Looking Back

So tonight I took a few minutes to step back and think about everything that’s happened for me on this site in the six months since creating this blog.

Since starting this blog in March I’ve:

o   Written 144 Drabbles about 28 different wrestlers.  

o   Written 59 One-Shots about 18 different wrestlers

o   Gained 1,539 Followers

o   Made so many new friends

Like that’s crazy, you guys! I’m just a shy girl from a small town in Iowa no one has ever heard of. I write fics because I enjoy it and creating this blog and posting my fics was a big step for me. 

I want to thank each and every one of you for the support you’ve shown me over these last six months. I love seeing the likes, reblogs, and comments you leave on my fics. It always makes my day. It’s crazy to think about how much you guys like what I write and post! Hopefully, they put a smile on your face when you read them!

Thanks for all the love and support! You are the best! I love you all xxx


Elizabeth: “Thank…thank you for being so understanding, Solo. I’m…I’m so lucky to have you. I know I don’t deserve -”

Solo: “No, don’t finish that sentence. You do deserve me. You deserve the very best of me, and I strive to be that person for you every day that we are together. Elizabeth, I know this might be a big step and I will not be disappointed if you say no, but I have been thinking about this for a while…and…”

Alan Taylor, GRRM on Jon/Dany

DEADLINE: With over 10 million viewers watching the 9 PM broadcast and growing each week, plus all those on the other platforms, I think it’s pretty clear they are going to stick around, if for nothing else to see what brews up between Jon and Dany…

ALAN TAYLOR: (Laughs) There’s been an inevitability to the two of them coming together. It’s been foreshadowed over and over again, and those who know the books know it’s inevitable, but that doesn’t tell you anything about how it’s going to play out or how it’s going to go. I remember when I was doing Season 1 and we were on location in Malta, and George R. R. Martin came to visit. He was sitting in a chair, and he was being really quite open about things that were to come…

DEADLINE: About Jon and Dany or Game of Thrones in general?

ALAN TAYLOR: Bit of both, but it was early days and nobody was paying attention to the show. We didn’t really know what a phenomenon it was going to be, and I think he was being less guarded than we’ve become since then. Anyways, he alluded to the fact that Jon and Dany were the point, kind of. That, at the time, there was a huge, vast array of characters, and Jon was a lowly, you know, bastard son. So it wasn’t clear to us at the time, but he did sort of say things that made it clear that the meeting and the convergence of Jon and Dany were sort of the point of the series.

So, I was happy that a big step forward was taken in the episode I got to do this season is where he has fallen for her both, you know, emotionally and politically I think. He recognizes what she’s capable of, and is ready to bend the knee as soon as his knees bend. There’s still a step further to go with them in terms of the romantic side of things and a lot more to play out in terms of how the politics and the power struggle will work, but it was at least a sort of solid step forward in that major arc.




‘beautiful’ is about accepting who i am: it took me a while to gain confidence to say, ‘screw it, i just wanna be me.’ ‘heights’ is about (this idea of), ‘now that i’ve accepted myself, where do i go?’ it’s a reminder if there’s ever a time i lose faith, i can get back up again. writing those songs was a big step for me.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or not, Hansol telling his fans that he’s asexual is a big deal. When his home country and practically a lot of counties in the world, isn’t accepting to LGBT+ people, people of that community still face injustices. This is a big step for him to admit especially after few would comment “are you gay?” or “he’s gay”. Spread positivity and love on his and Topp Dogg SNS pages, pretty much cover the bad comments with good ones. This is a big step for anyone to admit, and hope people one day to admit to others who they truly are. Also check out their music!!! The group is super talented and I believe a sub unit in their group is having a comeback?? I’m not to sure about that but still listen to their music!! 💕💕

I just realized something in Urie’s imagination of if Shirazu lived he’s still deferring to Shirazu, as if Shirazu was still the leader… 

It reminded me of something…

He seems to have wanted Shirazu to stay more than any of his other goals if he can still dream of himself under him. And it be a good dream…

XX - Judgement 

Nakarai pointed out that Juuzou only wishes for Shinohara’s health to return, cutting off Hanbee from saying that Shinohara is already gone.

