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one of many reasons why “QUEER” means so much to me.

[ IMAGE: a long, white image with “QUEER” faded in rainbow gradient in the background behind text written using various fonts in various sizes, colors and line-weight reading “sometimes identity is a journey. so far mine has gone something like this – – HOLY SHIT, i’m BISEXU– wait, no, i’m PANSEXUAL! oh, but demisexuality? i’m DEMI-PANSEXUAL! but wait, what if i’m a LESBIAN??? no, WAIT! i’m NOT EVEN FEMALE!!! (no shit sherlock! plus you like who you like of any gender!) oh god, not even demi, TOTALLY ACE after all… shiiiiittt… panromantic ace! biromantic ace? PANro and BIro ACE! lolol wtf was i ever even thinking??? OF COURSE i’m a BI (sans ‘romantic’) & PAN (sans ‘romantic’) ACE. but grayro? quoiro? BI-PAN-GRAY-QUOIRO?? ugh, what the fuck ever. i’ll use whichever word(s) whenever it feels right to do so, but QUEER is the one word that has ALWAYS felt right. - Vesper 09/23/2016" ]

hamilton + karaoke night headcanons


  • he sits by himself at the bar
  • like, in a corner by the bar and sips at some really tame drink
  • he waits until EVERYONE ELSE has gone and EVERYONE ELSE is drunk before he goes up
  • yenno what he sings? whitney houston or elvis 
  • he is in tears by the end of most of his songs
  • (so is everyone else, his voice is so powerful)
  • he leaves immediately after hes finished


  • hes either the first one drunk or isnt at all
  • sits on the bar, on tables, or ?? even on the floor ?? sometimes ??
  • hes the FIRST one up, sober or not, and continues throughout the night
  • he sings the beatles, radiohead, green day
  • sometimes he also sings kanye, hes done usher before
  • because why not????? 
  • if he wasnt wasted before, he sure as hell gets wasted during his songs
  • he sings 7 years and john hates it


  • hes pretty tame when it comes to drinking
  • sits at a table with his friends and puts his feet up, leaning back when hes drunk
  • alex has to invite him up
  • hes surprisingly a sap and sings really sweet songs
  • he also really likes justin bieber and one direction
  • will sing ‘what makes you beautiful’ without hesitation and almost always sings to laf or aaron
  • he does lil dances during musical intermissions in songs


  • drinks really fruity drinks and gets super drunk
  • leans on herc, alex, john, and sometimes angelica when hes drunk
  • ONLY sings duets. he refuses to sing alone
  • sings ‘youre the one that i want’ with herc and ONLY herc
  • anything else is fair game


  • no one knows if he is drunk or not.
  • he is very very quiet and stalks on stage
  • he sings it and only it like ten times during the night
  • (unless lafayette wants him to duet)
  • (its the only song he remembers and knows)
  • (thanks to glee)


  • she gets… medium drunk. sober enough to handle herself
  • eliza and peggy have to shove her onto stage
  • her go-to? valerie by amy winehouse
  • is kinda stiff at first, then REALLY gets into it and starts dancin
  • dances on the bar with her sisters when other people sing
  • is embarrassed about it the next day, especially with snapchat videos


  • shes a … sweet and cute drunk
  • she will sing. aNY love song you slap in front of her
  • alex isnt paying attention? she’ll sing to aaron
  • that gets his attention
  • she really loves girl bands and sometimes duets with john
  • (he likes girl bands too)
  • also sings musical songs!!! shes a sucker for hairspray
  • very giggly when she sings, sometimes cant even finish if shes REALLY drunk


  • really, really likes to bring the boys up and dance with them
  • likes being picked up and cheered for after
  • she gets this lil smirk on her face like the grinch gets
  • she also likes to try and one-up her sisters by singing louder and with more runs
  • (it works rlly often)


  • works the bar
  • takes shots even though he… probably shouldnt
  • “someone get these fuckers out of my bar”
  • cries when ppl sing sad songs 
  • hes a HUGE SAP
  • sometimes, at the END of the night, sings whatever the saddest song out now is and cries
  • kicks everyone out after

thomas & james

  • they show up
  • have one drink
  • sing one duet
  • (its almost always ‘anything you can do, i can do better’ (a/n: or whatever the hell that song is)
  • no one knows if its,,,, to each other?? or to everyone else there…
  • then they leave with NO words to go to a different bar
  • like literally the one across the street
  • aaron follows them a lot
“I have no knowledge of babies” - Sherlock Holmes x Reader

#9. Shopping for baby supplies. Yay some more Sherlock ! I fucking love that show…anyway, I really hope Sherlock isn’t OOC, I really tried to make it as in character as possible…AS USUAL, ANY FEEDBACK IS WELCOME :DI really hope you guys will like it : 

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Before meeting you, Sherlock never thought about having children. 

Hell, he never even thought about having sex at all ! It just wasn’t something that ever interested him. He always pegged such activities as a big waste of time, utterly useless. And yet, when he met you, all of his strong beliefs in the subject shattered. He already felt very strange when he met “the woman”, Irene Adler, but you ? Oh it was something else. 

For starter, you were way smarter than Irene, and that was saying a lot. You often found solutions to problems before Sherlock, which he thought was infuriating…and yet which also made him extremely attracted by you. You quickly plagued his every thoughts, and he found himself craving for your presence more than once. When he confessed those weird things he was feeling to John, the ex-military doctor chuckled and told him :

-There’s nothing weird in what you’re feeling Sherlock, you’re probably just sapiosexual. Which would explain a lot. 

-Excuse me ?

-You’re sexually attracted by intelligence. Only, so far, you never met anyone that was smart enough to take your fancy.

-My brother is more intelligent than me and I don’t… 

-…Of course you had to make it weird. You know damn well what I mean, and you’re lying to yourself if you say you don’t feel something when (Y/N) is around. 

-I feel things alright, I just don’t know how to explain them.

-Some feelings cannot be explain. They’re just there. In your heart, in your mind, everywhere in your being. 

-That’s ridiculous. 

-Whatever you say Sherlock, whatever you say. 

