harley: why did you leave willow creek? 

felix: you know that saying, goldfish only grow as big as their tank. it’s not technically true but…

harley: my ex had a goldfish. his name was ketchup and let me tell you he was huge. but yeah i get it.

felix: at least you got to live in san myshuno. i wish i could afford to stay there. it sounds like a dream.

harley: it’s really not.

felix: why did YOU leave anyway?

harley: um… i wanted to open my record store but couldn’t afford to rent a place there.

felix: yeah but… why? why a record store? what happened to your band? and why are you so sad?

harley: ok i really should get going now

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Do you think domestic Bettas could ever live in a tank together? I saw a guy on youtube who had two males and a female in a 300 gallon, and he says they don't really interact much beyond flaring when they see each other every now and then.

this is a discussion i’d really like to have, actually…

like, how big is a betta’s territory? if you gave more than enough ‘max territory’ space per betta, could they cohab? isn’t it kind of like that in the wild? in a 1000gallon area wouldn’t there probably be a few bettas all with their own territories? would a square tank be better than a long and skinny tank?

tbh for me this is kind of an ‘in theory’ discussion because i wouldnt get a 300 gallon tank for 3 bettas when three 10 gallon setups would cost so much less BUT i am really curious as well…and i think that if the tank was big enough, then you could cohab but it would probably be as close as possible to mimicing a natural habitat of some sort (i know that betta splendens is domesticated and doesn’t really exist in the wild, but i’m sure that a lot of the territorial / instincts / behaviors are similar to their wild cousins’)…but like, how big does this hypothetical tank have to be to achieve this??

– i really would like this to be a discussion, so please keep it civil! it’s okay to disagree with people, but its n o t okay to berate or belittle! bonus points for providing supporting evidence for your stance, especially if it’s a scientific publication –

ideas for a new animal crossing game!!
  • windy days where the trees blow and bells chime and villagers comment about being swept away 
  • sunflowers! water lillies! 
  • more ways to group things like the fruit baskets such as bouquets of flowers
  • keep all your tools on a tool belt that takes up one slot
  • being able to choose where villagers live or bring back something like the signposts 
  • more conversations+replies! Just more things for villagers to say in general i’m tired of the same thing every day 
  • letter system that recognizes key phrases/words and has villagers reply to it (like if you say “how are you” they would respond, if you write something mean they would get upset and not just thank you lol) 
  • duck villagers like the rain as well as frogs (i think ducks like rain?? not entirely sure tho)
  • meet villagers at the café, museum, beach, etc for a date sort of thing, like instead of meeting at your house meet at the café. 
  • bring back constellations, or at least be able to tell Celeste she’s adorable again I miss flirting with her.   
  • become friends with npc like u do with sable/ once you become good enough friends they get their pictures (ik u can get some special character pics but I want blathers and the able sisters and pete etc etc) at a certain level they can pop into your house uninvited  
  • be able to send kk slider fanmail/ send mail to other npcs
  • a way to plant grass. Please. 
  • fruit bushes, berries and things like that 
  • MORE FLESHED OUT VILLAGER PERSONALITIES. I want villagers to be mean to me again and yell at me!! villagers that are cold at first and then build up a friendship with them! I want this more than anything else on the list tbh  
  • christmas lights on houses and buildings!!
  • a main street similar to the one in HHD with more shops! 
  • basically everything from HHD: furniture outside, furniture closer together you can squeeze through, middle slots for items on tables, villagers holding items like ice cream, ceiling decorations and curtains and windows oh my, possibly furniture outside but with a limit 
  • resize things as a form of customization 
  • ability to turn furniture in more directions 
  • a big hide and seek competition like the fishing tourney where you have to find every villager or something? 
  • give isabelle time off! Maybe a new character that takes her place when she’s on break, like phyllis in the post office
  • when isabelle has time off (sundays? Lunch time?) u can see her roaming around town
  • more colors/options for pwp, like the police station has two options. different color scheme choices for the campsite, café, any pwp could have multiple color choices basically
  • brewster stores gyroids again I loved seeing him geek out over them
  • something (like thanksgiving) where you can gather certain food, fish, other things, bring to a piece of kitchen furniture and make them into a food to bring to your villagers or sell (ex: gather a bunch of apples and make a pie) maybe a grocery store to go along with this? And you could buy exotic fruit from that store as well?
  • more stories like able sisters+tom nook, maybe blathers and brewsters gay lovestory or something
  • buy different styles of fish tanks and bug boxes, a big tank for a lot of fish, ability to throw fish food in 
  • a new way to make paths instead of patterns with options for cobblestone, brick, asphalt, and sidewalk materials
  • in your encyclopedia an icon that shows if you’ve donated it to the museum 
  • ability to rotate pwps/houses
  • more animations, for example Jock villagers can jog around town
  • library pwp with a new uptight librarian character that likes you because you’re so quiet
  • pwp on beaches+ ones made specifically for it like beach umbrellas
  • villagers contribute to museum and donate more to Pwp
  • areas away from the village you could travel to and explore, similar to the island, like woods, a winter world, maybe even some sort of planet you could unlock! Each have a few villagers or npcs living there, like the islanders in older games  

