ok but acknowledging that you’re ready to be happy, that you want to be happy is a really big thing? bc self-sabotage is so easy and letting yourself be unhappy for the sake of someone else, like alex has done her whole life, is easy. so for alex to acknowledge that she’s ready and wants to be happy with maggie is a really really big step.

i am highly considering getting my masters in library science so i can be a librarian, and this is honestly a big step for me. it is something i always get on official career profiles as what would be my ideal career, but i never considered it seriously before until recently. i think it has all the aspects in a job i want, and this might be the answer as to why i have had so many issues accepting my majors as they are alone now. 

this just in i just found my aot jacket and now i have a dark green jacket to go with all my black jackets
this is really the diversity i needed in my closet i’m glad i can now be a bright and happy person with my dark green jacket
instead of all black i will wear my black jeans and black tee shirt with my dark green jacket
that dark green jacket with the blue and white survey corps symbol will show those around me how colorful i am
i’m practically a screaming rainbow
next thing i’ll know my black vans may become dark grey vans
man but that sure is a big step I don’t know if i can do it

flowerstothesea  asked:

I'm not sure if this is the proper place to do the writing prompt, but how about Scomiche and the prompt is: rings (as in the jewelry).


mitch holds scott’s hand in his, admiring the black band around his middle finger. scott squirms, obviously nervous, and mitch brings his hand up to kiss the back of his palm. “i love it,” he says, sincerely. “it’s beautiful.”

“it’s just a black ring,” scott mumbles, his face going so red it’s almost purple.

“but it’s not just a black ring,” mitch insists. he gently touches the ring and twists it in his finger. “it’s you.”

“shut up,” scott groans, still blushing, and mitch kisses the ring again. 

“i’m proud of you,” he says. “i know this wasn’t easy but it’s a really big step for you. a year ago you would have never done this.”

“it’s all because of you,” scott insists. “you’ve been my rock through all of this, you’ve helped me out so much.. i’m pretty sure i would still be so far back in the closet if i didn’t have you.”

smiling, mitch kisses scott’s nose, then his lips. he murmurs, “i love you,” and scott says it back.

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