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Hello! I love your writing! Even the fics in fandoms or about pairings that I'm not usually into! It just makes me want to go and write and try to reach your standard :) I was wondering, would you ever do maybe an FMA/HP crossover ? Or FMA/YOI crossover ?? Or a crossover in general? They're pretty hard to do I think. But you'd ace it, because I'm sure if you did, it would be the best darn crossover and I'd love you

thank you that’s so sweet to say!!!!

okay so here’s the thing: i don’t LOVE crossovers usually, it takes a certain something to get me invested, and i one hundred percent don’t have a full fic in me. but –

edward elric, the cleverest wizard of his age. edward elric, who is just as extraordinary in this as he is everything else. he’s a hufflepuff, of course he is, you’d think he’d be a ravenclaw except literally the only thing more important to him than knowledge is loyalty and fairness  and what’s right. so.

he’s quiet and even surrounded by people he seems alone and there’s more than one slytherin vying for his attention, desperate to claim some of that shining talent for their own. but he rebukes them all, has no patience for stupidity or being used or political games. he’s the son of a muggle and a long absent wizard, and his brother – his brother is a squib.

edward hates hogwarts, hates the time he’s forced to spend away from his family. he has a single friend, winry, a fast talking ravenclaw, and she’s the only one who can pull genuine smiles from him.

his house doesn’t dislike him, but they know he likes to be left alone and they respect that. he gets them more points with perfect spells and perfect essays than any other student, so they like him and he’s never mean or rude, just quiet, so they all have a general sense of goodwill towards him but aren’t really friends. except alex armstrong who bursts into tears whenever he seems him, because armstrong is the hufflepuff quidditch captain and ed refuses to be the team’s seeker, or anything at all, even though anyone who’s seen him on a broom knows he’s just as capable and talented at it as anything else.

and lets talk about ed’s talent. ed who midway through first year got bored and started doing spells wordlessly. then wandlessly. who spends every waking moment in the library studying who the hell knows what because it’s certainly not classwork. he does all his spells without a wand or word now, no one has seen him even touch a wand since his second year. and it’s fear and awe that mark him too, because even dumbledore keeps track of his wand, uses it if he doesn’t have to, but ed doesn’t bother. he got straight Os in all his owls and he never pays attention in class but can answer any question or perform any spell asked of him so it’s not like the teachers can do anything with that.

then there’s slytherin seventh year roy okay, and his merry band of people – slytherin maes, gryffindor riza, gryffindor havoc, falman and fuery in raveclaw, breda in hufflepuff. and he’s fascinated by ed, they all are, who wouldn’t be? roy’s the quidditch captain for the slytherin team and hast to listen to armstrong cry at least once a week about ed’s wasted potential.

then the triwizard tournament happens. whole schools are submitted, and the best is chosen from each. everyone expects it to be roy – handsome, popular, powerful, with a special studies in fire spells.

roy knows better. he doesn’t say anything but he’s not surprised at all when edward elric’s name pops out of the goblet. the hufflepuffs are going crazy, and roy makes sure to cheer just as loudly with them.

the other two champions are rose, a quiet girl with a friendly smile, and ling, a not-quiet boy who already spends all his free time attempting to irritate ed into being friends with him, and this isn’t going to help at all.

so the first task happens. the dragons. ling uses a freezing spell to slow the beast down and gets a broken arm and a gash down his side for his trouble, but gets the egg. rose conjured a flock of birds to distract it and went for an egg, but the dragon used a puff of fire to kill the birds and burn half of rose’s body in a singe breath. but she gets the egg.

then it’s ed’s turn. he stands there, staring. does nothing. he takes a step forward. waits. takes another. waits. takes another, and the dragon rears up against him, so he takes a step back. she quiets back down, and he waits, and takes another step forward. that’s what he does. for hours. people have literally fallen asleep in their seats by the time ed has worked his way to the dragon’s nest, being watched carefully but not attacked, being trusted, and picks up the golden egg. the dragon’s nostrils flare and ed holds it up for her inspection, and she realize it’s not her egg at all, and settles back down, and ed backs up and away.

and that’s how ed gets the dragon egg with not a single bit of a magic and without a scratch on him.

roy wonders why ed is even bothering to compete, because he doesn’t seem that invested in it. the other champions are seen studying and practicing, are found with their professors colluding and working. ed continues on as if nothing has happened.

then the second task takes place. ed shows up late but he shows up furious, and roy wonders who it was that they took, because he can see winry sitting anxiously in the stands below him. ed reaches into his sleeve and takes out his wand and roy goes rigid in his seat and maes lets out a curse besides him. ed hasn’t used his wand in four years, hasn’t needed to, and if he’s using it now –

he says a spell they can’t hear and makes large encompassing swish – and then the entire great lake is lifted into the air.

the lakebed is dry and edward suspends the massive ball of water and merpeople and giant squid likes it’s nothing, is holding aloft something bigger than the hogwarts castle, and ed uses his other hand to point and direct, is doing two spells simultaneously, and roy didn’t even know that was possible. a hole opens up in the lake and a mer-person drops out, screaming. then another. then another. the screams are so high and so awful that roy is certain he’s going to have nightmares about it.

“give him back,” he says, voice clear and rippling with banked fury. “give him back

and a merperson swims to the edge, holding out a sleeping boy that looks remarkable like edward. ed lets the lake drop back to earth with a thunderous wave that soaks the judges. the boy comes gasping awake, still suspended in the air, and ed levitates him gently to the ground. the other champions are still in the lake.  the boy clings to ed, wet and shivering, and ed presses a kiss to his forehead and glares at the judges table. they give him a perfect score, shaken by what they’d seen as much as the students, and they march away.

later, roy and company worm their way into a conversation in the library, where ed sits with his brother going through a book in a language roy doesn’t recognize. “so,” he says awkwardly, now with two sets of scarily intelligent eyes fastened on him, “that was an impressive spell.”

ed snorts and rolls his eyes. “spells,” he scoffs, “great big waste of time if you ask me. wave a stick and say some words and you too can do the same damn spell as thousands before you. pathetic.”

“oh,” maes says, taken aback and wide eyed, “that’s uh,” he looks to alphonse, grimaces, and goes, “okay.”

“he’s not saying that because I’m a squib,” al says, “he’s just a nerd who like things that can be quantified and explained. magic isn’t really his thing.”

roy stares. the most powerful wizard he’s ever seen, and magic isn’t his thing.

“fuck flamel,” he snarls, “if he didn’t insist i get my newts before taking me on as an apprentice – he didn’t make you wait to begin learning!”

“but i cant do magic,” al says reasonably, “besides, i’m learning from his daughter now. we’ll learn from him together when you graduate.”

ed wrinkles his nose, “better hogwarts than izumi. i guess.”

“nicholas flamel?” falman breaks in, “you want to learn alchemy?”

“we want to master alchemy,” ed corrects, “the basics are easy enough, but flamel made a philospher’s stone. do you have any idea the level of mastery that takes?”

“we don’t really want to live forever,” al frowns, “but it is the ultimate test. we won’t rest until we make one.”

they all stare. “alphonse,” havoc says hesitantly, “are you – can you –“

he blinks, “of course. i may not be able to do it without circles like brother and flamel, but i’m not inept. that’s why i’m learning from izumi – she’s a squib and has to use circles too.”

“circles,” maes repeats, completely lost, “what?”

al sighs and takes out a piece of chalk, “like this,” and sketches out an array on the table. he grabs a notebook and puts it in the center, and with a crackle of energy its transformed into a bouquet of live flowers.

“nice trick of pulling water from the air,” ed says.

they’re all flabbergasted. “transfiguration?” maes asks.