Feel free to reblog and add any more of your own ideas or tag your favs :)

Seriously though, the number of grown adults who pitch a WHINY HISSY FIT when I tell them that they can’t take an animal home is astounding.

My favorite one from this holiday season was a man with a young girl (about 5 or 6 years old) and a teenage boy.  The man approaches me and, without me even asking what I can help them with, says:

Man: So we had a goldfish in a bowl and my son changed the food and it died!
Son: (clearly offended, yet texting) It wasn’t MY fault!
Me: Actually the reason it more than likely died is because goldfish REALLY shouldn’t be kept in bowls.
Man: Well it’s a big bowl, like this! (mimes about a gallon-sized bowl shape)
Me: Yeah, that’s actually pretty darn tiny.
Man: Well anyway, we want to get another one.
Girl: I want three!
Me: Unfortunately I can’t sell you a fish today– your setup really isn’t going to work for a goldfish.  You’re going to need at least 10 gallons for just ONE and even then you’re going to have to upgrade within a month or so.  Goldfish really aren’t a beginner fish…

As I say that I brace myself knowing what’s coming up.  Almost every time I refuse sale of a fish, I get the same reaction: outrage and demanding to talk to the manager, etc.

Man: Well I HAVE a tank.
Me: …I really don’t feel comfortable selling you the fish since I really feel like you’re not going to give it the proper care it needs for a long and healthy life.
Man: What?! I said I have a tank!  Why won’t you sell me the fish?!
Me: How big is the tank?
Man: 10 gallons!
Me: I still don’t feel comfortable selling you the fish.  I’m going to have to refuse the sale, I’m very sorry.
Man: What do you mean?!
Me: I’m not going to sell you fish today, I’m very sorry.
Man: I demand to talk to your manager!!!
Me: -points to nametag- Sir, I AM the manager.
Man: -takes a full pause, not expecting this-
Man: So you’re not going to sell me a fish, really?  These 15-cent fish that you feed to turtles, you’d sell it for that but not to me??
Me: If you had the setup for it, I would be more than happy to.
Man: I told you I have a tank!
Me: You told me you had your fish in a bowl.  I honestly believe you are just saying this to get the fish at this point, sir, I’m sorry.
Man: What do you I have to do, bring in a picture to prove I have it??
Me: -calling his bluff in a cheerful tone-  Absolutely!  I would love to see pictures of your tank and I would be more than happy to help you stock it after seeing your setup!
Man: (He takes another full pause) I’m going to call the company and COMPLAIN about you!  This is ridiculous, what’s the number to complain??
Me: I’m afraid I don’t know that off the top of my head sir.
Man: You don’t know the company number???
Me: No sir, but I believe it’s on our website.

While this was going on, the teenage boy was in the reptiles aisle texting and the girl was watching the turtles swim around in our tank nearby.  The man then grabs his daughter by the hand and does this in front of other customers:

Man: Let’s go– the lady’s not going to sell us fish.  She’s a MEAN LADY. (he’s staring directly at me as I stand there with no expression on my face)
Girl: Oh we’re not getting fish?  -not even upset-
Man: Yeah because she’s a MEAN LADY. (he says these words at a higher volume and with more emphasis)

He continues to repeat that phrase as he exits down the reptile aisle, making customers uncomfortable and I just shrug and go back to what I was doing before this scene.

An hour later I get a call from corporate.