Juuzou isn’t stupid. I’m sure he knows that after four years, the chance of a person coming out of a coma is slim to none at best. Apart from the fact that he cares for Shinohara and his squad, there is no reason for him to stay at the CCG. He’s already made it clear that he doesn’t like Furuta, nor does he really think that ghouls are the “bad guys”. He stated barefaced to Iwo that Haise was his friend, even with the information that he killed Arima.

So what is he doing?

I’m really beginning to think that Juuzou wants a reason to quit. He wants to let go of his past and move on. His entire squad has already said they’d follow him wherever we went, so it would only come down to finally say goodbye to Shinohara.

And now Touka may have just provided him with a reason to get going.

This was an offering for closure. After killing Mado and seeing his wedding ring, she was struck with the realization that you can’t just take a person’s life without repercussions. In doing so, you’re taking that person away from their family and friends, and causing them the same pain that she felt having her parents robbed from her.

Shinohara was part of the squad that killed her father (and possibly her mother, since Arima was put with them when he was 15). Giving him flowers was a gesture of forgiveness, something that Juuzou will surely understand after all of his growth in recent years.

And now Juuzou recognized her. He and Shinohara came to Anteiku once or twice.

Juuzou is a genius investigator– just like Arima– reinforced by his title of the “New Reaper”. He’s going to make the connection, and realize that his friend Haise is with with a woman that forgave his beloved mentor for taking people away from her. She’s offering a way to close the circle of violence, and now he has the ability to complete it by calling off the attack.

I feel like the next big step for Juuzou is to make the decision to do what’s “right” over “just doing his job”, and I think he wants to move on and fight for someone other than Furuta. 

people still think that dan and phil are going to make a coming out video but what they dont realize is that 2017 is their coming out video

anonymous asked:

The only phan proof that matters: the smile dan got on his face when someone asked if he was getting a dog and he responded that phil has been looking at a lot of corgis lately


Michele Clapton on How Dany’s Coat Hints at Her Relationship with Jon Snow (Harper’s Bazaar)

For her ill-fated trip North, Dany donned a show-stopping gray-and-white fur coat which promptly set the Internet ablaze. But taking Daenerys’s look in a new direction was a big step for the show, costume designer Michele Clapton tells

They were nervous it would be too much of a statement,” she says of showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. “They were like, ‘White? You think that’s gonna work?’ and I was like, ‘Yes, it’s really, really, really gonna work.’”

The designer admits it was meant to indicate a turning point in the young queen’s life. “I can’t think of another time she’s gone to the aid of someone who is also, to some extent, a rival,” Clapton says, hinting at Dany’s burgeoning relationship with Jon Snow. “It had to be a real statement piece. It looks very warrior queen—she’s a vision when Jon looks up and sees her arriving.”

Though the faux coat easily looks like couture, its inspiration came from an unexpected, practical source: the Wildling , who famously camouflaged themselves to blend in with their surroundings north of the Wall. “I liked the idea of her being at one with the snow and the rocks,” Clapton says. This could, of course, also demonstrate Daenerys’s willingness to ally herself with Jon, who spent his entire life amongst the snow of Winterfell and later, the Wall.

But now it’s time to look to the future, and with a romance between Jon and Daenerys all but confirmed, we can’t wait to see how their relationship inspires Clapton next—particularly when it comes to wedding gowns.

bi-sexual-girlll  asked:

Could you please write Drarry in 8th year just two of them in room and rivality slowly changing to something more only bc they are roomates?

Thank you for your prompt, hope this is good

“It’s going to be weird, isn’t it? Living apart after this year?” Draco asked as he levitated a pair of expensive dragonhide boots into his trunk.

