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-60 Minutes Ride-

Helmet on

Test the engine

Check the wheels

Check the breaks

You and me big boy

Will hit the road again

Rushing my way home

For a 60 minutes ride

The dusty road I missed for awhile

But it’s 7pm so it’s gonna be dark

Looking above the sky is clear

There’s not so many stars

And Mr. Moon seems blurry

I missed aslan

I can’t wait to play with him

35 minutes I hear the sound of rain

So heavy and strong

I could see the smokey dust evaporates

Covering my whole face

I focused my eyes on the road

Slowing down as the rocks became slippery

Darkness consume the whole sorroundings

shaking my hands

Troubles the wheel

This is my kind of journey

10 minutes away home is exciting

As I freeze sitting wet in my motorbike

Trees dancing moved by the strong wind

Leaves falling and crickets sounds

Finally I’m here

I just came to say wherever you are

I hope you had a great day

//One rainy night on the road//