bigbang has a future

A Conversation About BIGBANG's Future With My Mom
  • Me: I'll tell my future child it's okay if they want blue hair or something because TOP did, so it's okay.
  • Mom: But what if TOP is their dad?
  • Me: Oh! Yes! Then I'll say 'You're dad had blue hair'. And Uncle G-Dragon had everything else.
  • Mom: And Uncle GD is sweaty.
  • Me: What? Why is he sweaty?!
  • Mom: Idk, he smokes.
  • Me: My kids will ask, 'Mom, why does Uncle Seungri have three wives?'
  • Mom: And 'Where are Uncle Daesung's eyes?' (she got racist here, lol)
  • Me: And 'Why does Uncle Taeyang still not have a wife?'
  • Mom: He gave up on girls, he's still singing and dancing. On cruise ships.
  • Me: What the hell?