Again (noblesse voltron!au )

Fandom: Noblesse

Rating : T

Characters : M-21, M-24, Frankenstein, Cadis Etrama Raizel

Word count : 840

Warnings: Mentions of past violence

Summary: Frankenstein’s musing about m21 and the past

A/N: Thanks to @darkicedragon​ this has come to see the light. It originally was ment to be a drawing , then drawing with a fic, but in the end the fic has been done for few months and the drawing is mid-way so decided it’s time to post it. Hopefully i’ll finish the drawing as well but who knows.

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anonymous asked:

I just wanna say, thank you to any and all who run this blog. It has been a major source of comfort and safety during my time learning to understand my asexuality and I cannot express how important that is to a survivor of abuse. Having a sense of humour about my sexuality now is a big step forward and it is in part thanks to this blog and others like it. Keep doing what you're doing because it's amazing x

Aw, thank you as well!! I’m glad the blog could be such a big help! Keep being strong, and we’ll keep being amaceing ;)