For all my Little Bingu Fans out there! Have a nice Weekend. :* And as announced here is a new T.O.P

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Thank you so much for the last reblogs and likes :))



I’ve been on this website for far too long (many years, sideblogs & previous urls include @chenbermaid, doggyhandwarmer & crunky-the-rule), seen mutuals and favourite blogs come and go, but since my rebirth as an 🐣 ahgase 💚 blog, I thought I’d make a follow forever to celebrate reaching 500+ followers. Below I’ve included blogs that are less active since some of my favourite groups aren’t promoting much due to military service etc. but they still brightened my dash at some point. Bolded are mutuals and italics are those whom I’ve chatted to before, however briefly. Apologies if I’ve missed anyone/ the formatting gets wonky! Thank you, I promise I’ll gif more in the future.

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