So … since i was a little kid i had this trauma with my big nose, and i gues it was only because i’m the middle sister and my siblings have like.. perfect little noses and i was so silly and always hit my nose by accident , so my oldest sister used to  called me “nose-witch” and i tought it was because my magic-nose attracts  balls and all kind of stuf .

And i was like….. someday i’ll be 18 and i’ll operate this witch nose, but as i grew up my sister said to me: you have such a nice nose, don’t change it! And now i’m almost 20 and you know what?? I LOVE MY NOSE!! and now my new trauma is actually for guys with big noses like Adrien Brody or Gary Go, gosh i wanna marry one of them and have babies with big noses  (♥)(♥)

Everyone has the right to alter their appearance if it makes them feel better about themselves; I advocate for personal choice. But I also advocate for big noses. Noses don’t have to be quiet and only play a supporting role to other facial features. Noses are the first thing you put forth and often the first thing people notice. A big nose is regal, sexy, elegant, striking, strong, memorable, arresting, and unique.

hey (: so I found this picture the other day, and wanted to share it with you. “slightly mutilating the natural state of your body in order to be deemed acceptable”. This describes how I feel about nose jobs.

-Oh! I like that. Slightly mutilating the natural state of your body in order to be deemed acceptable. It’s true, that’s how I feel about nose jobs as well. To be deemed acceptable, who even wants to be deemed acceptable. Screw everyone else’s opinions! You are all awesome as you are.

This is Frances Bean Cobain and i think she is gorgeous and her nose makes she even more beautiful.

I feel really ugly because of my nose and even don’t like go out because i think people will do jokes about my big nose :(

Maybe one day i will have courage for submit me.

Thank you for this blog i feel better always when i come here.

-Gorgeous lady with a gorgeous nose! And I think that would be great if one day you submitted! You will be happy with yourself one day. Just don’t be so scared of people making jokes. Much worse things could happen to you when you step out of the house. You could be mugged or get caught in a rainstorm with no jacket.. But a joke, I mean that’s not so bad. And what are the chances that random strangers are even going to care about another stranger’s nose? Not very likely. I  mean there are people out there like that, but to live in fear of them is just wasting your potential. For every horrible person out there, there are like 10 amazing people if not more. This is a random statistic of mine, but yeah. I mean everyday I leave the house I run across wonderful people. You have to see people for their best selves. If you see everyone as potentially being a mean person, well people will probably be stand offish towards you. Just  be a genuine person and no one will ever think to make fun of your nose. No one has the right to make fun of it. It’s your nose. You own it!

i fit all the criteria of the stereotypical “ugly girl”: curly/frizzy hair, glasses, braces, big nose. but im cute and sexy af. @ teen books/movies any thoughts????????

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Eye color: light brown
Height: 5'5"
Hair (Color/Length/style): brown with natural blonde undertones…and fluffy
Do you have freckles?: angel kisses?Yes.
Sexuality: gay :^)
Do you tan easily?: eh~
Do you wear glasses?: nah
Do you have tattoos/piercings?: no :^(
What would you classify your style as?: sexy big nose babe
Are you athletic/curvy/skinny/normal?: I dance.
What celeb do you look like the most?: that snake that ate the alligator once
Least favorite feature: lmao I’m gr8
Post a selfie: it won’t get notes lmao

kagamine-kai, cryjerk, shorten, hon-hon-baguette-eiffel-tower, homoeroticly, attercopter, ah-floral-ble, bethyreed, and technicallity :^)

so yeah, i don’t think i’ve ever seen anyone with a nose as big as mine, and it makes me look manly and unfeminine. however since i saw this blog i feel so much better about it, knowing that there are people who appreciate big noses! i get made fun of all the time but what people don’t realise is that bullying is ugly and i’d choose to have a big nose over being a bully anyday! i think you and your blog are wonderful, and you are a beautiful person :)

-Oh my goodness! You look like a Greek Goddess. Seriously, you do. You are gorgeous and you don’t look unfeminine in the slightest! Not a chance! You look beautiful and very much like a lovely, young lady! I guarantee you will find people out there that find your nose simply amazing. I know I think so! I am really happy to hear my blog has helped you feel better about your nose. I would never want you to be unhappy with such a fabulous nose. That would be such a crime, but it is even a bigger crime for someone to bully you about that nose! Who would ever.. I don’t know. But it makes me sad. You are very right. Bullying is very ugly. Bullying is ugly, but you most certainly are not! And bullying makes you a very ugly person. If you are nice and treat others with respect than you will be forever beautiful!

Audrey Hepburn's tips for staying always beautiful and positive:

1. If you want your lips to be beautiful, say only words of kindness.
2. For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others.
3. Share your food with the hungry and your figure will always be slim.
4. Allow your child to touch your hair and it will always be healthy.
5. To feel confident, always walk thinking that someone is looking at you.
6. People need encouragement, say good things and never hurt anyone.
7. When you need a helping hand always know that you have it - your own! We were given two hands, one for ourselves, and another to help others.
8. Woman’s beauty is not in her clothing, hair or figure. It’s in her eyes.
9. Woman’s beauty is not in her looks, it’s in her soul. It’s care, love and passion she gives to the world.
10. Woman becomes more beautiful as she ages.

PJ Liguori aka KickThePj

He has a very interesting nose yet he is the most attractive hilarious and magically talented dude ever. You must see his videos on Youtube if you haven’t already.

Note, I beleive everyone happens to be a lot more of things than just a freakin nose, really, don’t let others bring you down with stupid comments but must importantly don’t hurt yourself with strange thoughts because you ARE beautiful :0)

-Oh I love youtubers! I will totally check out his channel! His is very, very good looking ;) Great nose of his! And yes I definitely agree with you that everyone is sooo much more than their nose. You are all people and are very interesting and are all different. Just embrace that fact of life! Everyone is awesome no matter the size of your nose.