“yeah sure,” ed rolls his eyes, “the same way cutting out a snowflake from a piece of paper is like origami.”

they keep staring. ed stares back. it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

ed doesn’t win the tournament because he lets ling win for reason he refuses to explain, will only say that it was more important to him.

roy pesters and irritates ed until he agrees to teach him alchemy, and even grudgingly says roy has a knack for it. so he sets it up that when al and ed are studying with flamel roy is studying with his daughter, and he goes to ed and al whenever he gets confused because they’re at least less scary than izumi.

ed and al create the philosopher’s stone, and promptly destroy it. roy becomes a master of fire alchemy. they all live happily ever after.

the more i think critically about the ideas that asexuality advocates have developped, the more i think that it’s……a big waste of time to focus all this ideology on people who identify as asexual (which doesn’t even really have a concrete definition) rather than just focusing on the idea that every living person has different feelings about sex and that nobody should be judged for their personal feelings about sex

why encourage the usage of 15 different labels stating how often someone experiences sexual attraction when you can just accept that there is no normal way to experience attraction/feel about sex?

the examples i’ve seen for why asexuals are oppressed/marginalized are not even close to exclusive to asexuals, nor do they apply to all ace people (since there are multiple definitions for asexual and there’s an Ace Spectrum, there are apparently asexuals who still have sex and/or sexual attraction.) for this reason, it seems unproductive to make a little movement only for people who see themselves as abnormal and identify with this word when you can focus on the bigger picture

people who don’t like sex face social stigma but so do tons of marginalized people who do like sex and we can advocate for all these people without making it about what’s normal and what’s not and, instead, just prioritize getting people to let go of unnecessary judgements about other’s sex lives

Monsta X finally meeting their child

requested by anon~

sequel for Monsta X reaction to when they miss the birth of your child because they were on a tour


Originally posted by monstaxstuff

Shownu; Having to hurriedly go home after the tour, Shownu was already itching to meet his son but before anything else, Shownu bought a lot of souvenirs for you and your child, a lot of baby clothes and mother-care products for you to use. He would come home unexpectedly, catching you and his mom off-guard. He would pull you into a tight hug and whisper a lot of praises on how well you’ve done. And that’s when fatherhood, for Shownu, starts. Ever since he arrived home, he’d call a two weeks leave to help you out but throughout those weeks, everything went slow for Shownu. The very first time he was able to carry [y/s/n] in his arms when you badly needed to take a dump and you had to place the baby in his arms to make things easier and once you’ve finished your business, the sight of Shownu totally stiffened on the couch would have you cracking up. Beads of sweat can be seen on his forehead but nonetheless, the way he would gaze at your son was something you wouldn’t want to trade for anything. Love and affection can be seen in his eyes and you had to have Shownu carry your son to have him get used to it. Anyways, there would be a lot of sleepless nights for you but once Shownu notices how tired you’ve become, he would just let you go back to sleep once your son cries in the middle of the night and he’d take care of [y/s/n] even if it may take him two hours of cradling his son in his arms while swaying him to just lull him to sleep. 

Wonho; The moment he finds you peacefully sleeping on the bed with your daughter securely tucked in beside you would have him melting from the cuteness and all. But the moment you wake up, he would shower you with kisses and would immediately change clothes and sanitize himself before he tells you to take a rest while he watches over [y/d/n]. But when you told him that he needs to learn first how to carry [y/d/n], he would nervously let out a laugh and nod his head. By the minute your daughter wakes up, you’d immediately coo at your baby, gently caressing her chubby cheeks. However, Wonho would be slipping his finger in your daughter’s tiny hands and would plant a kiss on it, smiling so widely when he feels [y/d/n] tighten her grip around his finger. Once he finally learns how to carry his daughter in his arms, he would be such a wonderful husband. Just watching over the baby for you would be something Wonho would always offer, he’d carry her in her arms and would even volunteer on feeding her her milk and even change her diapers, which you’d greatly appreciate it. He may be clumsy at first but then he’d really get a hang of it, and you wouldn’t miss this chance to document it since you want Wonho to remember these days and maybe watch it in the future. However, during the first few days or even weeks of him being with his daughter, Wonho would just suddenly tear up and think of how blessed he is to have you and such a tiny being in his arms, made by you and him in this world. 

Minhyuk; Minhyuk would be thrilled when he sees you at the airport waiting for him. He would engulf you into a tight hug and would plant a very long and passionate kiss on your lips. He would be praising you for being strong and wonderful. A big smile would be seen on his face when you told him that the whole family’s waiting for him at home, especially the new member in the family. The moment the two of you stepped foot in the house, the first thing that Minhyuk would look for was his daughter, but before anything else, he’d hug his mother and father first. But then by the moment you came out with your daughter in your hands, he would be utterly speechless as a rush of emotions immediately hit him. He would be extremely cautious and careful around the baby to be honest. Minhyuk would actually be told by his mother to change first into clean clothing and wash up before he can carry his daughter, which he’d do it in a flash. By then, when your daughter’s in his arms, he wouldn’t be able to rip his eyes off of his daughter, fingers caressing her cheeks and arms gently but securely holding her would be a sight to see. When everyone’s busy with the whole Minhyuk’s arrival feast, Minhyuk would be seen sitting on the couch, silently cooing and even talking to [y/d/n]. He would also nuzzle his nose on her nose or even plant the most sweetest kiss on her forehead. When his mother would try to carry the baby for him, he would just gently decline and tell his mother that he’d carry [y/d/n] and have everyone rest up but when [y/d/n] needs to change her diapers, Minhyuk would even volunteer to clean her up and put on new diapers with your guidance.

Kihyun; Kihyun would inform you that he’d be coming home that day and that he’d just bring home some food for you to not work yourself too much. He would be bringing a lot of things for you and the baby and none of it would matter anymore as soon as he is greeted by you and his son in your arms. He’d pull you into a hug and would give you a kiss but before he could give your son a kiss, he’d wash up first and make sure he’s finally clean from all dirt and all. Once everyone’s settled, he’d just let you eat up first while he cleans everything up for you and even if it may take him a couple of hours, he would do anything for you to have your rest. But then, once the night finally kicks in, he’d ask you to teach him how to carry his son and once he finally learns how to, he’d be really careful and really cautious. His gaze would be soft and loving that he would watch the baby for you for how long God knows and he wouldn’t complain. If the baby cries, he’d try to not get flustered or anything and would just get the baby to stop crying and would feed him milk since he kind got a hint that he was hungry. And you’d be surprised to see Kihyun laying the baby on his crib without any problem. Throughout the whole night, he’d try his best to catch up with you and would even ask how your day was and would even try to ask how the delivery was. When [y/s/n] would wake up in the middle of the night, Kihyun would tell you to go back to sleep and he’ll take care of [y/s/n] despite him having to travel back from his tour for how many hours. But then the next day when he kind of slept in, he would take care with the cleaning and would somehow watch over his son while you take a bath or something.

