Sleep Without You

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A/N: just a quick Dean drabble for you! Fluff, no warnings, inspired by the song “Sleep Without You” by Brett Young 

Dean groaned and rolled over, pulling the stiff motel sheets with him. He hadn’t had trouble falling asleep in months, god dammit, and suddenly he couldn’t keep his eyes closed. He refused to admit it had anything to do with you and the empty space next to him. 

A hunt had brought you all near your hometown, and you’d begged Dean to let you go out with some old friends. Eventually he’d surprised you and agreed, telling you to go have fun. He hadn’t exactly been lying, but when you’d gone to get ready, Dean had called Cas and asked him to keep an eye on you. So it wasn’t that he worried for your safety. Cas could zap you home in an instant if anything happened. It was just that you weren’t there with him. He’d grown so used to your warmth beside him, the quiet sounds of your breathing as you fell asleep. 

Dean growled in annoyance and pulled a pillow closer, wrapping his arms around it to try and trick his brain. But when he caught a big whiff of your shampoo on the pillowcase, he pushed it away from him and sat up. He glanced at the clock and threw the blankets off him, padding across the room to grab the bottle of whiskey he’d abandoned earlier. It was only 1:15, and you’d promised to be back by two. 

Never thought I would be like this…” Dean muttered, glancing through the window and up at the moon, “wide awake waiting on a damn goodnight kiss…

He sipped at the whiskey, jealousy flaring up as he wondered what you were doing. The dress and the heels you’d left in hadn’t made him too happy, but you’d kissed him and promised he was the one you were coming home to. As long as that was the case and he didn’t think too hard about how many men were seeing so much of your skin… Gaaahhh

Dean snarled again, draining the bottle and collapsing back into bed. He wanted you to have fun. As a hunter, fun really wasn’t something that came along very often, and friends had to be kept at a distance for their own safety. But god he wished he’d demanded to go with you. At least then he wouldn’t be stuck here trying - and failing - to sleep. You were stuck in his head, wrapped up in his heart. He felt so pathetic, needing you there to function like a normal person. But then again, you were the one that made him feel normal. Made him feel like he deserved happiness… he just wanted you home.

Dean was still wide awake when the lock on the door clicked and you pushed into the small room. You must have thought he was asleep, since you were trying to be so quiet. It was dark enough that you hadn’t noticed him, even as you kicked your heels off. He watched as your dress fell to the floor and you pulled on one of his t-shirts before sliding into bed next to him. Only then did he move, wrapping his arms around you and kissing your neck. 

“You’re awake,” you murmured in surprise, snuggling in against him. 

“Couldn’t sleep,” Dean muttered, moving to your lips. You tasted like whiskey - his favorite whiskey, in fact, which made him smile. 

“Aww was my big hunter worried about me?” You asked a little mockingly. Dean ignored it, actually taking a little pleasure in the nickname. 

“No, I knew you’d be safe,” he whispered, pulling you closer, “I just missed having you here.” He felt you smile against his lips, turning in his arms to face him. Something settled in Dean’s chest now that you were there again, like this was where you were supposed to be. 

“Well I’m here now,” you whispered, sliding a hand down his chest. 

“Thank god for that sweetheart.”


How It’s Made: Big Shampoo

I recently ran out of both my shampoo and conditioner at the exact same time. I pretty much stick to Lush shampoo and conditioner products, as I have found they smell amazing, work well, have lasting effects and do not leave residue on my hair. I have thick hair, lots of it, which tends to get oily.

It is now summertime, and I have a pool. Thus, my hair has been pretty limp and I wanted a really clarifying shampoo. I picked up my usual I Love Juicy (my favorite Lush shampoo and it leaves your hair squeaky clean and smelling like fruit without getting all Herbal Essences up in there). I also replaced my American Cream conditioner, as I pretty mush refuse to use any other conditioner at this point, as the amazing smell and proficiency of American Cream will never be beat. These two will continue to be my traditional everyday-use shampoo-conditioner combo. However, it is quite fun and healthy to change it up!

