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To you, is the fact you are being 'ironic' when you emulate shitty 9gagmemes absolve you from looking retarded, or is it just to appeal to the work safe and tumlbr friendly crowd or 'ironic anime lovers' groups? The same conundrum hit the Big Bang theory Bazpoople Botswana memes a few years ago and the ironic comics originally made by 4chan are now posted and called 'redditshit.' Are you ever worried you will wake up one day and realize that desperately applying ironic labels means nothing?

you’re looking too far into this

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i love fenris. honestly isabela was a revelation to me and hits so many of my own feelings so deeply, and then on my second playthrough i found myself relating to merrill’s struggle with preservation of her culture i mean these games go deep

right???  honestly, dragon age 2 gets so much flack, but the characters, storylines & dynamics resonated with me the most in that game.  maybe the other areas were lacking, but i????  just love dragon age 2 & hawke’s fucked-up band of misfits so, so much.  fenris was similarly a revelation to me, & i’ve borrowed a lot of strength from his character & ???  dragon age is an amazing series, & i love each game in kind, but dragon age 2 is particularly special to me for that. ~

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What would V/Jimin/Jungkook Do if they were at the Big Hit Building and saw a New trainee Girl there who is a Foreigner and she is very tall (like 178cm),has curly hair and green eyes and she is very 4D and they had a crush on her? (She is a 99liner)

To all my fellow 99-liners I apologise, there is nothing wrong with any of you … Also, I feel your pain hahah

V: Well, he’ll probably get all flustered and try to start talking to her … Until he finds out that she’s a 99-liner. Considering the age gap is pretty large he would find it inappropriate to even think about doing anything let alone crush on a girl that young.

Jimin: He would probably react the same way as V, but, 10 times worse. I feel like he would feel so wrong for having a crush on a 99-liner, I don’t think it’s something he would be able to easily recover from.

Jungkook: Out of the other guys, Jungkook is the only one who won’t be majorly affected by the age gap. At first he would want to deny and convince himself that he doesn’t like a 99-liner because I think he would feel as if it’s wrong but as time passes he might change the way he thinks. He would probably just accept it.

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Songwriting - Kim Namjoon

Hello everyone~ This is for the lovely anon! I hope you like this :D I don’t think it’s fluffy enough tbh. 

“Hey (Y/N)! You should come down to the studio. I’m stuck. Again.”

These text messages from Namjoon were the norm after he found his passion for rapping. Even before he was signed to Big Hit Entertainment, he and I used to sit in silence until he was inspired by odd things surrounding him. It could be as simple as the sound of his cellphone to how a tile reflects light. However, I didn’t understand why he needed me there. Sure, we’ve been friends for a while after meeting in grade school for a project we needed to do together, but it didn’t explain his weird lyric writing habit.  

There were times when I asked him why my presence was needed. He claimed that I helped him concentrate and write better lyrics which helped with the overall flow of the song. Two of his band mates, Yoongi and Hoseok, were also songwriters. On rare occasions, he’d write lyrics with him. However, he helped with the overall instrumentals of the songs, rather than write lyrics among or with them.

I tore my tired eyes away from my flash cards and checked the time. It was midnight, meaning I had to get up early for classes later today and I wouldn’t get much sleep in anyway. Luckily the test I was studying for wasn’t until Monday. I picked up my phone, quickly texting him back that I’ll be there soon. I was stressed out, but I knew that my stress probably didn’t compare to his. He had to compose music all the time, and now that they were becoming a big deal, it only got harder to please the public and his fans.

I threw on a sweater and made my way to Big Hit Entertainment. I practically lived in the studio because of Namjoon. I made my way through the familiar hallways and climbed a couple of flights of stairs. At the end of the narrow hallway on the third floor was the too familiar studio. As I walked closer to the door, I noticed Namjoon was hunched over the computer space, papers strewn everywhere, some crumpled, some carelessly thrown aside.

I walked in and knocked, just in case he was too into his composing. However, he had headsets on full blast, listening to some music to get him inspired. Poking his shoulder, I took the only other empty seat across from his after climbing a mountain of papers of rejected ideas. He perked up and looked back at me, flashing me a very tired smile.

