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Take Care

Summary: When the kitchen is the best place to confess your feelings.


Pairing: Kwon Jiyong x Reader
Genre/warnings: lots of fluff
Words: 2.5K
Notes:  Just a little scenario because we all need some positivity now and then. Special thanks to @noonachronicles for being my muse (like always). 

Opening the door to his bedroom, Jiyong fell face first into the mattress. As soon as he had left the YG building his body was hit with exhaustion that felt like it had been piling up for weeks. Even though getting home was tough – he thought he was going to crash his car at one point - he made it there safely. He had you to thank really. Had it not been for your concerned call asking him when he would return home, he would still have been in the studio neglecting his needs.

Life as an artist was tough; comebacks, promotions, albums, photoshoots, scandals,… You honestly did not know how he handled everything. It had been easier for a while, Bigbang was doing great and Jiyong was able to relax more than before. Now that he was working on a new solo album and concerts, his life became hectic once again. While you did your best to care for his well-being, you didn’t have the power to force Jiyong to rest. Every day he would promise you to leave work early, only to arrive in the middle of the night and leaving before the sun was up again.

He is as perfectionistic as he is stubborn and you cursed him every day for that. His music and his fans are his number one priority and you were always okay with that. As long as he didn’t neglect himself. While you had tried to get him out of that studio by force, it had never worked. Having no options left, you decided on a new approach; pleading. Not being the type to wear your heart on your sleeve, calling him that day was quite unusual for you. You figured it must have had some effect on him as you saw his jacket by the door after walking inside his home. Figuring he was probably asleep, you carefully treaded your way into your kitchen. Now that he was home so early, you wanted to take care of him this evening.  

While dinner was simmering on the stove and you had run him a bath, you made your way around his apartment. Looking at the pictures on his wall, you reminisce on all the memories you made with him. What started as a drunk conversation in a club five years ago had somehow turned into this. Your relationship with Jiyong was hard to understand and most of his friends were confused about your status. While you acted like best friends most of the time - bickering like siblings but always having each other’s back – there was something there nobody could explain. When one of you was upset, the other one was the only person that could cheer you up. You understood each other on a level no one else could and you cared for each other more than you had cared for anyone else before. You had always been aware of this connection but past failed relationships made you reluctant to act on your feelings and risk losing the precious friendship you had. Deciding that remaining friends was the best option for you, you continued acting the way you had before content with your relationship as it was.

Until everything changed one night.

Jiyong’s drunken confession and his lips landing on yours led you to waking up in his bed the next day, stark naked. Initially wanting to deem it as a drunken mistake, you couldn’t keep saying that when it continued to happen. Having finally had a taste of each other you found it impossible to stay away. While in the beginning it was only about sex, the more you woke up in his arms, the more you wanted to stay in them. During this time your feelings for him had somehow grown stronger. Feelings you thought you had long buried inside, not wanting to risk losing him. Waking up next to him and seeing his sleep filled face made you fall harder every time. While it was apparent you couldn’t get enough of each other - chasing your release wherever you could - you were cautious to stay as detached as possible. Being completely positive Jiyong didn’t feel the same way, you did not want him to feel bad for your unanswered feelings.

Flash forward to a few months later, your love for him was undeniable.

The more you hook up, the harder it becomes to keep you feelings hidden. It’s been a while since it was no longer about the sex to you - even though you enjoy that part just as much - the need to take care of him and love him becomes more important. That is why you’re in his home now, cooking him dinner and being concerned for his health.

Shaking your head to clear it from the thoughts about Jiyong, you turn around wanting to head back to the kitchen. When your eyes lock on Jiyong standing behind you, you freeze. How long had he been looking at you?

“Hi… How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to see you getting lost in thought again. What were you thinking about?”

Questions like this often made you think Jiyong secretly knew about your feelings for him. Being careful not to give anything away if he didn’t, you let your gaze fall on one of the pictures.

“I was thinking of the day this picture was taken, you remember it?”

Your question seems to have successfully avoided the topic, taking his mind off of his original question. He moves from his position against the wall, coming up behind you. His chest connects with your back the same time his hand lands on your hip, making your body unintentionally tense up. The hitch in your breath a clear indication how affected you are by even the lightest of his touches.

