move to in May. It’s a fixer-upper farmhouse, not unlike ours, and it’s in a really good community. We’re excited about it, though we’ll be sad to leave this place. There is a family interested in our house/property, so with any luck, if they buy it, we’ll be able to live here through the summer while we renovate the new house.

As for the fundraiser, the tumblr community really came together and worked hard to signal boost my story and get the word out and raise money. The original post got about a thousand notes, and we raised over $300. I won’t put any information here about the wonderful people that donate, but if y'all are reading this, I seriously appreciate it so much. This money will be kept in savings and used for the renovations in the coming months. 

Regular blogging will resume now that things have calmed down a little because no matter how crazy shit gets, there will always be tv shows, books, and movies haha