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my hc about mark and celine is that they were the cutest fucking couple they started dating in hs and god they were adorable and celine was so fucking happy when mark proposed and mark got a promotion and so they bought this big new house (will lived with them for a bit bc he was a college boy and had no money) and then the house started slowly changing them and it made mark go power crazy and he started putting money and stuff in from of celine so she left him even tho she was so sad about it


Think about your dream life. Picture it. Imagine it. See it in front of you. It may be close, or may seem light years away. It may be big, small, exciting or enlightening. It may be the ultimate adventure, or sweet and cuddly just the way you like it. Regardless, this is your dream life.

This is the life that you are capable of achieving.

—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

one of the highlights of taking my daughter to the halloween event the other night was seeing that they had Peter Pan casted by a person of color. I know it shouldn’t be a big deal, I wish it wasn’t a big deal, but I live in a city in the south where racism is still strong and unashamed. But this was cool, it showed Charlie she can be whoever she wants, whatever she wants to be because her skin color doesn’t define what she has to be.

Hold on a moment

Before you guys start a schism in Dark’s honour, hear me out.

Can you guys honestly look at the character named Mark “Markiplier” Fischbach in the videos and really recognize him? 

He’s rich, he lives in a mansion, he gambles… his manner of speech is strange? 


This is literally the only time we get to see Markiplier directly and who he is laid bare before his death. But that doesn’t mean our observation ends there.

This is from the blog itself, but look. It says things like “Fallen Movie Star” and “Celebrity Actor In Cahoots With Beloved Mayor.” 

This could just mean that Damien isn’t the wonderful person we think he is, but I digress. 

We have an actor who’s obviously have fallen from grace, and he’s engaged in scandals with the Mayor, in addition to being rich and living the big life. I don’t know if you guys remember, but despite how talented our Mark is at acting, he’s turned down acting deals in favor of remaining where he is (which I have to absolutely give kudos for). 

This Mark is an Egg, and you could see it quite plainly. I haven’t seen any proof of moral uprightness that our Mark possess- he has money, but there didn’t seem to be an indicator that he engaged in any activity of philanthropy. I find it hard to trust the man I see before me on the screen, especially not after learning of the whole Celine affair. 

Now, everything looks they’re pointing to Mark being a terrible person- a manipulator and such-, and I agree. At least, to something. It seems that everything was set up so that it DOES look like Mark is at blame here for everything, and that’s because this Mark is not our Mark. 

The Mark we know lives in a more humble setting while donating to charity at least every month (sometimes he donates more than just money). This one is quite the opposite. He seems quite acquainted with the media, and he’s not an honest man. 

How can he not be our Mark? Consider the circumstance of the story: this is either an alternate universe, a different timeline, OR the Mark we know is a dead ringer to this one at least in appearance.

There’s evidence to show that this universe isn’t quite ours, the universe where our Mark is familiar to. In a livestream, Mark himself said that Wilford and Dark aren’t quite from our universe, and they’re used to not obeying the laws of physics. Clearly, a universe where lightning and thunder strikes everytime you say “murder” counts as being otherworldly (as does a house containing supernatural properties). Our Mark seems to not be affiliated with the supernatural of any kind.

In addition, the time period is not quite like ours- the alternate timeline idea or our Mark being a dead ringer could be supported when you realize that strong evidence links this period to being like the 1930s (ex: the Slang “Bully”, the Colonel’s undergarments, the mansion, etc etc…). Because this is not quite set in the present, we can deduce that this Mark is not Ours. Heck, I want to go ahead and point out that he acts quite the opposite to ours- the true antithesis.

So, that leaves with some conclusions: the Mark we saw in the videos is a different man. Unfortunately, Our Mark is still quite in danger because as it is, Damien/Celene/Dark is still bitter about having everything stripped from him, and he’s gunning still for the channel. Our Mark may not be the one that did it, but sadly, the hollow shelled man from an alternate universe hasn’t forgotten the face that did. 

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Seeds are meant to be nurtured, loved and fed with the proper nutrients. Growth takes time, and this often requires patience. Day by day, continue to feed them your love, and one day they will become the most beautiful of flowers.

Don’t give up, friend. Stay patient, and give your seeds time to grow.