“Of course I do. I invited you to New York to accompany me on the tour. After the show I took you around Times Square and we ate the best Korean BBQ outside Seoul. That place is where we took the picture.”

Thinking he would have already forgotten about it, his comment takes you off guard. You look at him over your shoulder, meeting his eyes that had already been staring at you, gauging your reaction. Your lips only inches apart, you feel the urge to connect them rise inside of you. Before you can act on this urge, you decide to speak up.

“Talking about Korean BBQ, I’ve made some in the kitchen if you’re hungry.”

Now it’s his turn to be surprised by your words. The thought of you having cooked dinner for him fills his heart with an unfamiliar warmth. Looking in your eyes he knows this feeling isn’t really unfamiliar to him, having been feeling this around you for a while now. Not wanting to admit this thought to himself yet, he averts his eyes.

“Really? Thank you Y/N, I’m starving.”

His sudden excitement to get to the kitchen makes you smile, knowing him this is probably his first actual meal of the day. Calmly following behind him you think back to the moment you just had. Not wanting to go too much into it and get your hopes up, you shake off your thoughts and enter the kitchen.

Jiyong is conflicted.

He thought he had always been so sure about his feelings for you – or lack thereof – until now. The way you so casually announced you had also prepared him bath after serving him the most delicious meal he’s had in a while, clouds his mind with different scenarios. The most prominent one is him coming home from work, seeing you in his kitchen trying to cook dinner while your toddler is resting on your hip. He greets you both with a kiss on the cheek, the smell off the home cooked meal invading his senses when he looks at the child. His eyes resembling his in the most uncanny of ways while his lips seem to be a direct copy of yours.

He had always been sure he wanted children, he had just never thought he wanted them with you. The fact that he finds himself liking the idea somehow terrifies him to the core. He had always been sure he loved you, he just never realised how much. These thoughts just confirm something he unconsciously had been feeling, yet was too blind to notice.

Being so lost in thought, he doesn’t realise you have stopped walking around and were now looking at him instead.

“Earth to Jiyong. What are you thinking about?”

Your voice brings him back from his daze, making him look up at you leaning against the counter. The words that escape his mouth have no time to be reconsidered in his mind.

“Do you want to have children someday?”

Looking at him weirdly, you wonder what he must have been thinking about that got him to ask you this question. Knowing that this is porbably just the way Jiyong’s brain works, you answer him.

“Well of course. You know I always dreamed of having a family and seeing as I’m not getting any younger, I do want children one day.”

“Would you want to have them with me one day?”


Silence is the only thing surrounding you after that question left his mouth. Being too taken aback to answer, you think you understood his question wrong. Knowing Jiyong, it was probably meant as a joke. However, looking into his eyes you are shocked to see absolutely no hesitation in them. Understanding the hidden implication behind the question you gather all your courage to answer him.

Jiyong officially wants to die.

How could he so carelessly throw such an important question at you? Not only was it completely random, it was laden with emotions he had never realised he felt nor had the courage to tell you about. Seeing the look of shock on your face makes him want to run away. How could he have been so stupid as to think you would actually answer him as if you felt the same way?

“That depends. How many do you want to have?”

If Jiyong thought he was shocked before, your answer managed to completely shake him to the core. Are you being serious? The look on your face surely makes it seem like you are. Seeing no way out of this situation, he figures it’s best to be honest.

“Uh… I’ve always wanted two.”

“Good, then we’re on the same page.”

You have no idea where this sudden confidence came from but seeing that smile grow on his face makes you feel like you are dreaming. How can this man, who you’ve loved for so long possibly confess to wanting children with you and you answer him like it’s the most natural thing in the world. What is wrong with you?! You are waiting on the reveal that this was all a prank; Jiyong wanting to see your reaction and then telling you it was meant as a joke. Your past confidence rapidly dropping because of your negative thoughts, you turn away from him.

Noticing the sudden change in behaviour, Jiyong is sure he must have been the cause of it. Deciding to try and salvage whatever was left, he walks over to you. Grabbing you by the waist and turning you around, he pulls you against his chest. He gently places his hand on your chin, turning your gaze towards him.

“Look at me Y/N.” The slight command accompanied by the hand on your cheek are hard to disobey, making you begrudgingly lift your gaze. “What’s wrong? Did I step out of line? I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable with my question… I didn’t think before speaking.”

