“Don’t make me sorry for ever counting on you”

Based off of Big Time Rush’s song Count on You (idc if btr is old or if no one likes them I love them and their songs are life) 

Summary: Both you and Calum have had your fair share of heartbreaks. You both were about to give up on the idea of love until you met each other. Nevertheless the two of you fall for each other but you’re cautious nature makes you weary of whether to trust Michael completely or run away from love yet again.

Setting: I kind of picture this in either one of those really cliché picnic dates where they end up staring at a starry night or inside an apartment with a really good view of the city (cuddle weather)

please listen to Count on You by Big Time Rush it gives you major feels

Y/N had no idea how she got here. A year ago, Y/N never would have pictured herself with a man as great as the one and only Calum Hood. He is everything you could wish for in a guy. He is funny, caring, nerdy, smart, your own personal cuddle buddy. To millions he was Calum Hood: that guy who plays bass in 5SOS. To you he was your best friend, your happiness, your true love. 

From the moment you met, there was an instant connection.  Maybe it was their taste in music? Maybe it was their similar personalities? It was something much stronger than that.

Both Calum and Y/N have been in serious relationships that ended in disaster. Traumatized by their past relationships, both are too afraid to completely let another person in. They are too afraid to give their hearts to someone because they might just tear it open again. Their heartbreaks are what connected them the most. Calum and Y/N both know what its like to see the person they care deeply about leave and never look back.

Going into this, Y/N knew that there would be may hardships along the way. All of his fans loved and cared for him just like you. Y/N was afraid that one day one lucky person would steal her happiness away. Was it worth the risk? Love someone who could possibly leave you in a blink of an eye? 

After a year of getting through the awkward meetings, quirky dates, to this moment, Y/N is ready to give her heart to Calum. He showed Y/N that no other person would be able to capture his heart or ever make him leave your side. He proved to Y/N that true love did exist in the world and that it was okay to let the walls built around your heart down. Before she could completely give her heart to him she says,

“Don’t hurt me or desert me. Don’t give up on me. Don’t use me or take advantage of me. Most of all please don’t make me sorry for ever counting on you.”

Calum has fallen head over heels in love with Y/N and that she had his heart from the moment they met. He knew that there was something unique about Y/N. He also knew that Y/N was heavily guarded by walls, but nevertheless Calum was determined to break them all down and unlock the mystery that was Y/N. He wanted, no strived to be the one to show Y/N what love really means. With that Calum replies with the words everyone wants to hear, “I love you.” And of course he closes it off with a kiss.

Before Calum, Y/N had never truly been in love before. Y/N didn’t know the meaning of love until she met him. With that, Y/N broke off the kiss and tells him,

“I’m about to give you my heart, but remember this one thing. I’ve never been in love before so you gotta go easy on me.”

Does anyone over the age of 18 even ship Joshaya?

For the record, this is not intended as a catalytic anti-Joshaya post. I’m just genuinely curious, because this is pretty much all I can picture when I think of them dating at their current ages:




curioussubjects  asked:

you're probably so fed up by this question, but i really am curious to know what made you change your mind re: rory's end game. mostly because i was also very much in the single!rory camp, but bizarrely the clues seems to be pointing to a potential rory/logan ending? i want to compare notes, if you wouldn't mind? to me it's the london thing, because it gives such an easy in for logan and that whole how come we meet again after all these years vibe (which i guess may be silly idk!)

It’s a lot of things! The London thing is a big one–but I was looking at what we know about filming/characters coming back and with the LDB + Mitchum + any scenes Logan has without those characters…it just seems like a lot of screen time to give to someone Rory has already broken up with only to have them break up again? What is the point of all that if it’s not a romantic plot? They could easily just bring Logan back for an episode and show us what he’s up to if that’s what they wanted…but bringing back his friends and his dad? 

It’s just too much time to spend on Logan if they’re going to end up where they already were. 

That’s the major reason I changed my mind.