China has approved the screening of a movie considered the first in Chinese mainland on gay relationships this winter after a one-year wait, a sign insiders consider a huge step forward for the country’s film industry.

The film, Seek McCartney, co-produced in China and France star Seek McCartney ring Chinese singer and actor Han Geng and award-winning French actor Jérémie Elkaïm, has been approved by China’s media watchdog, film director Wang Chao announced on his Sina Weibo account on Saturday.

Wang, known in the French film industry for his films, The Orphan of Anyang and Luxury Car, said on his Weibo that “it is a small step for the regulator and a big step for filmmakers…It was not easy, but was delightful.”

Han Geng said on his Weibo that the film might be shown in theaters in winter this year.

Cheng Qingsong, a screenwriter and movie critic, told the Global Times on Tuesday that “this is the first movie on gay relationships approved by the country’s regulator. After waiting for a year, this is a big step forward [for China’s film industry].”

By Cao Siqi

Source:Global Times

One Big Step -  Luke Hemmings

A/N: This was requested bu anon, if anorexia or any other eating disorder triggers you then please don’t read this. I’m not trying to encourage it but writing about it can help loads of people. Thanks for reading and requesting and if you want to talk then I’m always here.

WARNING: anorexia (eating disorder)




It all started on the usual movie night with the boys, huge amouns of food and 3 curious boys that wanted to know why you wouldn’t eat popcorn, chips, pizza or any of the other stuff that were on the coffee table. 

Luke knew why you wouldn’t, of course as your protective boyfriend he found out soon what was going on: 3 months ago he discovered it, someone was flirting with you at the bar and he wrapped his arms tightly around you, only to notice for the first time what was happening. 

In those 3 months everything changed a lot, he didn’t want to treat you different so Luke didn’t want to take you to the hospital but he got some lessons how to help you recover. He was cuddly as always but when you said something there would be nothing more important, he became your rock and a shoulder to cry on.

Suddenly you were out of your daydream when you heard Luke talk to the boys at the front door, you heard him say that he would tell them when the both of you were ready. Anorexia wasn’t something you were proud of.
A few minutes later you were left alone with Luke, the forgotten food still on the table. 

“I’m proud of you bub, that one slice of pizza you ate really made my day!” Luke’s lips lingering on your cheek as he wrapped his long arms around you. Maybe he was proud, but you weren’t.

Not long after that you and Luke went to bed, he knew how you would sneak out to the bathroom when you weren’t occupied so the faster you slept the more food that would make you healthy. His arms were wrapped around you tightly, he was not letting go.


You remembered how your boyfriend told you that your breathing changed when you were asleep so you began to change your breathing until you knew that he was asleep, thanks to his tiredness his arms loosened around your waist.

2 in the early hours of the morning and finally you could get up: you placed his arms on his stomach and silently tiptoed to the bathroom.

“No Y/N, don’t do it” You spoke the words of courage to yourself before you tried to turn yourself away from the toilet, the urge was strong but you were even stronger. You came way too far to give it all up now, but one time couldn’t hurt right?

Time went fast but it felt like slow motion when your toothbrush was hitting the back of your throat, your head close to the toilet so that you were ready to throw that one slice of pizza up but the person that used his arms to pull the toothbrush away was ruining it.

Luke took you away from the toilet and the toothbrush, sitting down against the wall with you on his lap. His long fingers were running through your hair as he thought of something to say.

Was he disappointed? Was he speechless? What would he say?

“It’s okay honey, you didn’t do it, we went a little step back but we can take one big step forward if you promise me not to sneak out of bed again”
Sobs that had been attacking you were starting to go away again, only small sniffles and a silent whimper was heard from time to time. Luke tried to comfort you by holding you and telling you everything was going to be alright.


You must have fallen asleep in the bathroom.
Before you realized it Luke was carrying you back to bed, and you were placed in his arms on the soft bed. Nothing but sheets covering your body after Luke wanted to see the damage once again, happily you were asleep when he did.

He was shocked time after time, you gained some weight from the moment that he discovered but it stayed hard to look at it. He would find a way to get you better, not by pushing you but by giving you food in playful ways. 

