150728 Se7en with GDYB:

“(Se)ven Todd the best the best the beeest #ItWillLightItUp #Elizabeth”

“I love you❤ #GD #7 #TY”

“It will light it up~~~ #Elizabeth #Todd #Se7en”

Translated by: @KIMJ1WON


BTOB’s ilhoon imitates Bigbang’s GD and TOP on their part on Bae Bae.

P.S.: BTOB is a big fan of Bigbang they even sang some of BB’s songs on their BTOB diary. Now I mention BTOB diary, I missed watching them in it…. :( 

“Big Bang is the group I want to be with till I die. I want us to be five members. Forever.”  – Seungri

“With all 5 members, we can play jokes with each other, that kind of things” – G-Dragon

“BIGBANG is just like a family, so we aim the same thing no matter what place we’re at” – TOP

“When I feel exhausted, with members we all cheer each other on” – Daesung

“To being in BigBang is it’s just to be Big Bang. Because we’re young and we have energy and we have something unique that others don’t have”  – Taeyang