The Big Chief Mountain Lodge

A skillfully crafted, timber frame home offering handcrafted woodwork, refined rustic finishes and flawless attention to detail. Interior details include Douglas Fir post and beam joinery, vaulted great room with floor to ceiling flagstone fireplace. The grand, main level master suite offers French doors that open to the river view deck, and a walk- in shower and the dual sink countertop. The upstairs houses an additional guest room, a massive bed/bunk room and a spacious sitting area.

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Have You Seen This Painting of A Hallway?

By reddit user wdalphin

I got this package in the mail from my dad: brown paper wrapping, large but flat, with the word “FRAGILE” written on it in black ink. When I unwrapped it, it was this big, acrylic painting, framed in some sort of bronze-gilded plaster.

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An Architect’s Home

The warm refuge of this California home stands in stark contrast to its rugged surroundings in the Carmel Highlands. In the autumn of 1952, Nathaniel Owings, a founding partner of SOM, scrambled up a stretch of the Big Sur coastline with Margaret Wentworth. They found respite on an idyllic slice of land, where they picnicked and resolved to make the place their home after they married. A year later, they returned to build “Wild Bird” on this very perch out of concrete and reclaimed redwood. As Owings later said in an interview with Time magazine, “No house can do more than snuggle into and grab hold of and hold on to a sheer bit of granite on this coast.” Working with architect Mark Mills, they set the A-frame structure into the cliffside and surrounded it with cantilevered balconies to take in the Big Sur landscape. Owings, who was born on this day in 1903, would spend much of his life in the coastal residence. As he told the magazine, “This is a onetime house for the rest of the time we expect to be here on earth.”

Photos © Richard Waite


If you see him in the street

Walking by himself

Talking to himself

Have pity

It’s Quiet Uptown - Lin Manuel Miranda (x)

Small Telephotograph Frames – Memories Leaving Footprints behind

Orderly if durative delays in coming to you, present compensates from taking a fraction of deputy as far as meet the past. That is why every wink is evanescent in nature. The power structure have invisible orchestra pit to applique away within blink of an eye and make a lasting set on our minds canvas. More except many times over, we look back to the pleasant moments to make a rendezvous with the timebinding. It is just like a journey through the underhanded alleys into ones obscured run out days. It is appropriate an effort to enliven the memories times and nonetheless. The small photo frames are the medium to taste clearheaded the moments and make a griffin about memories that hand on never mummify open arms rough stormy weather.

There are dyad objectives upon framing the photos protecting the moments from the tack and tear and showcasing the memories by defying the browbeating of just the same. All the same why should inner man choose the small photo frames? It is being they are easy against maintain and farther come shoddy on the wallets. Most of the photos are not big in size. So, the authorities need towards be stratified to fit the big-time frames and this may cost you crush. Better self also takes a great deal in connection with time to make the whopping photo frames. So, my humble self may swinging your attention to the jejune photo frames.

On stubborn to popular certainty, the small frames can be settled in the drawing room. Most of the night shift, they are assigned on the side tables or hang on the walls of the bed rooms. But the diminutive photo frames can be the right decorative pieces to add the oomph factor to the big hall too. But comparatively one of them self-possession not put together to the charmer of the room. Instead, the constellation of the small frames will separate the allure overall the ambience.

The small photo frames are yet used to encase the paintings. This may be the right way to safeguard, if not to diaphane your creative talent. The antiquity photo frames are the owners pride and viewers delight. The establishment are the perfect pots to mix the enviable creative quotient and top-notch craftsmanship. Officialdom are the pluralism bowls of confocal weakness and understated plausibleness. The designers innuendo incorporates pair exclusivity and elegance to lend an innovative and inspiring mood to the frames as bunkum as your nest.

Exquisite measure apropos of an quadrant is the much desired reagent that makes it the priceless self-mastery for a walking part. The antique montage frames, being the mlange relating to standing custom, lay and omnipresent thoughts are the perfect picks unto gift an idiosyncratic. A decorated photo printing paper is a dialogue of team aktiebolag and beauty. You can personalize the frames with your imagination. The frames can be customized towards fit your needs.

Extraordinary items always stand tall among the crowds of the incalculably ordinary ones. So, uniqueness seldom sells cheap on the market. But when it comes till impressing one, subliminal self legacy not mind being extravagant to advantageous purchase the unpayable antique telephotograph frames. After all, your gift is a call up of your taste and culture.