Luke thought the rest of the night, from 4 am to the time that you walked downstairs to see him in front of the kitchen counter. Your eyes scanned the table that was set for 2: one big bowl of fruit salad and one small bowl that was for you.

“Good morning gorgeous!” He walked towards you and pressed his lips against yours for a short second before he led you towards the table and sat down once you were sitting.

The bowl of fruit salad was in bright colors, some whipped cream forming the Ship name that you and Luke shared. That day was the day that you ate breakfast and dinner, Luke was proud and even you were proud.

That same day Luke made the competition to catch things with your mouth or eat a cookie from your eye without using your hands.

It was not going to be easy but with Luke, everything would be alright

Home, he says,
and thinks four-cent apples and six-cent eggs,
and thinks unreliable heat and two beds pushed together,
and thinks dance halls and big bands and steps he never knew.

Home, he says,
and thinks skinny shoulders and oversized shirts,
and thinks bright blue eyes and a wide grin,
and thinks red lipstick and perfect dark curls.

Home, he says,
and thinks gone
and thinks lost
and thinks nowhere.

—  You say you are home but your eyes are so far away (j.p.)
my opinion on ‘About Ray’ and ‘The Danish Girl’

I know that a lot of people in and out of the LGBTQ+ community are boycotting these movies and i do understand the negative aspects of them i.e. casting cis people to play transgender characters BUT i think the fact that these are movies that are actually coming out is a big step for the world to be more aware of transgender issues. While there are a lot of aspects of the movies that i dont agree with, as someone who is transgender, i think that this is an important way that people will be able to become more educated on issues related to gender dysphoria. There are pros and cons of these movies being released but i think members of the LGBTQ+ community should embrace it and try to educate people on how these movies could be better and what producers are doing wrong rather than boycotting the movies. Thats just my opinion, hope i didnt offend anyone.

Grateful Dead
RFK Stadium, Washington, DC
Soundboard with patches
for Promised Land, Half Step, and Sugar Mag
Mp3/256k vbr

Set 1
Promised Land, Deal
Looks Like Rain, They Love Each Other
Jack Straw, Loose Lucy
Mexicali Blues, Row Jimmy
El Paso, Box Of Rain
Sugaree, Beat It On Down The Line
Tennessee Jed, Greatest Story Ever Told
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Set 2
He’s Gone -> Truckin’ ->
Playing In The Band
Loser, Me And My Uncle
Mississipi Half Step
Big River, Eyes Of The World ->
China Doll, Sugar Magnolia/
Note: The 2:30 chorus in Sugarmagnolia has that has been missing for most of us for 35 years has been patched. Now we have every note for this ever-famous, most-beloved weekend.

Allman Brothers Band
RFK Stadium - Washington D.C.
June 9, 1973

Wasted Words, Done Somebody Wrong
One Way Out, Stormy Monday
Midnight Rider, Ramblin’ Man
In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
Statesboro Blues, Trouble No More
Jessica, You Don’t Love Me
Southbound, Les Brers In A Minor
Whipping Post, Mountain Jam*

*w/Bob Weir and Ronnie Montrose

shes-a-rebel-shes-a-sa-aint asked:

I'm really sorry to hear about your house situation. The best thing is to remain calm in this situation and try to work things out with your house mates. I know things seem scary and you're probably filled with anxiety but I assure you, things will work themselves out. I believe in you. ~Paige xx

Ahh I don’t have house mates. Its just my boyfriend and I on our own.@__@ The deposit is down on the new place, so thats the first big step. Now comes everything else.D;

taylorsforeverandalways asked:

Hey I know this isn't what you're asking for advice about but I just wanted to tell you that you're so incredibly brave for sharing that on tumblr and in a sense feeling comfortable enough to do so. Your behavior is commendable and I can promise you that so many people are proud of you because it is such a big step. If you ever need to talk to anyone about anything we're all going to be here for you.


Big Surprise!!

