im like

mildly frustrated abt the way rita brushed off dylan’s issues but that is literally the way it works when u talk to ppl abt mental health like ‘hello i get nervous before i leave the house’ and they respond ‘haha ur just introverted’ and it’s like… ‘no/// my introversion is not a factor in this…….’  

idk it was such a big step for dylan to explain himself to rita and it makes me really sad that it didn’t end in him getting the help he needs and i hope charlie gets involved bc he’s a mental health nurse or lofty because lofty has slightly better instincts than rita does i think and would be able to quietly arrange the care he needs without going against dylan’s wishes but i’m glad zoe knows bc zoe is one of dylan’s already in place support systems and not a created one

but if i’m right dylan is going to keep going back to rita who has very good intentions but has missed the mark pretty badly here because in my experience once you’ve spoken to someone about your mental health once they will be the person you keep going back to regardless of whether they’re giving good advice or taking you seriously because if you can talk to them without real judgement they become a “safe” person even if ineffectual

Good News on College Affordability for Prisoners

On Friday, the Department of Education announced a new Second Chance Pell Pilot Program, which would expand the federal program for low-income students to once again include incarcerated people.

The program is a big step forward from the 1994 omnibus crime bill that stripped inmates of their right to use the grants. The problem of mass incarceration—one that the American people and politicians are only beginning to see as a systemic, crippling societal problem—must be met with strong measures beyond such useful but limited actions like the commutation of a few dozen non-violent drug offenders’ sentences.

mentallyconfusedmodpone asked:

How'd you learn to draw so well? How old are you even! My friend crazzyartist and I are just going into our freshman year and we're already giving up on drawing at all! How do you do it??

oh! uh, hi!

Well I have been drawing for a really long time and honestly my art looked very the same from when I started it until I started slightly improving a bit since 2010, my art took a big step starting from 2012 and I started taking it more seriously and I met a lot of amazing people on my way which I learned and aspired from, I was adopting many styles, methods and techniques until I came up with my own, when my summer vacation at 2012 hit, I decided to put a challenge on me and draw every single day even when I was sick, I wouldnt miss a day and spend my last month with my oldest tablet because I was expecting to get a new one which provided me the features I never had, like pressure, that that, which is it’s model is intuos 5, made me really happy and it served me for a long period, its still in good condition while I use my cintiq, but my intuos 5 is like a family member to me and it will always come along my way, I even carried it to the usa considering having no laptop.

After the challenge I took a habit of drawing everyday and I kept doing it a couple a times a day, even if I had to stay wake up at night and draw due for the challenging last two years at school (finals)

I was practicing my art a lot and I took a step above to practice anatomy and figure drawing from a book I ordered and I’d spend my times during school drawing and practicing, I also draw to burn time, but i just make a bunch of doodles to make my time pass.

kinda what build my skills today, I never have one praticular style and I tend to flow between very cartoonic styles to semi realistic, or different appearances at all, I like experiecing, doing new stuff is always fun

I mgiht not draw a lot today and I dont have any clear answer for how drawing skills form, sicne they all take very different process in different events from different invoriments and stuff, but one thing I can say that
Its all about practice, it doesnt take a day, it doesnt take a year, it doesnt take 2 years or 3, art development is a very long process and it carries history on it’s back, its like a journey, its not the same as learning how to play a guitar, its not a code you learn or anything else.

Art is not a very hard process to develop, and on the way you should be learning to accept your art as it is currently, know that it will never fit your imagination or image, know that as far as you improve as far as it looks close to the texture in your mind, you should learn that from bad feedback you learn your goals and from good feedback you get the confident to continue, they will be both equal and not all bad feedback may be true and not all good feedback may be true. all you gotta do is believe in yourself, in your gut, compare what people say to what you see in your art, recocnize your improvement and flaws and continue doing what you do.

Try other things on your way, art might not even be your passion but you still can adopt it and have it a major part of you, experience other things, like science, music, animals or anyother thing on your way, after all they will also affect your art like ingerdiants for baking a cake, and you will have a unique potentional. you could be an animator, concept artist, you could mix art with craft, you could mix your habits into your art and draw what you like, thats also an option.

good luck on your way 

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so i'm going to begin transitioning, and i think i know what name i wanna use, but i'm worried some people might just think i'm a loser fanboy for aot and while yes i am a loser i was thinking of using the name Marco before i got into the fandom and ugh

First off congratulations, this is a big step and I’m so proud of you.

Secondly, this is your choice. This is something that you’re doing purely for you and your comfort so screw what anyone else is going to think. Marco is a beautiful name and it’s not like it’s exclusive to snk alone and even if, there is nothing wrong with naming something or yourself after someone you might admire. 

I wish you all the best sweetheart <3

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I love your shirt in the photo!! Ps your body is wonderful, as all bodies are- I'm proud that your even wearing it just at home (it's still considered a big step!!) I hope one day you can wear it out in public comfortably!

