I feel like BTR seasons 1,2, and 3 are so different but I love them all.

Season 1 was the most ridiculous. The “dogs” were uncontrollable and just total chaos and it was pretty hilarious. Very kid oriented material though.

Season 2 was more mature. But it still had some ridiculous stuff like James falling in love with a palm tree. This season was the longest with 29 episodes so it’s hard to not like this season. There was a lot of variety. There was basically an episode for every holiday. Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Earth Day, Mother’s Day. I think this season really stepped up the romance though. Season 1 was not in depth with relationships and girls. Season 2 was about girlfriends all the time.

And then Season 3 which has only had 7 episodes so far has been the most realistic. It is still hilarious and I think this season is funnier than the other two personally. Probably because I’m older and I can relate to this humor better than season 1.

But we can all see the dramatic changes from season 1 to now. I’m not saying it’s better or worse, just that it’s different. Each season had/has things that stand out from the others.

Feel free to add onto this your thoughts and let me know which season is your favorite :)

When I got cast on ‘Big Time Rush’ for the first season, I improvised a lot. There was a lot of freedom, because we didn’t know that our show was becoming such a hit. We were just trying to be funny.

But as soon as everyone knew our show was a hit, there was no improvising from then on. No one wanted to miss the mark on anything. The first season, there were so many lines that were improvised or embellished. We were sillier and we had weird inflections, but as it got further along, we stopped doing it.

—  Stephen Glickman on how Big Time Rush changed between season 1 and season 4.