Hyungwon; He would be nervous but at the same time excited to finally meet a mini version of him. Hyungwon would tiptoe his way in your shared apartment or house and would be surprised to see you nursing his son and he would burst out into a big smile. He wouldn’t waste anytime and would immediately plop himself beside you and give you a quick kiss before he watches his son out in amazement. But when you asked him if he wanted to try and hold the baby, he would be hesitating. He would be scared but at the same time, he’s willing to try it. However, it would probably take him an hour or less to finally make up his mind and once he blurts out that he wants to, you’d carefully place the baby in his arms and he would immediately melt. Everything would suddenly change and he would feel his heart warm up with so much love and happiness. But once your son starts to cry, you’d be surprised how calm Hyungwon is and how he would immediately hand it, he’d coo and gently give your son a soft pat on the butt to calm him down, which you never mentioned to him. When Hyungwon finally gets a hang of things with the baby, you’d be surprised to see him asleep on the bed with your baby resting on his chest, peacefully and comfortably sleeping. And of course, you would not waste the chance to capture a pic of this scene. But let me tell you, Hyungwon would be the exact same opposite of how you’d see him. He would be able to change the diapers without being clumsy and all and he seriously knows how to burp the baby (let’s just say he’s been watching videos..).

Jooheon; This honey will be filled with so much feelings when he finally gets to meet his daughter after missing the whole giving birth and all. You’d be surprised when you see him coming home with a lot of stuffed toys but only to be surprised how your daughter instinctively smiled when Jooheon made her take a hold of the stuffed bunny’s hand. Jooheon would be really nervous and giddy throughout the whole day and when you finally asked him if he wanted to try and carry your baby, he’d be nervous. Like nervous that he’d be stuttering so much and would not be able to blurt out what he wants to say when you placed the baby on his arms. But once his daughter is in his arms, he wouldn’t help but melt from the cuteness of your daughter. Soft squeals and giggles would be heard here and there when Jooheon sees her dimples. But all of those would die down when the smell of poop dances through his nose, making him look up to you with the color of his face drained. And when you told him that he’d be the one who’s going to change the diapers, he would stare at you in shock and when he finally sees the fresh poop, he’d be quivering and would whine, telling you that you should be the one to clean it up but then Jooheon would just give up and clean his daughter up, trying his best not to gag or continue whining since you told him that he’d be cleaning that up starting this day on until she grows up.

I.M; Changkyun would be utterly clueless on what he’s going to do when he stood in front of his daughter but he would gaze at her with so much love and affection, since she has your eyes. Changkyun came home at the sight of your daughter crying and his mother cooking up some lunch for everyone to feast on and ever since then, he couldn’t help but think of ways to help out. He’d fix his things and would even do some cleaning up but once you asked him to carry the baby, since his mother left, while you go and pee. He’d actually freeze in his place with [y/d/n] in his arms and would just stare at her. But once [y/d/n] starts to fuss, he would coo and try to calm her down, ending with him dancing his way through the corner of the living room with a nervous smile plastered on his face. When you come back, you’d be surprised to see Changkyun doing well but then once you meet his gaze, you’d immediately know that he’s having a mental breakdown that moment, only to have you chuckling and carrying the baby. Changkyun may still be an amateur but he really would do his best in order to help you out, may it be feeding the baby with her milk or lulling her back to sleep in the middle of the night. But then, there would be times that Changkyun would make a deal with you through a game of rock-paper-scissors, the loser gets to change the diaper of [y/d/n] for the rest of the day while the winner just watch the loser suffer, which ends up with him losing and you laughing.

Mistakes (M) ~ T.O.P

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Pairing: T.O.P x reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1,247 Words


“Wait, you what?”

“(Y/N), I swear. It didn’t mean anything. I was drunk.” Seunghyun was literally crying at his point, he was on his knees, begging for your forgiveness.

Last night, he had gone out with the rest of Big Bang and gotten wasted. It was no special occasion, they all wanted to go have a drink but it turned out to be a lot more than that.

There was a girl in her early twenties that had her eyes on him the whole night and as soon as he stepped onto the dancefloor, she was immediately grinding against him.

He was fucked up as it is and as she ground her ass against his dick, he drank even more and more. He faintly remembers what happened and most of it was her screaming.

He was so frustrated and was literally pounding into her as soon as they reached her home.

He woke up next to her that morning, they were both naked and she was cuddled against his chest. He jumped out of the bed with a loud “Fuck!” and dressed as quickly as he could.

The girl woke up and watched as he struggled to pull on his jeans, he was shaking badly and it sounded like he could barely breathe. Before she could ask what was wrong, he ran out of the door and was on his way to your house as quickly as possible.

And that’s how he ended up here, crying, and on his knees begging for your forgiveness.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N), I really didn’t know. Just, please. P-please, give me another chance.” His voice broke as he looked up at you, he looked like shit and it was obvious he felt like it too.

“I love you, I want to marry you, and be the father of your children. I hate myself for this. I-I can’t lose you..” He cried even harder, his hands shaking as he grabbed onto one of yours.

“You’re all I’ve got…” He whispered, breaking even more.

“Baby… Come here, baby.” You sighed, pulling him up and helping him walk to your bed where he collapsed on top of you as soon as you made it over there.

He shook as his arms wrapped around you, head resting on your chest. He held onto you as if you were his lifeline and you softly ran your fingers through his hair, calming him slowly.

“I’m sorry..” He whispered, slowly meeting your eyes. His eyes were bloodshot and his nose was running all over your shirt. His eyes were swollen and his cheeks were flushed red.

“Shh Seunghyun, I’m right here baby. Don’t worry.” You felt terrible and softly kissed his forehead.

You both stayed like that until he stopped shaking and slowly sat up. He moved to the side of you and sat up against the headboard and just stared at you.

“I love you.” He spoke, his voice was deep and raspy and he pulled you onto his lap. You slightly smiled and ran your fingers through his hair again.

“I love you too Seunghyun.” You said, slowly leaning in for a kiss. He grabbed onto your hips and slowly kissed you back. It was soft and loving, and he made sure to let you lead as he didn’t know exactly how far you wanted to go.

Your hands tangled in his hair, tugging on the soft pink locks. Seunghyun moaned and squeezed your hips. The kiss got more heated and he slowly but surely was getting hard.

You, however, were already soaking wet. His little moans, his hands on your hips, the kissing, it was all an extreme turn on for you. Breaking the kiss, you got up and undressed slowly. His eyes watched you closely as he laid down, preparing himself for you.

As you finished undressing you climbed back onto the bed and positioned yourself right above his mouth. He moaned and slowly ran a finger over your opening, your wetness soaked his finger immediately. Your hands gripped onto the headboard and he grabbed onto your thighs, spreading your legs even wider.

“Ready babygirl?”


He leaned up and slowly ran his tongue from your opening to your clit, you tasted so good and he was getting harder by the second.

You, on the other hand, were a mess already. His mouth was warm, and you shivered as his tongue circled your small nub of nerves.

“Seunghyun..!” You cried as he harshly sucked on your clit. His tongue was quickly back and he licked right on your clit.

It was about forty-five seconds into the whole ordeal that you lifted yourself up to let him breathe, only for him to quickly pull you back down and suck on your clit.

He hummed softly, letting the vibrations shoot through you. As you got closer and closer, he shook his head from side to side while his tongue was flat on your clit and that was it.

He had you right where he wanted you and with one last suck on your clit, you were orgasming. He tightened his grip on your thighs and licked up your sweet cum, also riding out your orgasm in the process. You moaned loudly and squeezed the headboard, enjoying the last few seconds of his amazing mouth.

