just got a text from my mum saying that she’d be comfortable with calling me isaac around the house/in public now instead of my birth name. this is such a big step forwards!!


She stepped up for the first time! And continued to step-up every time I offered my fingers! I’m so freakin’ proud of her. :D

Her fear of hands is slowly diminishing! Just goes to show what patience and going at the animal’s speed can accomplish!

I’m genuinely so proud of my birbs. :D

[For future reference, any future posts I make about Snow and Kyte (my budgies for those who don’t know) I will tag with ‘bluster’s birbs’ for those who wish to blacklist or aren’t interested in hearing about their exploits/seeing photos.]


Hey friends, may I have your attention?

So there’s this perfume commercial that aired in Brazil that shows three couples for Valentine’s Day, a straight, a gay and a lesbian couple, and it’s a really big step to equality for us over here.

But as always, religious groups are trying to take the commercial down by flagging it and disliking the video, and they were winning. But we finally managed to turn this around with more likes, and if you would be so kind just to like this video, it could make a huge difference.

Thank you for you attention!

Oh my gosh I squealed once I got this request! Thank you, I love you too ^^

When he confesses, but you reject him:
He would be very sad and confused. But the confusion wouldn’t last long until he realizes that he’s been friend-zoned. Once you reject him he would smile slightly to cover up the pain but refuse to look you in the eyes. Everything you say after that would be completely blocked out by his mind running wild with things like “Why didn’t I confess sooner? You just blew it, Byun” He would then walk away after whispering a sad “See ya later.”
When you realize your feelings and ask him to kiss you:
He would be shocked. For once, the guy who won’t shut up is speechless. He would probably shake his head to make sure he heard you right. Once he confirms he heard you right he would smile big and take a step closer to you, cupping your cheeks and pulling you in for a slow, loving kiss. After the kiss he would say something like “I knew you couldn’t resist me” then peck your cheek, happy with the fact that you changed your mind.

When he confesses, but you reject him:
When he’s confessing he would have a nervous smile on his face, but when you reject him his smile would instantly drop and his entire body would feel like it’s gone limp. He would probably stay silent and listen intently to your explanation as to why you said no. After your explanation, he would nod and say “It’s okay, I don’t really know what I was expecting. It was a long shot, anyways” then he would just walk away. If you tried to call him he wouldn’t answer but if you texted him he would be distant and awkward.
When you realize your feelings and ask him to kiss you:
His eyes would get big and he would tilt his head to the side in confusion a little. He would definitely ask you to repeat yourself. When you repeat yourself he would ask you what changed your mind and if you were okay. When you say that you just realized your feelings and you were okay he would smile widely and hold your hand looking into your eyes. He would ask you if you were sure and once you nodded he would pull you into a soft, playful kiss. After you kiss he would smile even bigger then wrap his arm around your shoulders, showing off that you were his.

When he confesses, but you reject him:
He would probably blink slowly and make you repeat what you said. When you repeat it, he would just sigh then droop slightly. When you start giving your explanation he would nod his head and listen to what you were saying but he would just feel dead on the inside. Once you were done talking he would just mumble “Bye” then walk past you without looking at you.
When you realize your feelings and ask him to kiss you:
Again, he would blink slowly then ask you to repeat it, only this time he would look amused and have a small smile forming on his lips as you talk. Once you’re done talking he would smirk then pull you in, kissing you with a smile on his face. After the kiss he would sigh lovingly and hold your hand.

When he confesses, but you reject him:
D.O would just stop talking after you said the word no. He would just give up and walk away as soon as possible. I can imagine that he was already super nervous to confess, and when his confession is rejected he would definitely be crushed on the inside. He would probably try to avoid you as much as possible and be a lot snappier around the rest of the members. His mood would go from nervous>crushed>grumpy. He would take out his sadness and confusion on the members and maybe even you.
When you realize your feelings and ask him to kiss you:
I feel like his face would stay blank and emotionless at first. He would stare at you and ask you how you changed your mind. His eyes would never leave your face and his expression would be unamused but he would listen to what you have to say. If you had a really good explanation he just might loosen up and give in, but I think he would be somewhat hard to convince.

When he confesses, but you reject him:
He would probably take a step back and look to the ground, wondering why he was so stupid to confess to his best friend. Like Baekhyun, I think he would block out mostly what you have to say after you say no but he would still listen to bits and pieces of it. Once you’re finished explaining, he would smile slightly to hide his disappointment and say “Okay, thank you” then walk away without looking back.
When you realize your feelings and ask him to kiss you:
He wouldn’t hesitate to kiss you. He would grab you (somewhat) roughly by the waist and kiss you passionately right then and there. After the kiss he would smirk then put his arm around your waist.

When he confesses, but you reject him:
He would feel absolutely mortified and humiliated. Of course he wouldn’t show this on the outside, though. He almost always gets the girl he wants (because let’s be real here, this is KRIS we are talking about) and once you reject him he would feel small and his ego would drop. He would probably just say “Oh.” then walk away without waiting for an explanation.
When you realize your feelings and ask him to kiss you:
He would probably just blow you off at first for humiliating him tbh. Like D.O, I think he would be hard to convince, but if you really loved him and you somehow proved it, he would smile softly then cup your cheeks with his big hands and look you in the eyes before kissing you passionately.