NC: Hi, this is the national center, we just wanted to ask about the conditions surrounding a complaint we received about you.  A customer has complained that you wouldn’t sell him a fish even after stating he had the correct setup.  We just would like to hear your side of the story.
Me: (I tell him about the fact the guy had a goldfish in a bowl and then changed his story saying he had a tank and that I refused sale because I didn’t feel he was being honest or would care for the animal)
Me: And then he left the store, calling me a “mean lady” several times in a loud voice and said he would call you guys.
NC: Ok Christina, I just wanted to let you know that we agree with you 100% and that you did everything you were supposed to.  We wish you a very happy holiday season and I hope your shift goes well!
Me: Thank you!  You too!

I did a little happy dance and told the other manager on duty, who didn’t believe me when I said the company would have my back on the issue (he thought the company would bend over backwards for the guy and it would bite me in the butt)


The next day I come in for work at 2PM to find out from my general manager that the guy had called the store (after the nat center told him I was correct, mind you) to complain about me and saying that my behavior was “irresponsible” and that I was “unprofessional” and that I should be reprimanded or fired.

My general manager just said “Well I’m sorry to hear that sir but you see, she has NEVER gotten a complaint as long as she has worked for the company and the national center has already stated that she has done everything according to policy.  Sorry you feel that way, man, but there’s nothing I’m going to do against her in this situation.”

Made my week.

So, yeah, my company defended the life of a 15-cent “feeder” goldfish.

I’m pretty damn happy about that.

BIG water change day
  • Aquarist: shit
  • Aquarist: fuck
  • Aquarist: fuck
  • Aquarist: shit
  • Aquarist: BALLS
  • Aquarist: how/when the fuck did THAT get in there
  • Aquarist: I should've splurged on the nice siphon/vacuum
  • Aquarist: oh my god do I try
  • Aquarist: cries
  • Pet(s): wiggles
  • Aquarist: worth it

I still always get so annoyed when people are like “wait why do you have two fish in such a big tank!!!1! I kept my goldfish in a dirty bowl and it lived for a year! Isn’t that amazing” or my friends visit my house after a month and are like “wow how are your fish still alive what your secret?????” it’s like ummm clean water? actually caring for me pets. Like it honestly blows my mind away how much little respect people have for fish.

Can we kill this idea that “fish only get as big as their container”? I’ve had not one, not two, nor even three, but FOUR separate customers ask me in the past two days why I won’t let them have a certain fish for their tank because “but he won’t get bigger than the tank!”

Maybe his outside won’t. But his insides will keep growing. He’ll be stunted and sickly, live a fraction of his life, and spend that whole fraction in agony because you didn’t want to get him the ten or twenty or seventy-five gallon he required.

It’s the equivalent of trying to cram your feet into size five shoes when you’re really a size eight. You can do it, but it’ll hurt like hell the entire time.

If I tell you that your fish is too big for the tank and you don’t want to upgrade to a bigger tank, I will not sell you that fish. I will sell you a fish that is an appropriate size for that tank. No discussion.

Druid Week: Druids in the Game

As a DM:


Druids already have a huge part in most roles, so they don’t need much in terms of catering. A bard might need to feel more involved in a campaign, but a support druid can also provide utility, tankiness, damage… they can Wild Shape or cast a spell whenever they need anything! They are one of the most versatile classes in the entire game. If they need encouragement, give them a variety of challenges (as you should always be doing, really) to force them to take more creative problem-solving measures.


Make unique landscapes and environments for the druid. You don’t have to do it every time, but every once in a while feel free to go overboard. Floating midair land masses, waterfalls that flow upward, geysers of acid, an insect hive the size of a city… just describe some beauty shot that can really tug at the druid’s magic-strings. They will be interested in the unique plants and animals and magic there, which can influence how you populate such a land. Not to mention the other players will love such a wondrous place, too.


One thing a lot of DMs forget is to give druids a place to excel. Druids fall flat inside an enclosed dungeon. Give them space out in the open; in the wild. Give the druid some non-magical beasts to interact with. DMs always forget that regular threats like lions, tigers, and bears exist and with a druid, these often turn into roleplaying encounters rather than combat ones. Speak with Animals, Animal Friendship, Beast Bond, Beast Sense, Animal Messenger, Dominate Beast, Locate Creature, and Commune with Nature can all interact with beasts in some way. Beasts are everywhere if the druid is looking for them.