He moved you so you were straddling his waist and slowly ran his hands over your chest. He looked so fascinated by how your nipples hardened as soon as you both made eye contact. He smirked and softly ran his finger over one. You pouted and wiped away the mess around his mouth.

“You got spit everywhere baby.” You smiled, leaning into his touch as he softly squeezed one of your breasts.

He shrugged and licked his lips, “It made you cum though, forget the mess.”

“Now don’t you think its unfair how I’m the only one undressed?” You asked, slowly sliding up his shirt.

Seunghyun was praying that there were no marks from last night, and he was relieved to see that there weren’t. He watched as your kissed down his chest to the waistband of his jeans. You quickly unbuttoned them and pulled them down along with his boxers, letting his hard cock stand up in your full view.

Quickly grabbing you, he flipped you both over and spread your legs wide open.

“Please Seunghyun.” You whined, pulling at the bedsheets.

He smirked and positioned himself with your entrance and then slowly pushed in. He held onto your hips and started thrusting into you, too needy to let you get used to him. As the pain turned into pleasure you became a moaning mess.

You dug your nails into his back and left scratches down it. The pain only added to his pleasure and he thrust faster and harder.

Your walls clenched around him as your orgasm approached.

“Cum for me baby… Come on (Y/N).” Seunghyun said, giving a few extra hard thrusts.

“Oh fuck! Seunghyun!” You cried as you reached your orgasm, him following quickly after. Your walls clenched around his throbbing cock, coating your walls in his warm seed.

“Shit (Y/N)!” He groaned while resting his head in the crook of your neck while slowly pulling out.

A few minutes after coming down from your highs you softly played with his hair.

“I’m sorry..” He sighed and looked up at you, “I really am.”

“I know.” You nodded and kissed his forehead.

“And it’s okay. We all make mistakes sometimes.”

Some things said during "Dil burns the pancakes"

(I little less than the last one)
~ What should we transform…the cock?
~ I want to take her sweater off!
~ I had a banana today, it was very…tasty (mostly included this because of Dan’s look)
~ Little boy you have your hand on my tit, stop grabbing the boob
~ Do the bed with him in it
~ Phil will tempt you (he already does, but sure Dan)
~ What can Dab do with the nanny?
~ Get me my chicken tendies
~ That was a big waste of those nugs

Tripple Dog Date Him!

Written by: @alliswell21

Prompt #57: Katniss is dared to ask nerdy!Peeta out on a date, she ends up actually enjoying her time with him. By: Anonymous.

Rated: T for some language.

Triggers: None

Word Count: Around 7500

Summary: Katniss has known of Peeta Mellark since they were little, but not until her roommate Johanna decides Katniss has had a too long hiatus from the dating scene, she dares speak to the boy.

This piece has not been betaed. All mistakes are mine.  

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I really want to get into art but I seriously don't know how to draw a body? The stick figure just isn't working for me, do you maybe know another way or maybe tips?

so quick disclaimer before i start: i decided to do the female body because i learned how to draw women before i started drawing men… and im also a woman LOL so i have a better idea of how to break down each body part… also curves are really fun to draw!! whereas men im still trying to figure out what goes where

i also think its easier to start off with women and then transition into drawing men? at least that’s what i find… so if anyone wants a follow up tutorial on men just let me know! 

i think when it comes to drawing bodies, i find that it’s a lot easier if you imagine shapes first

by recognizing certain body parts as shapes you can sort of configure a guideline first in the pose and proportions you want first before adding any details

for example this is how i would plan out a (very skinny lol) female body before starting

so in red is my actual organic process, which is really quick and fluid and then in black is just a more defined demo of the shapes i have in mind 

one of the biggest problems i see for people starting out drawing bodies is that they’re so caught up trying to get every detail correct, by the time they’re finished the proportions are all off… so by planning the shapes first i can ensure i have every part the correct length and width i want

ok again this is going to be a really long post so more details on each body part under the cut!

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Lee Kiwon (2Y ent) has an amazing talent and a wonderful voice but he is so underrated it makes me upset, people don’t even know his existence there or do not pay attention to him, I worry if he gets eliminated because he is not popular and leave the show without any recognition it will be a big waste please look at this charming boy full of talent stan him listen to his voice…


