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First kpop group: 2NE1

First kpop song: Go Away by 2NE1

Favorite male group: Bigbangg

Favorite female group: 2NE1/Brown Eyed Girls

Favorite soloist: Hm… probably Kisum?

Favorite kpop video: Oh gosh. There are so many. I honestly can’t choose ;; Lemme just say U by John Park.

Favorite kpop ballad: Probably If You by Bigbang. But Melted by Akmu is good too. Also, Hopeless Love by Park Jimin. And Ain’t Nobody by Ha:tfelt if it counts? (But again, there are so many other good ones. I am struggling. TT TT)

Catchiest tune: How many times can I repeat myself there are honestly too many to choose lol. I’ll just go with Her by Block B?

Best male dancer: T.O.P HANDS DOWN I mean what Probably J-Hope, tbh.

Best female dancer: Ga In and Minzy are both really good.

Best male vocalist: Oh my gosh hmm.. I always thought Ken from Vixx was amazing. But Junhoe from Ikon is really good too.

Best female vocalist: Jimin from 15&, Soohyun from Akmu and Ailee have always stood out for me.

Best male leader: Zico & Rap Mon

Best female leader: CL?

Current song you are listening to: Nothing atm..

Previous song that you were listening to: The Other Side by Woodkid

Next song that you´ll be listening to: Um.. some song by Woodkid probably?

Current kpop obsession: Bigbang, endlessly.

Current kpop song addiction: Just Right by GOT7

Female bias: Minzy/Ga In/Kisum

Male bias: T.O.P~~

Hottest male idol: Siwon & Jaejoong (of course I’m excluding my bias…)

Hottest female idol: Ga In?

Cutest male idol: Chanhyuk from Akmu

Cutest female idol: Soohyun from Akmu lol

Prettiest female idol: They are all pretty this is hard.. “

Cutest Maknae: Hyuk from Vixx


Active on Allkpop ?: Nooo??

Which fandom are you in?: The easier question would be which ones are you not in tbh

Which kpop forums are you active on?: None lol

Favorite kdrama: Would I get killed for saying I haven’t watched any >_> From what I’ve seen though, I really like Kill Me, Heal Me.

Oh my god that was hard. I must go and regain all the energy I lost from doing this now bye