Big Brother House Walkthrough - Main Living Space

This is the communal living area that all our inma–er, housemates will be sharing! There’s a few nooks for one to one conversations, as well as a massive wrap around couch. Guess which seats are the ‘hot ones’?

The bookcase in the nook with the egg-shaped chairs is actually the entry door to the Diary Room.

There’s a staircase leading to a small loft lounge with a bookcase and a chess table

It’s all been designed as a bright, airy space to help keep the contestants on an even keel during their confinement and promote social interaction; but we’ll see how long that lasts, eh?

The REAL double standard in society is that when the hulk gets mad and destroys things it’s “INCREDIBLE!” but when I do it, I’m just an asshole.
—  Tsubaki

Wonho’s mom just opened up a new coffee shop called MoMo cafe (coffee). Remember about more than a year ago when No.Mercy was airing and Wonho was in tears over having to debut because he felt horrible about his mom and having red tags all over their house due to their financial situation? Look how much has changed for the better. She opened a coffee shop and her son debuted. He even helped make the sign board for his mom. Wonho’s love for his mom is beyond words..

happy international cat day~ human anatomy was kicking my ass so why not

And Now, Your Feature Presenation

So say you log into Big Live and you see a show about Nikola Tesla in the guide. You think “Great! Tesla is my favorite!” and go to the stage to watch it.

One of Big Live’s best qualities is that you are now watching the Nikola Tesla show with 672 other Nikola Tesla fans. There are 627 other people in the audience who have something in common with you, and you can see all their avatars, and chat with them in the chatroom. But, you can’t talk to 627 people at once. You have to choose just a few of these fellow Tesla fans to connect with.

That’s where the “sort” function comes in.  

Using the sort function, you can divide the crowd by gender and age, to tailor the crowd to your own demographic (or the demographic of people you want to interact with). 

External image

And now you can talk to the people you really want to connect with.

i try to think about my favorite thing about kate and like???? i cant?? shes so precious???? in any interview that she has something to drink, she has it in her hand almost the entire time. her legs and her hands and her voice. she wears black dresses almost all the time. she described herself as “covered in cat hair” and “soft.” she refers to her cat as her son. her biggest fear is being convicted of a crime in a foreign country. shes a science nerd. her hair always looks amazing whether its down and wavy or in her holtzmann updo or her haircut from 2008. she makes gay jokes. she plays gay characters. shes representing us and i love her.