The Houses as Video Game Things


Only picking the nice dialogue options. Carrying around way too much stuff because “what if it might be helpful later?”  Pausing a fight because you’re about to die and need to use a health potion. Being really good at puzzles and minigames. Balancing your skills so that you do well in a fight, regardless of the circumstances. Never wearing matching armor. Fighting the same enemy over and over again and cheering when you finally beat them. Panicking whenever dark music starts to play. Having to walk everywhere because you’re carrying too much to fast-travel.


Spending 2+ hours on the customize character screen. Getting emotionally attached to the NPCs. Using actual strategy to plan out your quests/fights. Always having a lot of money but never having anything to spend it on.  Spending all of your level-up points in one category.Never getting caught when you steal things, but only taking small items because you’re afraid that someone will notice if you take something big. Wasting a lot of lockpicks on something that doesn’t even have good items in it. Placing waaay too many manual map-markers because you can never find your destination otherwise.


Spending too much time on side-quests instead of working on the main objective. Accidentally walking into a ridiculously difficult battle when you’re only level 2. Using long distance weapons to fights the enemies because you’re terrible in close combat. Forgetting what quest you were working on because you got distracted by a hunt for a random object. Actually using resistance potions/spells/e.t.c. Having conversations with companions and unlocking extra quests. Forgetting which buttons on your controller do what and having to spend a couple minutes to figure it out.


Forgetting to save and having go way back to the beginning of the quest when you die. Screaming out loud whenever something scary happens. Getting lost in a location that you’ve been to 50+times. Sneaking? What is that? You run straight into the open and hope you won’t die. Not understanding what the different stats for your weapons mean and picking the one that looks the coolest. Always forgetting that you have helpful items and never using them when you need them.

It’s been thirty years since I first saw The Princess Bride and I still can’t get over the fact that Vizzini’s big put-down of Inigo is “you were so slobbering drunk you couldn’t buy brandy”. Like, too wasted to stand, no big deal - but too wasted to purchase more alcohol, apparently that’s hitting rock bottom.

  • Me, smoking a joint totally nude in the bakery section of a grocery store: Listen buddy, I'm a "millennials", you couldn't imagine how many podcasts I need to record today, so if you don't have the bagels that come pre sliced, this entire trip was a big waste!

“You’re pregnant and he cheats on you.” Pt 4.2 END

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4.1

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

(a/n): I am low-key depressed this series is coming to its end because so many of you enjoyed it and i’m thankful for that. I am also so sorry I got busy and i am very stressed because of school

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Jihae was, to say, a very bipolar kid but he couldn’t make you any happier than you already were. He reminded you of his father a lot and it brought back the good memories but it also brought in the bad memory of the night of truth, which you decided to throw in the back of you memory because you loved him and you weren’t going to let it get in the way of that. You didn’t want him too meet Yoongi, yet, you were still very unsure, even after 5 years of being separated. Avoiding all that came to big waste though when you realized Yoongi was the one who helped with your groceries and

Yoongi was the one who looked as if he was ill at the very moment when Jihae screamed out for you in joy.

Mommy returned Uncle Hobi…!

 There was no mistaking it. From the crease in his eyes when he had that gummy smile, The dark brown hair and, chocolate brown eyes, he knew, that was his kid and it made the guilt pool into his stomach. The kid he could have been there to help raise but screwed it up when he made the decision to have meet-ups with Jennie. There was no excuse for what he did. He couldn’t say he didn’t regret it because he was a complete dick towards you and he lost not only one but two things he valued. It made him think what kind of mindset he was in when he did those things that he should have only been doing to you. What made it worse was when he found out Jennie did it to fuck with you. When he had found out that she did that once before to screw your relationships up.

Now he stood before both you and his son. He couldn’t even think straight seeing the kid

“Momma the man looks like me…!”


He noted his name. It clicked that you enjoyed the name a lot. The thought made him smile. He snapped out of the thought when the small kid made his way up to him. He glanced at you seeing you had looked anxious.

“Thank you for helping Momma..!”

He smiled and crouched down to be eye level with him. “Of course…”

Jihae held his hand out smiling. “Im Min Jihae…!

Min Jihae. He faltered a bit then looked back up to you again seeing you were staring directly at him now. Once you noticed he was looking at you, you looked away from him biting your lip. He looked back at Jihae holding his hand out.“Well I am Min Yoongi..”He laughed when Jihaes expression lit up.“We look alike and have the same last name…!” Jihae wrapped his small fingers around his hand and shook it. “It’s nice to meet you..!”He smiled noticing how he had your personality.

“I think it’s time we go inside Jihae….”

Hoseok left your side holding his hand out to him. Jihae crossed his arms and pouted.

“But I don’t wanna….! I wanna stay with Yoongi…!”

“We can talk to him again..”

You sighed a bit, smiling slightly at Jihae.”


“I have never broken a promise with you before…”

“Thank you…!”

You nodded and puffed out your cheeks. “Why don’t you head inside with Hobi..?”

Jihae nodded and waved at Yoongi before running inside, Hoseok following behind.

“(Y/N)…” He stood up taking in the sight of you again.He finds you staring where Hobi and Jihae had went through the door.

“We have alot to talk about… If that is fine with you…”

You looked towards him and nodded. “Of course i’m busy right now… So we can talk leater…” You took something and scribbled something on a sheet of paper before handing it to him.

“I will text you the details… I will see you then…” You quickly walked back inside before anything else was said. He watched you before looking down at the number and texting it.

???[2:36PM]: Hey.

He stared at it for a bit before clicking his phone off and glancing at the complex one more time before walking off. He waited for the text from you and found himself constantly checking his phone. He didn’t even realize what time it was until his phone buzzed.

(Y/N)[5:03PM]: Meet me at the cafe on the corner by the park we ran into at. 6 PM.

You sat there tapping your foot and staring down at your cup. You checked the time seeing it was 5 till 6. You thought of what you were going to say to him when he arrived. What would you say? You did just leave without really talking to him and it had been 5 years since. Millions of questions were running through your head. You were so lost in thought you didn’t even realize the chair in front of you had gotten occupied by no other then him. You were silent for a good couple seconds before gaining the confidence to speak.

“I know you have plenty of questions and things to tell me so go ahead and let it out… Now is the time and place to do so.”

He sucked in a breath and stared at you. He was trying to put the right words together.

“Im sorry…” He looked out the window. “I didn’t know what I was thinking… Though that was five years ago and I feel like you are still pissed…”

You shook your head at him.

“How could you not..? I didn’t take our relationship at the time seriously. Even went behind your back and didn’t regret it until I found out you left…”

You looked him in the eye and slid the cup over, leaning on the table. “I’m going to tell you the same thing I told Jennie. I was mad at you, both of you at the matter. But things change. I made a promise to myself, When I held Jihae in my arms.. I left because I needed time to myself with family.”

He sat up in his chair taking in your every word.

“It hurt me, Even more so scarred me knowing what you did. Especially because the day I found out was the day I was going to tell you, I was nervous but I knew you would take the new well.. But I found out what you had done … I told myself to leave, to escape and start new. So I did…”

You didn’t know when you started crying. Yoongi leaned over the table and patted your cheeks with a tissue. “Don’t cry because of me… You shouldn’t waste them over me, again…”

You took the tissue from him and hid your face.

“Is that why Jihae has Min in his name…?”

You shook your head.

“No… That is the other thing… Even after everything… One day I looked through all our pictures… All the happy ones.. And I knew I was still madly in love with you… I couldn’t find myself completely hiding Jihae away from you because I forgave you… I forgave you because of all the things you had done right then the ones you did wrong…”

He stared at you letting the words settle in his head before going to speak.

‘Are you… Fine with me being in his life again…?”

“I need time Yoongi.. This is all so sudden…”

He nodded, smiling a bit. “I understand… How about we just take this time to catch up on the past few years…. Do you have any questions for me…?”