I saw this black potted Big Shampoo on the lush website, and was immediately attracted as it is made of sea-salt, coconut, and lemon. Smells really amazing. Its main tricks are adding body and volume to hair, and adding shine! I am into this for the summer.

I brought this home, and immediately wanted to try it, as I have been out of shampoo for three days and my hair felt not great. First of all, one thing you need to know about Big Shampoo is that is is literally filled with chunks of sea salt. I was like “… How..?” I took a bit into my hand and added some water and lathered it up a bit before applying it into my hair, and was startled to realize that it lathers up like CRAY and a little goes a long way. The sea salt dissolves and it felt AMAZING massaged into my scalp.

Now my hair just feels amazing. So clean and oil free. Smells like my American Cream Lush conditioner. I feel like it will have some beachy texture and volume in the morning.

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How bout really fluffy bath time with the chocobros? Not nsfw at all, just straight up fluffiness that will make you melt?


  • Noctis loves baths, it’s a time where he can just relax and think about his day.
  • and if he just relax in the bath his s/o it’s even better.
  • like if you’re soaking the bath right Noctis back in insomnia then the bathtub is so big and fancy. the shampoo and body wash are so fancy.
  • Noctis doesn’t really talk much and he just listens to you talk about your day or random things. He hums in reply but he’s like falling asleep on you!!
  • he has you between his legs and against his chest. His arms are wrapped around you.
  • he washes your hair and he’s so gentle. but he won’t let you wash his hair or even touch it!!
  • of course he’s going to make a bubble beard and he’s going to laugh non stop about it.
  • you’ll literally have to drain the tub because Noctis won’t get out until his skin is super wrinkly because he’s kind of lazy.


  • prompto loves baths. in specific super bubbly baths.
  • there’s so much bubbles in the bath you have to tell prompto to chill out and that he can’t add any more. also he adds a glittery bath bomb too.
  • once in the tub he’d pull you close to him so that you’re facing face to face.
  • he asks about your day and he’s super happy just hearing you talk. he’ll then tell you about his day.
  • he definitely makes a bubble beard well he makes hair too. and makes you one too. he tried to impersonate different people that he knows that has beards and they are soooo bad but you can’t help but laugh!!
  • he ends up dropping the shampoo in the water and it splashes everywhere and he has to dig around in the tub in find it.
  • bUT once he finds the shampoo he’ll wash you’re hair for you. and he asks you to wash his hair. he’s so giggly the whole time.
  • when it’s time to get out of the tub prompto ends up nearly slipping and he’s so dramatic about it. he claims that he could of dyed.


  • Like Noctis he also has a super fancy and big tub and super fancy soaps.
  • he isn’t super big on bubbles so the bath is mostly filled with super fancy oils and few bubbles.
  • he has you against his chest and arms around you.
  • he’s a little flirty though of course that’s just how gladio is!! he massages you really gently and it feels so good.
  • he actually ends up talking a lot and tells you all the juicy gossip that he’s heard. He’s like, “________, Ignis told me that that Suzanna chick is totally banging that Davidson guy. You and Nocits were right. Ignis heard it right from Suzanna’s best friend. Gods now i owe noct 50 Gil.”
  • he’s honestly so amazing at washing your hair and body. Like is there a profession for hair washing because he should totally do that.
  • after y'all get out of the bath he’s super cuddly in the bedroom and ends up falling asleep really fast.


