In case you were wondering, this is what it looks like when you put a 5'2" girl on a 19.3 hand belgian (for non-horsey people that is almost 7ft. at the base of his neck). 

It was such a crazy experience. I felt like a tiny child riding a horse for the first time. Everything I have learned in my 15+ years of riding was suddenly not applicable. I even felt all jittery and giddy like the times that I have tried and failed to do things like rock climbing or trapeze. He is amazing though. His name is Mack, and he is the cutest, sweetest thing around. He is also super safe and easy going. Riding him felt so completely foreign though, like he might as well be a fucking elephant. And it is a bit like trying to steer a house. 

Anyway, that happened today, and it was awesome. :-)