Daily Oracle - September 30 2016.
Divine Circus Oracle.

Allow yourself to feel and experience the negative and darker emotions inside you, lovelies. It may not be pretty or feel good but sometimes that the first step to setting them free, letting them go and breathe a big sigh of relief afterwards. Let it out! 🍂

The Avengers Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: Post Civil War just because Tony’s forgiven the Avengers and allowed them to return doesn’t mean all is forgiven to FRIDAY. The overprotective A.I. decides to enact her own brand of justice by electrofying Bucky’s arm anytime he’s in close contact with Tony, makes Steve’s SHIELD fly out of his hand and charge back at him to knock him down, shuts off any electronic (tv, phones, tablets) when Clint tries to use it, causes Wanda cold showers and burnt food and Sam to be locked in rooms

A/N: This doesn’t have Y/N in it, so just heads up :)

Warning: None

When Tony gets to close to Bucky, things start to happen.

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What does McFLY mean to you? describe it in one word
“Supercalifragilisticexpidaliocious, did I say it right?” - Danny
“In one word McFLY means to me..awesome? wicked? Ace” - Dougie
“Everything, McFLY means everything, it’s literally our whole life” - Tom
“McFLY is fate”- Harry

Can't Live Without You (Guitar By 요한)
  • Can't Live Without You (Guitar By 요한)
  • Jay Park
  • New Breed Part.1

너 없이 안돼 (Guitar By 요한) - Jay Park

The original has always been my favorite, but this has taken the song to a whole new level. This song just screams “I honestly think about you everyday.” in my head.