heyo, it’s that time. i really want all of you guys to know how much you mean to me, and how much i adore you. you all (whether you’re on this list or not) have brought me happiness and joy. you mean the world to me, and you make tumblr an incredible place to be. thank you for supporting me, even in the darkest of times, for many times you are what has kept me together. for that i am eternally grateful. i am truly sorry to anyone i missed - there are so many people i want to include and i don’t mean to cause harm with my forgetfulness. 

ps. there are a lot of people. like. so, so many. looking through my mutuals, i kept going “OH THERE’S THAT PERSON, I LOVE THEM. some of you have been with me for over a year.  i ♡ you guys so much!!!!! (p.p.s, i also gave up and started putting names out of order)

(this is part one of two because i have so many people i wanna include) 

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🎆The last day of 2016 is finally here! All of you are what made this crazy year bearable. It’s been so wonderful to see all the things you created and went through. I know I probably forgot a few people and sorry if I did. Let’s kick 2017’s ass together! 🎉

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