Just letting you guys know I have a big surprise for 200 followers!! We are only 7 away and I am super excited!!! Its a big step for this blog! I think you guys will like it!! Love you guys!! ~Admin Matt

Dear Younger Self

Remember all these journals and diaries? That soft one with the bunny on the front was your first one. It had a lock and key which was definitely not necessary when you were six. Writing for any length of time was still new to you then, so your mom was your scribe. Eventually you got the hang of it and scrawled your own thoughts about the details of your days.

Your next diary was a big step up. It too had a lock and key, but instead of an animal, the cover featured a very sophisticated picture of ballet slippers. You never learned ballet, but that’s not the point. The point is that you needed a diary that wasn’t for a little kid, even though you were one. The only entry you remember writing now is that one about Zack from Saved by the Bell. He was dreamy in the ‘90s, wasn’t he?

You kept writing about your feelings and hopes, but in middle school you became a poet. You didn’t tell anyone for a long time. Writing poetry was your secret. You didn’t want anyone to read your words; they were sacred to you then, new and exciting. This new form of writing offered so much promise. In addition to poems, you also wrote lyrics to go along with the piano you played. You wanted to write heartfelt ballads, but you were only twelve and didn’t exactly have a lot of experience on which to draw. You studied the lyrics of your favorite songs and tried to copy them. You wanted to create something deep and important in your lyrics and poems. You weren’t interested in anything funny or lighthearted.

Your poetry notebook was a big, pink notebook with flowers on the cover. You got it at the mall in Claire’s, your favorite store at the time. This notebook was even cooler than your ballet shoes diary. This notebook was perfect for a teenager, which you yearned to be. You filled up that entire book with poetry. You wrote every day. You wrote in rhyme, you wrote free verse, and you tried to find your voice.  While a lot of girls your age filled their notebooks with thoughts of the cute boy in math class, you mostly wrote about faith. Sometimes you wrote about your lack of it. You assumed you’d have all this faith stuff figured out by the time you were an adult, but faith and doubt are still what you write about most often.

In high school, you had journals for different things: poetry, prayers and Bible study notes, and your day-to-day life. You were unwilling to mix these topics in one book because they were distinct things that needed their own space. (You still hold this view today.) You wrote earnestly about God. You were honest in your prayers and hopeful in your poems. You wanted to take notes about the Bible like a well-trained scholar, even though the only biblical education you had was a lifetime in church. It was enough then and you did not suffer a shortage of words.

Your writing flowed freely until adulthood. Your feelings and beliefs were so strong in your youth. They’re still strong now, but you’re more self-conscious of your words. You weigh them more carefully, even in your private Moleskine notebooks (a big step up from ballet slippers and flowers). You’re so concerned how every line of your poetry sounds that you hardly write poems at all some months. You want to be a good artist who creates beautiful things and you’ve allowed you fear of failure to keep you quiet. Sure, you still write. But your words are rarely as vulnerable as they used to be. You write, but you’re never quite satisfied with the words before you. You write, but you no longer write every single day. Sometimes it’s more of a chore and less of a thrill. You write, but you still feel uncomfortable calling yourself a writer, even though you have been since you were a little kid.

Your poems weren’t very good when you were 12 or 14 or 16, but you wrote so many of them and didn’t care. Your prayers were lengthy and were comprised of the truest words you knew how to say. You wrote about your life with vulnerability and introspection. Your writing is more polite now, but you wish it wasn’t.

Younger self, I’m really proud of you for working so hard to get words on the page. I could learn a lot from you, though for many years you made me roll my eyes and want to distance myself. I’ve come to hate the saying, “I was a different person then.” We’re all only ever one person, but we are capable of change. We are capable of joy and sorrow and kindness and evil. We are complex creatures worthy of taking the time to understand how that complexity works. Our writing will be better if we do.

But for our writing to be better we have to do a lot of it. We’ve gotta fill up those notebooks like you used to when you were a kid. You used to have no fear when you picked up your pen or sat at your keyboard. Thank you for your example. Your courage is admirable and something I need.


anonymous asked:

Joshie, I put they/them pronouns onto my description yesterday and its only a baby step but I'm really happy about it and now I just gotta tell everyone that I actually know

:D I’m so proud of you my little flower this is such a big step (’: