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Sorry. >~<' I meant... fluff hc with s/o. Again sorry.

Ahh no worries! I just wanted to make sure so I can write the best for ya!<3 Here ya go! ~Mod P.

Fluff HCs with S/O, Phantom Thieves edition~


  • Snuggling? You bet!
  • Cuddling? Oh yeah!
  • Is subtly affectionate when it comes to cuddling, and although he wouldn’t almost always be the first to initiate it, there are times when he would.
  • Snuggles and cuddles while watching a movie? Yep! It might end up with him and his S/O fall asleep.


  • Quite fond of cuddles although he’s probably too embarrassed to admit it to anyone else.
  •  Still, that doesn’t mean he would deny his S/O the privilege of doing it thought.
  •  He would mostly keep his hands to himself during the act, not having any idea where to place them.


  • Indifferent when it comes to cuddling.
  • He isn’t the type to initiate it first, although he wouldn’t have any qualms being on the receiving end.
  • He isn’t the most affectionate person in the world, although he would occasionally run his fingers through his S/O’s hair.


  • Cuddles? Hell yes.
  • Cuddling in a fuzzy blanket? Even more yes.
  • Her and her S/O love fuzzy things so fuzzy blankets and even fuzzy robes would be a must.
  • Ann would be totally affectionate and loves the attention.


  • She wouldn’t mind the cuddling, especially during movies.
  • Since Makoto studies a lot, she might fall asleep on her S/O. Her head is on her S/O’s shoulder. Her S/O just wraps an arm around her and cuddles her while she sleeps.
  • If Makoto gets scared, she needs cuddles afterwards.


  • Cuddling and snuggles while watching anime is a must.
  • Cuddling while playing video games is good too.
  • Probably needs cuddles in public since she doesn’t like crowds as much.


  • This little fluffy sheep would totally love cuddles.
  • If her and her S/O had a garden, they’d cuddle on a big lawn chair or on a nice blanket.
  • Cuddles at the park are awesome too.