“No it’s not that…it’s… were you serious? Or was this all just said to prank me?”

“Well… Are you?”

Slapping him on the chest because of his retaliation, you role your eyes at him.

“I’m serious Jiyong, don’t play me like that. It’s not funny.”

“I know, I know. I… I was being serious Y/N. Seeing you standing here in my kitchen, talking about everything you’ve done for me and looking like you belong here got me thinking. It got me thinking of a future where I come home from work and greet you and our baby standing in this very kitchen. A future where we can take baths together every night after we’ve put our baby in it first. When those thoughts crossed my mind I was so shocked. I was shocked that I liked them as much as I did. Then I realised that the reason I liked them so much is because they were with you. These thoughts confirmed that deep down I am in love with you. I love you so much and I think I have for a long time now and I never realised until you standing in my kitchen woke me up.”

“Ji… I don’t know what to say….” His admission of love being too much for you to handle, your brain no longer functioning to answer him.

Shaking his head at your silent rejection, he looks down. “ You don’t have to say anything Y/N. I’m sorry I just threw this at you, I never realised until now that I did and I couldn’t keep it to myself. Please just forget about it, we can act like it never happened.”

Panic taking over your body at his emotional and physical withdrawal, you grab his arm to stop him.

“I don’t want to act like it never happened Ji. I didn’t answer because I was so shocked. How could the guy I’ve been desperately in love with for months suddenly confess the same? I… I’ve never good with words but I just want you to understand that I love you too. Maybe even more than you love me.”

Looking into your eyes, the honesty that greets him fills his body with warmth once again. Rather than expressing his feelings with words and possibly failing to properly express him, showing you seems like the best option. Cupping your face with both hands, he crashes his lips on yours.

You know that moment described in all the sappy love stories about fireworks going off inside your body when you kiss the one you love? Best believe they are happening now. His kiss leaves you breathless yet you’d happily choke if you could keep kissing him like this. Grabbing his shirt in an attempt to bring him even closer, you feel his hands land on your hips. His hands roaming your body in the most sinful yet delicious way fills your kiss with a new emotion; lust. Having been in this situation many times before, he picks up on your change of mood before you can say anything.

Wordlessly he turns you around and gently guides you into his bedroom. Let’s just say that by the time you entered the bathroom to clean up, the water in the tub had long turned cold.

A/N: It took me a long time to write this and I have probably changed this whole scenario about five times. I’m finally somewhat glad with the result so I hope you are too! I’m very sorry about the cliches, Michelle deserved them. Thank you for reading! 💋

Someone should write me (Kaila) a little drabble about G-Dragon and send it in because the feels are becoming toooo much… and I think it would be cuteee…

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Sober (M) Part Seven

Characters: Kwon Jiyong a.k.a G-Dragon (BIgBang), Song Mino (WINNER) 

Genre: Angst 

Part One Part Six Part Eight

Originally posted by jiclass

It had been hours since you had last spoken, you supposed there was nothing you could say that could make the tense situation any better. A big part of you, the smart part of you, wanted to get up and walk out of the waiting room. Then, there’s the other part of you, the part that can’t leave Jiyong alone, stays and you’re too weak to fight against it. For your love towards Jiyong, you stay seated beside him rubbing his back comfortingly as he torments himself with what could be happening inside to his ex-girlfriend. 

“Coffee?” you suggest quietly. 

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What Do YOU Want? Pt. 1

A Kwon Jiyong series ft. Kim Jiwon

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word count: 2,500+

Summary: The most important person in the world to you can appear most often when you least expect it. But through everything, you can’t forget about you and your own happiness. Who are you happy with? Who is the best for you?

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 

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Your patience was wearing thin.

It had been nearly 3 weeks since you and Jiyong had spent any time together and it was time to address it. Since you worked during the morning/day at YG and then spent the early evenings in your studio, you made sure that you had all night free and you assumed Jiyong would do the same. But you were mistaken. Again.

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Summary: The most notorious mafia gang in the city, and you’re at the heart of it…quite literally!