“Yeah,” Harry agreed. His voice was quiet, and something about his tone was off.

Draco turned around and saw that Harry wasn’t even packing, he was just sitting on his bed and staring out the window of his and Draco’s dorm room.

“What’s wrong?” Draco said. He was concerned. Harry was only distant and sad like this after nightmares. But Harry didn’t have any nightmares last night. Draco would’ve known, he was sleeping right next to him after all.

“I’ve been thinking,” Harry said despondently. He was still staring out the window.

“That must be new for you,” Draco said, even though he knew that Harry, in fact, was thinking pretty much all the time. Harry thought with a crease between his eyebrows and his bottom lip between his lips. Draco found it quite adorable, especially when Harry did it subconsciously right before he fell asleep.

“I’ve been thinking that this whole thing is stupid.” Harry turned his eyes to Draco at this. Draco’s heart nearly stopped at Harry’s words (did Harry really think that everything that had happened between them was stupid?), but he didn’t let it show. Draco had gotten good at hiding what he was really feeling over the past years. What Draco seemed to forget is that Harry could always see right through him. Harry shook his head when he realized what his statement must have sounded like. “No! That’s not what I meant. The thing between us isn’t stupid. It’s this part, the leaving part, that’s stupid. I don’t want to leave you.”

Draco sighed and turned back to his halfway-packed trunk. “Don’t make this worse,” he said firmly. It was bad enough that Draco was going to have to go back to the Manor without the added pain of seeing Harry so downcast and desperate.

“I’m trying to make this better,” Harry insisted. “I have an idea.”

Draco just frowned and levitated some more robes into his trunk. “We can’t stay at Hogwarts forever.”

“That’s not my idea,” Harry said, somewhat defensively. “I think you should move in with me.”

Draco snorted, assuming Harry was joking, but when he turned to face Harry again, the other boy’s green eyes were sincere and hopeful. The copy of Moste Potente Potions that Draco had been levitating fell to the ground and the thud it made as it landed echoed through the room as Draco stared at Harry in silent disbelief.

“You’re not serious,” Draco said.

Harry smiled. “I am.”

“Potter, this is insane. We’re not– I mean, we’ve only been together, well, sort of, for a few months. This is a big step and we’re so young, don’t you think we’re too young?”

Harry shook his head resolutely. “No. My parents were about our age when they got married. And I don’t think it’s too soon if I’m in love with you, which I am.”

Draco shuddered involuntarily when Harry said he loved him like he always did. He studied Harry’s determined expression, searching for any hint that Harry wanted to take back his offer.

“I’m not going to change my mind,” Harry told him, as if he could read Draco’s mind.

Draco plopped down next to Harry on his bed defeatedly. He ran his fingers through his hair and looked at the floor like he was waiting for the wooden planks to come to life and tell him what to do.

“It’s okay,” Harry said after a couple of quiet minutes. “If you don’t want to move in. That’s okay. I just don’t know if I would even be able to sleep without you there anymore. And I don’t want you to sleep alone either. You would get cold.”

Draco smiled. “There are such things as warming charms you know.”

Harry scoffed. “I’m so much better than any warming charm.”

“Now I don’t know about that.” Draco laughed when Harry elbowed him.

“Seriously, Draco. We love each other. We need each other. Don’t we?”

