I feel like we don’t talk about Samwell Halloween 2k14 enough.

Like Bitty went as Mrs. Lovett? In full costume and hair? 

And Jack willingly went as a cat? With little cat ears and whiskers? 

Why is this almost never mentioned in any fic I read? Guys? Talk at me about Samwell Halloween 2k14 seriously. 

Did Bitty get seriously mistaken as a girl? I assume he was in full dress and everything? What was Jack’s reaction to this (if any)

((Haha let’s be real Jack totally had some kind of reaction to this))

And Jack as a cat like. Did he draw those whiskers on himself? Did Lardo/Bitty/Shitty/one of the guys do it for him? What was his reaction to himself dressing up for Halloween for the first time? 

(I like to imagine Shitty and Jack have a kind of serious moment about Jack dressing up, amidst Shitty teasing him about it, because Shitty probably knows what a big step it is for Jack to willingly go along with that)

Anyway, yeah. Maybe it’s because I came into the fandom so late, but I still feel like Halloween at Samwell is always a relevant topic. 


okokokokok so I have a job interview tomorrow for my 1 month internship period for school and I’m super excited and kinda nervous. I really wish I’d get the job because then I’d most likely graduate on time and that would be a big step for me since I’m planning on moving out this Christmas. Graduating on time would make it possible. HHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh

Catholic high school adopts protections for LGB employees after refusing job to lesbian

A Catholic high school has adopted a policy that protects LGB employees from discrimination after facing backlash for rescinding a job offer to a lesbian for her sexuality.

St Mary’s Academy in Portland, Oregon had offered a counsellor position to Lauren Brown in April this year (2015), but withdrew it after she came out to school officials.

This is another victory for LGBT community. Since when did sexual preferences affect the qualification of a person?  So why do LGB teachers have to struggle? We`re making big steps to the times, when an intolerance will make people choose and this is going to change the world.

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Imagine tiny Subaru losing his first tooth and it just so happens to be his fang. Ayato teases him, calling him half the vampire and he panics over it so much so he cries on the spot. That's when Big Brother Shu steps in to show Subaru he lost a tooth as well (the alternate fang) and together they could be one super strong vampire. Subaru instantly calms down. They spend the rest of the day guessing how big the new fang will be when it grows in.

MEAN AYATO /SMACKS HIM/ DON’T PLAY ON MY SON’S INSECURITIES do not worry little bean, big brother Shu will make everything okay again. THIS ISW SO CUTE ILU ANON

Just took a big step and booked a one-way flight to NYC Friday morning! I’m excited to announce I’ve been offered the position of Art Buying & Photo Intern with Michael Kors this semester! See you in the spring Gainesville ☺️🗽 P.S. Anyone else in the city? #NeedFriends

Photo by: @Haley_michelle327 (at Central Park)

Blog update: 2015年07月09日 | ア ド バ ン ス

It was decided to promote the musical “Dark Butler” abroad.

Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen !!
This work has already put a lot of years, so I’m really happy to make this a big step forward.

I hope very much for your support ^^

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Fall semester has begun! Yes, Im excited because I’m close to starting my LVN program next year and this is just another big step to get there. So of course I had to start class with wearing Pac as an inspiration to keep my head up. #fallsemester #firstdayofclass #lvnstudent #nursingstudent #tupac #pac #locs #dreads #tiredaf #toodamnearly #morningclass #itsMonday

i start college tomorrow. so i’m gonna have to learn how to get to all my classrooms, figure out various bus schedules, know which class needs what stuff & how to manage my time carefully. i’ll try to refill my queue & set up queues on my other blogs, but for now i will be mostly absent except for mobile posts here & there. 

i’m really fucking nervous but i’m also kind of excited. this is a big step for me because i’m a very dependent person. so… wish me luck on my new adventure?

  • interviewer:Would you call the song a bisexual anthem?
  • brendon:I mean, that's a bold statement, but I'd be honored to call it a bisexual anthem - that's kind of awesome. I feel like (bisexuality) needs to be celebrated, because a lot of times I feel like people are ashamed and they hide it and they might be a little scared to open up about it. Being able to do that is a big step for me.