You nodded. “There is just one question really… What happened with you and Jennie after I left? I ran into her The other day and she has changed… A lot..”

He stared at you. “We talked everything out and went separate paths. I guess she changed and I did too after I realized that I lost what I cared about most…”

You smiled a bit.”Now I guess we can catch up on the last 5 years…”

He gave you his gummy smile before starting to talk about everything he did. You did the same talking mostly about Jihae. You saw how intrigued he was with all the stories involving him.

You felt satisfied, You didn’t know how long you guys talked before realizing the cafe was shutting down and you were the only two left in there.

“I guess it has gotten pretty late hasn’t it…?

He looked around and stood up. “I guess that is a sign that we should call it a night, As much as I would love to talk more…”

“Actually I should give you this..”

You took a envelope out of your purse and held it out to him.”It is Jihae’s sixth birthday next week.. I think he would like to see you there.”

He smiled and nodded. “I will definitely be there”

“Then I will see you then.. Night Yoongi..” You smiled and waved at him before heading out to a taxi.

He looked down at the envelope, and opened it. Reading through all the details before putting it in his pocket and going home. Eager to look for gifts.

The week passed quickly, You and Jihae’s birthday was the only thing on your mind. You had Hoseok watch him so you could decorate for his party at a reserved place nearby. You didn’t ask for any help so it took a bit but soon people started showing up. You greeted them as they showed up waiting for Yoongi’s arrival. You smiled because Jihae had no idea that this was set up

You noticed Yoongi had shown up and was talking to Jungkook and Namjoon. You smiled and walked over to them.

“Nice of you guys to show up to this party even though there’s going to be mostly kids..~”

Namjoon smiled. “I would never miss this.. He is a cute kid..~ We all kind of promised him too..”

You smiled and nodded. “Im sure he will be very happy”

Jungkook scoffed. “Of course he will. I mean I am his favorite~”

Namjoon snickered. “Is that why he is with Hoseok twenty-four seven?”

“What..? No…!”

“Sure thing Jeon~” He started walking off, Jungkook following after him and arguing.

Yoongi chuckled and turned his attention to you. “You decorated this place pretty nice..”

“I did spend 3 hours on it..”

“I don’t understand why you didn’t want help though..”

“Because it was eight in the morning and we both know I’m stubborn when I’m tired.”

He laughed. “You’re right~”


You turned your attention to the door where Jihae had ran in with Hobi. Jihae looked around with fascination before his eyes landed on you and Yoongi and he ran over to you, jumping into your arms. “Thank you…!”

You laughed and held him. “You’re getting to heavy for me to hold in my arms anymore…!”

Jihae slid back down before hugging Yoongi also.

“You came too.. Thank you…!”

Yoongi patted his head and smiled. “Of course…~”

“Come play with me…!” Jihae started dragging him off where he had no choice but to smile. He looked back at you but you just waved. “Funny out of all these kids he chooses he wants an adult to play with..” Hoseok came by your side. “So I am guessing both of you are on good terms now..?”

“We talked it all out and everything…”

Hobi nodded and smiled. “That is good then right…?”

You laughed a bit. “I hope so…”

After about two hours of just watching Jihae follow Yoongi around and opening presents, you noticed Yoongi make his way up to you. “Can I speak to you, privately?”

You nodded. He was very serious and you were low-key scared. He pulled you into a corner and held you by the shoulders. “I can’t do this.

“You can’t do what?”

You scowled.

“You and me both know what I’m talking about.”

“Yoongi we can’t.”

“And why not?”

“Can we talk about this another time, please?”

“No. We are talking about it here and now.”

You shrugged his hands off your shoulders. “Yoongi-…”

“What are you going to do when he sees all the other kids with their dad’s and realize he doen’t have one? This is unavoidable.”

“It can wait for now…!”

“Please I am asking you now.. I want to be in his life.”

You pinched the bridge of your nose and shook your head.

“Is it that bad that I am his father?”

You looked at him, feeling guilty because of the hurt look on his face. You didn’t even notice Jihae standing behind him until he spoke.

“You’re my dad…?”

A few people had looked over to see what was taking place. There was no hiding it now, It was out of the box. Yoongi was lookingat you with an apologetic look and Jihae stared at you, waiting for an answer. You nodded watching as Jihae smiled.

“Wait seriously..?!”

You nodded once more and couldn’t help the smile forming on your face.

“This is my favorite gift… Thank you…!”

He hugged Yoongi. “Please stay…!”

“Im not going anywhere…”

He picked him up smiling. Jihae wrapped his arms around his neck and clung onto him.

You noticed Jimin started clapping for the two of you. Jungkook came over and put his hand on your shoulder.

“If I didn’t know I would think this is some type of cliche romance drama…!”

You punched him in the shoulder.

After everyone had left the party you and Yoongi stayed and cleaned up the pace. The two of you didn’t get to your complex until almost midnight. Hoseok had taken Jihae to your home so he could sleep, which you were thankful for so you didn’t have to worry about it.

Hobi left after the two of you showed up so he could get in his own bed to sleep. You went to check on Jihae before walking out of the room and walking to the kitchen.

“Do you want something to drink…?”

“That would be nice…”

He smiled and sat down on the couch while you got both of you something to drink.

“I’m sorry about earlier by the way…” He stared at the back of you head. “I didn’t think he would follow…”

You turned towards him and shook your head. “Don’t stress it.. Im not mad.. I was just scared.. I don’t want to rush it…”

He nodded. “I just want to be involved in his life…” You handed him the cup before taking a seat beside him and turning on the TV. “I’m okay with that…”

“He watched you for a moment taking in your features.After the events of tonight he noticed that he was throwing himself in a pretty deep hole. He was lost in thought. Thinking that he would never have this chance again.

You noticed he was staring and tilted your head. “Why do you do that…”

He chuckled. “Do what…?”

“Just stare at me like that….”

He smiled playing with a strand of your hair. “I’m scared that the moment I let my guard down this is all just going to be a dream..”

“I promise you its not…”

Your gaze flickered across his face. You didn’t even know what was happening until his lips were on yours. He pulled back and stared you in the eye. His breathing was a bit hectic. “I think I love you.. Still I never lost my love for you..” He buried his face in you neck and you squeaked. “Yoongi..! Don’t do this while Jihae is asleep..!”

“You are tourturing me.. I can’t help it..


You pushed Yoongi back a bit and stared at Jihae.

“Daddy is attacking Momma…!” Jihae started throwing his little hands at Yoongis leg, making you laugh. “No I wasn’t attacking her…!”

“Then what were you doing…?”

“I was showing her… Affection..!”

Jihae tilted his head. “Oh…”

“Why don’t you go back to sleep?” Yoongi smiled and picked him up”

“I can try..”

“What if you slept with me?” You watched the two, smiling. “With momma too?”

You nodded. “Sure~ We can all cuddle and get warm.. And in the morning we can go get some breakfast… Sound good?”

Jihae nodded and you all headed off to you bedroom where you layed on the bed, Jihae right in the middle of you and Yoongi. Jihae cuddled close to you and you stared at Yoongi smiling. Everything was perfect how it was and you wouldn’t change it for the world.

You only stared at Yoongi as he fell asleep. Comparing both him and Jihae to one another and thinking about everything Yoongi has said and did today. It made you feel giddy and you mumbled three words before you, too, fell asleep.

I love you too…

Yay final chapter and this series is finally over. Can you hear me crying :,)

one of many reasons why “QUEER” means so much to me.

