drefenn said: Sorry to just crash into your conversation like this, but… WAIT WAIT, THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THE SECRET OF KELLS DID ANOTHER FILM?!?!? Why didn’t I know this? Why don’t I own it? Especially if it involves Selkies!
Seriously, The Secret of Kells is possibly one of the most beautiful films ever made. It’s like someone put all of my most psychedelic dreams and put them into animated form. BrushStrokes, you would seriously love it.…now I have a mission for tomorrow. To find Song of the Sea!

That makes two of us :-))

It’s been a bit since a betta, so I thought I’d better do another. I tried some new pencil shading ideas in an attempt to create more textured color than the faux watercolor brush. I’m really loving my #maglus. Which is good, since my Pencil is down for the count and needs to return to FiftyThree Studios. Its eraser doesn’t work and the point was going the same way. I miss the smudge and eraser functionality, but I don’t miss all the cursing I was doing while trying to use it. But the Maglus? What a great stylus!

Made With Paper

So in following the various fishy tumblrs I found while obsessed with bettas, I started getting curious about goldfish. This is the first result.

I’ve been trying a number of new (to me, anyway) apps: this one is Pen & Ink. The app is similar to Paper by 53, but has many more options and available tools, as well as layers, without getting bogged down. The UI takes a little getting used to, but I’m beginning to find it very intuitive.

I’ve taken to using my Maglus for everything. It’s that good, and that good in the hand. Sometimes I break out a brush stylus or, more rarely, my Wacom Creative BT stylus. But the Maglus works so well, and is so comfortable, I actually haven’t missed pressure sensitivity too much. That’s probably something that a dyed in the wool Wacom tablet user should never say, but there we are. I’ll hand it to the coders; they’ve done some great work making capacitive touch screens capable of some downright inspiring effects.

Solo Telecaster, although that hardly covers it. Imagine Bill Frisell and Godspeed You! Black Emperor locked in a small, wood-paneled room. The lights dim, and the music begins, bringing forth a riot of hyacinths and nodding daffodils while Earth shudders and prepares to enter Her yearly rut.


In order to psych myself up to perform – to help create the right internal set & setting – I usually do illuminated set lists, which I then keep displayed on my iPad like a little stained glass window.

I haven’t performed since last fall, so psyching myself up is particularly important. Thus, even though this is for an open mic night – which means about 15 minutes of music – I still made it purty. Also, with about 2-3 more songs than I will likely play. Sometimes, though, Troy asks me to play a little longer, so rather than getting caught flat-footed (again) I just add a few extra tunes.