When he confesses, but you reject him:
He would stop talking and stare at you with a confused and hurt expression. He doesn’t even have to say anything for you to feel like you owe him an explanation. As you explain he would be studying your face and body language carefully. Once you’re done he would just purse his lips and nod slightly saying “I’m sorry” as he turns around and walks away.
When you realize your feelings and ask him to kiss you:
“Whoa, you completely changed your mind!” He would be surprised at the request since you seemed so sure of your decision when you rejected him. When you nod he would say “Well, are you sure? Are you okay? Did something happen?” He just doesn’t want you to be in a wrong state of mind and take advantage of the situation without even knowing. When he’s sure that you’re in the right state of mind and you love him he would smile then kiss you very softly and sweetly, pecking your nose afterwards.

When he confesses, but you reject him:
He probably had flowers or some sort of nice present to give you after he confesses. When you reject him he would drop them and his mouth would open in shock. “What do you mean ‘no’?” He would be confused, hurt, and vulnerable. I think he would still want to talk to you after it happened like nothing happened to avoid awkwardness and pain he was feeling.
When you realize your feelings and ask him to kiss you:
Luhan, like Kai, would just go ahead and kiss you I think. Once you told him to kiss you he would happily oblige. After the kiss he would look at you intensely and ask you what changed your mind. He would make a lot of eye contact as you explained and after he would hold your hand delicately with a big smile on his face.

When he confesses, but you reject him:
Honestly I think he would say something kinda insulting like “whatever, I don’t even care anyway” but in reality he’s just butthurt and trying to cover it up. Then he wouldn’t even give you a chance to give a reason why you said no he would try to change the subject as soon as possible. Like Kris, he would also feel humiliated and somewhat angry at himself for not confessing sooner.
When you realize your feelings and ask him to kiss you:
He wouldn’t smile or show any emotion like D.O, he would probably pull you in roughly mid-sentence and have a make out session with you. It doesn’t matter where you are, he wouldn’t hold back until it gets so intense that somebody has to pull you two apart. He would be proud to have you as his girlfriend and that you finally realized your true feelings.

When he confesses, but you reject him:
Suho would probably shake it off and be the most mature about this. He would still be pretty hurt and sad but all he would want is for you to be happy and sure of your decisions. After you reject him he would show a hint of sadness in his eyes and body language but he wouldn’t want you to know how much it actually hurts. He would smile then change the subject smoothly.
When you realize your feelings and ask him to kiss you:
Again, he would handle this maturely and think before he actually kisses you. He would want to make sure you weren’t drunk or just having a bad day/night. Once he makes sure and listens to your story about how you realized your feelings he would be very pleased and lean in for a sweet kiss.

When he confesses, but you reject him:
He would cry. But maybe not in front of you, he would leave as soon as you say no because he’s just torn up and hurt and he doesn’t want you to see that.
When you realize your feelings and ask him to kiss you:
Okay, like Kris and D.O I think he would be kind of hard to convince but not too hard…? He really just wants to know what you want and for you to be SURE of what you want. If you had a good reason to say no the first time and how you realized your feelings, he might do that “tsk” noise in the middle of your sentence then say something like “just come here” then pull you in for a rough kiss.

When he confesses, but you reject him:
Okay imagine a puppy that’s just been teased for his favorite kind of food. Then take that look on the puppy’s face and put it on Xiumin’s face instead. Then magnify the sadness and confusion by 10000x. He would be absolutely crushed and, like D.O, it was probably very hard for him to confess because he is just so shy. He would probably then say something like “w-why?” or “am I just not good enough for you?” (Oh my gosh I’m imagining this and I’m dying help me) He would listen very closely to what you have to say but he would blame himself. “Maybe I wasn’t sweet enough to her? Maybe there’s somebody else? Maybe it’s because I’m not tall enough?” He would constantly be putting himself down but only when he was alone. He would also try to avoid you at all costs to keep all the nervousness and embarrassment away.
When you realize your feelings and ask him to kiss you:
He would look at you confused with a mixture of happiness and excitement. “What was that?” He would ask you to repeat yourself and when you’re done he would stare at you lovingly then pull you in for a shy kiss.

Okay second reaction is now done yay!! This took me FOREVER to write oh my gosh I hope you guys liked it!
Also, I have karlahop’s request to start writing so expect another reaction later on tonight!

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I found out I'm pretty darn gay but I'm in a relationship with a nice guy and idk how to tell him.

i think it’s always a big step to come out. first you need to do is to be sure about it. how long was it? maybe you got only confused at some point? or maybe you just misses your boyfriend’s touch? if it really feels right for you and freeing in some sense, please do tell it already. don’t put yourself in situations in which you aren’t comfortable. gather your guts and make sure you’ll say the right words so he won’t get confused. don’t be like “i think i’m gay” but be like “i’m gay” because the former will more likely branch out to other ideas that will eventually confuse the both of you. also, choose the proper timing and event. say it in place where its only the two of you. say it when his comfortable and not in a bad mood etc etc. i wish the best for you! xx

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That paparazzi video really fucking upset me. I am sad now. The way they are laughing is so gross. Not only are they basically taking the piss out of Jessica, they are also insulting transgender people because of course it's such a hilarious thing that they could look like a cisexual woman.