  • Ignis has a moderate amount of bubbles and really good smelling oils too.
  • you two are probably facing face to face on different ends of the tub.
  • its mostly just soaking in and talking about the day. He also tells you really interesting facts that he’s learned that day and has story attached to them.
  • for once ignis’ hair is down and messy, no gel is keeping it up. and he had no glasses on too.
  • at some point he’ll pull you over to him and pull you closely to chest. He pepper your face and neck with kisses and laugh softly too.
  • he washes your hair and he doesn’t mind you washing his if you want.
  • but the bath probably won’t last long since Ignis is a busy man. but he enjoys this little moment so much.
spotted on twitter(?)


you might not know her. 

this is nabilla. she is semi famous in france because she was in a tv show called “les anges de la téléréalité” (where dramatic strangers live together for a number of weeks). in this video you can see The Moment that made her career : she was on camera mocking girls from the show, going “hello (the phone hello), you are a girl and you don’t have shampoo?”

big buzz, everyone heard, loads mocked, and instead of hating herself she did a kim k and became a businesswoman, writing a book, getting a show (…).

and on friday this week, something blew up on french twitter.


Big: Sea Salt Shampoo. I recently went into my Local Lush store and asked for a sample of Big. Because my hair is quite flat and boring. I fell in love instantly the smell is like a sea breeze, or well everything you want the sea to smell like. its fresh and uplifting and utterly perfect for my hair. It doesn’t just add volume it adds shine. But my favourite thing is that it utterly cleanses my hair making it beautiful. I’m blonde with fine hair, it lifts my hair and I think makes my hair brighter. I don’t wash my hair every day so this is perfect for when I want to wash my hair because it can cope without being washed. But if you do, I would use this maybe twice a week and add Seanik into your routine. I also use a light conditioner, because it’s salt it can be a little drying on the ends. The main ingredients are; Sea Salt, Lemon and Lime, Toothed Wrack Seaweed and Sea Water. The salt I find adds to the wonder of this shampoo, I love the feeling of it and the lather the shampoo creates. The salt lightly exfoliates the scalp also. It’s just so Fresh! So I got a big tub. 

Post SAT Haul:
- Big Shampoo: $27.95
- Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner: $35.95
- Dark Angles: $13.95
- Strawberry Bombshell lip balm: $9.95
- Earrings for my friends: $32x3 ($96)
- Free Your Mane: $18
-Opal Bite Lipstick: $24
- Urban Decay Lipstick: $17
🙊 Drug Store:
- NYX jumbo eye pencil: $5
I also got a swim suit from brandy for my friend and a bunch of vs undies but I’m too lazy to total them.
Total: approx. $311

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Rosie! I tried out Lush's shampoo New at your recommendation and it's been like a miracle, so thank you! Do either you or Rose have a fave Lush product to help with acne?

Yeah that shampoo is the bomb. I also use the ‘BIG’ shampoo as well and I’m really enjoying that too. I really like the mask of magnaminty, I don’t have acne but I find it’s really good to take out any redness and tighten your pores up. I also used to use something that looked and sounded like bread…. haha I can’t remember what it was but that was great too. I’m not a doctor and I could be wrong, but if acne isn’t hormonal then it’s usually something you’re eating that’s causing it. Like if Rose eats too much dairy her skin flares up. When I used to eat dairy I had terrible skin and as soon as I gave it up it cleared up. Gluten intolerence can also create acne. But what works for some doesn’t work for others so unfortunately it’s a horrible guessing game that most people have to go through. Good luck xxx

Because I am a loser, I figured that I would put together 100 of the things that most people skip through to get the good part of tv. Commercials! (more masterposts)

Kool Aid ● First Barbie Ad ● Jell-O and Racism ● Ipana Toothpaste ● Hamm’s Beer ● Tootsie Roll Pops ● Pepsodent Toothpaste ● Swiss Creme Sandwich ● Skippy Peanut Butter ● Ritz Crackers ● I can’t do anything, but thanks to the copy machine that doesn’t matter! ● Doctor’s recommend smoking! ● “let’s make this woman’s face radioactive to test our cream” ● Ajax Cleaner ● Colgate ● Halo Shampoo ● Rapid Shave 

