bigbang vol. 1

There aren’t many people who can go in with a smile, right? If you look at pictures they all make a serious face, like it’s a pity that they have to go. I have so many memories with you that I won’t feel lonely.
—  Kang Daesung on his enlistment @ DなSHOW Vol.1 THE FINAL in HAWAII (via mshinju)

okay so here’s the deal, i’m broke & got bills and i also got all these kpop albums so if y’all are interested i’ll be selling the majority of these for $10 with the exception of the special edition albums and the 3 signed albums and if you buy 5 or more i’ll take $10 off. send me a message if you’re interested in buying something, albums and prices will be under the read more. 

update: i made this post at 2am so i forgot to mention shipping. i’ll ship anywhere in the US for $5 and for international shipping just message me and we’ll discuss a convenient price.

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the hero we all need 🤙

[180106] DなSHOW Vol.1 THE FINAL in HAWAII

© HappyDae’s

BigBang Merch I Own Arranged by Release Date.

This isn’t a complete list of items. Many items didn’t make it here because I have no idea to which date or promotion cycle they belong. These are the main items in my collection only.

2006 Aug to Nov - BigBang First, Second and Third Singles [X]

2006 Dec - BigBang First Album: Volume 1 [x]

2007 Feb - BigBang First Concert CD: The Real  [x]

2007 March - BigBang First Concert DVD: Since 2007 [x]

2007 Aug -  BigBang First Mini Album: Always [X]

2007 Nov - BigBang Second Mini Album: Hot Issue [x]

  • Seungri - BigBang x BSX Limited Edition Hoodie -  [X]
  • BigBang x BSX Hoodie - [X]

2008 Jan - BigBang For the World [x]

2008 Feb - BigBang Second Concert CD: The Great [X]

2008 March - BigBang Second Concert DVD: The Great [x]

2008 Aug - BigBang Third Mini Album: Stand Up [x]

2008 Oct - BigBang First Japan Album: Number 1 (Cd/DVD) [x]

2008 Nov - BigBang Second Album: Remember [X]

2009 March - BigBang 2008 Global Warning Tour DVD Green [x]

  • Seungri Strong Baby Full Story Photobook [X]

2009 April - BigBang 2009 Concert Big Show CD: [X]

2009 Sep - Seungri - Why did you come to my House [x]

2009 June - BigBang Japanese Single: My Heaven [x]

2009 July - BigBang Japanese Single: Gara Gara Go! [x]

2009 July - BigBang 2009 Concert Big Show DVD: [x]

2009 Aug - G-Dragon Heartbreaker original version [x]

2009 Nov - BigBang Japan Single: Koe Wo Kikasete Cd/DVD [X]

2010 Mar - G-Dragon Shine a Light CD: [x]

2010 Apr - G-Dragon Shine a Light DVD Japanese version: [X]

2010 June - BigBang Japan : Tell me Goodbye Cd/DVD [x]

2010 June - BigBang 2010 Concert Big Show CD: [x]

2010 Aug - BigBang 2010 Concert Big Show DVD: [X]

  • 2010 BigShow Facemask - Seungri [x]
  • 2010 Bangs Cartoon Book [x]
  • 2010 Electric Love Tour Photobook (Japan) [X]
  • 2010 Seungri n T.o.P. movie Nineteen [x]
  • Seungri n T.o.P. movie Nineteen Publicity - Japan [X]

2010 Aug - BigBang Japan Single: Beautiful Hangover  [X]

2011 Jan - Seungri VVIP CD silver version [x] [o]

  • Seungri VVIP Key Necklace Silver version [x]

2011 Feb - BigBang Mini Album: Tonight [X]

2011 Feb - GDnTop First Album Japanese version [X]

2011 Mar - Seungri VVIP V World DVD [x] [o]

2011 Mar - GDnTop Play with GD & TOP - Japanese Version [X]

2011 April - Official Lightstick version 3 [x]

2011 April - BigBang Mini Album: Tonight Special Edition [x]

2011 May - BigBang Japan Album: BigBang 2 (Blue +Black) [X]

2011 May - BigBang 2011 Concert Big Show Making DVD: [X]

2011 May - BigBang The Ultimate International Best [x]

2011 June - BigBang 2011 Concert Big Show CD: [X]

2011 June - BigBang 2011 Concert Big Show DVD: [x]

  • 2011 Official Desk Calendar [x]
  • 2011 Big Show Paper Toys (Medium): [x]
  • 2011 BigBang X Uniqlo Collab Hoodie (Blue) [x]
  • 2011 BigBang X Uniqlo Collab Hoodie (Black) [x]
  • 2011 BigBang X Uniqlo Collab Hoodie (Gray) [x]
  • 2011 BigBang Star Collection Card Vol 1 [X]
  • 2011 Seungri Tonight Music Video Making Film  [x]
  • 2011 Seungri Face T-Shirt [x]
  • 2011 BigBang Star Collection Card Special Edition [X]

