And Now, Your Feature Presenation

So say you log into Big Live and you see a show about Nikola Tesla in the guide. You think “Great! Tesla is my favorite!” and go to the stage to watch it.

One of Big Live’s best qualities is that you are now watching the Nikola Tesla show with 672 other Nikola Tesla fans. There are 627 other people in the audience who have something in common with you, and you can see all their avatars, and chat with them in the chatroom. But, you can’t talk to 627 people at once. You have to choose just a few of these fellow Tesla fans to connect with.

That’s where the “sort” function comes in.  

Using the sort function, you can divide the crowd by gender and age, to tailor the crowd to your own demographic (or the demographic of people you want to interact with). 

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And now you can talk to the people you really want to connect with.

Realizing that Seokjin could post his first Silver Selfie at any second

blurry-dan  asked:

i have not been on the internet for some time, please explain to me what happened with dan and painting his nails? im confused

he painted his nails and he looks really pretty


Dance with Alan Rickman…

Scenes from: “Romeo and Juliet”, “An Awfully Big Adventure“, “Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny “, video for the song “In Demand”, (Texas), “Private lives”, “The Search for John Gissing“, “Love Actually”, “Something the Lord Made"

Video of the Day

Big Live has a collection of some of the funniest content out there. Like this episode of Arrested Development:

“The One Where They Build A House” Watch and enjoy, compliments of Big Live. You may want to use the Invite Facebook Friends feature from yesterday’s post and chat with your friends while you watch!