[ IMAGE: a long, white image with “QUEER” faded in rainbow gradient in the background behind text written using various fonts in various sizes, colors and line-weight reading “sometimes identity is a journey. so far mine has gone something like this – – HOLY SHIT, i’m BISEXU– wait, no, i’m PANSEXUAL! oh, but demisexuality? i’m DEMI-PANSEXUAL! but wait, what if i’m a LESBIAN??? no, WAIT! i’m NOT EVEN FEMALE!!! (no shit sherlock! plus you like who you like of any gender!) oh god, not even demi, TOTALLY ACE after all… shiiiiittt… panromantic ace! biromantic ace? PANro and BIro ACE! lolol wtf was i ever even thinking??? OF COURSE i’m a BI (sans ‘romantic’) & PAN (sans ‘romantic’) ACE. but grayro? quoiro? BI-PAN-GRAY-QUOIRO?? ugh, what the fuck ever. i’ll use whichever word(s) whenever it feels right to do so, but QUEER is the one word that has ALWAYS felt right. - Vesper 09/23/2016" ]

“I have no knowledge of babies” - Sherlock Holmes x Reader

#9. Shopping for baby supplies. Yay some more Sherlock ! I fucking love that show…anyway, I really hope Sherlock isn’t OOC, I really tried to make it as in character as possible…AS USUAL, ANY FEEDBACK IS WELCOME :DI really hope you guys will like it : 

(My masterlist blog here :


Before meeting you, Sherlock never thought about having children. 

Hell, he never even thought about having sex at all ! It just wasn’t something that ever interested him. He always pegged such activities as a big waste of time, utterly useless. And yet, when he met you, all of his strong beliefs in the subject shattered. He already felt very strange when he met “the woman”, Irene Adler, but you ? Oh it was something else. 

For starter, you were way smarter than Irene, and that was saying a lot. You often found solutions to problems before Sherlock, which he thought was infuriating…and yet which also made him extremely attracted by you. You quickly plagued his every thoughts, and he found himself craving for your presence more than once. When he confessed those weird things he was feeling to John, the ex-military doctor chuckled and told him :

-There’s nothing weird in what you’re feeling Sherlock, you’re probably just sapiosexual. Which would explain a lot. 

-Excuse me ?

-You’re sexually attracted by intelligence. Only, so far, you never met anyone that was smart enough to take your fancy.

-My brother is more intelligent than me and I don’t… 

-…Of course you had to make it weird. You know damn well what I mean, and you’re lying to yourself if you say you don’t feel something when (Y/N) is around. 

-I feel things alright, I just don’t know how to explain them.

-Some feelings cannot be explain. They’re just there. In your heart, in your mind, everywhere in your being. 

-That’s ridiculous. 

-Whatever you say Sherlock, whatever you say. 

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I Know I Want to Be a Sugar Baby...Now What?

What Should You Do Once You’ve Decided to Become a Sugar Baby?

I can remember it like it was yesterday, best friend. I was fresh out of what I would on some days consider my best vanilla relationship and decided I wanted to be a sugar baby. Well, I didn’t decide. The Joker decided for me. “If you’re good at something-never do it for free” That one line changed my life. I googled how to become a sugar baby and found Tumblr. Within an hour of finding Tumblr, I had an SA account. The rest, as they say, was history. 

But, girl, I get it. It’s not like that for everyone. Analysis paralysis. Fear of failure. General confusion. Overwhelm from too much info. It can be a lot. So I’m going to offer you a list of the things I did when I first started sugaring. 

  1. Research! Research, research, research. Duh, I can see you saying. Sis, I can even see you rolling your eyes. I know. Everyone says research, but no one says what you should try to learn or who you should learn from. Let’s tackle the first half of that problem now and the other half in a moment. There are basic things that you want to know. If you decide to sugar online (baby, please don’t), learn how to set up a profile. Learn how to set up a fake phone number whether it’s on Google, WhatsApp, or some other provider. Learn a few things about table manners so that you’re comfortable no matter where you are. Learn how you should dress to blend in with several different types of venues. One of the easiest ways to decide if advice is legit is by consensus. If you see that same advice repeated on Tumblr profile after Tumblr profile after Tumblr page, then it’s probably something you want to commit to memory. But keep in mind that you don’t have to follow every piece of advice that you read- especially the ones that try to tell you what to say word for word. I suggest you avoid those. They most likely won’t work for you.
  2. Figure out EXACTLY why you’re doing this. I spent so much time spinning my tires because I couldn’t figure out what I was doing or why. Know why you’re getting in this game. No really. Sit down and write it out.
  3. Make a business plan. This is a business. Act like it. I’ve already put together 13 questions that will help you develop that plan. It covers everything from what your ideal SD looks like to how you plan to market yourself to how much you should ask for as an allowance (the answer to this is-however the fuck much you want because it’s nobody’s business but yours). Take the time to go through it.
  4. Figure out what makes you uncomfortable about sugaring. What scares you the most? I’d actually like to hear about this one. Send me a list of all the things that scare you about sugaring and while I may not be able to get back to you the same day I promise you I will respond so we can talk about what scares you. BUT DO NOT send me just a list of things that scare you. Send me what you want to do to address those fears too. 
  5. Get ready to freestyle. If you aren’t convinced that it’s for you read this. If you need help on how to freestyle read this.
  6. Go freestyle. Read this. If you’ve already read it, reread it and decide which parts of it you like and which parts you’re going to ignore. It’s your life. My feelings won’t be hurt, and I won’t think you’re a failure if you don’t do everything I say exactly the way I say you should do it. Be safe. Live life in a way that makes you smile. 
  7. Get ready to be rejected. A lot. You will be rejected a lot. You will hear no a lot. You will see white SB’s, Asian SB’s, Latina SB’s make it before you. If you decide to sugar online, please god don’t get on SA, you will see men say that they don’t want you just because of the color of your skin. It will hurt. You will wonder why you bother. But the successful girls? The @brownstatuesquesugarbaby ‘s of the world? They’re the ones that hustled their asses off, celebrated the victories, shrugged off the losses and DID THE WORK. You gotta work bitch.

Speaking of work, I want to leave you with this final note. The women that make it in this world have one thing in common: they are not waiting for someone to do the hard work for them. They are ready to research. They are ready to put in the time and effort. Are they afraid to reach out with their questions? No. But their questions show that they took the time to learn independently instead of expecting things to be spoon fed to them. These are the big leagues, sis, you can build a career or at least jump start one with the money and gifts you get in this lifestyle. Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your big sugar sister’s time, if you don’t want this enough to work for it.

There it is, best friend. As always, I want to know what you think. If you’re just starting out was this helpful? If you’ve been in the game a while, did this sound like what you did when you first started? Let’s talk about it!

among-the-ivy  asked:

Have you seen anything about CopenHill in Copenhagen? Do you know of any other buildings that produce energy and/or are waste management plants but are also aesthetically pleasing at the same time?

CopenHill by BIG (above) combines a waste-to-energy plant with an ski slope but there is a long tradition of energy plants that strive to raise above the industrial aesthetic, check out these projects:

Hydro-electric Powerstation becker architekten

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I love your writing! Even the fics in fandoms or about pairings that I'm not usually into! It just makes me want to go and write and try to reach your standard :) I was wondering, would you ever do maybe an FMA/HP crossover ? Or FMA/YOI crossover ?? Or a crossover in general? They're pretty hard to do I think. But you'd ace it, because I'm sure if you did, it would be the best darn crossover and I'd love you

thank you that’s so sweet to say!!!!

okay so here’s the thing: i don’t LOVE crossovers usually, it takes a certain something to get me invested, and i one hundred percent don’t have a full fic in me. but –

edward elric, the cleverest wizard of his age. edward elric, who is just as extraordinary in this as he is everything else. he’s a hufflepuff, of course he is, you’d think he’d be a ravenclaw except literally the only thing more important to him than knowledge is loyalty and fairness  and what’s right. so.

he’s quiet and even surrounded by people he seems alone and there’s more than one slytherin vying for his attention, desperate to claim some of that shining talent for their own. but he rebukes them all, has no patience for stupidity or being used or political games. he’s the son of a muggle and a long absent wizard, and his brother – his brother is a squib.

edward hates hogwarts, hates the time he’s forced to spend away from his family. he has a single friend, winry, a fast talking ravenclaw, and she’s the only one who can pull genuine smiles from him.