Moutain Dew Soda ● The Flintstones support Busch Beer ● Cereal sold by a creep clown?? ● Coke keeps you thin! ● Maybe Folgers can teach this woman to make coffee ● The Flintstones reccomend Winston Cigarettes ● Pink Panther Flakes ● Dick Tracy silent ray gun ● Tang ● Cracker Jack ● Swing Wing ● Polaroid Swinger ● Maybe Folgers can teach this woman to make coffee, part two ● Even a woman can drive this! ● Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum ● Twister ● Green Giant ● Mattel “V-rroom!” ● Robot Commando ● “We put human souls in life like dolls” ● Cheerios ● Gillette razor ● Hoover ● Surf washing powder 

McDonald’s ● I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing ● Star Trek Communicators ● Say Cheeseburger ● Milky the Marvelous Milking Cow ● Tang, for earthmen ● Astronaut Breakfast ● Big Mac ● Faberge Shampoo ● Shake & Bake vs House-i-tosis ● Folger’s coffee ● Kool-Aid ● Land of the Jawas Playset ● Millenium Falcon Kenner ● Baby Laugh A Lot ● Star Trek: the McDonald’s meal ● Whirlpool Portable Washer ● 22 Explosive Hits ● Dodge Charger 500 

The Apple Bra ● Kentucky Fried Chicken ● Nintendo Cereal System ● Pepsi Generation ● Connect Four ● Micro Machines ● Chia Pets ● Wham-O Slip-n-Slide ● Castle Grayskull ● Dino-Riders ● Smooshees ● Do The Arches ● Ayds ● You & Your Johnson ● ET the Video Game ● Zack the Lego Maniac ● The Slim Suit ● Color Computer ● It’s Gonna Be A Great Day 

The new mobile phone, from radio shack! ● KFC with MC Hammer ● Nintendo 64 ● The Wunder Boner ● Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pies ● Apple Jacks ● Ecto Cooler ● WHAM-O Bubble Thing ● Skip It ● Gotta have my pops! ● Nerf Arrow Storm ● Liquid Cool ● “Bud” “Weis” “er” ● Batman & Robin ● How to enjoy Disney World, Larry 

The Brother/Sister Folgers ad ● Dude Dell ● M&M’s ● Capri-Sun Coolers ● Go-Gurt ● Trix - Fashion Show 

That feeling when you’re in Paris, finally,
or your mother calls to tell you she met someone new
three years after the divorce. When you start spending
big girl money on shampoo and your hair is glossy. 
When you love that boy and your knees are soft
like honey. When there is coffee. When there is a pool,
and it’s warm, and it’s night. When you are cruel
to a girl with bad skin but you feel like you own the world.
When you're in the car with your best friend
and your favorite song is on and you’re full of sugar 
and you love each other until you go to sleep.
When there is a party and the videos you see the next day
are out of focus and you’re laughing into your eggs.
When you’ve just washed your sheets and they smell
like an open window. When you're not sure if this is real,
but all the hair in the sink. When you’re not the only one.
—  Kristina Haynes, “That Feeling”

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4, 6, and 7 for fshali perhaps? Thank you

4. Their favorite physical feature on each other? 


6. Who is the big spoon?

They switch, honestly. It’s basically just dependent on who wants to lay on what side. 

Kira likes being the big spoon because Tali’s kinda shaped perfectly for that. Tali likes being the big spoon because whatever shampoo Kira uses smells so good and her hair is just so soft–even when it tickles.

7. Favorite date activity?

Usually something quiet, actually. Tali’s a blackout drunk sometimes, which…is dangerous if Kira’s not watching her every move so she doesn’t accidentally poison herself. Their nicest dates involve snacks and sappy romcoms curled up on the couch in pajamas, or late night picnics under the stars.