Draco turned his head and looked at Harry as he thought back on how their relationship evolved throughout the year. It started with late night drunken stories over a bottle of shared Firewhiskey. Then somehow he and Harry actually became friends. Draco helped Harry when he procrastinated his Transfiguration essay until the night before, and Harry invited Draco to fly with him every Saturday morning. One night the two of them fell asleep on Harry’s bed after hours of researching ways to remove magical tattoos. It was the first night in a long time that neither of them had nightmares. After that, they always slept in the same bed. Then on New Years, when they were both a little tipsy, they kissed. Draco didn’t know what to make of it. Harry didn’t either, apparently. For a whole month, they didn’t talk, they slept apart, they tried to ignore each other completely. But it was hard to ignore Harry when he lived in the same room as Draco. Every night Draco could hear Harry screaming from his nightmares, and eventually one night Draco climbed into bed with Harry and woke him up. Once Harry was lucid, he started talking and didn’t shut up until he had told Draco everything he’d been wanting to say for the past month. Draco talked too, and it was sunrise before either of them got back to sleep. It was Valentine’s Day when they finally made their relationship official. Draco hated how cheesy that was, but it was okay because he loved Harry.

He loved Harry.

He loved Harry and he knew it, so why was he even considering saying no?

“I want to.”

Harry’s face immediately brightened. “Really? Are you sure?”


Harry was on top of Draco in an instant, and they were kissing, and Draco was happier than he’d ever been.

stronger ❖ jongin (2)

❝What would I do without you, love?❞

admin : - velvet
genre : fluff, angst, dad! jongin au, ceo! jongin, daddy tbh, smut (in future), age gap, if you don’t like it, don’t read please.

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Part 1 |

The next day you found yourself in front of the Kim Family Company, the building was high in the sky and it seemed like the clouds were almost touching it. It scared you, you couldn’t deny it, everything felt so unreal, you wanted to go back home, say to your mother that you were sorry and you would have found another work by yourself, but then the images of Taeoh came to your mind and you couldn’t help but take out your phone and click the name of Kim Jongin on the screen.

You saved both of his numbers the night before, before going to sleep, so that you didn’t need to bring the piece of paper with you. You passed the worst night of your life, in the working field you were a freshman, you didn’t know what to do: should have you gone in time or before, should have you wore a dress or a skirt, heels or flat shoes, makeup or not, were you going to stay or was he going to let you go home? Everything was a big round of questions and you did not know how to answer then.

You called the number with shaking hands, the clock on your phone signed fifteen minutes to ten, you wanted to be there earlier, but your alarm didn’t work, so you now were there, an hour later from the time you assigned yourself and looking horrible.

Hello?❞ after the fourth ring Mr Kim’s voice vibrated from the other side of your phone, he was probably waiting for your call since he told you that he never used his cell phone, but still managed to pick up at the first call.

With shaky voice you answered. ❝Mr Kim?❞

Y/N! I’m coming down, wait for me inside the hall❞ he cheered, his voice raised with a little bit of happiness hearing yours and you couldn’t even mutter an abashed “yes” that Mr Kim already closed the call and left you there dumbstruck.

You surely weren’t expecting the happiness in his voice, probably he thought that you had just gave him a false hope telling him about you babysitting Taeoh, or maybe you were so late that he thought that you weren’t going to show up anymore so when he heard you he felt relieved.

Did you already fuck up or what? You weren’t sure.

You put your phone back into your bag and walked big steps to the entrance of the building, when you first put foot in there the strong perfume hit your nostrils and left your head fly high, the smell was too strong and it made you want to throw up, you just wished his house didn’t smell like this or you would have fainted a couple of times per day. A few people stared at you and a short girl came out of behind her desk and walked to you with little steps, she was dressed in grey, her skirt, her shirt, her blazer, everything was grey and it matched perfectly with the grey and sad atmosphere around the place. Even if people were working and running everywhere, the place still felt very stiff and uncomfortable.

How may I help you, Miss?❞ she smiled a little, bowing in your direction to welcome you. She looked so pretty with her hair up and tied in such an elegant way, on the other hand you just looked… normal.

Boring, in your blue jeans and black jacket, your white scarf tight around neck, preventing you from the strong wind and your hair was a mess, free and long, cut by the scarf.

You raised your eyebrows at her, not sure on what to say, you didn’t need help actually, you just needed her boss to be as quick as he could, you really wanted to go back home, you weren’t at ease in that place, it felt like going back to freshman years where people looked at you with pity.