his house doesn’t dislike him, but they know he likes to be left alone and they respect that. he gets them more points with perfect spells and perfect essays than any other student, so they like him and he’s never mean or rude, just quiet, so they all have a general sense of goodwill towards him but aren’t really friends. except alex armstrong who bursts into tears whenever he seems him, because armstrong is the hufflepuff quidditch captain and ed refuses to be the team’s seeker, or anything at all, even though anyone who’s seen him on a broom knows he’s just as capable and talented at it as anything else.

and lets talk about ed’s talent. ed who midway through first year got bored and started doing spells wordlessly. then wandlessly. who spends every waking moment in the library studying who the hell knows what because it’s certainly not classwork. he does all his spells without a wand or word now, no one has seen him even touch a wand since his second year. and it’s fear and awe that mark him too, because even dumbledore keeps track of his wand, uses it if he doesn’t have to, but ed doesn’t bother. he got straight Os in all his owls and he never pays attention in class but can answer any question or perform any spell asked of him so it’s not like the teachers can do anything with that.

then there’s slytherin seventh year roy okay, and his merry band of people – slytherin maes, gryffindor riza, gryffindor havoc, falman and fuery in raveclaw, breda in hufflepuff. and he’s fascinated by ed, they all are, who wouldn’t be? roy’s the quidditch captain for the slytherin team and hast to listen to armstrong cry at least once a week about ed’s wasted potential.

then the triwizard tournament happens. whole schools are submitted, and the best is chosen from each. everyone expects it to be roy – handsome, popular, powerful, with a special studies in fire spells.

roy knows better. he doesn’t say anything but he’s not surprised at all when edward elric’s name pops out of the goblet. the hufflepuffs are going crazy, and roy makes sure to cheer just as loudly with them.

the other two champions are rose, a quiet girl with a friendly smile, and ling, a not-quiet boy who already spends all his free time attempting to irritate ed into being friends with him, and this isn’t going to help at all.

so the first task happens. the dragons. ling uses a freezing spell to slow the beast down and gets a broken arm and a gash down his side for his trouble, but gets the egg. rose conjured a flock of birds to distract it and went for an egg, but the dragon used a puff of fire to kill the birds and burn half of rose’s body in a singe breath. but she gets the egg.

then it’s ed’s turn. he stands there, staring. does nothing. he takes a step forward. waits. takes another. waits. takes another, and the dragon rears up against him, so he takes a step back. she quiets back down, and he waits, and takes another step forward. that’s what he does. for hours. people have literally fallen asleep in their seats by the time ed has worked his way to the dragon’s nest, being watched carefully but not attacked, being trusted, and picks up the golden egg. the dragon’s nostrils flare and ed holds it up for her inspection, and she realize it’s not her egg at all, and settles back down, and ed backs up and away.

and that’s how ed gets the dragon egg with not a single bit of a magic and without a scratch on him.

roy wonders why ed is even bothering to compete, because he doesn’t seem that invested in it. the other champions are seen studying and practicing, are found with their professors colluding and working. ed continues on as if nothing has happened.

then the second task takes place. ed shows up late but he shows up furious, and roy wonders who it was that they took, because he can see winry sitting anxiously in the stands below him. ed reaches into his sleeve and takes out his wand and roy goes rigid in his seat and maes lets out a curse besides him. ed hasn’t used his wand in four years, hasn’t needed to, and if he’s using it now –

he says a spell they can’t hear and makes large encompassing swish – and then the entire great lake is lifted into the air.

the lakebed is dry and edward suspends the massive ball of water and merpeople and giant squid likes it’s nothing, is holding aloft something bigger than the hogwarts castle, and ed uses his other hand to point and direct, is doing two spells simultaneously, and roy didn’t even know that was possible. a hole opens up in the lake and a mer-person drops out, screaming. then another. then another. the screams are so high and so awful that roy is certain he’s going to have nightmares about it.

“give him back,” he says, voice clear and rippling with banked fury. “give him back

and a merperson swims to the edge, holding out a sleeping boy that looks remarkable like edward. ed lets the lake drop back to earth with a thunderous wave that soaks the judges. the boy comes gasping awake, still suspended in the air, and ed levitates him gently to the ground. the other champions are still in the lake.  the boy clings to ed, wet and shivering, and ed presses a kiss to his forehead and glares at the judges table. they give him a perfect score, shaken by what they’d seen as much as the students, and they march away.

later, roy and company worm their way into a conversation in the library, where ed sits with his brother going through a book in a language roy doesn’t recognize. “so,” he says awkwardly, now with two sets of scarily intelligent eyes fastened on him, “that was an impressive spell.”

ed snorts and rolls his eyes. “spells,” he scoffs, “great big waste of time if you ask me. wave a stick and say some words and you too can do the same damn spell as thousands before you. pathetic.”

“oh,” maes says, taken aback and wide eyed, “that’s uh,” he looks to alphonse, grimaces, and goes, “okay.”

“he’s not saying that because I’m a squib,” al says, “he’s just a nerd who like things that can be quantified and explained. magic isn’t really his thing.”

roy stares. the most powerful wizard he’s ever seen, and magic isn’t his thing.

“fuck flamel,” he snarls, “if he didn’t insist i get my newts before taking me on as an apprentice – he didn’t make you wait to begin learning!”

“but i cant do magic,” al says reasonably, “besides, i’m learning from his daughter now. we’ll learn from him together when you graduate.”

ed wrinkles his nose, “better hogwarts than izumi. i guess.”

“nicholas flamel?” falman breaks in, “you want to learn alchemy?”

“we want to master alchemy,” ed corrects, “the basics are easy enough, but flamel made a philospher’s stone. do you have any idea the level of mastery that takes?”

“we don’t really want to live forever,” al frowns, “but it is the ultimate test. we won’t rest until we make one.”

they all stare. “alphonse,” havoc says hesitantly, “are you – can you –“

he blinks, “of course. i may not be able to do it without circles like brother and flamel, but i’m not inept. that’s why i’m learning from izumi – she’s a squib and has to use circles too.”

“circles,” maes repeats, completely lost, “what?”

al sighs and takes out a piece of chalk, “like this,” and sketches out an array on the table. he grabs a notebook and puts it in the center, and with a crackle of energy its transformed into a bouquet of live flowers.

“nice trick of pulling water from the air,” ed says.

they’re all flabbergasted. “transfiguration?” maes asks.

“yeah sure,” ed rolls his eyes, “the same way cutting out a snowflake from a piece of paper is like origami.”

they keep staring. ed stares back. it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

ed doesn’t win the tournament because he lets ling win for reason he refuses to explain, will only say that it was more important to him.

roy pesters and irritates ed until he agrees to teach him alchemy, and even grudgingly says roy has a knack for it. so he sets it up that when al and ed are studying with flamel roy is studying with his daughter, and he goes to ed and al whenever he gets confused because they’re at least less scary than izumi.

ed and al create the philosopher’s stone, and promptly destroy it. roy becomes a master of fire alchemy. they all live happily ever after.

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Did you graduate or drop out of highschool?

ahhh highschool

i dropped out my freshman year for like 5mo and returned during sophomore year (for those old followers this is when i went to bootcamp). my senior year i barely went at all (literally like 3/5 days) but i graduated with a good gpa and took AP courses all throughout so -shrug- 


Am I the only one, who thinks that this scene had such a big potential and they wasted it? Imagine,queen Lydia using her powers to help her friends to get out from police station. Scott,bravely facing their enemies to protect everyone he loves. Malia, standing next to her crush and giving 100% of her strength, to scare these inexperienced “hunters”. Matured Liam,taking responsibilty for his mistakes and trying not to give up till the end. Angry Theo, fighting with all his abilities to show everyone(Scott/his boyfriend Liam) that he is worth of friendship. They could take them and it would be such an incredible action! WE WERE ROBBED.