2011 Jul - GDnTop First Album Repackage version [x]

  • Seungri Dazed Korea Magazine [x]

2011 Dec - The Best of BigBang Japanese version [x]

2012 Feb - BigBang Mini Album: Alive metal case Seungri: [x][o]

2012 June - Extraordinary 20’s Photobook Korea version [X]

  • Vogue Magazine (BigBang in the Boxing Ring) [x]

2012 June - BigBang Mini: Alive Spec.Ed.- Still Alive Seungri: [x]

2012 Aug - BigBang 2012 Concert Alive Making Collection: [X]

  • Alive Tour Official T-shirt Black [x]
  • Alive Tour Official Hoodie Sweatshirt Black [x]
  • Alive Tour Japan Dome Vip privilege Watch [X]
  • Alive Tour Phone Accessory [x]
  • Alive Tour Goods Notebook set [x]
  • Alive Tour Goods Necklace Seungri version [x]
  • Seungri BigBang Mini Notebook  [x]

2012 Nov - G-Dragon One Of A Kind Bronze & Gold versions [x]

  • G-Dragon One of a Kind Knee Socks [x]
  • G-Dragon One of a Kind Choco Pies [x]
  • G-Dragon One of A Kind Strap for BigBang Lightstick [x]
  • G-Dragon One of A Kind Ring set (Gold) [x]
  • G-Dragon One of A Kind Fan Picket [x]
  • G-Dragon Ring Notebook [x]
  • G-Dragon Leather Tattoo Wristband (white) [X]

2012 Dec  -BigBang Special Final in Dome Memorial [x]

2013 Jan - BigBang 2012 Concert Alive CD: [x]

2013 Jan - BigBang 2012 Concert Alive Tour in Seoul DVD [x]

2013 Feb - BigBang Best Music Video Collection Korea [x]

2013 Mar - Daesung Japanese Album D’scover CD only [X]

2013 Mar - Seungri Kindaichi Case Files Movie [X]

2013 May - BigBang 2013 Concert Alive Galaxy Tour CD: [x]

  • BigBang 2013 Season’s Greeting Calendar [x]
  • Seungri BigBang Alive Tour Cable Winder  [X]

2013 Jul - BigBang 2012 Concert Alive World Tour DVD: [x]

2013 Jul - BigBang 2012 Concert Alive Final in Seoul DVD [X]

2013 Jul - BigBang Best Music Video Making Collect. Korea: [x]

2013 Aug - Seungri Let’s Talk About Love Red & Orange [x]

  • Seungri Let’s Talk About Love Tote Bag [X]
  • Seungri Let’s Talk About Love Pouch [x]
  • Seungri Let’s Talk About Love Artwork [x]
  • Seungri Let’s Talk About Love Aroma Lamp [x]
  • Seungri 2013 Record Footprints Photobook [x]

2013 Sept - G-Dragon COUP D’ETAT red version [x]

2013 Oct - Seungri Lets Talk About Love Japn Cd/DVD [o][x]

  • Seungri Esquire Magazine [x]
  • Seungri Magazine Clippings - Cross Magazine [X]
  • Seungri Magazine Clippings - Cooking/Recipes [x]
  • Seungri Magazine Clippings - Vanity Mix [X]
  • Seungri Magazine Clippings - Various [x]
  • Seungri Magazine Clippings - ?? from Japan [x]
  • Seungri Magazine Clippings - Mini [X]

