i’m tagging chibiyay, taehyunqie, kookiekyungsoo, bigbea, and damn-it-exogotme because they’re all great friends i’ve made on tumblr. some of us might not talk anymore, but i will always consider them very precious friends ;~; all of them are sweethearts and just all around amazing people and i could write a novel about how wonderful they all are. i love you guys~

and i’m also tagging kwononthekkab, minifantasy, fantomistress, minpanda, mrcheetoschipmunk, jungtaekmenow, pandaisaracoon, shiningrisingelf, and kimbangguk because they are all lovely people with lovely blogs and i really love all of them very much, but we never really talk. i wish i was better at talking, so i could talk to all of you T_T

bigbea asked:

Once someone gives this to you, you have to pass it to at least 10 people that are amazing and deserve to know it. Nothing happens if you don’t send it, but it’s always nice to share love. ♥ ≧≦

Thank you!!!! ;A;

bigbea asked:

Send this to all your favorite people on tumblr O(≧∇≦)O and Send this to ten people or more that you care about and adore ☆(⌒▽⌒)☆ ✿!!!! =3=


Thank you so much!! This means so much to me, since you’re one of my favorite people on tumblr and you run one of my favorite blogs on tumblr. TT^TT

Thank you so much again and excuse me now while I go spazz in a corner somewhere. >_<