CLUE!AU x NCT 127 [1/2]

i had mentioned i wanted to do something in a victorian style,,,,a kind anon said that it reminded them of a murder mystery - which then reminded me of clue!! so instead of victorian imagine this as the 40s-50s!! my first hand at historic mystery aus, but i hope it’s enjoyable!! 

tw: mentions of death, blood, but otherwise its lighthearted don’t take it too seriously haha 

Mark メ Detective / Your Partner メ

  • you and mark have been working together as detectives ever since he was promoted in the force, much to the disdain of older officers who didn’t think he deserved it
  • you also assume they’re just jealous of his overall handsome features, always looking fresh in pressed white shirts, expensive suspenders, and stylized glasses that frame his good-looking features (cough cough you think he’s cute cough cough)
  • but mark’s also crime-solving genius, even if he’s too sheepish to admit it,,,,
  • so you and him work well together - “two heads are better than one!”
  • but you’re both shocked to be called over to a dinner party, late on a saturday evening 
  • esp since it’s the dinner party of haechan, a close friend of mark’s as well as the current reigning world champion in cricket
  • you and mark are greeted by a solemn looking haechan, whispering into mark’s ear that the body is in the upstairs bathroom
  • “the body?” you say under your breath as you climb the stairs, mark makes a shrugging motion and takes off his cap as you two enter the dark hall of the upper floor
  • a flickering light is up ahead, the light of the bathroom. mark stops you midway to the door and tells you to stand behind him in case the killer is still in the room
  • you peek out from behind his shoulder and say that if anything, you have your revolver on you,,,,,,and if you needed to use it,,,
  • but mark shook his head, once you were close enough you could tell by the silence that it was just you, him, and whoever the poor fellow was in the bathroom
  • you could see him, slumped in the bathtub - no visible wounds yet
  • “poison?” you mused, as mark searched beneath the sink and among the shelves 
  • “maybe, or maybe we can’t see the wound, he is wearing a full uniform.”
  • you nodded, the body was dressed in quite an amount of layers, mark slowly walked over and held the head of the person as he called you over
  • “could you look for any blood on his head?”
  • after collecting what evidence was left, you and mark headed downstairs into the study
  • where all eight of the people who were in the house at the time of the murder were anxiously seated
  • rising actor yuta, classics professor taeyong, world renowned spy sicheng, young doctor doyoung, mischievous butler johnny, nervous writer jaehyun, unimpressed sergeant taeil and of course cricket player haechan
  • looking at mark, you decided it would be most beneficial to interrogate them one by one 
  • you and mark split up to begin talking to the others, but before you do so he touches your wrist slightly and whispers
  • “any one of them could be dangerous, if you get a feeling - im right here for you.”
  • those are words you’ve never heard him say,,,then again you two haven’t visited a lot of murder scenes where the murderer is still,,,,,there
  • you look up at him, his eyes - usually playful and happy are clouded over with seriousness this time
  • you nod, telling him before anything you’ll put the other people’s safety first
  • “yes, but also,,,,your safety,,,,” he adds with a hint of urgency in his voice
  • you nod again, and pull away to begin questioning yuta
  • after thorough interviews and having to catch johnny who tries at some point to climb out of a window because of pure boredom of being stuck in the house with someone DEAD
  • you and mark come to an agreement in private, with all the facts it can only be this on person,,,
  • mark explains how the killer did it, and then reveals who it is much to everyone’s shock. you two arrest them just in time for the phone back up to arrive 
  • after the killer is put into a cop car, the other dinner-goers thanking your and mark
  • you and him lean against the side of your own car and he seems to be fiddling with his coat buttons
  • “are you ok?”
  • mark’s boyish shy smile comes back and he looks at his shoes as if the two of you are back in grade school and he’s hiding a big secret
  • you think it’s a bit cute how he gets like this when he’s nervous
  • “i just,,,would you ever,,,consider like,,,going with me? i know the whole force calls me an ankle-bitter and all,,,,but i just you’re,,,,i,,,like,,,you?”
  • his glasses are nearly slipping off his nose with slightly sweat and you’re taken back,,,but at the same time you just lean over
  • adjusting the bridge of his glasses to make mark turn cherry red before going
  • “of course ill go with you, we’re a good team but we’d also make a goo couple?”
  • mark just gaps like a fish out of water, but you can see he’s still blushing and happy. you two may have just solved a murder but when you’re in big danger it looks like it makes you realize there’s certain people in life you want to keep safe hehe

Jaehyun メ Suspect / The Nervous Writer メ

  • since you’re a detective, you used to think mystery novels were a big big waste. none of them accurately describe police work, the characters are boring, and you didn’t have time for reading anyway
  • until a friend of yours lent you copy of this new book that had just come out called “The Cherry Bomber” by an author named Jung Jaehyun
  • something about his writing had entranced you,,,,he was good,,,,it made you a bit sad to know that this was his only novel so far
  • but it made you even more upset to see him at the dinner party turned murder party, sitting in the corner of the study - a glass of untouched whisky on the table beside him
  • “if i may, i am going to need to ask you a couple of questions. did anything suspicious happen at dinner?”
  • jaehyun’s nervousness was apparent, his whole frame was shaking let alone the stuttering that made it almost impossible to understand him
  • “i,,,,i think i saw someone split during the first course,,,i don’t remember,,,,i heard a no-noise,,,maybe i d-didn’t,,,,,”
  • “ok, but i can’t work with maybes and i don’t knows - i need the word from the bird - the truth mr. jung”
  • he clammed up,,,,running a hand through his already messy hair
  • you noticed that even though he was attending a dinner party, at a relatively wealthy athletes home, he was dressed in a rugged looking cardigan - brown and stuffy
  • his shirt underneath had at one point been buttoned up to the top of the collar, but was now open and jaehyun’s insatiable urge to scratch at the back of his neck was distracting
  • everything about him made him seem like an odd ball - like he knew something but wasn’t talking
  • “listen mr. jung, im a fan of your work - and im hoping you put out another book instead of going to jail, but to clear your name i need some fact, some details, anything”
  • perked up at the mention of his work, you could see a faint pink dusted over his cheeks “you,,,like my writing?”
  • you shifted the notepad in your hand “i do, and you’re a writer so you must know details well - any details from tonight you want to tell me?”
  • jaehyun’s posture had straightened suddenly, he was thinking hard and then shifted his eyes to the kitchen
  • “something in there?”
  • “w-well,, in my books you know how i always ,,, have the killer hide the weapon in plain sight,,,”
  • with narrowed eyes you asked him to continue 
  • leaning in a bit closer, he whispered “during dinner, i saw johnny re-arranging the knife box, i think he had turned the water on to wash one of them but never got around to it,,,”
  • you felt a chill run down your spine and you told jaehyun to wait right there
  • your partner, mark, looked over as you made way to the kitchen. carefully you hovered your hand over a couple of the knife handles until you noticed one that wasn’t all the way in
  • picking it up, you could see it - fresh blood wiped hastily over the blade
  • “the butler!” you mumbled and turned around to head back into the study
  • at the sight of the knife, johnny turned to make a hasty exit out of the door - but mark caught on and in a matter of minutes, you had your man
  • back up was called and as mark handled the knife and johnny, you stayed back to speak with jaehyun
  • “im glad you could help us today, i hope the events of today don’t put you off from writing,,,”
  • jaehyun, still shaken up, looks at you and smiles for the first time. the look suits his face much better than the one of anxiety you saw on him all night
  • “i wont,,,not af-after meeting someone like you,,,”
  • shocked, you point to yourself “me? what did i do?”
  • he slips his hands into the pockets of his cardigan, shyly in an almost quiet voice he admits that you’ve inspired him to write a new character,,,one based on you
  • for a moment you feel your own cheeks heat up from embarrassment because what a compliment,,,,,
  • “i,,,ill send you a dr-draft,,,,” he starts and you eagerly agree
  • complimenting his writing one last time before you have to leave with mark to the station, jaehyun feels his heart speed up a little and haechan who walks by him goes “maybe you should start writing romance lover boy~”