No, thank you, Ma’am❞ you bowed to thank her, then looked in front of you. Embarrassment fell of the both of you, she was looking at you with a face, her hands clapped together in front of her and you, you were just trying to stay calm because you felt as if she didn’t want you there.

Miss, I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to ask you to leave the building if you have nothing to do here❞ even with her polite voice, you still looked at her face and the way she was watching you, clearly annoyed by your presence.

Your face fell in shock, did Mr Kim not tell her that you were coming for an interview? Clearly, why were you even asking it.

You raised your hands in front of you and smiled embarrassed. ❝Oh, no, no wait. I am waiting for Mr Kim, I’m the new babysitter for Taeoh❞ you tried to explain.

Her face quickly changed, her eyes opened wide and she almost looked… small in front of your presence.

Mr Kim? I’m gonna call him for you then❞ she smiled politely at you, her face now completely different and that must have been the effect of being in front of a person who was in strict contact with her boss.

It’s fine❞ you called out following her a little to make her stop in her tracks ❝I already called him and told him, he’s coming down❞ you whispered a little shy in front of that situation. Even if that was your first day, she already seemed to hate you, and the look she gave you after those words was the mark of it.

Is he coming down?❞ she cringed at the thought and you shook a little, you weren’t sure why she looked possessed thinking about her boss coming down in the hall, but her eyes opened more widely than before, leaving you astonished.

I am❞ said a voice from your left said. You quickly whipped your head to the side, a tall Mr Kim, hugged in black pants and a white shirt was walking toward you, his hands hidden in his pockets and the sleeves of his shirt were folded till his elbows, showing the tender skin of his forearms. You almost gasped, he looked so good, you were really feeling like a freshman looking the last year most famous kid.

Just like you, even the secretary looked shocked in front of such a man, her face softening at his beauty and her eyes dreamy.

Mr Kim❞ she said with a sultry voice bowing deeply at her boss. The way she was batting her eyelashes didn’t look very professional, but Mr Kim didn’t seem very impressed at her little show.

He looked at you with raised eyebrows, his face looked softer than the day before and his lips were tilt in a little smile. ❝Y/N, it’s nice to see you, please follow me

You smiled back shyly and nodded a little, letting him know that you were going to follow him, of course and not stay there. He totally ignored the secretary and that made you smile in amusement, if she wanted to be treated nicely she had to be the one to treat nicely people first. You followed Mr Kim till the lift, he indeed was the boss in there, everywhere he walked people stood up and bowed in deep respect and you were wondering if maybe you were going to do that to, one day.

Mr Kim entered the lift first and you did the same, the people in the space dispersed leaving the lift only for you and the boss. He clicked the last button on the screen and you both waited side by side for the lift to close and to go up into his penthouse. You were already starting to imagine how embarrassing that ride would have been, but before the doors closed, a woman entered the space with you, a big smile on her face.

So here we have ‘the’ babysitter❞ she smiled happily coming next to you while the doors closed. You turned your head confused to Mr Kim and saw his playfully pained expression.

Junghwa❞ he started in a warning, closing his eyes and rubbing his right hand over them.

She giggled loudly and took your arm in her grasp, her face was now close to yours as she was examining your features and you felt your cheeks turn red. She was gorgeous and looked like Jongin, their faces were simply the same and you between them were just… you. The normal girl who went to university and stayed still in the standards. ❝She’s beautiful, you were right❞ she said amused looking at her brother with a smiley expression. Hearing those words you almost choked, did Mr Kim tell that you were beautiful? When? Why?

He widened his eyes and you lowered your gaze covering your smile in the scarf. ❝Yah, Kim Junghwa, do you have nothing better to do than annoy me and my babysitter?❞ he asked tearing himself away from the wall of the lift.