Thank you 😘😘 x

as mentioned previously, the boys met yesterday. [!!!]

my guy and i had a long conversation after the cope concert last week about our relationship & where things were going, and by the end of our talk he made it clear he was ready to take the next step and meet rhyan.

[back-story on the basketball: after seeing rhyan’s old/worn out one in my car, he commented on how he needed a new/legit/official one]

so i shouldn’t have been surprised when he showed up at our door yesterday with a shiny new ball in hand. introductions were made, we settled in to watch the acc championship and made small talk during the commercials. it was apparent from the start, there’d be no issue with their getting along … they immediately bonded over all things manly & guy-related.

after the game, we hit the basketball court to break in the new ball & show off our skills with the old one. we laughed, we poked fun at one another, and quickly eased into the groove. at one point, rhyan gave me a quick thumbs-up and whispered ‘he’s alright!’ [and yes, i melted]

we returned home to the smell of corn beef roasting in the oven, i put the meal together and we dove in. rhyan later commented on how strange it was to have a third person at the table, which was true … it’s always just been him and i. after dinner we stuffed ourselves with cheesecake and caught up on some dvr’d shows before saying our goodbyes.

i walked him to the car and thanked him for such an incredible day, and he quickly turned the tables – saying it was his absolute pleasure.

and in that moment, all was right in the world.

When your big/little sibling comes into the room while you’re drawing
I have to ask before starting anything, but:

If I ever were to ask for a financial help (in exchange of little prices in form of illustrations of course), to help me improve my work and fulfill personal projects that will also benefit you all on this blog, will you guys be up to it?

I won’t ask you guys more than you can afford to donate, one little dollar per person would be enough if every followers helped. 

I will explain the projects in details if I ever actually do a donation post, but basically it involves:

  • Helping me get better work tools and art supplies so I can work faster and more efficiently and improve my artwork’s quality.
  • Probably a Vlog + comics on my upcoming big adventure and step in life aka moving to Canada, and in the long-term, maybe get this same comic book published. (I promise it’ll we be super entertaining and stupid)
  • More interesting content on my shop and in this blog (the less I have to worry about buying tools/supplies and basically not be homeless, the more time I have to spam you with art in here. Like really, I’ll be able to post approximately 4 illustrations/comics a day)

I need to know if anyone would be okay to help before really starting a donation thingy, so, what do you say?

- Maryne

Forgive Me...

I want to apologize.
For all the mischievous misdeeds and mistreatment in misleads,
I have struggled to confess.  Surely, conquered by the best,
But professed in a way when a hand relaxed itself on chest,
the beating of a breast bone wasn’t enough to include
the tones of an algorithm adding itself up for love to be shown.

I want to apologize.
The words one day will come out of your mouth and feel shame
when you stand before your spouse naked, unadorned apparel,
And the only thing you wear is the guilt from relationships past, 
That I fastened myself into like a buckle clicking from behind a wheel
Where steering became a thing from a laugh. We did laugh. We laughed a lot.
More than a thought, but an actual blot of ink smeared down and through
pages riddled like composition marble, only to find ourselves marveling at last.

I want to apologize.
One day when the sun sets and your hands are nestled in each others,
I will creep into your thoughts at that place and begin to make waste
To the sentiment of marriage, and my heart grieves this case. It probably
Has already happened, and since it has, I’ve saddened not because of me
Not grabbing hands, but simply because I was reckoned in thoughts.
It wasn’t me who bought the moment, but only a person who ruffled
the sheets on the throne that he should sit in.

I want to apologize.
For all the respect that comes from you is in confrontations out of the blue,
And I have mishandled your words from truth to lies, slightful vies,
Where I say, “Do you want the truth?” and you say “No,” yet cry.
I know, more than you think I do; where the caged bird sings behind bars,
Calling all cars, to a place that was charred; people fighting for freedom, and we did not.
Simply scathing the cage for a wage compensated to us from a trust that was
Formed out of lust, and those times have past. We were rewired, reborn,
reviled and we mourned. I know, and if I could just place my finger on your lips
to make you harken to silence, and show you a film over the beats of triumph, it would be this.

I want to redeem.
You would see on the silver screen, a film where two people were at their best,
Heaving chests and we ask ourselves where our love has gone. We are
stacked against when we see odds in perfection, a selection of crafty
expertise in sexually attracted sections. “I’d stay forever. I’d say I love you
Falling away, you realize what true love was, for the fear of letting go,
Was conquered by the love that lets us know what stays forever. And I am there,
Ruffled thrones, sunsets shows, marble notes, and subtle tones,
Creeping in places that don’t belong to me, but my promise was kept.

So many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation because they are conditioned to a life of security, conformity, and conservatism, all of which may appear to give one peace of mind, but in reality nothing is more damaging to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future. The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.
—  Christopher McCandless
Moving day!

So, another chapter, another big step…Peter moved in this afternoon! 3 trips and no furniture (thank goodness) and the move is complete. So happy it’s a holiday weekend so we’ll have all day tomorrow and Monday to organize, rearrange, and get everything in order before the work week begins. So happy that I will get to fall asleep to him every night and wake up to him every morning :)