“Hey! I thought you wouldn’t come,” Namjoon said, pausing the song. “I texted you silly. Don’t tell me your phone is on silent again,” I said, a small smile making its way onto my face. Then, his slender hands picked up his cell phone and saw the unread text I sent him only several minutes prior.

After that small bit of conversation, we sat in silence, his eyebrows furrowed as he contemplated. He began scribbling away in messy handwriting, smiling brightly as his inspiration flowed onto the piece of paper. I stared at him for a while, taking in his handsome features as he wrote diligently. Yes, I had a slight crush on him, but I knew it wouldn’t go anywhere. That’s the only reason I obliged to come to ‘help’ him with his composing; it’s the only time we spend together because I was busy with school and he was busy being an idol.

I tore my eyes away, now averting my gaze to the ceiling. I couldn’t handle it anymore and I breathed in, “Namjoon.” The blonde rapper turned to me, “Yeah? What’s up?” “Why do you always want me to be around you when you’re writing—“ “Can you close your eyes for a second?” he asked, interrupting me out of the blue. I raised an eyebrow at his odd request, crossing my arms.

“It’s nothing weird! Just trust me,” he said with a chuckle. “Sure… I don’t see how this answers my question though,” I said hesitantly as I closed my eyes. I heard the rolling office chair roll closer to me. Despite wanting to see what he was doing, I obeyed and kept my eyes closed.

Then, I felt a soft and pleasant pressure against my lips. My eyes seemed to flutter open by themselves and revealed that Namjoon was very close to me and he was indeed kissing me. I quickly reacted and kissed him back before he got the idea that I didn’t reciprocate his feelings. My heart beat matched that of a hummingbird and my stomach exploded into little butterflies.

As he pulled away, he stayed close, but his eyes opened slowly and locked with mine as he spoke. “I guess I’ll confess now. You want to know why I always call you when I write songs? Because you inspire me. You’re the topic of almost all of the songs I write. I thought it was obvious. Who gets inspired by how a tile reflects light anyway?” he said, laughing at his own rhetorical question.

I couldn’t help but laugh along with him, “You could’ve just said that a long time ago instead of telling me the sound of a text message inspired you. I always wondered how you wrote a love song by listening to the sound of a water bottle being swished.” “It was never any of that. I’d look at you and lyrics just appeared in my head. You’re my muse,” Namjoon said, placing his forehead against my own, closing his eyes. He seemed so peaceful in this state. We didn’t need to speak at this point to understand how we felt for each other.

“Hey (Y/N)?” he asked, holding my hands.

“Yeah?” I asked back.

“Kiss me,” he whispered and I nodded, closing the space between us once again.

this hurt me so much. to think that taehyung was on the verge of crying when their 3rd win was announced makes my heart break. taehyung is honestly one of the most innocent people I’ve ever seen, and if you’ve stuck around bts for a while, you’d know that taehyung is a hardcore fan of bigbang.

so i honestly do not understand why people are giving him shit for singing loser on their 2nd win.

did it ever occur to all the haters that he wasn’t even mocking them but rather he sang it out of sheer joy? did it ever occur to them that loser may be his favorite song right now? 

if anything, all those who bash him for singing it should feel guilty of taking away taehyung’s right to celebrate during the announcement of their 3rd win. to have to suppress your emotions because of possible hate from people who dont know the story — that’s cruel of people to do to someone, whether or not that person is kim taehyung.

Big Hit, You fucked up.

The fancafe is currently filled with angry fans who aren’t dealing with their shit anymore. 

-Fansites are closing down, ex. Taehyunga just closed. In her closing statement on her site, she mentions that the fanstaff and fanstaff manager have been seen using the gifts that she had bought for TAEHYUNG for the 1st yr. anniv. It wasn’t something silly like food or a bracelet, but it was apparently a gift that held value to her. She said she didn’t want to be an ATM to Big Hit.

-People are upset over the way they chose people for the showcase, it was based on a lottery.

-People are still upset over them extending the membership period because it’s currently being seen as nothing but a tactic to get money. 

-And now that there’s a fansite blatantly calling out staff, people are questioning whether or not any of their gifts and/or letters are getting to the boys safely.