Kick, punch!
Chop, block!
Chop, kick!
Punch, block!
Duck! Jump!
Turn! Pose!
Duck! Turn!
Jump! Pose!
Kick, punch, block!
Chop, kick, block!
Block, turn, kick!
Block, duck, punch!
Duck, duck, turn!
Jump, kick, chop!
Punch, punch, punch!
Step on the gas?
Step on the brakes?
Step on the gas?
Step on the gas!
Step on the brakes!
Step on the brakes!
Step on the gas!
Check and turn the signals to the right!
Now turn to the right!
Check and turn the signals to the left!
Now turn to the left!
Do I know why we stopped the car?
Guess? What?
Do I know why we stopped the car?
Guess? What?
You, forgot, to close, the door.
Check and turn the signals to the right!
Step on the gas, now turn to the right!
Check and turn the signals to the left!
Step on that gas, now turn to the left!
Step on the brakes!
Do I know why we stopped the car again?
In the rain or in the snow,
Got the got the funky flow.
In the rain or in the snow,
Got the got the funky flow.
All you ever need to be is nice and friendly.
All you ever need to be is nice and friendly.
I will try to sell a cap like this.
I will try to sell a cap like this.
The skunk over here will bring you luck,
The pump over here comes with a truck.
In the rain or in the snow,
Got the got the funky flow.
In the rain or in the snow,
Got the funky funky flow.
I have never sold everything, everything.
You have never sold everything, everything.
Money money money, is all you need.
Money money money, is all you need.
Crack crack crack the egg into the bowl.
M.I.X the flour into the bowl.
Crack crack crack the egg into the bowl.
M.I.X the flour into the bowl.
Butter butter butter joins the bowl.
We’re makin’ us a cake that you never seen before.
Heat up the oven, now we’re on a roll.
Cheap cheap cheap’s the name of your soul.
Put the cake in the oven for a while.
Leave it there, come on, clean the pile.
Put the cake in the oven for a while.
Leave it there, come on, clean the pile.
Here, I don’t have a sample.
Cause money and time’s just what we don’t have.
Here, I don’t have a sample.
Cause money and time’s just what we don’t have.
All we gotta do is apply the final touches.
Take out the shrimp, the clam and the perches.
The perch goes here, the clam goes there,
The little tiny shrimps just go everywhere!
Whatever you like’s in the middle, fiddle.
Seafood cake comes just like the riddle.
Kick, Punch, Turn and Chop the door.
Or, I will fall to the floor.
Kick, Punch, Turn and Chop the door.
Or, I will fall to the floor.
Did you check the toilets on the right?
Did you check the toilets on the left?
Did you check the toilets on the right?
Did you check the toilets on the left?
In the rain or in the snow, I got the funky flow, but now I really gotta go.
The toilet over there will bring you luck so give up! I got no time to spare!
You are a chicken, from the kitchen, and you ain’t kidding, although nothing is written.
Crack, break, fix the door, you know, I gotta go, so yes open up ya know!
You are a chicken, from the kitchen, and you ain’t kidding, although nothing is written.
Crack, break, fix the door, you know, I gotta go, so yes open up ya know!
I gotta redeem!
I gotta relieve!
I gotta receive!
I gotta BELIEVE!!
Yo yo everybody. It’s the time you’ve been waiting for, here’s the party!
Sunny’s my life, She’s like a dice, I cannot tell which way she’ll turn till I spice!
But I went through it like that, because I want it like that, no other difference, is the fact!
I gotta redeem!
I gotta relieve!
I gotta receive!
I gotta BELIEVE!!
I gotta redeem!
I gotta relieve!
I gotta receive!
I gotta BELIEVE!!
P to the A to the R to the A, PaRappa’s the name I rap everyday!
Breakin’ out was the name of the game for me, you, you, you, and you!
Kick punch chop, I got the funky flow, M.I.X the flour into the bowl!
I gotta redeem!
I gotta relieve!
I gotta receive!
I gotta BELIEVE!!
I gotta redeem!
I gotta relieve!
I gotta receive!
I gotta BELIEVE!!
Somebody say ho!
Say ho! ho!
Ho Ho
Say ho! ho! ho!
Ho Ho Ho
Now scream!
Everybody say ho!
Say ho! ho!
Ho Ho
Say ho! ho! ho!
Ho Ho Ho
Now screeeeam!
Cut the lettuce!
Heat the grill!
Toast the buns!
Cook the patties!
Serve the drinks!
Melt the cheese!
French the fries!
Sweep the floors!
Cook those burgers!
Turn the patty over!
Watch them fries!
Better execute sooner!
Bring on the ketchup!
Don’t forget the cheese!
Bring on the mustard!
Handle it with ease!
Cook those burgers, turn the patty over!
Cut the lettuce, don’t forget the cheese!
Toast the buns, french the fries!
Bring on the ketchup, sweep the floors!
Love kick.
Love punch.
Love duck.
Love turn.
Love chop.
Love twist.
Love pose.
Love hug.
Smooth kick.
Nice punch.
Sweet chop.
Love fight.
Hold hands.
Face to face.
Get romantic.
Let’s get it on.
Love style.
You and me.
Together forever.
Never to part.
Look up in the sky.
See the stars?
I hold you tight.
Lovers we are.
Smooth like butter.
Caress your lover.
Enjoy the moment.
Won’t last forever.
Love punching.
Soft chopping.
Sweet kicking.
It’s all about the mind.
Tamanegi flava.
Wish I was a playa.
I’m a tax payer.
Need a good lawyer.
Kick, kick, punch, jump, pose.
Smooth chop, love, with a rose.
Duck, twist, twist, turn, punch.
Hug, kiss, love then chop.
Ta, ma, negi sensei
Here, he, comes, so make way!
What’s my name, what’s my name fool?
What’s that sound? Who dat be, huh?
Where I come from, where I come from?
I think I’m big? I think I’m big kid??
Is my desire, to grow back again?
I came to the right place, You’ll make me big.
Pull the lever or whatever, right now, right now!
Better make it quick, hey, hey, look down.
Get you out of this and now push the button.
Come on, come on, you’re big all of a sudden.
What’s going on, what’s going on, you’re really scared.
SOS, SOS, please handle you with care.
You weren’t scared, I must’ve been dreaming.
Better believe it, your mind is like a demon.
You’re the lord everybody knows your name.
You got it all, cash, money and fame.
Now back to business, I want to grow big right?
Let’s not waste no time, here we go, alright?
It’ll never happen again, you promise, you promise.
You’ll do anything, a hug? a kiss??
You don’t know what to do, it’s all because of me.
You enjoy your size, your charm too.
Put you back son, come on you gotta go.
Or you’re gonna miss your favourite TV show.
Do the jump!
Do the flip!
Double Dutch!
Don’t lose the grip!
To the right!
To the left!
Side to side!
I’m the ref!
Jump the ropes now!
Get up high now!
To the limit now! Right now!
Kick, kick, kick, kick!
Slide, slide, slide!
Do it slick, do it, do it slick!
And ride, ride!
Lean it to the left!
Lean it to the right!
Crouch down for speed!
Just obey your needs!
Up the ramps we go! all the way!
Come on now, we ain’t got all day!
On the rails, or just on the trails!
Crave for speed, and let your body go!
The need for speed will keep your body tight!
Remember, never go down without a fight!
Climb the rocks, step by step!
Right, left, right, right, left!
Phew! you’re tried, please take a break!
Come on please, for old times sake?
You gotta do this, every single day!
Tell you the truth, your hair’s turning gray!
Where’s the ropes? Where did you put it?
I thought you had it, I gave it to you!
Oh well then, why don’t you get your skates?
Where’s yours? Can I please wait?
You wanna just forget it? And just take a picture?
You carry a camera, for all your adventures!
Snip snip.
Trim trim.
Cut cut.
Shave shave.
Snip trim cut.
Shave cut snip.
Trim shave dye.
Cut snip trim.
Snip snip snip, snip snip
Cut cut cut, cut cut
Trim trim trim, trim trim
Shave shave shave
Cut the cut, snip the snip
Trim the trim, shave the shave.
Trim the cut, shave the snip.
Cut the snip, shave the trim.
Trim trim cut, cut trim trim
perm perm cut, cut perm perm.
cut cut perm, perm cut cut.
snip snip dye, dye snip snip.
dye dye snip, snip cut cut.
trim trim dye, dye snip snip
With the shampoo, I’ll give it to you all.
Rinse ya good, I made you look tall.
Dry your hair, blow up and down.
Come on son, it’s time to get down.
Keep the line, keep the line moving.
I’m non stop, my body’s just groovin
Cut your hair, flat back and up front.
Give you a perm now, and we’re done!
Cut the lettuce (THROW) toast the buns.
French the fries (THROW) cook the burgers.
Serve the patties (THROW) heat the grill.
Hug kiss, love and chop (HAI!) hold hands and kick!
Bring, on, da, funk (HAI!) don’t for-get punch.
Da Masta, Da Masta, Is original (HAI!) kick punch style is unforgettable!
Pull the lever or whatever, right, (NOW) better make it quick, come on get down
I am the lord, you all know my name? (NOW) I got it all cash money and fame.
Put me back son, come I gotta go (NOW) I’m gonna miss my TV show.
Kick, kick, kick, kick (DO IT!) Slide, slide, slide, slide, slide.
Lean it to the left, lean it to the right (DO IT!) crouch for speed and obey your needs!
Up the ramps we go, all the way (DO IT!) come on now we ain’t got all day!
Trim, trim, cut, trim, trim, (YEAH!) dye, dye, snip, snip, dye.
Trim, dye, snip, cut, (YEAH!) perm, cut, shave, shave, trim.
With the shampoo, I’ll give it to you all (YEAH!) rinse ya good, I made you look tall!.
Slurp it, suck it, I know we all like it.
Smell it, taste it, fruit in a basket.
Mexican, Egyptian, English, Korean.
Anything goes, even Alaskan.
Roll it on my spoon, create my own boom.
I betcha didn’t know; There are no rules.
Pizza, burritos, they all taste good.
As long as they love food, then any thing’s cool.
C. double O. K. I. E. S.
Great tasting sweets, blow to my chest.
Brownies, a pie, a shake, you name it.
Any type of sweets you like, yes I got it.
Noodles are the best no doubt can’t deny, taste better than water, but don’t ask you why.
But then again, many things can be tasty, corn bread, potatoes, rice and even pastries.
Then why do you, love noodles so dearly? It makes no sense. You must’ve sounded real eerie.
You’re welcome brother, for lettin’ you understand that a man must understand to keep his options open.
It’s party time, come on everybody you can do it shake your body.
Come on out on the floor, and rock it till you want some more!
Wave your hands from left to right, feel the rhythm, enjoy the ride.
1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, come on everybody look alive
6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, everybody dance, hard till the end.
He’s back again, the young pup on the block, taking every problem one by one.
Doesn’t cut corners, he never gives up! that’s why he’s always the number one!
To all the brothers, and the sisters.
All the mothers, and the fathers.
We all have problems, no doubt for sure, but tonight,  let’s forget and unite!
People in the front, people in the back, side to side, let’s all get down!
If you gotta problem, whatcha gonna do??
Give it up? or believe in yourself?
If you gotta problem, whatcha gonna do??
Like PaRappa, you gotta believe!
Say Ho
Say Ho Ho
Say Ho Ho Ho
Say Alright!
Say Oh yeah!
Whatcha gonna do??
I gotta believe!!
Say Alright!
Say Oh yeah!
Whatcha gonna do??
I gotta believe!!