Based off of this request - “All of BB - MADE trailer. All hitmen. U r like a sister to them. All live together in a safe house (love ur cooking/adorable family). U get kidnapped & fucked up badly (ANGST!), they r PISSED. People get fucked up, killed while they save you. Fun ;)”



Series 1

Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3 

Part 4 

Part 5 

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8 

Part 9 

Part 10 

Series 2

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 

Part 4 

Part 5 

Part 6 

Part 7 

Part 8 

Part 9

Part 10

Series 3

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 5.5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9 (coming soon)

Part 10 (coming soon)

The other man series

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Series is completed

Theme ~ Cheating/Infidelity/Love triangle

Pairing ~ Choi Seung hyun x Reader X Kwon Jiyong

This whole series is smut so……

Parts | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 |

Full Masterlist

Sober (Part Eight)

Characters: Kwon Jiyong a.k.a G-Dragon (BigBang), Song Mino (WINNER)

Genre: Angst

Part One Part Seven

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Jiyong runs his hands underneath the water, washing away the blood that was rolling out of the deep cut he had accidentally inflicted on himself. The sudden jolt of pain had woken him up from his luminescent thoughts and managed to jerk him back into reality.

Youngbae rushes towards Jiyong, his hair still drenched with shampoo because as soon as he had heard the sound of glass breaking he had jumped out of the shower and came to see what had happened. A look of panic goes through his face as he sees the immense amount of blood.

“Jiyong, what the fuck? Are you okay?” Youngbae grabs a clean rag from the drawer of his kitchen and presses it on the wound which tainted the white rag red in a matter of seconds.

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  • The next day: doing everything but the things I've planned
3 Billion Dollars [Part 18] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: fluff then possible angst

Warnings: swearing? cliff hanger?

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11} {part 12} {part 13} {part 14} {part 15} {part 16} {part 17} {part 18} {part 19} {part 20} {part 21}


A/N: This one is really short, and may be really bad. This one is definatly not my favorite. AND IT IS OFFICAL GUYS. ONLY 10 MORE CHAPTERS LEFT. I have a smut coming real soon so yeah. I’m a bit nervous for that smut though. Anyways please tell me what you think of this chapter, I love feedback! Inbox always open!

~Admin Brooklyn


You didn’t hear whatever Ji Yong said that night, but since then on he’s been happier. You don’t exactly know why you kinda just assumed that he got the weight off his chest from telling you about the marriage. He was a bit more handsy, which was a new thing for your relationship. It wasn’t the only change though. About a week after he saved you he had proposed an idea that you were both unsure about and very excited about it.

“So (Y/N), what do you think?” Ji Yong asked. Your hand was limp in his. A moment ago he was playing with your fingers, but he stopped as he explained his reasoning for his new idea.

“I don’t know,” you say cautiously. “Would it be weird if you took me out on a date?”

“We’re gonna get married anyway,” Ji Yong reasoned. He had a point. You felt your heart race at the thought of going out with him. “Think of it as like a test drive. We already know each other, we’re just testing out the waters of marriage and dating.”

“Don’t people usually go on dates to get to know each other?” You ask. Ji Yong furrows his eyebrows, a small pout forming on his lips.

“Only people who don’t know each other before then,” Ji Yong said sadly. “If you don’t want to go on a date with me that’s okay. I’ll never force you into something like that.”

Your heart broke as you heard his voice. You watched as his hand dropped and he got up from the loveseat in his office. You frowned as Ji Yong walked back to his office chair, sitting down in front of his desk, his head hanging low. You couldn’t help but feel disappointed in yourself. You sat on the loveseat, staring at the floor thinking through his offer.

“Ji Yong,” you said. Ji Yong looked up at you, his eyes meeting yours. “Can we try a date?”

You watched as a wide smile grew on Ji Yong’s face, happiness lighting up his features. He nodded his head wildly and left his desk walking back to you. He sat down next to you, grabbing your hand. “Really?”

You smile at him sweetly. His expression similar to a little kid’s on Christmas. “Yes really. What’s the harm done? Besides, I think you owe me from after everything you did to me.”

Ji Yong nodded his head, understanding the situation. He had a wide smile on his face. He kissed your nose, still smiling as he spoke. “I’ll treat you like a queen baby girl. You won’t regret it.”

The weekend after you had found a box on Ji Yong bed, which is now technically yours because you’ve been sleeping on it as well. In it there was a long elegant dress with a note saying to put it on. Not a few minutes after your dress was on and your hair and makeup done, Ji Yong knocked on the door. You weren’t too shocked to find him with a tux and a bouquet of flowers in his hand when you opened the door. He smiled, grabbed your hand and took you away for your date. It was a sweet one and by far the best first date you’ve ever had.

