Okay but everyone will always talk about the day that Percy and Annabeth get married, Grover will be the Percy’s best man, but no one talks about that when Grover and Juniper get married, Percy will definitely be Grover’s best man.

I mean, it’s likely Grover and Juniper are the first to take the big step and Percy will be there to accompany him on his big day (at his wedding at CHB, of course).

Dancing AU Masterlist

Of Blisters and Ballet Shoes by salt_n_burn (3/3 | 3,769 | Teen And Up)

Keith is a HipHop Dancer, Lance does contemporary ballet. They’re both in love with each other’s dance styles. And each other. The only problem is they’re both totally oblivious.

Breathless by ididntsignupforthisshit (1/1 | 961 | Teen And Up)

Keith goes to pick up his boyfriend from work.
He didn’t suspect to find him in the middle of a dance routine.

Accidents Happen by theshipqueen (1/1 | 1,818 | Mature)

In which Lance goes to the studio to practice, but gets a little distracted.

Show Stopper by No_Name_Kane (2/? | 5,004 | Teen And Up)

Keith is the next greatest KPop star. Going global is a big step for his career; and when his choreographer is unable to work, he forced to hire a new one; in which, up and coming dancing sensation Lance McClain steps up to the plate.

And neither of them were prepared to want a peice of each other.

Keep the Streak by maiska99 (8/8 | 7,174 | Teen And Up)

Shiro goes on a trip and asks Lance to keep his Snapchat streaks. Keith is one of them. Chaos ensues.

Red Shoes and Redder Cheeks by Alphum (1/1 | 2,300 | Teen And Up)

All Lance wants to do is pick up his sister from her dance class. He ends up getting more than he bargained for, like a hot crush on her even hotter teacher.

(Not including Stripper AU’s)

(´꒳`)いよいよ。Finally  Anchan’s LINE Blog Translation (2-25-17)

Everyone、hello |ω`)。Its Inami Anju

Tomorrow、February 25。
『Love Live!Sunshine ‼︎ Aqours First LoveLive!
~Step! ZERO to ONE~』
Begins in Yokohama Arena DAY 1,

In a blink of time「Its really tomorrow!?」what I thought。

With throbbing and trembling、
Although there is a tension and uneasiness、
Anyway I would be happy to meet everyone。
I’m waiting for what kind of scene will it be、can you make it…
I will enjoy it very much。
Such a night。

I met a girl named Takami Chika、
The nine members of Aqours take each other’s hands voluntarily
The courage to take a big step
I wonder if it seems that way。

The grinning won’t stop。*laughs*

Let’s have fun!Everyone (`・∀・´)!!

Good Night!!!!🍊。

(Perhaps、it maybe cold in the venue
Warmth and hydration!Love and to give with great care。。。
Let’s have a nice day♡)

Takami Chika role of Inami Anju