2013 Nov - G-Dragon COUP D’ETAT Japan CD/DVD [x]

2013 Nov - T.o.p The Commitment Special Photobook [x]

2013 Dec - G-Dragon COUP D’ETAT collection Korea version [x]

2013 Dec - T.o.p Special Edition Doom Dada Korea [x]

2014 Jan - Official Lightstick version 4 [X]

2014 Feb - GD 2013 World Tour OoaK Final Seoul (Taiwan) [X]

2014 Mar - BigBang 2013-2014 Japan Dome Tour DVD  [X]

2014 Mar - T.o.p Doom Dada CD/DVD Japan [X]

  • BigBang 2014 Stamps + Postcard Set - Korea [x] [o]
  • BigBang Swarovksi Vip Crown Hairband [x]
  • BigBang x Krunk Stuffed Bear - Japan [x]
  • BigBang X Krunk Clear Folder - Seungri [X]
  • BIGBANG Gel Ink Pens [x]
  • BigBang Book Binding Notebook [x]

2014 April - From Top - Korea Limited Special Ed [x]

2014 May - BigBang 2014 +a in Seoul Concert CD: [X]

  • BIGBANG +a Fan Picket - Seungri [x]
  • BigBang 2014 Season’s Greeting Calendar [x][o]
  • Seungri Polaroid from Japan Calendar 2014 [x]
  • BigBang X Lawson Goods - Tote Bag [X]
  • BIGBANG YG Bears: Seungri + G-Dragon [X]

2014 June - Taeyang Second Album Rise Deluxe Edition [x]

2014 Jul - Daesung 2nd Japanese Album D’slove cd + dvd [x]

2014 Jul - BigBang 2014 +a Concert Seoul DVD Korea  [x]

2014 Sept - Seungri Japan Drama Yubikoi Kimi ni Okuru - [x]

2014 Nov - Best of BigBang 2006-2014 3cd + 2 dvd Japan [X]

  • BigBang X Krunk Toy Collection [O] [X] [o] [x] [o] [x]
  • BigBang x Krunk Tumbler [x]
  • BigBang 2014 Puzzle Frame [x]
  • BigBang Lucky Box (2014) [x]

2014 Dec - GD x Taeyang - Good Boy [x]

2015 Feb - BigBang 2014 Japan Event Fantastic Babys DVD [X]

2015 Mar - BigBang 2015 Welcoming Collection DVD Japan

  • Seungri [X]
  • Taeyang [o]

2015 Mar - BigBang 2014-2015 Japan Dome Tour X - DVD [x]

  • 2014 ‘X’ Tour in Japan Vip privilege necklace [x]
  • 2014 ‘X’ Tour in Japan Official Hoodie [X]
  • 2014 ‘X’ Tour in Japan Krunk Bear Hand Mirror [x]
  • Seungri - BigBang 2014 Tour X Eye Mask  [x]
  • Seungri - Dome Tour Merch oversize card [x]

2015  May - BigBang Made Series: M (Black & White) [X]

2015 June - BigBang Made Series: A (Black & White) [X]

2015  July - BigBang Made Series: D (Black & White) [X]

  • BigBang 2015 July Vogue [x]

2015  Aug - BigBang Made Series: E (Black & White) [X]

  • BigBang 2015 August GQ [x]
  • BigBang “MADE” Diffuser - Seungri [X]
  • BigBang “MADE” Reversible Jacket [x]
  • BigBang “Made” Notebook [X]
  • BigBang “Made” Soap Set [x]
  • BigBang “Made” Eco Bag (China Tour Merch) [x]
  • BigBang “MADE” Scarf - (China Tour Merch) [x]
  • BigBang “Made” Art Toy USB - Seungri [X]
  • BigBang Art Toy by Eric So - T.o.P [x]
  • BigBang Art Toy by Eric So - Seungri [X] [O]
  • BigBang Art Toy by Eric So - Daesung [x]
  • BigBang Art Toy by Eric So - Taeyang [X]
  • BigBang Art Toy by Eric So - G-Dragon [x]

2015 Nov -  MADE in Japan Vip Seat Bracelet [X]

2016 Feb - MADE Series - (Deluxe Edition)(Jpn vers) [x]

  • BB World Tour MADE in Seoul (Jpn vers) [X]
  • BB World Tour MADE in Japan (Deluxe) [x]

2016 Mar - BB Welcoming Collection (Japan/Korea) [X]

  • BB MADE Tour Final in Seoul Photobook [x]
  • BB MADE Tour Final in Seoul Chocolate [x]
  • BB Times Magazine- Vol 11[x]