Another thing to keep in mind is plant life. I just did a whole two-part post about Herbalism as a more fleshed-out system for 5e. Part 1 is just a pipeline of dice tables to make up new herbs. The herb could play a minor role in a story or adventure, or it could simply be a useful tool that exists in your world. For instance, I once had some herbs with yellow flowers that would act as healing potions, but you could only eat them twice within 24 hours or you would get sick. Ever since then, the players could find those herbs elsewhere and have a unique source of HP instead of a boring old potion. Plus they have the a-ha moment of realizing they found something useful on their own instead of opening a chest and finding it there. Part 2 of the Herbalism Guide was more about how to use the herbs as potion ingredients, as medicine, and as spell components. If you want to go the extra mile or want ideas for what herbs could do, use it!


Just like clerics, druids can have supernatural senses that can add to the mood of an adventure. Imagine if you were a druid PC and the DM says “The druid senses something off about this forest. It makes you feel sick.” or “This jungle is in agony. You empathize with its pain, which feels like insects stinging you all over your body, and you can almost hear the wails of the trees.” Druids could make an Insight check to try and feel how a beast is feeling in the same way. It singles out the druid, identifies the problem as environmental corruption, and enhances the mood. What more could a DM want.

As a Player:

Get the Most Out of the Game:

Ask your DM questions about the flora and fauna and traits of the setting. When you travel to a new area in-game, be sure to cast Commune with Nature and get a lay of the land. This can add to the experience and provide vital information on targets for Locate spells, herbalism, and beast-influencing spells. Don’t be afraid to ask your DM for strange things that might not exist in the standard rules like “Can my druid think of any herbs that could cure paralysis in this environment?” The DM might find that intriguing and make it a plot point (making things a bit easier on the DM and giving you a potential solution to your problems to boot).

Don’t be afraid to request unique creatures to Wild Shape into, even if they aren’t in the book! I don’t see jellyfish in the Monster Manual but if a player asked me for it, I would just turn them into a Poisonous Snake with no land speed and 10 ft. swim speed, but maybe increase the poison damage a tad. And heck, who says there aren’t Giant Jellyfish in the realm of D&D? Use a Giant Poisonous Snake for that! You could easily reskin monsters like that, especially for cosmetic reasons. In the tropics? Turn into a Giant Parrot instead of a Giant Eagle. In the tundra? Turn into a Snow Hare instead of a Badger to better hide in the snow. In the desert? Turn into a Coyote instead of a Wolf. There are so many animals in the world, there is no excuse for creativity on your end as a druid!

Wild Shape:

Optimize the usage of your Wild Shape. Pick the right animals for the right jobs!

  • Mobility/Scout: Giant Elk, Deer, Hyena, Horses, Flying Snake, Giant Owl, Giant Eagle, Giant Badger, Ape, Panther, Giant Toad, and Giant Crab all have either fast movement or unique movement (fly, swim, climb, burrow).
  • Tackle: Lion, Panther, Allosaurus, Giant Octopus, Crocodile, Giant Constrictor, Giant Toad, and Giant Crab can all knock enemies prone or restrain them.
  • Poison Damage: Poisonous Snake, Giant Scorpion, Giant Spider, and Female Steeder (OotA) all have poison that can deal damage to those not resistant.
  • Sustained Damage: Wolf, Giant Crocodile, Tiger, Giant Boar, Ape, and Dire Wolf all deal reliable damage and have adequate tank.
  • Tank: Warhorse, Black Bear, Giant Constrictor, Rhino, Ankylosaurus, Whale, Elephant, Hulking Crab, Triceratops, and Mammoth all have a bunch of HP and AC.
  • Spy: Mule, Horses, Cat, Frog, Crab, Snakes, and Spiders are great at hiding and some have blindsight! Crag Cat (SKT) has Nondetection as well!
  • Thumbs: APES HAVE THUMBS. Which means that they can manipulate things other animals can’t. Also: You can wield your weapons while in Wild Shape!

Other tips: use summoned minions or your allies to help flank enemies while in Wild Shape. Cast buffs before you Wild Shape, make sue they don’t require concentration if you want them to stack, otherwise you can at least concentrate on one thing while in Wild Shape. If you are in a long dungeon with little to no rest,  save Wild Shape for big fights when the tank is worn down or save it for utility when the other casters are low on spells. Also for grappler beasts knock the enemies down before you grapple. Then they can’t move and when they break grapple they can’t get back up as easily!