Yah, Kim Jongin❞ she mimicked him, walking slightly away from you to puff her chest in front of her brother ❝why do you talk to me as if you are the older one. Be respectful

You jumped a little in front of that situation, the two bosses were playfully fighting in front of you, but the atmosphere still felt pretty stiff.

You bit down on your lip and hummed a little, quickly - way too quickly - both of their head turned to your direction, Jongin looking at you slightly surprised and Junghwa looking at you with a big smile.

Nice to meet you❞ she giggled pushing away her brother from in front of her and turning all her body to you ❝I am Kim Junghwa and I’m Jongin’s older sister. If you need anything and he’s not here, you can ask me and my mother, we run the place with him so -

I was going to tell her, if you just let us alone❞ he talked through his teeth.

You smiled a little in front of their exchange of salty sentences.

Can you shut up for a second, Kim Jongin? I’m trying to have a conversation with the girl who’s gonna stay with Taeoh more than me❞ she hit him slightly on the arm.

Jongin raised his eyes at the ceiling and you chuckled. They clearly were very close, they loved each other and that was amazing, Jongin wasn’t used to have a woman by his side to help him, having his sister around was clearly helping him open up a little bit.

She always does like that❞ he mouthed in your direction pointing at his sister. You laughed a little.

Before she could reply the doors of the lift opened with a ding and Jongin grabbed your hand to lead you out and into his penthouse. You surprisingly saw that Junghwa didn’t follow you both and stayed in the lift with her arms crossed.

This doesn’t end here❞ she pointed at her brother with an annoyed face, then she turned to look at you ❝I’m looking forward to see you, if you need help, remember to call me, my number it’s the third on the card

Yes, okay, bye. She has me, we don’t need you❞ Jongin pressed the button for closing the lift’s doors and turned around giving his sister his shoulders while she screamed at him to be respectful and the doors closed.

You were dumbstruck in front of the situation that just happened, but you let a chuckle come out of your lips, you and your older sister always did the same thing and seeing that even two ceos could do what two normal people did was heartwarming. You turned and gave the back to the lift, finally your eyes landed to the magnificent sight that was displaying in front of you. If you thought that penthouses in movies were beautiful, in real life they were even better.

Jongin’s house was basically all made in windows, the walls that landed outside were big windows that showed you what was under you both, the city and its lights and the clouds seemed so close. The internal walls were white and not very high, but the living room was very big, it had a black and long couch in the middle, a low glass table in front of the couch and a black tv some feets away. The floor was warmed up, you could feel it even under you sneakers and all around the place there were toys and baby bottles, some with still some milk in it.

Jongin next to you sighed and walked into the living room leaving his shoes behind and passing his hands through his hair.

It’s a mess, I’m sorry❞ he sighed again ❝please take off your shoes and your jacket and feel free to roam around❞ he smiled turning slightly to look at you. You nodded more to yourself than him and then took off your shoes, living them next to the black elegant ones that were his. You looked as he bent down to take some papers from the glass table and then sat on the couch, his face falling into exhaustion that he had been so good hiding it all that time.

You took your bag and jacket off and hung them both on the hanger next to you, walking shyly with your hands in the back-pockets of your jeans.

Come sit here if you don’t feel comfortable walking around by yourself❞ he smiled tiredly at you, his free hand patting the place next to him on the couch.

Okay, so, Y/N, thank you for coming, this really means alot to me. I really need your help, I think I’m going to die for exhaustion in any time and I can’t keep on doing this, I could ask for my mother and my sisters’ help, but they have to work too, sometimes more than me, so I can’t leave Taeoh to them, I would feel like sh- trash❞ he corrected himself, his eyes boring into yours as he talked and you sat next to him.

He looked so vulnerable, you were pretty sure you were one of the only people he ever showed this weak, his eyes were pleading you.

Mr Kim❞ you started smiling a little.