2016 Jun - BB MADE Tour Final in Seoul Live CD [X]

2016 Jul - BB 10 Movie Program Photobook [x]

  • BB World Tour Made in Japan Final (Deluxe) [X]

2016 Aug - BB 10th anniversary light stick (Japan) [x]

  • BigBang Flash Strap - (Japan) T.o.p. vers. [x]
  • BigBang10 - Exhibition A to Z Lmt. Ed. Box [X]
  • BigBang 10 - Coloring Book [x]
  • BigBang 10 - Poscard Set Type 1 [x]

2016 Sep - Dazed Korea 100 x BigBang (Seungri) [x]

2016 Oct - BigBang 10 The Collection: A - Z Photobook [X]

2016 Nov - BigBang10  The Movie DVD (Korea) [x]

2016 Dec - BigBang MADE The Full Album 

  • Daesung [x]
  • Seungri [x]
  • Group [x]
  • BigBang x Nongfu Spring Tea (GD) [x]

2017 Feb - BigBang MADE (Jpn Deluxe Edition) [X]

2017 Mar - BigBang Welcoming Collection (Japan) [x]

2017 Apr - Daesung - D-Day (cd+dvd) (Japan) [x]

2017 May - BigBang10 Concert 0 t0 10 Final Seoul [X]

2017 Aug - Taeyang White Night Album (Red Version) [x]

Thank you for everything over the years. You guys brought me so much joy. I promise, I will, we will come back soon.
—  Kang Daesung, DなSHOW Vol.1 THE FINAL in HAWAII (180107)
10 Groups New K-Pop Fans Should Know

by Adrienne Stanley

10 Groups New K-Pop Fans Should Know

Korean pop (K-pop) is characterized by its multi-member idol groups and infectious sound, which distinguishes the genre from other forms of world music. New fans of K-pop are often overwhelmed by the various groups and the Romanized names of members which differ from idol stage names. K-pop can provide to some of the most rewarding experiences for music fans, leading to lasting friendships for fans who bond over their mutual love of Big Bang or Girls’ Generation. While this list provides only a small scope of some of the best K-pop has to offer, it can serve as a starting point for new fans. Here are ten groups new K-pop fans should learn about.  

1) Big Bang

One of the most anticipated releases of 2015 is the upcoming album from YG Entertainment’s Big Bang. G-Dragon leads the hip-hop infused group, whose members consist of T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri. Big Bang (which can be stylized as BIGBANG) debuted in 2006 with the album Bigbang Vol. 1. The group experienced their breakout hit in 2007 with the G-Dragon composed, “Lies.” One of the signature songs of Big Bang is the song “Haru Haru” from their 2008 extended play Stand Up. Big Bang’s last studio album was the 2012 critically-acclaimed release Alive, which yielded the hit tracks “Fantastic Baby,” “Blue,” and “Bad Boy.”

Fans of Big Bang are known as V.I.Ps. During concerts, V.I.Ps can be identifed by their crown light sticks.

2) Girls’ Generation (SNSD)

Girls’ Generation or SNSD (So Nyeo Shi Dae) is one of the most beloved girl groups in K-pop. Girls’ Generation debuted as a nine-member group, under the management of SM Entertainment, in 2007. The original roster for the group included Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yuri, Yoona, Seohyun, and Jessica, who has since departed from the lineup. With their synchronized choreography and unique vocal composition, Girls’ Generation stole the hearts of K-pop fans worldwide. Some of their notable songs include the infectious fan favorites “Gee,” “I Got A Boy,” and “The Boys.”

Girls’ Generation has also yielded the sub-group TaeTiSeo which consists of Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun. The trio is responsible for the 2012 hit album “Twinkle” and released the commercially successful album Holler in 2014.

Fans of Girls’ Generation are called SONEs. These fans can be spotted in the official color of pastel rose pink and generally show their enthusiasm with heart-shaped balloons.

3) Super Junior

Super Junior debuted as a twelve-member group in 2005. The SM Entertainment group consists of Leeteuk, Siwon, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Heechul, Sungmin, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Ryeowook, Kibum and Kyuhyun. Super Junior experienced a breakthrough with their 2009 album Sorry, Sorry. The title track was meteoric success, drawing legions of fans to the group. Other dance pop hits from Super Junior include the 2011 title track “Mr. Simple” and their 2012 release “Sexy, Free & Single.” The group continues to maintain their K-pop supremacy even as the members enlist for for their mandatory military service. Their 2014 release “Mamacita” proved that Super Junior can only get better as time progresses.

