I feel like BTR seasons 1,2, and 3 are so different but I love them all.

Season 1 was the most ridiculous. The “dogs” were uncontrollable and just total chaos and it was pretty hilarious. Very kid oriented material though.

Season 2 was more mature. But it still had some ridiculous stuff like James falling in love with a palm tree. This season was the longest with 29 episodes so it’s hard to not like this season. There was a lot of variety. There was basically an episode for every holiday. Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Earth Day, Mother’s Day. I think this season really stepped up the romance though. Season 1 was not in depth with relationships and girls. Season 2 was about girlfriends all the time.

And then Season 3 which has only had 7 episodes so far has been the most realistic. It is still hilarious and I think this season is funnier than the other two personally. Probably because I’m older and I can relate to this humor better than season 1.

But we can all see the dramatic changes from season 1 to now. I’m not saying it’s better or worse, just that it’s different. Each season had/has things that stand out from the others.

Feel free to add onto this your thoughts and let me know which season is your favorite :)