A fan asked Yoongi to switch lives with her and he said “You’ll wonder if living like this is a human’s life.”

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  • <p><b>Friend:</b> This song is great! What's it called?<p/><b>i-Tunes:</b> Silver Spoon<p/><b>Hangul:</b> 뱁새<p/><b>English tran:</b> Crow-tit<p/><b>Bad Romanization:</b> Baeppsae/baebsae<p/><b>Pirate sight:</b> Try Hard<p/><b>Me:</b> THEY CALL ME BAEPSAE!!!<p/><b>Friend:</b> I still don't know what it's called.<p/><b>Big Hit:</b> We don't know either.<p/></p>


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TRB NYC Reciepts

••••DISCLAIMER: I do not know the names of the people who I spoke to.  I have no malicious content intent creating this post. For awareness purposes only,  I also have no affiliation with any media companies••••

                            Hi, I’m Ki.  I’m a fashion student in New York who happens to be a huge Bangtan fan.  So clearly, I was ecstatic when I found out they were having a concert here. At the same time I devastated when tickets sold out and I couldn’t attend. I decided to not give up in my dream of seeing Bangtan .  So, my plan of spotting Bangtan was simple, head to SoHo in the morning to do some shopping and maybe catch them at the supreme store (unlikely, but I needed to shop anyway). I thought they might like the SoHo area.  As I’m on the train on the way to the city, an OFFICIAL FAN ACCOUNT (not naming names) states that there will be a fan meet at the Oakley store next to the venue.  Obviously, I was super excited.  I thought how they could sign something for me, or even get a picture if I was lucky. I pass through that area everyday anyways so I figured I might as well stop by,  it was convenient.  I don’t know why I didn’t think it was suspicious.  So I get there and there’s a pretty big line.  Not huge; but still big enough for something that was only announced less than an hour prior.  I stood in what I thought was the back of a meet & great line.  A girl (obviously a fan) says “oh, this isn’t the back of the line.” I thought to myself okay cool that’s fine.  So I’m walking all the way down the supposed meet & great line, to soon find out little did I know this is the line for the actual concert.  I make a joke about the meetup when someone tells me “there is no meetup.” (WHY WOULD A FAN ACCOUNT  LIE TO ME?????? lmao, they would though.  Some fans are sneaky, remember that).  I go in to the Oakley store and I talk to one of the workers for a little bit.  He tells me to go to one of the security guards, maybe they can help.  So I do that.  Or, I thought I did that.  I see a Korean man with a TRB lanyard and he looked like he knew what he was doing.  He’s talking to a group of girls (translators / promoters / ?????), so I wait for a little.  They’re obviously talking about the tour.  The tea from this group is as follows:

1) the company didn’t hire people with experience because they strictly wanted Koreans to work for them
2) bangtan was given extra security because of threats towards namjoon + instances of a girl sneaking into their hotel room

So, I guess that’s more BIGHIT/ SubKulture related, but still. (See, threatening namjoon has its consequences).  Another guy comes out, smoking a cigarette.  He looks stressed as fuck. This is the guy who shocked me the most.  Literally, no chill.  He probably thought I wasn’t a fan of the group as I wasn’t dressed as a typical fan with tour tshirts on etc; I had a more professional look considering I was attending my class and I have my ID on me.  It was  understandable to misinterpret me as just a curious bystander, because he wouldn’t disclose (I’M HOPING HE WOULDN’T) this kind of info in front of a fan.

1) “all they want to do is complete their concert.  They don’t wanna spend to much time interacting with fans, shopping, nothing.  Just perform so they could sleep.

"They’re so stressed- they haven’t had a single break.  Which means I haven’t had a single break.”

2) “They’re so tightly wound up.  They’re just being difficult *jack off hand motion*  they don’t even have energy until they get on stage.”
3) “this is worse than ____*.  Like really, I doubt they’ll come back, especially with all the threats and stalkers.”
4) “like shit. These people are crazy”
5) when we rehearse, they power nap, get their Makeup.  Nap again.  Practice.  Nap.  Nonstop, they can’t even sleep normally"

My only question was if there was a meet up or not. Thank GOD there wasn’t.  Because after that, with this guy who’s been working with them, what he said…… The last thing I wanted was to be another stressor to our “bulletproof boys”.  I politely said thank you and went my way, truly horrified.

I know it doesn’t sound super bad.  It’s your typical kpop-companies-are-fucking-shit spiel.  But it was the fact it was from 2 workers that have been on the tour with them (also, another woman was present but she didn’t say much).  Like of course we all know how hard BTS (and all kpop groups) work, but it sounded to me like a they were suffering. Like of course, it’s their job, but their conditions seem to me subpar + unethical.  They have little security (how does a girl sneak into a private hotel room, and why would you get such a common hotel that also has subpar security + service), long hours, strenuous conditions, poor health (ie inadequate diets, poor care for injuries), and to be perfectly honest, the level of bullying could equate to emotional + verbal abuse.  

 Don’t try to bother them, if you come into contact with them be respectful.  They are just as human as you and me. Everyone freaks out when they see their favorite celeb. A little squeal and short talk is fine, but don’t hide in their rooms, block their way, or cause them stress.
I think what I’m trying to prove with this is that the poor treatment has to stop, and that the ARMY’s behavior is making an impact on the group.  But the solution does NOT come with boycotting/ insulting BIGHIT.  That will only make matters worse.  I just think people should know the extent (and this probably isn’t even the worst of it) of the mistreatment, and try to improve it in positive ways.

As you may know, high touch at the concert was cancelled due to death threats and other rude + dangerous instances during the event.  We also know the name of the hotel BTS is staying at, but don’t think ANYONE should be disclosing that info.

If you have any questions, please send me an ask or email me (address here)

thank u to ivy for editing this for me and being my wingman today xx

* I zoned out when they referenced the other concert, I believe it was Infinite, but I am not sure.

here’s a pic i took while talking, before anything happened (on snapchat)

Suga: “I don’t give a shit.”

Q : If you could sum up in one word your attitude towards life, what would it be?  

  • Suga: I don’t worry about others. Sometimes it comes out in my lyrics- “I don’t give a shit.” I don’t really like worrying about what others think of me, so I want to avoid worrying about it if I can. I want to just keep living how I’ve been living up until now.


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