Super Junior has spawned numerous sub-unit groups including Super Junior-M. Super Junior-M primarily sings in Mandarin for the Chinese-speaking audience. The eight-member unit group consists of Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Zhoumi, and Henry.

Fans of Super Junior are known as E.L.F.

4) 2NE1

2NE1, pronounced “to anyone” or “21,” is a four-member girl group who helped to revolutionize the sound of Korean music through their incorporation of heavy electro-pop and hip-hop. The YG Entertainment group consists of CL, Bom, Dara, and Minzy. Prior to their debut, 2NE1 gained attention with the song “Lollipop” which featured their label mates, Big Bang. The quartet went on to debut in 2009 with the dance track “Fire.” However, most new fans will recognize the tracks from their 2011 extended play album which include the hits “I Am The Best,” “Ugly,” and “Lonely.” In 2014, 2NE1 returned to K-pop with their album Crush which was punctuated by the hit EDM track “Come Back Home.”  As CL prepares for her U.S. solo release, the group continues to receive widespread media attention for their overall impact on the evolution of Korean pop music.

Fans of  2NE1 are referred to as Blackjacks.

5) 2PM

2PM are a six-member group who helped to set the trend of muscle-bound beastly male idols. The JYP Entertainment group debuted in 2008; the current lineup of 2PM consists of Jun.K, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Chansung, Wooyoung, and Junho. Renowned for exemplifying the New Jack Swing-inspired sound of J.Y. Park (Park Jin Young), 2PM debuted with the soulful track “Heartbeat.” K-Drama fans will recognize members Taecyeon and Wooyoung from the 2011 musical series “Dream High,” which also starred Kim Soo Hyun. Over the years, the group has demonstrated their ability to segue from power ballads like “A.D.T.O.Y”  to dance tracks, which like their 2014 song “Go Crazy.”

Fans of 2PM are known as the Hottest.

6) f(x)

f(x) is a five-member electro-pop group represented by SM Entertainment. The Korean-Chinese group distinguishes itself from other K-pop girl groups through its use of electronic dance rhythms and unique vocals. Members of f(x) include Victoria, Luna, Sulli, Krystal, and Amber.  The quintet debuted in 2009 with singles but made their mark on K-pop with their 2010 extended play Nu ABO. Popular songs from f(x) include their 2012 release “Electric Shock” and “Red Light” from their 2014 studio album.

Fans of f(x) do not currently have an official name.

7) Infinite

Infinite set the bar for synchronization in K-pop dance through their complex choreography which is paired with intricate vocal arrangements. The seven-member male group debuted under Woollim Entertainment in 2010 with the singles “She’s Back” and “Come Back Again.” Infinite consists of Sungkyu, Woohyun, Dongwoo, Hoya, L, Sungyeol, and Sungjong. Their standout releases include “BTD (Before the Dawn) from their 2011 extended play Evolution and “The Chaser” from their 2012 mini album Infinitize. In 2014, Infinite released their second Korean studio album, Season 2, which was promoted with the compelling track, “Season 2.”

The success of the group has led to sub-units which include Infinite H, Infinite F, and ToHeart.

Fans of Infinite as known as Inspirit.

8) 4Minute

4Minute is a five-member female vocal group which debuted in 2009 under the management of Cube Entertainment. 4Minute consists of JiHyun, Gayoon, JiYoon, Sohyun, and HyunA. The group combines strong vocals with a diverse musical catalog that ranges from jazz-infused songs like “Volume Up” to electro-clash on “Mirror Mirror.” 4Minute tried their hand at hip-hop for the title track from their 2015 release “Crazy.” While other girl groups have launched subunits, 4Minute has yielded two of the most musically diverse unit groups, 2Yoon and Trouble Maker. In 2013, Gayoon and JiYoon came together to release the American Country-pop inspired album Harvest Moon.  As part of Trouble Maker, HyunA delivers seductive vocals alongside Hyunseung of the male group Beast.

Fans of 4Minute are referred to as 4NIA.

