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Yeah, it's so true. Some people will look at these pictures and instead of seeing Harry, the real Harry, they will just shrug it off as artsy photo shoot.

Unfortunately, as loud and strong as image concepts can be, they’re not as effective as words are when it comes to an audience that doesn’t want to listen. 

We do remember how this fandom reacted even to quite obvious and repeated statements from Harry. Hets and Antis have ignored all the rainbows and hints they boys gave out, but they’ve been able to brush off even Not that important and Don’t knock it till you try for quite some time.

Another man was beautiful and such an important step for Harry and the building of his new (as in yet not public) image, but it won’t mean anything to that portion of the fandom until (or unless) its core and meaning are reaffirmed and evolved over and over by Harry himself in many different ways.

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Ford, help me out? I need motivation to get this assignment I ended up doing at the last minute (I have ADHD, go easy on me) done. It's midnight and this assignment is due, like, today at 11.

Finishing this assignment is just one step closer to graduation, which is a step closer to to a PhD, which is a step closer to 11 more PhDs, which is a big step closer to becoming a world famous scientist and righting all the wrongs of my past

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So, I took a pretty big and hard step in my life today, one a long time in coming, and I’m okay… Wasn’t sure I would be, but here I am, no panic attacks, closing the book on a significant chunk of my life so far… Sometimes it takes a lot of time and pain to learn lessons about one’s self and others, but we eventually come around and discover we are worth looking after, we are worth self-love and not just self-sacrifice, we deserve to be happy not just sporadically but in general.

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Mmkay this has got to be so big for Naill. Hes not there with the 3/4 other guys hes preformed with for 6 years- hes himself, all attention on him, his first solo song, his first solo written song. This is such a big step for him. Im so proud of him. Hes not looking to make some massive impact (Although its a big fuck you to syco) hes made this intimate song for us to hear. He put this out there in this way because he knows we'd love it in all its glory. Im immensely proud of him.

i know, in the beginning he hardly even got any solos and now he’s out there with his own song :’)


#SPN 10 countdown challenge  |  day 19 - episode 19, season 4
Dad didn’t have a choice with us, okay? But with Adam, he did.