Buffs: Druids are great for buff spells. Be sure to buff yourself before entering Wild Shape! ex: Enhance Ability, Faerie Fire, Longstrider, Barkskin, Stoneskin, Protection from Energy, Antilife Shell

Zoning: Druids have crowd control spells, but many of them control crowds through zoning. Take advantage of the fact that you are the largest influence on the surrounding environment. You get to change the battlefield to your advantage! These are big, flashy spells that make the druid fun. Use them to put obstacles in front of creatures to slow their advances, make it harder for creatures to dodge, provide cover for your party, or force enemies into a trap. “Oh there’s a Wall of Fire there I better go around it” [gets bottlenecked by ranged PCs instead of taking fire damage] ex: Wind Wall, Wall of Fire, Entangle, Plant Growth, Spike Growth, Flame Sphere, Sleet Storm, Insect Plague, Wall of Stone, Wall of Thorns, Bones of the Earth (such a cool spell)

Minions: In D&D 5e, most ACs are nearly the same thanks to Bounded Accuracy. So more attack rolls equals more damage. Minions help with this, and druids can get plenty using Conjure Elementals, Conjure Fey, Conjure Woodland Beings, and Conjure Animals! Not to mention spells like Awaken and Dominate Beast to get more allies.

Healing: Druids are good at healing. Note that Healing Word is a bonus action and has range, unlike Cure Wounds. Druids also get the Restoration spells and Reincarnate, which is less powerful than Resurrection and such, but hey it’s something!

Damage: Druids can output damage, mostly through their zoning spells, but also with some neat single-target spells. Note that Moonbeam and Blight are rare sources of Radiant and Necrotic damage, respectively.

Utility: Druids have utility. Various divination spells can break the game if you are clever. Several spells help you get where you want to go or get rid of enemy spells. Use them liberally unless you have a Wizard to lighten the necessity for utility spells. ex: Speak with Plants/Animals, Water Breathing, Animal Messenger, Pass Without Trace, Find Traps, Locate Object/Animals/Plants, Gust of Wind, Detect Poison/Disease, Detect Magic, Dispel Magic, Meld into Stone, Scrying, Tree Stride, Commune with Nature

Kim Jongin//Tanked

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Summary: You’ve no idea how to look after fish, and after coming under the unexpected ownership of some, you need some help - and the help is cute as hell.
Scenario: fluff, petstore!AU
Word Count: 5,168

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Talks Machina Summary - Episode 98
  • Everyone is super excited about the Critical Role Hamilton fan-project, and everyone is tempted to secretly audition for their characters.
  • Liam got Laura a quiver for her birthday, as well as an old copy of Twelfth Night and feathers for her hair. Brian: “Can we give this away for gif of the week?” Laura: “…no.”
  • Vax would happily stay retired, given the choice.
  • Vex is “a little fucked up” after seeing Keyleth die. That’s what made her start thinking of and worrying about Scanlan again.
  • The betta fish from last week has been moved into a big tank and is doing great.
  • Marisha: “Keyleth’s a jumper, she likes jumping. She’s still gonna be a jumper, that isn’t gonna change.”
  • Marisha and Laura have both put some thought into DMing.
  • Liam thinks of his Luck feat as the Raven Queen occasionally guiding him past potholes.
  • Laura is terrified any time Vex has to negotiate and always feels the pressure.
  • Liam purposely made a character for the next campaign who never has to be cool or confident, because it’s so stressful. Marisha, on the other hand, is gonna be “a cool… dick” next time.
  • Laura: “Taliesin has the ability to be slick and eloquent on the fly.” Marisha: “He’s cool and it’s not a big deal, it’s not fair!” Liam mentions that he’s always cool and collected even when things go wrong. Brian points out that it’s in line with what Taliesin’s said about Percy having sort of a teenage mentality.
  • Asked about Percy and Vax’s renewed friendship, Liam talks about how it’s softened over time. “I think people thought that Vax was angry longer than he actually was.” Vax knew that Percy titling Vex was a kind gesture made out of love, but was concerned about Vex’s reaction and the way she embraced it, that she might’ve bought into everything that was held over them over all those years. Vax’s reaction to the elves’ disdain was “fuck this bullshit”, whereas Vex’s reaction was “I want that,” and it worried him that she was still in that mindset. Liam emphasizes that any time Percy and Vax have an intense scene, he and Taliesin are giggling about it afterwards, and that Percy’s death wiped any remnants of the resentment between the characters away.
  • Vex is still haunted by the things Saundor said.
  • Often in their arguments, Marisha agrees with Percy and Taliesin agrees with Keyleth, and they have to play against type.
  • Keyleth acts a lot out of the knowledge that she’ll still be around in centuries to see the long-term consequences, but she’s also starting to learn to be more diplomatic, less self-righteous, and a bit more world-weary.
  • Vax is going to keep leveling in Paladin and likely won’t take more levels in Rogue. “He’s married to the Raven Queen at this point.”
  • Marisha talks about how she loves when Laura and Liam bicker out-of-character and it mirrors their characters. Laura: “…I don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s always in character.”
  • Vex hasn’t owned up yet to reading the in-case-of-death letter Percy wrote.
  • After the year’s break, VM is now Keyleth’s permission to be silly. “I’m only a dumbass when I’m around these dumbasses.”
  • Vax thinks Scanlan’s not in any danger, and thinks they’re fated to wind up back together again. Vex knows about the drugs, and that’s given her cause for concern.
  • To help deal with the ridiculously long druid spell list, Marisha cuts some out that Keyleth wouldn’t use in an RP sense, but it’s still really difficult to stay on top of the absurd number she has to pick from.
  • Marisha realizes that Keyleth was alone when she put her hand into the orb and the others probably don’t realize that happened. She thinks her nat20 save on that occasion may have been the most important roll for her character. Asked about most important rolls, Liam goes with the Luck roll and “left” moment against Umbrasyl, and also the double-ones during the walk of shame. Laura goes with the double nat20s against the Briarwoods to rescue Vax, and her nat20 during Percy’s resurrection ritual.
  • For the Battle Royale, Keyleth and Grog are probably the big targets. Laura points out that the choice of map will make a big difference.

