i didn’t know what patience was till michael cliffords hair.

  • hermione before mountain troll incident: u can't break the rules, ur gna get us expelled, u think it's funny not to listen? im gonna tell on u!
  • hermione during mountain troll incident: it was my fault, not theirs, punish me instead
  • hermione one chapter after mountain troll incident: -sets teacher on fire-

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BIG’s Waste-to-Energy Plant is a Ski Slope that Puffs Giant Rings of Water Vapor

A new waste-to-energy plant now under construction near the center of Copenhagen re-imagines not only what a factory looks like, but what it does. Along with producing energy and reducing pollution, the plant features a ski slope on its roof for public use. Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), the plant redefines how the community interacts with and understands its energy sources. “We were driven to do something that would be perceived as more than a just a power plant, one that also gave something back to the citizens of Copenhagen as opposed to just delivering power,” says BIG partner Kai-Uwe Bergmann. Even though the power plant won’t directly emit pollution into the city, it will also remind its citizens that incineration does have an environmental cost. Every time a ton of carbon dioxide is burned at the plant, the building will emit a symbolic smoke ring made of water vapor. Bergmann hopes that by providing people with this information, they will be more cognizant of their energy spending habits. “I think we would all engage with our energy systems much more if we felt that they were a part of our city, rather than things that you push out to the periphery or industrial areas,” Bergman notes. By bringing energy into the realm of popular culture and everyday life, BIG hopes to shift public perceptions and encourage a culture of energy awareness. When the new building is completed in 2018, it will replace the city’s current waste-to-energy plant, which has been in operation for over 40 years. It aims to be the world’s most efficient and cleanest of its kind. 

Results from my character design live stream today!  Thank you to all you lovely streamers that came and gave me input :) Everyone decided to come up with a backstory for this lovely lady and I can’t let it go to waste.  A big thank you to @cachinnus for writing it up for all of us!: 

“Savannah Iyari is an elf maiden of the Aoife Woods. Born of two parents, she struck tragedy at a young age when her mother and father were killed by dark forces inherent in the wilderness. Taking her father’s spear and a strip of her mother’s shawl, Savannah roams the forest, keeping safe the villagers that call the Aoife Woods their home.

She finds comfort in a small village, where she enjoys the coffee a young barista lad named Isaac brews for her. She likes it black to match the bitterness of her soul, and with her inability to express her emotions, the love between them is unrequited. Unable to connect to others, Savannah discovers that the wilderness is where she is most comfortable, and forges friendships with the beasts within.

One such, a crow she has named Cacao, is her constant companion. Bonding over a coffee bean that Isaac had gifted her one day, Cacao stays by her side, keeping her company in the darkness of the woods and the evil that lurks amidst the trees.”

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