—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
The Apology of Rachel Amber

I’d like to give my not-so-humble opinion on the whole “RachelAmberisamanipulativebitchffscantyouseeit?” matter.

To me Rachel Amber is, if anything, a hot, charming girl with a magnet personality that most of us would oh-so-loved to have as a friend in high school.

Also if Rachel is manipulative what would Max’s definition be?

Please take a moment to meditate on the following points:

1- she was Chloe’s best friend
2- she left when Chloe’s dad died
3- she didn’t stay in touch ( Chloe’s dad died. Max, where was your empathy?)
4- she got back to Arcadia Bay but still didn’t get in touch with Chloe (just a  reminder that she makes contact, by accident, in the parking lot after ONE month )

Max excuse was :”I just wanted to settle in first and not be such a shy, cliche geek. I totally would’ve contacted you…”
Excuse me, after 5 years you still wait a month, ‘cause you know, what difference does it make? Eeek.

If you choose any of the available Max’s answers , when they’re in Chloe’s truck, none of them is satisfying because none of them is a real answer as to why she didn’t stay in touch with Chloe at such a critical moment in her life.

Chloe: You were happy to wait five years without a call or even a text.

Option 1) Max: I wanted to. I was just so tripped out over leaving Arcadia…
Option 2) Max: Give me a break! I was going through changes…like you…
Option 3) Max: I’m sorry. I know things were tough on you when I left…

If I were Chloe I would have been furious! It would have taken me far more than a week to reconnect and trust her again; of course Max more than makes up for it in the end and that’s why I was and still is all for Pricefield (and Amberprice before Max return).

This leads me to… Rachel Amber.

Is she manipulative ?  Or simply as manipulative as any other teenager can be: she is beautiful, talented, intelligent, smart. This is the perfect teenage crush, whether you’re a boy or a girl, that’s why everybody liked her, she was charming and transversal.

I don’t think for a moment that Rachel has betrayed Chloe, she was just living her life in full mode on, of course she wanted to get the heck out of Arcadia Bay, almost every teenager dream of a life away from her/his hometown (unless of course you were born in NYC, LA, LONDON  and so on) making it big, living the dream, perhaps even with your bff tagging along ?

So, I guess Chloe can feel betrayed (original LIS) for two reasons, depending on the choices you make in BTS :

-Rachel was indeed Chloe’s gf 
This might be the outcome of your choices in BTS (mine for sure!), so the fact that Rachel ends up with Frank sucks BUT it doesn’t mean Rachel and Chloe were still together when that happened. If that was the case, well, things happen, and in that letter she wrote to Chloe, you can feel Rachel’s pain, cause she knows this will hurt Chloe’s feelings, and she really didn’t know how to tell her. Life is about taking chances, going further, committing mistakes. If Rachel fell in love with Frank (I never thought it was Jefferson), what was she supposed to do ? We don’t know if Rachel literally cheated on Chloe, because we don’t know if they were still together when that happened. This, either way, doesn’t change, in my view, the love and affection Rachel had for Chloe. SHE was there to pick up the pieces when Max was in another city and burned bridges. This would f***ing hurt me more than anything else and I am still in shock that so many, in Lis fandom , quietly fly over it.
That’s the biggest betrayal of all: leave your bff hanging out to dry after an incredible loss and then coming back after 5 years like nothing’s happened.

- Rachel was Chloe’s bff (or she was aware of Chloe’s crush but did not reciprocate) so she should have told her, cause you know, that’s what bff do…
Most of the times, though, things are not always black and white. Sometimes you fear the reactions  and judgment of a loved one. Will she think less of me? Will I be a disappointment ? Will she get over it ? You know, this kind of reactions.

Of all the people in Blackwell Academy Rachel chose Chloe. For a reason: she likes her. She feels a connection. She surely also likes that edge Chloe has, the rebel without a cause, the punk rock attitude. But Chloe is the perfect companion for Rachel, at least in that moment in time.

 Just like that friend or lover you lost contact with, that perfect song that spoke to your soul or that book that changed you forever, Rachel will leave an indelible mark in Chloe’s life. Life, as we know, will turn out to be very different for both of them. 

After all… Life is Strange.