Today, my fifteen year old sister who wears pants under her skirts was stopped by her principal and told that her skirt was ‘inappropriate for school’ and that she should save dressing like that for 'weekend parties.’ My sister came home and made these posters, printed lots of copies of and plans to post them around her school. I have never been so proud. Dress codes are perpetuating rape culture and oppressive objectification towards women.

i see y’all posting your sympathies for iggy azalea over what happened to her and y’all are coddling her and shit and that’s cute and all but i distinctly remember that about a year ago Ciara was going through almost the exact same thing and y’all were so busy making jokes and memes about her and her new  man and “fucking up commas” but it’s whatever i guess…


Big Girl Code …

Songs that got me into kpop groups

Wonder Girls: Be My Baby

Girls Generation: Catch Me If You Can

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F(x): Electric Shock

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Big Bang: Bang Bang Bang

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2NE1: I Am the Best

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Exo: Call Me Baby

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Kara: Cupid

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Ladies Code: Pretty Pretty

Red Velvet: Ice Cream Cake

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Sistar: Shake It

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4Minute: Crazy

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After School: Flashback

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Blackpink: Whistle

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Plus Size Maternity Shoot

I am 39 weeks pregnant today and my husband took me to the park so he could take my maternity photographs. He helped me to feel like a queen today despite how sleepy and achy I’ve been feeling lately. At this stage in my pregnancy I am listening to my hypno babies birthing affirmations every night to prepare for birthing in power and confidence. I am working hard to stay pregnant positive and counting down the days until I get to hold my precious baby.

Lots of love,
La Chica Mas Fina

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Plus Size Maternity Shoot

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People are so right. Idols are humans.

Idols have hearts, they have souls, they have a conscience, and they also have lives. They fall in love, they keep secrets, they play games,they do things for their community, they make mistakes (even though some unforgivable), they make people laugh, and they make people cry. Plus, their daily lives are truly not that much different from ours (other than the whole idol part).

So, instead of people just using idols’ “scandals” and tragic events for their own purposes, just remember that they do have a family, they do have friends and fans, and they do have actual feelings.

Idols ARE humans.

K-pop is life
  • Birth: “Call Me Baby” - EXO
  • Going Through Puberty: “Ugly” - 2NE1
  • Relationship with Parents: “Study, Please” - Stellar
  • High School Life: “School of Tears” - BTS
  • First Kiss: “Kiss Kiss” - Ladies Code
  • Dating Life: “I Got a Boy” - SNSD “I Don’t Need a Man” - Miss A
  • Graduation: “Two Different Tears” - Wonder Girls
  • First Job: “I Gotta Go to Work” - Beast
  • College Life: “Young, Wild & Free” - B.A.P
  • Wedding Day: “Promise” - Jay Park
  • Married Life: “Married to the Music” - Shinee
  • Trying to Get Pregnant: “Bang Bang Bang” - Big Bang
  • Giving Birth: “Push Push” - Sistar
  • Raising Kids: “Go Crazy” - 2pm
  • Retirement: “Life Is Good” - Epik High
  • Death: “Heart Attack” - AoA
  • Afterlife: “Heaven” - Ailee
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  • Ladies’ Code
  • AOA
  • Fiestar
  • Sistar
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  • Oh My Girl
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  • Exo

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