Talks Machina Becomes the Darkness:

  • Marisha hosts!
  • Asked if any of them have any weapons skills IRL: a lot of the group does archery in their backyards. Liam: “I have very few skills in general.” Everyone starts listing off his skills, which includes making great Pinterest boards. This leads to Laura talking about how she and Ashley are often on Pinterest at the same time even if she’s in New York. “Somewhere out there…”
  • Liam is distracted mid-answer by Laura’s burp. “That wasn’t too bad!” “Yes, but I am reminded of fifty other burps.”
  • A question is asked and… takes a while to get answered. Things go a little off the rails. Speed 2: Cruise Control. Keanu Reeves. Johnny Mnemonic.
  • Favorite low rolls: Keyleth getting arrested repeatedly. Vex falling off the broom. Liam brings up the ultimate: nat1 arrow through Scanlan’s neck during target practice.
  • The map of Emon on the wall of the set was dyed by Taliesin and framed by Laura. The barrel on the set was haggled for at a flea market by Laura.
  • Marisha: “Don’t forget to worry, it’s almost maybe Thursday.”
Catch of the Day (Voltron- Part 1)

1 || 2 || 3

Keith had heard of merfolk before, multiple people had claimed they were real but he had thought nothing of them. He had always thought mermaids were nothing but a tale for little children. But now, on the floor of the boat, a very real, very scary merman sat, well lay, before him, gasping for breath with a long slice up his side and a large hook sticking into his flesh. His razor sharp teeth and intimidating tale gleaming with blood did nothing but intimidate Keith.

“S-shiro! Come here!” Keith stumbled back and fell to the floor as he hit the side of the large boat. The fisherman come skidding around the corner at the sound of the shout but he too, yelps in surprise as he took in the sight of a bleeding merman before him.

“o-Oh” Shiro mutters and quickly makes his way over to the creature. He takes one look at the hook and winces. He couldn’t just leave the thing to suffer, so he had to act quick.

“Sorry about this.”

Shiro yanks the hook out and immediately puts pressure on the wound, the creature passes out after a loud wail of pain. “Go and get the big tank, we can’t chuck him back, he’s injured and bleeding.” Shiro tells the shell-shocked Keith who hesitates before taking action.

They get the creature bandaged and in the tank filled with water, not without great difficulty, however. The unconscious merman had been heavy to lift, hard to lift over the top of the tank. Once it was all done and the creature was resting in the tank they sat back and let the situation sink in.

They had caught a merman.

Now, in this day and age it wasn’t unheard of people catching out of the ordinary things like colossal mutant squid or oddly beautiful sea creatures but this, this was a different situation entirely. Keith and Shiro had been on the sea for many, many years, since they were practically kids, actually. They had been catching sea creatures and only a handful of times did they get anything other than the normal fish or shark, sometimes they would reel in something they themselves didn’t even know of. But never a merman.