Jongin. I have no problems helping you, but you need to help me too. I have to study so I may sometimes not be able to come❞ you tried to explain, you thought about it all night and you were scared he could not give you the work ❝If it’s not a problem for you, I sometimes may take Taeoh to my house before coming here

Jongin’s eyebrows furrowed and he looked at you concerned. ❝Do you not feel at ease in someone else’s house?❞ he asked softly placing down his papers and giving you all of his attention.

It’s not it, I have my homeworks and my books at home, I can’t always take them here and back home, it would be better for both if

Leave them here

That answer made you widen your eyes, how could a perfect stranger suggest you to leave your things in his home. ❝Leave the books you may need here, then before you go to school you take ‘em away with you so you can keep them in class and the others will be here for your needs

Seriously?❞ you asked a little emotionless, that would have helped you a lot and Taeoh could go home right away from the kindergarten.

Jongin smiled relieved and nodded taking back his papers and looking at them.

Thank you❞ you whispered and looked around.

The place was so nice, outside the windows the clouds were grey and big, it was probably going to rain and the people on the streets were running everywhere, the cars were speeding through the city streets and seeing the life made you feel secure. From your position you could see the kitchen, it was not very big, but looked very cozy, the walls were white, but the fornitures were a warm wooden brown.

That’s the kitchen❞ Jongin smiled at you and you whipped your head to see him, he probably caught you stealing stares around you, which was nothing you should have been embarrassed of, but still you blushed.

Taeoh usually tells you what he wants to eat and he usually wants to eat Chinese or Japanese food and since I don’t have time cooking I just call some takeout restaurant and ask them to deliver me the food here, but if you can cook❞, his hand touched your chin slightly, in an attempt to make you feel safe and warm your mood. The touch giving you goosebumps, his fingers felt calloused, but boiling, you wanted him to print his touch on your face.

You cleared your throat and smiled back at him. ❝I can, should I go grocery shopping after I pick Taeoh up from the kindergarten?❞ you asked excitedly, making Jongin smile warmly at you, he looked at you adoringly. His eyes tired, but happy to see you this excited.

You loved going grocery shopping and you weren’t sure why, it was something that calmed you.

What would I do without you, love?❞


andre burakovsky talking about his expectations for the 17/18 season // 08.09.2017

q: you’ve got your new deal. you know you’re going to be playing a bigger role on this team. what are your expectations for yourself this year?
“obviously my expectations are, i’m going to take big steps. i’m gonna play like i have a bigger role. i know i’m going to get a bigger role. but i’m gonna act like i wanna do it. i wanna help the team. to be kind of a leader. just go out there and be solid for the team every night. that’s my goals. that’s what i’m gonna try to do.

Snow Dog (Brett Talbot)

Brett Talbot x Reader

Summary: Scott sends you and Brett to Alaska for protection when the new hunters invade Beacon Hills and Brett reacts strongly to the snow.

A/N: Since I suck at ideas by myself, I ask some lovely friends for fluffy Brett ideas. This one’s from @bonniebird, thank you. <3

Brett Talbot Masterlist

Teen Wolf Masterlist

”It’s so cold.” You mutter while moving beneath Brett’s cover, running your cold toes along his legs, which turns out to be so much warmer than you.

Brett let out a disgruntled moan as he started to wake up from a long and deep sleep.

He turns around in bed and watch how you look like a human burrito – wrapped in both your cover and a furry blanket that usually lie at the foot end of your bed at home.

“I can’t deal with this winter climate.” You complain again and Brett offered his arm for you to lean on to gain some heat. He patted your hair and mumbled something inaudible before he dozed off to sleep again.

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for many years, I have been afraid to make phone calls. I would have an incredible amount of anxiety every time I had to that I would lose hours of sleep the night before.

today, I was able to make a phone call for the first time in a few years and not feel completely overwhelmed by my anxiety.

here’s to defeating your anxiety. here’s to defeating your social anxiety. here’s to defeating your mental illnesses. here’s to a healthy mentality.