ℒʘɴɢ ՇΙМℯ ɴʘ Տℯℯ ツ [ ℳΙƘℯ & Տuℓℓყ ]

The sound of large jet engines left an imprint on him that still buzzed within his ears. The sound of rolling tires on pavement made nearly no difference along with the light chatter on the radio. The dragged out two hour customs and twenty minute bus ride home had done little to easy the sound either. The passenger beside him, having offered light banter at the beginning of the pick up was turned down gently by the weary and worn traveler taking up two of the back seat. He’d refused to fall asleep though admitted he wasn’t alert enough to keep his end of the conversation and had resorted to a tranquil silence. The bus came to an easy stop when the string was pulled. The traveler got out, taking two large travel bags with him out from under the bus’s storage, with only a slight wobble. Having payed the driver his fee with a generous tip prior he made his way up the short side walk and to the front door.

The sun was already setting and bleed crimson into the sky, meaning that he really had lost a whole day traveling if now was evening already. The bright colors in the sky painted the surrounding buildings a honey gold with the still lingered light and rusty red where there were shadows. On any other day, or evening for that matter, he would of greatly enjoyed simply sitting outside and watching the clouds turn and the stars begin to peer out from hiding. Though being so tired tonight he only had a moment to spare them a tired glance up in remembrance before walking up the short front steps. Beginning the steady climb up the first couple flights of stares to his shared apartment the hall lights flickered, still having not been fixed. He paused a moment at the door to his shared apartment, quickly reflecting on just what was on the other side. A home, his home. Without any intrusive or loud relatives to bother him with questions. Just a quiet home with one other inside that knew what to do when. He gave a light shiver and relaxed a bit as he raised his hand to press the door bell. Sulley was beyond ready to go home. He waited a moment and hear a small scuffle from the other side before a familiar lock clicked.

“Heeeey, I’m back,” he dragged out with a brighter tone dispute his tired composition. Having received that grin from the other once the door had opened had him give a gentile smile after some coaxing. He like many had found that Mike’s good moods were always contagious, especially that smile of his.

“Nahh, I held back as best I could until I got home,” he replied lightly as he looked around the living room. “The trip was alright I guess coming back…” He shoulders sagged and the muscles relaxed, the fur on his shoulders even settled a bit flatter as he relaxed at the familiar environment. Almost then missing Mike struggle with one of the bags. He gave a chuckle, “Now, Mike, don’t go hurting yourself, haha. I can take care of those, really,” he tried reaching for the bags, though the other monster seemed keen to take care of them. His hands were continuously swatted him away much to his amusement. He just shook his head and laughed a bit more light heartily, “Well I’m glad to see nothings changed, Mike. It’s good to be home.”

Exuberant flowerbeds in summer blossom and shadows of the trees, which were slowing precocious sunset. The shroud of afterglow was covering the whole Monstropolis, spraking first stars and street lanterns, while enkindling the souls of sundown romantics. The silhouettes of high buildings were gradually putting on glimmering lights, which were the signs of evening activities. Monsters came out for the nightly promenades and at night Monstropolis found a new wave of stir, becoming more vivacious than even in the morning. Sounds, voices, light music, which sounded in the distance, the echo, which lightly reminded the murmur of the sea, though it was only illusion which created highways of the town.
Monstropolis at night was quite a marvelous place. Fresh night air combined with colorful neon-lights of local bars and cafeterias were bringing a certain serene atmosphere to the soul. And everything lightened the moon, the biggest lightbulb in the whole world, which never needed in screams to shine. And it was making the moonlight peculiarly magical…
Though, it was too early for the moon to shine. The sun was whispering its last ‘good night’ to the earth and Monstropolis was enveloped by the soft glow of golden dawn. The pall of beige was spreading across the sky, shedding sweet pink nectar on the fluey clouds of celestial custard. And honey sunbeams glistened through the window, filling the whole living room with peach shadows and homely warmth. It couldn’t be any sweeter, when amber lights flashed behind the window in the last sunshine and almost fenced the entire room from the noises of outside world. It kept only quiet and serenity, soothing tired mind and soul… 

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