“So, we just wait for it to wake up…..” Keith dragged out unsurely and looked over to Shiro who was still staring at the creature.  “And take it back inland??”

“Then what? We tell people?”Shiro asked and turned on Keith who shrugged in reply, lost with what to do. “I don’t know about you Keith, but this thing looks pretty humanly and I don’t think it would appreciate being tested by scientist or others of the sort.”

“It would be cruel,” Shiro muttered and turned back to the tank, he stared at the creature. It was true, the thing scared him. He didn’t like the gleam of his sharp teeth, he didn’t like the sharp fins coming from his dark blue tail that seemed to shine with an unknown magic. No matter how scary it was, it would still be cruel to give him into the scientists, no matter what fame and glory they got.

“That’s true,” Keith gave a deep sigh and slumped over the side of the boat, contemplating. “But we could be made if we did, get a better boat, even a house if we wanted,”

“We are not giving this thing in for money,” Shiro sighed and turned around to look out at sea. “Maybe he’s friendly?” He posed more as a question than a statement and Keith snorted in reply.

“All we have to do now…. Is wait.”

“What do we do if it’s hostile? It could attack us,” Keith said before a light bulb went off in his head and he went down the stairs into their living space. A few moments later he came back up with a large knife in hand. And when Shiro looked at him disbelievingly all Keith could do was shrug. “For protection,”

“Fine, whatever makes you feel safe.” Shiro rolled his eyes and sat down on a chair a few feet away from the tank.

Shiro looked out to sea once again. The sea they were on was quite calm, the sun was just rising and no clouds were present in the sky. Every now and then a sea bird would caw, or a fish would jump up. Land was so far away they had lost sight of it long ago, the next time they planned to dock was in a few months to restock essentials they couldn’t get for themselves while on the water.

The rocking of the boat slowly but surely delivered Shiro into the dreamland and soon enough, he was sleeping with his head lulled forward.

His peaceful sleep was interrupted by a loud bang and a shout from Keith, Shiro bolted awake and glanced around in a panic. Apparently, from what Shiro could make of the scene playing out in front of him, the merman had awoken while Shiro was asleep and jumped out of the tank in a fearful act. Now a soaked Keith and a wriggling merman were wrestling on the floor in a huge scuffle.

“Arg, Shiro! Help me!” Keith cried out as he was knocked back by the long slim light blue tail.

Shiro ran over quickly and wrapped his arms around the closest body he could grab, trying to separate them. When he felt a slick body wiggling in his arms he ran over to the tank and hauled him over the side.

The merman, however, had different ideas as he dragged Shiro into the water with him as well. With a large splash Shiro was submerged in the salt water, the slim hands of the creature reached down and pulled his head above the water, so he could breathe.

“Why am I here?” The smooth, captivating voice of the creature asked, Keith and Shiro’s eyes grew heavy-lidded but they shook their heads and blinked.

“We……accidentally caught you….. while fishing? Sorry about that by the way,” Shiro explained quickly but unsurely as he tried to pry the creatures grip off of his collar. “We thought it would be best if you were at least conscious and not bleeding before we put you back in.”

“…… oh…..well, thank you…… I would have been eaten by the sharks of this sea otherwise,” The merman let go of Shiro apologetically and swam to the edge of the tank outlooking the ocean. “I’m not from this area, I’m quite far away from home…… ”

Shiro looked at Keith who shrugged and started to walk over and help pull Shrio out of the tank. Suddenly the merman turned to them with a fearful look in his blue eyes that seemed to be glowing.

“Would it be too much to ask if I could stay here for a while? After I attacked him?” The creature suddenly grew red as he stuttered and looked at Keith. “I’m so sorry for that, I was just a bit scared.”

“No, it’s fine, you can stay as long as you want,” Shiro answered before Keith could get a chance to say anything after a snort made it’s way out of Keith’s mouth. “Can I ask why? We won’t be much help with finding your sea.”

“I think it would be safer with you two than in an unknown area with unfamiliar creatures,” The creature shrugged and suddenly smiled brightly. It was then that they realised his sharp teeth they had been so scared of were gone, replaced with a near perfect set of normal, pearly teeth. And the spikes that had run up his back were gone, normal blue fins flowing in the water like a dress.

He was like a gorgeous ruler of the sea. A deity, like a son of Poseidon himself.

Shiro and Keith found themselves turning red as the creature glowed with a magic unknown to them.