Ji Yong had also been showing you more of his work. He says it’s to “prepare you for the future so you know what to do when you have to make decisions”. It’s not as bad as you thought, but then again you know he’s not showing you everything. You’re kinda thankful for that though when you had passed a hallway. You could still remember the chilling screams that echoed off the walls, and Ji Yong grabbing you and pushing you away from the area.

Other than that one incident, you had begun to like Ji Yong’s job. Most of it consisted of paperwork and deciding what would be best for the everybody in Big Bang. Ji Yong had even asked for your opinion sometimes. He didn’t always go with it, but it was nice to be recognized as someone who could help and not some follower.

Ji Yong also liked the new change. He was glad you were becoming more accepting of his lifestyle. He had begun to take bigger risks around you. He’s been kissing your cheeks more and holding you closer than he used too. He loved having you around more, and you liked going out of the room more.

You had begun to pick up self-defense lessons. Seunghyun and Daesung finding it more important to protect yourself after what happened. They say that now you have the experience of what happened, you’ll be able to handle yourself better incase it happens again. Logically they were right, so you went back to Daesung’s self-defense lessons and Seunghyun’s knife throwing ones. When you began to get good, Seungri sneaked you a pair of knives for you to keep so you can practice on your own. So on the days when you didn’t follow Ji Yong around, you would go to your old room and begun throwing the knives at your old closet doors. Your clothing was emptied out by now, and all your belongings were already moved to Ji Yong’s room. Everything had settled down, and you had grown to love the peace that overcame your mind for the past month.


Ji Yong was currently working on a minor problem. Cops were patrolling the Eastern border of his land. He knew that they probably won’t do too much to any damage considering how hilariously out numbered they are. Ji Yong looked up at he heard his office door open. He watched as the eldest Seunghyun stepped in followed by his dad and Daesung.

“Hey dad,” Ji Yong said, setting his pen down. “Everything okay?”

Mr. Kwon shook his head, dismissively waving his hand. “I’m fine. Things are just getting boring for an old man like me.”

A small smile jumped onto Ji Yong’s face. He gestured for them to sit before picking up his pen getting back to work. Mr. Kwon shakily lowered himself into the chair, letting out a small sigh of relief as he sunk into the armchair. “So, I’ve heard you’ve been bringing (Y/N) around, showing her the ropes.”

A ghost of a smile appeared on Ji Yong’s face. “Yeah dad, just showing her around and what to do.”

“I think she’s growing to like this place.” Ji Yong chuckled lightly. He shook his head.

“She’s getting used to it,” he said. “Liking it is something else entirely.”

“You’re probably right,” Mr. Kwon says with a small smile. “She’s a bit stubborn, but she’s more than useful. I think she’s perfect for you.”

Ji Yong let out a small chuckle. He tossed aside a paper, its contents being useless to him. “She kinda doesn’t have a choice.” His words spark something in Ji Yong’s mind. “Actually, I told her about the marriage already. Funny thing, she didn’t exactly react.”

“Women are complicated Ji Yong.” Ji Yong watches and Daesung nods his head in agreement, and a small smile appears on his face.

“Dad, I know you told her before I got to.” Mr. Kwon’s face goes emotionless for a second before he casually leans into his chair.

“She was gonna know anyways and I think I saved you the trouble of her being mad at you,” Mr. Kwon defended. He wasn’t wrong, Ji Yong gave him that.

“I know dad, thank you,” Ji Yong said. Mr. Kwon eyed him, finding his dismissive behavior with you a little weird. After a minute he concluded that you were probably easing up his rough and defensive mood about you, at least to some people. Mr. Kwon nodded his head and begun to lift himself out of the chair.

“Well I’ll get going,” he said, finally standing. “You seem to be busy and I mostly came in to check up on you.”

Ji Yong nodded at both Daesung and Seunghyun, quickly dismissing them as he went back to his work. The police really didn’t know their boundaries between defensive and stupidity as he cleared another report of them patrolling the Eastern side again, and this time the report said that they were beating people. Ji Yong looked up with concern as he heard a loud thump. His eyes went wide as he saw his father lying on the ground looking unconscious.