Taeil  メ Suspect / Unimpressed Sargent メ

  • when haechan invited you into his home, looking rather distraught about the body upstairs, the only person who wasn’t panicking was sargent taeil
  • who was sitting in the study, sipping brandy and reading that day’s paper
  • “i didn’t do it - i have nothing to worry about.”
  • although he was wearing a tailored suit, complete with matching cuff links and tie, his badge was blatantly stuck to his right pocket in an effort to make sure anyone who wanted to start something with him, had to first know about his rank
  • but other than that, he was dense and monotone. ultimately uninterested in the questions you were asking him
  • “you’re a sargent, shouldn’t you be curious about who did it?”
  • taeil looked at you with a half smile, “no, because i knew who did it.”
  • surprised, your wide eyes only made that smile grow “you just never asked me, so i didn’t tell.”
  • although you’d been standing in there for a good fifteen minutes prying him with questions about dinner and how he knew haechan, here he was claiming he had the answer all along
  • pulling him discreetly through the doors and into the lounge outside of the study you went “ok, we’re alone. who did it.”
  • taeil’s eyes seemed to wander the room, making you wait till he stopped and took a seat on the reclining chair
  • “they thought it was a made in the shade kind of murderer, but it’s a rookie mistake. yuta did it, with the rope he hid under his dinning chair.”
  • the tone of his voice suggests he’s being dead serious - but you don’t know,,,you hadn’t seen any rope burns on the neck,,,,
  • “there’s a technique to leave no ligatures, and you can prove my theory. the rope is still under the chair where he was sitting.”
  • taeil doesn’t even look full of himself, he just gets up and leads you back into the study to round up the guests
  • all of them stand behind the chair from dinner and slowly you check each one - till you get to yuta’s
  • “oh doll, you don’t have to look under mine! there’s nothing under there the killer probably shot him-”
  • you reach down anyway and leave yuta mid-sentence when you pull the rope from under his chair
  • your partner mark’s eyes go wide “really?? but why would yuta murder anyone he’s a rich actor,,,,”
  • taeil, who was right across from yuta pointed to the pocket on yuta’s open blazer
  • “blackmail.”
  • you reached over, taking whatever was in the pocket as mark bounded yuta’s hands behind his back - the actor didn’t even put up a fight, just hung his head in shame
  • “are th- are these photos of you?” your voice broke a bit in surprise and yuta blew some hair from his face “what does it look like honey?”
  • johnny tried to peek over your shoulder, but you quickly put the photos in your own pocket
  • mark lead yuta away while the other crowded to gossip over what the photos could be
  • only taeil stood from outside the crowd and when you approached him he just went “want to know how i knew?” 
  • without a word, you nodded and he shrugged “haechan had told me earlier in the week that an actor was coming to this dinner, an actor he didn’t know well but that another attendee had instead he come by. now when he showed up, the moment he saw the victim his face twisted and i knew there was something up. no wonder the man ended up dead.”
  • shocked, you could only mumble that it was work worthy of a sargent
  • you thanked taeil for his time, turning to follow out the door till you heard him call out
  • “out of all the conversations i had tonight, i enjoyed yours the most.” he said flatly, but then smiled “i hope we get to work together again.”
  • and with that he turned to gather his hat from the closet outside the study. you watched him walk over and thought to yourself - was that a compliment,,,,,,or,,,??

Johnny メ Suspect / Mischievous Butler メ

  • the first suspect on your list is johnny, for the simple explanation of how guilty everyone else makes him sound
  • haechan says something about his father picking who works in the house so he honestly doesn’t know how johnny got the job, taeyong mentions that he seemed a little jittery when serving the soup, and yuta just goes “look at him. is that the face a man you can trust?”
  • when you sit down with him on the stairs, you ask him if he knows how bad everything is looking for him
  • “you’re the only one who wasn’t sitting at the dinner table, and who knows the house better than haechan - everyone seems to be pinning it on you”
  • johnny rolls his eyes, slicking his hair back and adjusting the short uniform vest
  • “listen detective, let me clue you in im not jazzed up like everyone thinks. i run my mouth, but that’s because im funny, a lighthearted guy! murder? please, i couldn’t hurt a fly!”
  • you sigh and look through your notes, “johnny, people said you were acting funny. getting all odd and eyeballing the guests.”
  • making a pfft sound, johnny leans back against the stairs
  • “they’re one to talk, everyone was feeling frazzled and then when haechan found the body - everyone flipped their lid! but i promise, the only places i even went in this house tonight was the study, kitchen, and dining room!”
  • you look him up and down, there isn’t a trace of blood on him and his uniform is rather snug - he couldn’t concealed a weapon even if he tried
  • “are you saying haechan found the body first?”
  • “yep, right after dessert he said he had to make an urgent call or something - went up the stairs and came back looking white as a ghost!”
  • you think for a moment, putting the pieces together “and was the victim upstairs already?”
  • “nah, i think he got frosted about haechan being up their too long and followed him,,,”
  • you bite your tongue when johnny says that, because that means haechan was upstairs with the victim alone
  • “and ,,,, no one else went up there?”
  • “nope,,,,,,,,,,oh god are you saying the dude i work for killed som-”
  • you cover johnny’s loud mouth with your hand and hush him 
  • “im not saying anything jonathan, but that is pretty damning,,,”
  • johnny’s eyes suddenly sparkle “oh detective, only special people get to call me jonatahn,,,,”
  • you narrow your eyes and scoff “are you flirting right now?”
  • wiggling his eyebrows, you can’t believe he’s acting like this in the middle of an investiagion
  • you gently shove his hand and get up to find your partner mark
  • “i have some bad news,,,” you say as you and mark pull away and into the hall where johnny is still standing
  • “johnny saw haechan follow the victim upstairs,,,”
  • mark’s eye twitches “haechan wouldn’t do it, ive known him for years-”
  • you give him a look of apology and mark almost loses his footing in shock, johnny catching him by the elbow
  • “how did he do it though,,,” mark whispers and you think back to the examination of the body - there seemed to be a blow to his head,,,,and only someone with a good wing could get that much force
  • someone who was an athlete,,,,someone who played cricket perhaps? 
  • “quick, ill check the bedroom.” you said, hastily running up the stairs as johnny joined you
  • much to your confirmation, under haechan’s bed was a lead pipe - with fresh blood
  • returning to mark, you heard the sirens of back up arriving at the home 
  • mark look too shocked to do much so you left him to johnny to go arrest haechan yourself
  • it had been a messy night and you were left to say goodbye to johnny as he arranged to phone the rest of the family
  • “i hope this doesn’t put you out of a job,,,”
  • you murmur and johnny shrugs “ill find a new one, i might be annoying to some people but it’s a charm ya know?” he winks and you can’t believe his mood even in the midst of all this happening
  • “you’re a piece of work jonathan”
  • “hey, it was a free pass to call me that the first time but now you owe me a date!”
  • you scrunch up your nose and go “really? now is when you ask me?”
  • johnny shrugs, leaning against the front door “im grieving, might as well have a cute person to help me keep my mind off it ;)”
  • you shove his hand again playfully but do you say you’ll call him sometime um,,,yeah 
Innocent [Bucky x Reader]

Originally posted by literarynicotine

Summary: “ Hi! I just wanted to request a Bucky x Reader angst/fluff imagine inspired by Innocent by Taylor Swift. You can take it in any way you’d like I just really think the song fits Bucky well. Thank you so much:) ” - Request from Anonymous

Series Warnings/Themes: ANGST (Get some tissues), A pinch of fluff, and profanity.

Author’s Note: Thanks for the request, Anon! This was a bit of a challenge to write, but a fun challenge nonetheless!

Y/N = Your Name

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Bucky Barnes has never seen this much blood.

His flesh hand presses up against your side, putting as much pressure as he can in attempt to stop the bleeding. You were running out of time, and he knew it. His comrades weren’t close enough to save you. He’s never felt so helpless.