“I’m Lance, by the way. It’s nice to meet you,” The creature, Lance, smiled and reached out his hand to them in a friendly greeting.

Shiro was first to grab ahold of the outstretched arm and shook it firmly.”I’m Shiro,”

Lance turned expectantly to Keith, Shiro was about to step up and introduce his friend before he noticed Keith step forward and take the hand as well. Keith shook it gently and looked at Lance with a slight frown on his face.

“Keith,” Keith said before he mumbled something ineligible under his breath. Shiro, however, knew it was an apology, it was the only way Keith would ever apologise to anyone.

“Oh, it’s fine!” Lance laughed loudly and slapped Keith’s shoulder, Keith had tensed. He didn’t think he’d hear him. Keith tried to hide his face but everyone could see the burning ears.

“Well, this’ll be fun,” Lance shined and done a small spin in the tank. “Like a current trip! This tank is also quite roomy, why do you have this?”

“Every now and then we decide that we want to keep some fish that we catch alive, so they stay fresh,” Keith explained with no hesitation. Shiro looked at Keith with an angry fire in his eyes but it turned to confusion as Lance started laughing.

“Oh, are you keeping me fresh too?” Lance giggled and went under for a bit before coming back up. He accidentally bumped the side of his abdomen and winced as the cut was irritated. Thankfully no one noticed.

“Well, we better set sail,” Shiro suddenly said. Keith and Lance looked at him in confusion.

“Why?” Keith asked and rolled out a kink in his neck.

“Well, we have to stock up if we are going to be looking for Lance’s home, right?” 

chemtrails as a concept was always very funny to me at least from an aeronautics point of view - you’d be wheeling big ass heavy metal tanks of cuck mist or obedience gas (Globalist™ brand) onto airplanes that have tight, delicate power to weight ratios, engineers spent years and years fine tuning this shit and some zog guys in black suits loaded my shit up with these weird unmarked canisters

It always amazes me when people know virtually nothing about their aquariums or what kind of fish or how many live inside of them

Like I try to help them with things like fish compatability and food and they don’t even know how big their tank is or what fish they have or if they’re even still alive

Like imagine if people were this negligent about any other type of animal

Like “Hey I have this thing living in my house, what do I feed it?

what is it? Oh I don’t know it’s kind of black and has fur, I guess it’s a decent size I dunno like maybe this big *iffy hand gestures about its size* maybe a little smaller I don’t know let me ask my 6 year old son HEY SON HOW BIG IS THAT CREATURE YOU PLAY WITH SOMETIMES *son makes unrealistic hand gestures*

I guess it might be a cat? Or a guinea pig?? It has legs

Hold on let me call my wife she might know what it is

Hey honey I’m at the pet store what is that thing that we have in our house? it’s a chinchilla? Oh okay thanks

My wife says she thinks it’s a chinchilla

Also do you think I could put this *squints at a price tag* long haired Syrian hamster with it? I heard I could put that with it once and it would be fine”


First betta tank vs. the one Cleo is in now!
This is how it started: I bought Cleo at Walmart, and bought this tank and glass pebbles to put in the bottom. The tank was bare, and he mostly sat at the bottom. I was worried about my new fish, of course! I love animals! So I did a little research.

Most websites said bettas could be kept in small containers fine, but I was still worried. No one could really tell me why my betta wasn’t active. All the answers said bettas were inactive fish.

I had a personal tumblr, and out of sheer boredom one night I decided to see if anyone of here had bettas and if they could possible help me, or if their bettas were the same. I was in awe. All these great tanks, some big, and some smaller, but all were bigger than mine.

I put in some more research. I asked questions, and I saved my money. I got a $30 5.5 gallon tank at Walmart and started a cycle. I bought different betta foods. I started buying silk plants and real plants.

I won’t forget how he reacted when I first put him in his new home. He acclimated, and then I opened it up so he could swim in. He took his time, but when he was in the water he was active. He wiggles, he swam around. He explored every last corner of the tank before settling down. He finally seemed content.

He’s been in here for seven months. He uses every bit of this space. He rests on plants, but he’s swimming most of the time. He seems more engaged with his environment.

I keep his small tank to put him in when I do large water changes, since it has a lid and he won’t jump out that way. It’s a constant reminder of how far he’s come, and how love of an animal doesn’t mean that animal is in the best conditions. I’m so glad I did my research and that I gave my betta a better life.