Enough time had passed that Miranda now felt totally comfortable in Christian’s presence. What once were awkward glances and intensely calculated movements have transformed into lazy affections and inside jokes. If anything, this trip had made them closer - as friends, she assumed. But naturally, she was beginning to feel much more. It was no secret that she was attracted to him, physically, but now that she was getting to know him, his family, the way he worked, it was starting to grow much deeper.

Flopping down on the bed beside her fake fiancee, Miranda huffed out a big sigh. They were supposed to return home in a few days, but she really didn’t want to. If she could have, she would have stayed there forever. Going home meant that everything had to return to normal — and she wasn’t ready to let go. “Have you started packing yet?” She asked as she rolled onto her side, her arm propping her head up. “Do we HAVE To start packing - ever?”

Locked Out, Locked Down | Angel | Closed for Tsutomu

Three down, 14 to go. Why did she do this to herself? Oh well. She chose to do it. Literally, she did. Perhaps someone different would be better. Glancing at her list, she sighed. There were still some people she was interested in, but she didn’t have the excitement to meet them so… random it was.

Closing her eyes, she loosely held her pen and spun it around the page. When she placed it down, she opened her eyes: Tsutomu Hayashi. Oh yes, fun.

With another great big sigh, she began walking off, heading to some of the places they were allowed access to, so she could hopefully find the Escape Room Designer. She found him, and leaned against the door frame.

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“Tsutomu Hayashi, the Super High School Level Escape Room Designer. Although your talent might be well-deserved for designing difficult rooms, I highly doubt they’re any fun. After all, isn’t part of the fun solving the rooms? I mean sure, puzzle solvers who love a challenge would love to go for your more difficult rooms, but most people like to be rewarded at the end of something difficult. Basic human psychology.”

Angel, don’t be an ass. I’m so sorry.


What does McFLY mean to you? describe it in one word
“Supercalifragilisticexpidaliocious, did I say it right?” - Danny
“In one word McFLY means to me..awesome? wicked? Ace” - Dougie
“Everything, McFLY means everything, it’s literally our whole life” - Tom
“McFLY is fate”- Harry

Can't Live Without You (Guitar By 요한)
  • Can't Live Without You (Guitar By 요한)
  • Jay Park
  • New Breed Part.1

너 없이 안돼 (Guitar By 요한) - Jay Park

The original has always been my favorite, but this has taken the song to a whole new level. This song just screams “I honestly think about you everyday.” in my head.