DTP Foundations Week #24

Week 24 of the deductionist training program.

Mnemonics #2.

Level: Intermediate.

Mnemonics #2 - Organisation:

So what can you deduce about me detective?” JM asks. You try to remember some of the signs for the “Big Five” personality traits.

You remember it like this:

To be efficient in mnemonics you need to organise what you memorise. This is something I think most have a problem with in mnemonics (I’ve never seen anyone do this in a good way). They tend to organise via rooms in their memory palace, and that’s okay but you can’t really do that efficiently with small lists you need to memorise, or even big lists. You would waste space in your palace. So this technique is what you always should utilise when using mnemonics. Sortation with the palace should only be done when you have a room for a specific topic.

I associate organising of mnemonics with an article in a newspaper. You have the headline, the subheads and the content. Remember this for later.

First, visualise this:

An aquarium which is like an OCEAN (An acronym for the big five, if you haven’t read about the big five look for my post called “Big Five”). But we need a picture for every trait because we want to organise this the best we can.

So remember these with the linking method (which we talked about last week):

      1. Openness to experience - Visualise a roller coaster.

      2. Conscientiousness - Visualise a filing-cabinet falling down and crushes the rollercoaster.

      3. Extraversion - Visualise a party hat that forces itself to be on the filing-cabinet.

      4. Agreeableness - Visualise two hands doing a handshake exactly over the party hat.

      5. Neuroticism - A shaking skeleton that shakes on the shaking hands.

Remember the newspaper article? Now we want to organise the OCEAN picture to be the headline and the traits to be the subheads and then the signs to be the content (more on that later).

So do this:

Link the aquarium (OCEAN) with the roller coaster (Openness to experience).

This you do a particular way:

Every time you make a connection between a headline and a subhead or a headline and content or subhead and content you should make the code for the headline big, the code for the subhead medium/small and the code for the content small. This will be zoomed in later.

So visualise the aquarium(OCEAN) quite big and the roller coaster(Openness to experience) as a small ornament inside the aquarium. When you have seen the aquarium as a big picture and the roller coaster as a small picture you should zoom in on the roller coaster and see every subhead as the same size. So all in the same category should be the same size.

Now we shall memorise the signs so that we can deduce what personality traits someone has.

The signs of openness to experience - Rollercoaster:

  • Colourful clothes - Clown clothes.
  • The shoes have strong colours - Neon shoes.

Now you are going to make a connection with the roller coaster (openness to experience) and the clown clothes (colourful clothes). The roller coaster is a subhead and the clown clothes are the content, so the roller coaster is going to be a big picture and the clown clothes are going to be a small picture.

Visualise the roller coaster and visualise the clown clothes to be small as doll clothes in one of the seats of the roller coaster. Now you zoom in on the clown clothes and see neon shoes as big as the clothes but inside them. The clothes later fall apart and reveal the shoes.

Now you should know how to connect these different pictures, so I’ll give you the coding and the size of the picture but you’ll need to connect them yourself.

The signs for conscientiousness - File cabinet (Medium):

  • Formal clothes - A suit (Small but the filing-cabinet is big compared to the suit)
  • Clean shoes that are in good condition - Cinderella’s glass shoes (Small but is the same size as the suit)

The signs for extraversion - Party hat (Medium but is the same size as the filing-cabinet):

  • Stylish external - A king’s crown (Small)
  • Friendly facial expressions - Smiley face (Small)
  • Confident facial expressions - Sunglasses (Small)
  • Smiles a lot - Smiley with botox in the cheeks so that it stays smiling (Small)
  • Relaxed gait - Ragdoll (Small)
  • Swinging arms when walking - Robots arms that are spinning (Small)
  • Loud and powerful voice - Megaphone (Small)
  • Good eye contact - Creepy old portrait (Small)
  • Lift their feet when walking - Boot with a spring under it (Small)
  • Shoes have lots of colours and the colours are strong - Clown shoes (Small)

The signs for agreeableness - Handshake (Medium)

  • Soft facial features - Faceless round face (Small)
  • Friendly facial expressions - Mona Lisa (Small)
  • The shoes are practical, non- pointy, affordable and no visible brands - Shoes made of clouds (Small)

The signs for neuroticism - Shaking skeleton (Medium)

  • Dark clothes - Dracula (Small)
  • Pointy shoes and high heels - High heels (Small)

Like with everything, you’ll need to recall this now and then to remember it.

So just to be overly clear. The category of what you are memorising is the headline (in other words OCEAN or the Big Five is the headline) and has the size “BIG” relative to “MEDIUM” and “SMALL”.

The subcategories in the category are the subheads (in other words the five traits, like “openness to experience”, “conscientiousness“, “extraversion” and so on. These are the subheads) and have the size “MEDIUM” relative to “BIG” and “SMALL”.

The signs, in this case, are the content and have the size “SMALL” relative to “BIG” and “MEDIUM”.


OCEAN - headline - BIG

Openness to experience - subhead - MEDIUM

  • Sign - content - SMALL
  • Sign - content - SMALL

Conscientiousness - subhead - MEDIUM

  • Sign - content - SMALL 
  • Sign - content - SMALL

Extraversion - subhead - MEDIUM

  • Sign - content - SMALL
  • Sign - content - SMALL
  • Sign - content - SMALL 
  • Sign - content - SMALL 
  • Sign - content - SMALL 
  • Sign - content - SMALL 
  • Sign - content - SMALL 
  • Sign - content - SMALL 
  • Sign - content - SMALL 
  • Sign - content - SMALL

Agreeableness - subhead - MEDIUM

  • Sign - content - SMALL
  • Sign - content - SMALL 
  • Sign - content - SMALL

Neuroticism - subhead - MEDIUM

  • Sign - content - SMALL
  • Sign - content - SMALL

You notice that JM have formal clothes and clean shoes that are in good condition, so you tell him that he scores high on the personality trait conscientiousness, he confirms your suspicion.

And with that, I’ll see you my irregulars.

4x05 - The Tinder Box (The 100)

All right. So, I lied.

I’m busy this evening, and tomorrow evening, and all weekend, and next week…soooooooo I’m gonna whizz through a quick-cap of 4x05.

Ultimately, my feelings are mixed, as they were post 4x04. There was good, there was bad. None of the bad was so bad to make me fully angry, but it was frustrating enough that I’m just like whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.



-          I get it. This season only has 13 eps and it’s a fast paced ep, but the way they have handled Octavia’s death and Bellamy’s grief is an actual tragedy. FUN FACT: I hated the prison scene from last week. And while none of the Blake related moments in this episode are inherently bad, the fact that Bellamy finds out the truth almost immediately is SUCH a wasted opportunity. Yes, I appreciate that Bell was smart enough to figure it out. But what was the point? It ends up having literally NO effect on his relationship with Echo. We don’t get to see what Bellamy without Octavia would be. We don’t even get to see him see O alive as the big reveal. WASTED. And they could have done better. They could have shown Bellamy have his lightbulb ‘O must have warned them moment’ but then Kane could have talked him down, in an attempt to correct him in case they were wrong (ie. In case Octavia had made it back in time to warn them, but then died from her wounds – which, PLAUSIBLE). Then Bellamy could have made the decision to rise up and lead despite not knowing if O was dead or alive, which would have lent so much more weight to the decision. It also would have made his interactions with Echo more poignant. Personally, I take issue with Bell being so chill around her even when he knows O is alive. But seeing him trying to reason with her, and putting the needs of all above the death of his sister? HOLY GUACAMOLE GUYS. Admittedly, I can’t figure out any viable reason for Clarke to not immediately clue him in once they were reunited…so the finding out she’s alive when he sees her moment was definitely out, but this alone would have been so much better! UGH

-          As touched upon, I’m struggling with the Bellamy/Echo stuff. I see what they’re doing, and I like it as a concept but the execution is shaky. Bellamy is being used to prop up Echo, and he’s a main character. I see shades of Clarke/Lexa, but also Clarke/Roan here (and I think we are meant to see both) but sadly the writers don’t seem to have learned from their mistake last season with Clarke’s 3A arc. Bellamy’s heavy handed speech to Riley was just UGH. A) We KNOW by now that Bellamy has regrets. Good lord. B) Riley. C) The entire scene is framed around Echo and I just. I just.

-          I think this is the most irritated I have ever been at the writers usage of Bellamy Blake, and yes – I include all of S3 in that statement (I stan S3). And he had some GREAT STUFF, truly. Bob is a superstar. But, UGH.

-          Riley is the actual worst, and I hate the writers for treating us like idiots. If they had just pulled out a random Arkadian for this ep it would have been better. Having all our main characters act like Riley is suddenly relevant is insulting. I hate.

-          I think that is all the stuff I outright hated??? There were some other little bits that bugged…I’ll do a separate section…

Bits that bugged…

-          The last time we saw Niylah and Clarke, Niylah was pissed at her. Ultimately, I loved all of Niylah’s moments with everyone, but the affection was jarring at first.

-          Roan and Clarke’s conversation was ultimately pretty pointless. It wasn’t even that tense. Buuuut I’m glad they are friends again at least.

-          Ilian blowing up the tech was so obvious to me that the moment when they leave him alone to tend to O, I just kind of rolled my eyes. THAT SAID, I buy that the characters were all pretty distracted. So, fine.


-          Everything Raven continues to be great. I mean, it’s HORRIBLE, and IDK how the hell my girl is gonna survive this. BUT YOU GUYS….Raven essentially saying she’ll happily sacrifice herself for the others? Ajhsdbajsbdajhas

-          RAVEN AND ABBY HAVE BEEN SUPER IMPORTANT TO ME SINCE WAY BACK IN 1X02 AND THIS WAS LIKE…THEIR BEST EPISODE SINCE THEN. Did Abby call her baby at one point? AM I MAKING THAT UP? The cute little bit where Raven is all IT’S A TWO SEATER. Abby trying to get her to chill and then Raven echoing Clarke in 3x16 ‘You’ve got to let me go’. ABBY’S DAUGHTERS.

-          NIYTAVIA

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-          Ilian continues to be a compelling new character (fuck off Riley). I love the complexity of him blowing Arkadia up, but then helping both the girls. I continue to be intrigued.

-          MONTY THE MVP.

-          Marper are also growing on me, on a truly emotional level.


-          It is utterly ridiculous to me that Octavia was even attempting to walk, and that she apparently has zero broken limbs…HOWEVER, I feel like I need to point out that I have loved everything Octavia this season so there’s that.


-          BELLAMY AND OCTAVIA. GOOD LORD AT THE END. AT THE END. And yeah, okay, they’ve still got shit to go through. But in a moment of trauma Bellamy cradles his baby sister, and O hugs him and cries. Fuck me.

-          The whole end sequence with Arkadia blowing up was perfect. I wish this director had directed the prison scene.


-          But not THAT. Don’t worry. THAT gets its own section.



-          What is a Marcus Kane? Clarke does not know a Marcus Kane.

-          I also j’adored Clarke’s reaction to there being no word from Bellamy or Stephens. Such a S2 throwback. I also hope Bellamy told Clarke to sit down before he revealed Stephens fate, because that’s gonna be traumatic (OH ALSO RE. ECHO…she just casually slit the throat of an Arkadian last week. The writers think we won’t care bc it’s just a rando but GUESS WHAT WRITERS, that rando was one of Bellamy’s PEOPLE and I do not BUY THEM BEING BFFS. MAKE ECHO EARN IT YOU MONSTERS)

-          Clarke maintained her composure for the most part, but it was glorious when Roan called her bluff. And I feel like now is a good time to reveal I have re evaluated 3x15. Back then, I argued that Clarke would – ultimately – have let Bellamy die, as she was going to with Abby. I’m not so sure anymore. These moments weren’t entirely comparable, because here Clarke DID have other options. But there is no doubt Roan knew that Bellamy would break Clarke, and she knew it too.

-          The Roan+Clarke/Echo+Bellamy scene seemed perfectly mirrored, so as much as I’m annoyed by the Echo stuff I’m also not concerned about romance.


-          That final shot of the Blake family IS EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING TO ME. I like that Clarke checked on Niylah, but then the writers had her back with the Blakes. It was SUCH a family shot. And I also really liked that Bellamy was the one on the ground cradling O, while Clarke was the one standing. Mah ship loves to subvert all the things. It’s great.

So yeah. It was a mixed bag. Fingers crossed 4x06 gets this season back on track after a couple of annoyingly flawed episodes. A Bellarkoan roadtrip oughta do it!