Once upon a time, Bucky would have frozen at the sight of blood. After HYDRA’s experiments, he struggled with PTSD. That was long ago. Although he still feels unease around gore and has flashbacks to gruesome experiments, Bucky Barnes has found the ability to ground himself and lessen the panic. It was thanks to your support that he had the will to learn. 

This was a different story.

It wasn’t so much the violence and injury that bothered him. It was who these factors affected. 

He couldn’t do enough to save you. 

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i’m so excited for mcgnji week but also so nervous. and i’m looking at the stuff i made and. ew

Mistakes (M) ~ T.O.P

Originally posted by hotdudesloverextrem

Pairing: T.O.P x reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1,247 Words


“Wait, you what?”

“(Y/N), I swear. It didn’t mean anything. I was drunk.” Seunghyun was literally crying at his point, he was on his knees, begging for your forgiveness.

Last night, he had gone out with the rest of Big Bang and gotten wasted. It was no special occasion, they all wanted to go have a drink but it turned out to be a lot more than that.

There was a girl in her early twenties that had her eyes on him the whole night and as soon as he stepped onto the dancefloor, she was immediately grinding against him.

He was fucked up as it is and as she ground her ass against his dick, he drank even more and more. He faintly remembers what happened and most of it was her screaming.

He was so frustrated and was literally pounding into her as soon as they reached her home.

He woke up next to her that morning, they were both naked and she was cuddled against his chest. He jumped out of the bed with a loud “Fuck!” and dressed as quickly as he could.

The girl woke up and watched as he struggled to pull on his jeans, he was shaking badly and it sounded like he could barely breathe. Before she could ask what was wrong, he ran out of the door and was on his way to your house as quickly as possible.

And that’s how he ended up here, crying, and on his knees begging for your forgiveness.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N), I really didn’t know. Just, please. P-please, give me another chance.” His voice broke as he looked up at you, he looked like shit and it was obvious he felt like it too.

“I love you, I want to marry you, and be the father of your children. I hate myself for this. I-I can’t lose you..” He cried even harder, his hands shaking as he grabbed onto one of yours.

“You’re all I’ve got…” He whispered, breaking even more.

“Baby… Come here, baby.” You sighed, pulling him up and helping him walk to your bed where he collapsed on top of you as soon as you made it over there.

He shook as his arms wrapped around you, head resting on your chest. He held onto you as if you were his lifeline and you softly ran your fingers through his hair, calming him slowly.

“I’m sorry..” He whispered, slowly meeting your eyes. His eyes were bloodshot and his nose was running all over your shirt. His eyes were swollen and his cheeks were flushed red.

“Shh Seunghyun, I’m right here baby. Don’t worry.” You felt terrible and softly kissed his forehead.

You both stayed like that until he stopped shaking and slowly sat up. He moved to the side of you and sat up against the headboard and just stared at you.

“I love you.” He spoke, his voice was deep and raspy and he pulled you onto his lap. You slightly smiled and ran your fingers through his hair again.

“I love you too Seunghyun.” You said, slowly leaning in for a kiss. He grabbed onto your hips and slowly kissed you back. It was soft and loving, and he made sure to let you lead as he didn’t know exactly how far you wanted to go.

Your hands tangled in his hair, tugging on the soft pink locks. Seunghyun moaned and squeezed your hips. The kiss got more heated and he slowly but surely was getting hard.

You, however, were already soaking wet. His little moans, his hands on your hips, the kissing, it was all an extreme turn on for you. Breaking the kiss, you got up and undressed slowly. His eyes watched you closely as he laid down, preparing himself for you.

As you finished undressing you climbed back onto the bed and positioned yourself right above his mouth. He moaned and slowly ran a finger over your opening, your wetness soaked his finger immediately. Your hands gripped onto the headboard and he grabbed onto your thighs, spreading your legs even wider.

“Ready babygirl?”


He leaned up and slowly ran his tongue from your opening to your clit, you tasted so good and he was getting harder by the second.

You, on the other hand, were a mess already. His mouth was warm, and you shivered as his tongue circled your small nub of nerves.

“Seunghyun..!” You cried as he harshly sucked on your clit. His tongue was quickly back and he licked right on your clit.

It was about forty-five seconds into the whole ordeal that you lifted yourself up to let him breathe, only for him to quickly pull you back down and suck on your clit.

He hummed softly, letting the vibrations shoot through you. As you got closer and closer, he shook his head from side to side while his tongue was flat on your clit and that was it.

He had you right where he wanted you and with one last suck on your clit, you were orgasming. He tightened his grip on your thighs and licked up your sweet cum, also riding out your orgasm in the process. You moaned loudly and squeezed the headboard, enjoying the last few seconds of his amazing mouth.

He moved you so you were straddling his waist and slowly ran his hands over your chest. He looked so fascinated by how your nipples hardened as soon as you both made eye contact. He smirked and softly ran his finger over one. You pouted and wiped away the mess around his mouth.

“You got spit everywhere baby.” You smiled, leaning into his touch as he softly squeezed one of your breasts.

He shrugged and licked his lips, “It made you cum though, forget the mess.”

“Now don’t you think its unfair how I’m the only one undressed?” You asked, slowly sliding up his shirt.

Seunghyun was praying that there were no marks from last night, and he was relieved to see that there weren’t. He watched as your kissed down his chest to the waistband of his jeans. You quickly unbuttoned them and pulled them down along with his boxers, letting his hard cock stand up in your full view.

Quickly grabbing you, he flipped you both over and spread your legs wide open.

“Please Seunghyun.” You whined, pulling at the bedsheets.

He smirked and positioned himself with your entrance and then slowly pushed in. He held onto your hips and started thrusting into you, too needy to let you get used to him. As the pain turned into pleasure you became a moaning mess.

You dug your nails into his back and left scratches down it. The pain only added to his pleasure and he thrust faster and harder.

Your walls clenched around him as your orgasm approached.

“Cum for me baby… Come on (Y/N).” Seunghyun said, giving a few extra hard thrusts.

“Oh fuck! Seunghyun!” You cried as you reached your orgasm, him following quickly after. Your walls clenched around his throbbing cock, coating your walls in his warm seed.

“Shit (Y/N)!” He groaned while resting his head in the crook of your neck while slowly pulling out.

A few minutes after coming down from your highs you softly played with his hair.

“I’m sorry..” He sighed and looked up at you, “I really am.”

“I know.” You nodded and kissed his forehead.

“And it’s okay. We all make mistakes sometimes.”

100 Questions I Would Ask Hiro Mashima Before I Ask About What Ship Children Look Like

So I basically did a bit of a rant on why I was very angry with a lot of the fans at Comicon on how they seemed to waste a big opportunity on asking about something fanon and really not important. So here’s a list of things I would’ve asked before I even thought about ship kids. So here we go…