Last comment on this only because I’m just really not in a comfortable place to constantly talk about how upset I am for both of them.

Caitlyn was somewhat prepared for this, she knew the big steps and unfortunate backlash she will get from the media HOWEVER Jessica did not know this would happen, it’s got nothing to do with her and she hates the paparazzi and the Internet as it is, I’m just hoping it hasn’t put her off being in the limelight with her fans and doing interviews.

I hope it doesn’t push her into going completely private after she stops acting. I think she’s a strong woman, she will do what she wants, she won’t take the bullshit from the paps.

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What a lot of people aren't understanding about this whole situation is that A. C Jenner is brave. B. soldiers are brave. It is all bravery, because there are people who look at either and say "I couldn't do that."

Exactly. And it’s not just for things like “I couldn’t do that”, because someone who’s been performing for a decade can look at a beginner and call them brave. Bravery is about taking that big step to do something new and a little overwhelming.

step 1: take vasha to a club for her bachelorette party

step 2: vasha gets drunk; cries on bastila about how much she loves her and carth and never expected that she’d be able to keep them (mission records this)

step 3: ?

step 4: vasha dances on tables

step 5: ????

step 6: they all get arrested

step 7: they have to call carth away from his party to bail them out

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TSF/FF Blaine x reader: Reader makes a joke about RT branching out to Mars and being partnered with Pigfarts on a podcast. Blaine gets so excited he accidentally reveals something to show he has even more of a crush on you.

It’s kinda short, but oh well! I liked the prompt, thank you:) And for those of you who aren’t in the know, Pigfarts is a StarKid reference!

Blaine Gibson/Reader, Warnings: StarKid, swearing, WC: 185

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as mentioned previously, the boys met yesterday. [!!!]

my guy and i had a long conversation after the cope concert last week about our relationship & where things were going, and by the end of our talk he made it clear he was ready to take the next step and meet rhyan.

[back-story on the basketball: after seeing rhyan’s old/worn out one in my car, he commented on how he needed a new/legit/official one]

so i shouldn’t have been surprised when he showed up at our door yesterday with a shiny new ball in hand. introductions were made, we settled in to watch the acc championship and made small talk during the commercials. it was apparent from the start, there’d be no issue with their getting along … they immediately bonded over all things manly & guy-related.

after the game, we hit the basketball court to break in the new ball & show off our skills with the old one. we laughed, we poked fun at one another, and quickly eased into the groove. at one point, rhyan gave me a quick thumbs-up and whispered ‘he’s alright!’ [and yes, i melted]

we returned home to the smell of corn beef roasting in the oven, i put the meal together and we dove in. rhyan later commented on how strange it was to have a third person at the table, which was true … it’s always just been him and i. after dinner we stuffed ourselves with cheesecake and caught up on some dvr’d shows before saying our goodbyes.

i walked him to the car and thanked him for such an incredible day, and he quickly turned the tables – saying it was his absolute pleasure.

and in that moment, all was right in the world.

Honda Civic Tour - breakdown

I’ve gotten a few messages about what’s all the fuss about the Honda Civic tour announcement so here’s what I’m seeing:


I think first and foremost we need to think about the fact that the Honda Civic Tour provides fans with a chance to win a car. What age range is looking to own a car? Not the 12-year olds that people often think comprise 1D’s fan club. So we can see that 1D’s market is shifting up. Add that to the list of other artists Honda has sponsored (Maroon 5, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Black Eyed Peas, to name a few) and we’re looking at a 16-25 year old ideal audience in my opinion. This is a big step forward in creating 1D’s new image.

Honda and LGBT

In 2009 Honda joined the Gay Friendly list of Automakers. They pledged to act progressively towards their LGBTQIA+ employees and employers. There doesn’t seem to be much else on the subject of LGBTQIA+ and Honda but at the very least they’ve allied their organization with the community.

Azoff Connections

Really, where? Well, the opener for 1D on the Honda Civic tour dates is Icona Pop, which just so happened to be managed by our good friend Jeff Azoff. Now, it’s important to note that this is not a connection business wise to Irving Azoff. Jeff works for CAA which is separate. Still, it is a connection in name, and another example of the Azoffs being seen alongside 1D.

Icona Pop

Speaking of Icona Pop, they’ve been called LGBTQIA+ icons. While the duo themselves are not queer they have spoken out about not caring what people of their sexualities, being pro-gay, etc. Their song “All Night” is about drag culture and their song “girlfriends” can be interpreted as being about lesbian love. You can bet on them attracting a pro-gay crowd.

So to sum it up we have 1D marketing to an older, pro-gay audience and we have business ties between Jeff and 1D. I, personally, am very excited by this announcement.

Read the press release here.