9) EXO

EXO ushered in the new age of K-pop idols when the award-winning group debuted with twelve members in 2011. EXO are unique in that the group was launched by SM Entertainment with the ability to simultaneously promote to audiences in Korea and fans in Chinese-speaking countries. EXO-K currently consists of Suho, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Kai, D.O, and Sehun. The Chinese language group EXO-M currently consists of Lay, Chen, Tao, and Xiumin. EXO made a strong impact on listeners with their initial singles “What Is Love” and “Mama.” The group became one of the fastest selling K-pop artists in twelve years in 2013 with their studio album XOXO, which yielded the colossal hits “Growl” and “Wolf.” In 2014, EXO captured the hearts of K-pop fans with their album “Overdose.”

Fans of EXO are known as EXO-L.

10) Sistar

Sistar (which can be stylized as SISTAR) are often underrated, but the four-member vocal group received well-earned attention in 2014. The group, which debuted in 2010 under the management of Starship Entertainment, is populated by some of the strongest vocalists in Korean pop. Sistar consists of Hyolyn (Hyorin), Bora, Soyou, and Dasom. Their notable songs include the 2012 title track “Alone” whose Crane Leg choreography led to a dance craze for women in Korea. In 2013, the group delivered their second studio album which was promoted through the title track, “Give It To Me.” In 2014, Soyou experienced widespread acclaim for her hit collaboration “Some” which featured Junggigo, while Sistar charmed audiences with their release “Touch & Move.”

Korean drama fans will recognize Hyolyn from her contributions to soundtracks which include “Driving Me Crazy” from “Master’s Sun” and “Hello, Goodbye” from “My Love From The Star.”

Fans of Sistar are known as STAR1.

About the Writer

Adrienne Stanley is a writer for Kpopstarz, KDramastars and a contributing writer at MTV Iggy. Her passions include a love of K-pop and Asian drama. When she is not writing, she is compiling her favorite music videos for Waywire. Follow her on Weibo and Twitter!

[180107] DなSHOW Vol.1 THE FINAL in HAWAII - Fan Accounts

The fans asked permission from Daesung’s mom before he flashed his abs and she signed “🙆‍♀️” (© ShowieK | video here)

Daesung was doing the neck “you’re dead” sign to the staff for turning the lights down and putting the spotlight on him before he showed his abs 😂 He was originally standing at the very front of the stage but he moved to the veeeeeeery back before showing anything 🙄🤣 (© susifg | video here,  here, & here)

Daesung won the first two rounds of the game, the fans got on their knees asking for a third round and then they won.The first round the fans totally lost,  then the second round they lost only by a few seconds. The stars of the game were these two imos, Daesung tasked personally to them afterwards. (© KpopFansHawaii)

Yesterday Daesung started introducing a “special guest” and he saw that a fan in one of the front rows was mouthing the word “Youngbae?”. He said “It’s not Youngbae. Youngbae is family” (meaning he would introduce him differently 💕). He then introduced the JP comedians Yasutomo. (© susifg) Yasuyo was actually crying a bit the moment Daesung introduced them. 😢❤️ He introduced them as the ones he feels the closest with in the Japanese entertainment world  (© mshinju)

All of Daesung’s solo activities have ended, for now. He promised us that he’ll be back and we promised to wait for him until that day. He also told his mom (who was in the audience) that he’ll be back safe. (© mshinju)

Daesung’s Thank You Speech in Korean: “And fans who came from Korea, including my mum & family, all staff are from Korea too… For this long period of time, almost since trainee period, these staff have been taking care of me, having meals together… We’ve been together for a really long time. As to fans, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Although I could only verbalize my gratitiude, I’m truly thankful for your hard work. Especially to fans, my solo work is almost only in Japan, listening to my music or seeing my performances, compared to other members, it’s way more tedious… So in future, I hope to sing Korean songs too. On the other hand, working hard in Japan has given me great opportunities. When given such opportunities, I must give my best. I must be confident and work hard to be a “Kang Daesung” my fans would be proud of. Thank you everybody, I love you!” (© daesungfishh)

After the final song while the end roll (a video that reviews D'NA SHOW VOL. 1 tour) was playing and until long, long after that the audience kept chanting Kang Daesung loudly. Chanting over the announcements of the staff telling us in various languages that the event was over. I guess Dae couldn’t come back on stage again because of the venue contract. But I’m sure he heard us. After we finally gave up the whole audience clapped and cheered loudly for him, the staff and the crew. (© mshinju | video here)


[180107] DなSHOW Vol.1 THE FINAL in HAWAII | Soba Ni Ite Yo

© y0226d