  1. What was Natsu and Zeref’s parents’ names?
  2. What would Happy look like if he could transform like Lily and Carla?
  3. Where did Jellal get his tattoo?
  4. Where is Era located?
  5. What did Gray’s Mother, Mika Fullbuster, look like?
  6. What does the capital of Bosco look like?
  7. What was Jude’s last name before he took the Heartfilia name?
  8. What does Juvia’s mom and dad look like?
  9. Did Richard and Wally ever reunite?
  10. Why did Mermaid Heel become models for Sorcerer Weekly?
  11. Who’s you’re favorite voice actor on the show?
  12. What was Erza’s Dad’s name?
  13. Where Was Dragnof located in Ishgar?
  14. Did the Queen of Fiore die?
  15. If Porylusica is Edo Grandeeney, then what does Edo Igneel and the other dragons look like?
  16. Will Rogue go on to have the same haircut as his future self?
  17. What Cornelia look like?
  18. What does Ankherseram look like?
  19. You drew Meliodas, Elizabeth, and Diane from Seven Deadly Sins in your art style, what would the other sins look like?
  20. If Gray was going to be the 10th Rave Master, was Ur going to be like the 9th Rave Master?
  21. Who was Ivan Dreyar’s mom?
  22. Who was Laxus Dreyar’s mom?
  23. Kagura vs Ikaruga, who would win?
  24. When did Warrod become a wizard saint?
  25. Where did all the second generation dragon slayers get their scars?
  26. Why is Gajeel the only one with a distinct laugh?
  27. What’s Wakaba’s daughter’s name?
  28. Would Asuka use a pistol or a sniper riffle when she grows up?
  29. Was Zentopia supposed to be canon?
  30. What was the point of Obra?
  31. Who did Orga learn God Slaying Magic From?
  32. What would a ice empress armor for Erza look like?
  33. Knightwalker’s spear is based off the Ten Commandments from Rave, what do the Eisenmeteor, Million Suns, and Sacrifar look like?
  34. What does Eisenwald’s Guild Mark look like?
  35. What did the members of the magic council look like when they were young?
  36. Do Rave Master and Fairy Tail share a universe?
  37. What does Edo Zeref look like?
  38. Will Laxus grow a mustache like Makarov?
  39. Is Draculos Hyberion really a vampire?
  40. What does Mystogan look like as King of Edolas?
  41. How many more years does Ultear have left?
  42. Why does Race own a pinstriped suit?
  43. What would a male Erza and Lucy look like?
  44. In concept art you had Jellal in a wheel chair, do you think he lost his ability to walk after being tortured in prison?
  45. What would Bob look like in a Blue Pegasus suit?
  46. What is Goldmine’s magic?
  47. What would Satan Soul: Mirajane Mard Geer look like?
  48. If there’s a Mildea in FT, is there a Miltz and Haja too?
  49. Is Ajeel just tan or naturally dark skinned?
  50. What was the name of Acnoogia’s village?
  51. What does the king of Pergrande look like?
  52. What is Titan Nose’s guild mark?
  53. What happen to Erigor after Lullaby?
  54. What happened to Kageyama after 7 years?
  55. Why does August’s skin change color?
  56. What was Irene’s last name before she took the name Belserion?
  57. Where did Jenny get her Machina Soul?
  58. Why does Bickslow follow Laxus?
  59. Why didn’t Blue Pegasus become exclusive models for Weekly Sorcerer?
  60. Who was Anna’s husband?
  61. Where did Yukino get her keys
  62. Is Hisui really a Celestial Spirit Mage?
  63. Where does Erza get her armor?
  64. What does the celestial spirit for Hydra look like?
  65. Why is the key for Ophiuchus Black?
  66. Is Jellal related to Makarov if Mystogan is related to Faust?
  67. Where is Kagura’s Guild Mark?
  68. What were Sho and Wally doing over the 7 years?
  69. What is Nobarly’s magic?
  70. Where is Rubengard and Belpraso, y’know the places where San Jiao Shin and Samagui are from?
  71. Where do Yomazu ans Kawazu come from?
  72. What are the other 18 war gods called?
  73. Who are the other Wizard Saints?
  74. What would Laxus look like wearing Makarov’s old Wizard Saint robe?
  75. Could the Strauss family’s parents use Take-Over?
  76. Vijeteer wanted to go to Minstrel, what does it look like?
  77. What does Canis Major look like if Canis Minor looks like Plue?
  78. Does Midnight actually know Darkness Magic?
  79. Why didn’t Ankherseram curse Lucy for bringing Natsu back by writing in the book of END?
  80. What would the Orcion Sies from Rave Master now look like with your current art style?
  81. Would you make a spin off that explored what happened over those last 7 years?
  82. Can you draw a pallet swap of Larcade and Bradman?
  83. Why is Neinhart’s hair purple?
  84. What did Arlock look like before he burned his face?
  85. Was D-6 a Machina?
  86. What was D-6′s magic?
  87. What would Jerome look like in a suit?
  88. What does Mermaid Heel’s Guild Master look like?
  89. What did Irene look like as a little girl?
  90. What were the other elements God Serena had?
  91. Do all demons have demon seeds or just Natsu?
  92. What did Minerva’s mother look like?
  93. What happened to Rustyrose and Kain?
  94. What would the Dragon Slayers look like if they fully turned into dragons?
  95. When will Ren and Sherry have their wedding?
  96. Who was the wizard that turned Kinana into a snake?
  97. What happened to Sylph Labyrinth?
  98. What did Gildarts look like at Natsu’s age?
  99. Why didn’t Silver have any devil slayer marks?
  100. What has been your favorite outfit to draw Gray in?
How to Study in High School… and Still Have a Life

Since most high school students will be back in school this week, I thought I would write a post about how I managed my time with a reasonable amount of studying. I think that joining clubs and sports and productions, or working a part time job, or just spending time with friends is crucial in high school, and you should be able to balance school with those activities. These tips will help you make the most of your time in high school, without studying 8 hours a day.

Time Management

  • Set exact, tangible goals for each class and major assignments. I found high school to be extremely results based, so I would choose a goal for my final mark in each class and exam. I found this I found this super helpful because it motivated me, but also because it allowed me to see how well I needed to do on each assignment to reach the goal. And to be honest, sometimes it allowed me to slack off on an unimportant assignment that I didn’t need to maintain my average.
  • Establish times that you study each day. In high school, I had so much going on with extra curriculars and friends that it was unrealistic to study for hours on end each day. I found that studying during my spare periods at school, and for a few hours after dinner. This meant that right after school and after like 10PM, I could focus on other things.
  • Only review what you need to. I know a lot of studyblrs preach that you should study an hour a day for each class, or 5 hours a week per class, or other formulaic solutions to how much to study.  But honestly, I found that reviewing for an hour a week or just before quizzes was enough for me in some classes. Don’t bother eating up your precious time trying to study a certain amount if it isn’t actually helping!
  • Get specific with what you need to study. This is tied to the above point. If you feel like you need to study for an hour for a class, decide what you will do during that hour. Catch up on reading, do review questions from the textbook, or write flashcards. Whatever it is, that’s fine. However, don’t just decide to “study for 1 hour” without a plan.
  • Remember your deadlines! If you are forgetting about tests and due dates, it will lead you to cram and pull all-nighters to get things done. This is a big waste of time, especially if you could have been dividing the workload over a week or more. I suggest using a planner, and telling a parent about upcoming deadlines so they can remind you.
  • Divide assignments into smaller tasks. This was my absolute ride-or-die organization method in high school, and I still use it now. If you have a five paragraph essay, make a small checklist breaking it down into the outline, each paragraph, and editing. Then, each day, you can do one task, which will only take 20-30 minutes, rather than spending 3 hours in one night. I have an example of these checklists here.

Study Smarter, Not Harder

  • Find out what kind of learner you are, and use relevant study techniques. I have a post on this here, so I won’t go into too much detail, but you will save your time by studying effectively.
  • Don’t just reread notes. Unless you have found simply reading information can make it stick in your head, try to choose a more active form of studying. You could study with a partner, write something down, record yourself reading the notes aloud, etc. I find that if you’re just sitting reading notes, it can often be because you feel obligated to study but don’t know how, so it won’t be effective.
  • Only use study groups if you can know they are effective. I remember in high school, my friends and I would always use “study group” as an excuse to hang out during our spares. Study groups can definitely be helpful, but if you’ve studied with someone a few times and never gotten anything done, suggest hanging out after you’ve both studied alone instead.
  • If you find a study technique that works, stick with it. People used to rag on me in high school because I would write out flashcards for every test in every class. But doing that got me 90s and up on all my tests, so I kept doing it. There is definitely a benefit to trying out new techniques if you’re struggling in a class, but if a study method works for you, just keep doing it.
  • Follow your teachers study guides and tips. I used to always think I was such an “advanced student” and so great at studying that I could make my own study plans. That might be true, but it will save you a lot of time and energy to just follow the guide a teacher prepared for you. If they put in the effort of preparing a guide for you, they probably want you to do well — and they’re the one who wrote the test, after all.

Specific Study Guides