365 Day Mission - Day 21

1. Had a great chat with my workmate who took over my manager position. We had a great conversation about how she is handling her new higher position. There were a few things that have been happening in the pharmacy department and new changes and I thought I would help her out flesh out ideas and strategies to manage upcoming changes and she was very appreciative of my input. 

The reason why we are in this position was because I took the plunge and gave up my manager position and handed the position to her. The close friendship we have is also the reason for this great conversation. I really do cherish our friendship and I’m definitely happy with my decision of giving up the position and also giving it up to a capable person 

2. I was able to have a quick gym session with my girlfriend today and show her a few routines to give her normal gym routine a real kick to the face. I basically trained her and showed her a few workouts that would involve many muscle groups and at the same time show her good form. Overall, I was able to push her and get her a little bit uncomfortable. Afterall, when you feel uncomfortable, it’s a sign that you are growing. 

The reason why this happened is because of the great relationship we have together. Most couples probably don’t to train together like this but I really do enjoy working out with her like this because she has the competitive fitness/sporting spirit that I share

3. I had a REALLY good chat with Michael. Nothing really special I guess but it’s just good to hear from him and hear what he’s been up to and the potential big upcoming opportunities he has going. I’m so excited for him and I cannot wait to shoot some videos to help him along with his big 2013. 

The reason why we had this great conversation was because he took the initiative to call me. The song I love came on at his place and it immediately sparked him to call me haha coincidence???? haha jokes. Great chat! Loved it!