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It’s too hot inside the bakery, the windows closed to prevent the relative cool from outside from affecting the temperature of the water as it warms in the fireplace. Izumo is attempting a new recipe this time, one that requires the water be warm but not boiling; the loss of the yeast if the water is not just right will easily ruin the dough as it proofs, and he’s not willing to take any risks with it. If it works, he may very well have a new favorite among customers and employees alike.

It will be a sweet bread, but not overly so, nothing sickeningly over-sugared, but finishing with a refreshing nutty flavor. He ponders over it as the temperature continues to rise.

The abrupt breeze that cools some of the sweat upon his forehead draws his attention to whatever kind soul happened to momentarily open the door at that exact moment, taking a moment to breathe as it nears the ideal temperature. Open windows could be disastrous; a quick draft cannot. A quick cursory glance and a soft sigh later, his attention is back on the pot.

“Thanks for stoppin’ in. If ya just give me a quick moment, someone’ll be with ya then,” he says in good nature. He’s staring so intently at the pot he surely hopes they’ll understand why he’s waiting to help them unless one of his employees can get there first.