Romance Asks

Lush Routine 1/20

-Godiva Shampoo Bar

-Big Solid Conditioner (sample)

-Prince Charming Shower Cream (sample)

-Cupcake Face Mask

-Bubblegum Lip Scrub

-Charity Pot

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What are your fave lush products for hair? Also just like overall?

favorite hair stuff! i love lush hair stuff. bless mark constantine and his passion for trichology. what i use right now:

  • blousey shampoo - PERFECT its made with banans and clove and anise and thyme and etc etc etc… i love it. i have a very tetchy relationship with shampoo, it always makes my hair feel sooo gross and sticky and weird and i just hate it!! before lush i barely used shampoo because i just… its just too much. but blousey is ideal because it was designed for turbo overprocessed hair so it lathers super gently and it doesnt strip color and when i wash with it my hair still feels soft and nice and i just. big love to blousey
  • american cream conditioner - this is our double strength conditioner!! with bleached hair u def need something a bit stronger but my hair just doesnt get along with retread (our strongest conditioner). it smells really nice like… strawberry vanilla. i usually dont like sweet smells but it totally works for me. also it has lanolin in it which is what sheep produce to protect their wool :^)
  • r&b hair moisturizer - youve probablly picked up on this but! i have really dry hair! you can put r&b in whenever (i use it when my hairs wet, thats just the routine that i prefer) and it softens your hair and smells really good and while its totally possible to overuse it and become a ball of grease, when you find a happy amount it works wonders and it doesnt build up throughout the week and yeah r&b is great. if you have curly hair or afro hair or bleached hair you should look at trying some out
  • h’suan wen hua hair treatment - this is my ultimate. its basically like every dyi hair treatment (crack an egg into your hair, slather your hair with olive oil, etc) in one. this is like… a bath bomb… for your hair… if that makes sense. just because like its not something that you get a whole lot of use out of but holy shit. its like? $22 and i get three uses out of it and that sounds like a lot but it literally… put the curl pattern back in my hair. i used it once a week and left it in for about an hour each time and after the first time my hair was noticeably healthier and by the end of the tub i had springy curls and natural texture and etc i swear by this stuf

when i had short hair i used the new! shampoo bar (im a big fan of the shampoo bars and this one helped my hair grow quicker!) and the big solid conditioner (its good for volume and my hair is already super voluminous so after a certain point of my growout i stopped being able to use it). if i need some texture i spray a bit of sea spray into my hands and fluff it into my hair. whn my hair was shorter i LOVED the zeste styling jelly. really good hold and your hair stays soft and it smell good

ugh god i can write so much about lush FAVORITES IN GENERAL:

  • full of grace facial serum - unless you have an allergy to one of the ingredients, you have no reason not to use this. its a miracle bar.
  • ultrabland cleaner - literally the best makeup remover in the world, confirmed by my friends in the theatre (stage makeup) and several makeup artists and taylor reed
  • sympathy for the skn lotion - it smells and feels like ice cream and it brightens tattoos
  • anything with sparkles; did you know our glitter and luster are made with seaweed and synthetic mica and stuff? its cool
  • anything with cinnamon or fennel or ginger
  • handy gurugu - my hands are eczematic and dry and awful and this is the only thing strong enough to hydrate them
  • feeling younger skin tint - my favorite… its like a highligher and its opalscent and gorgest its so so so pretty i just tap a little onto my cheekbones and its perfect
  • all the color cosmetics and mascara!!!! our mascara is amazing and NOURISHING!!! WE HAVE REALLY FUN PRETTY HEAVILY PIGMENTED MUTLIPURPOSE COLOR COSMETICS I LOVE THEM
  • just in general the bath melts are my first choice of the bath products
  • putty for your hands - a non lathering soap that is soooo amazing for sensitive skin
  • breath of god perfume - me in a scent!!!!!
  • wiccy magic muscles massage bar OR fair trade foot lotion - whenever my pain gets particulary bad on the floor i rub one of these on my lower back or shoulders and its basically like moisturizing icyhot

ok im done. this is why we dont get me started on lush