SVTFOE s2 finale

OMG WTF WHAT THE EVER LOVING…. OMGOMGOMG!!! That was a hell of a season finale!

Guys… I am freaking out so hard!!!

But why does Toffee need his finger though? Surely it can’t be just for the sake of having it, right? (or it might and I’m just reading too much into this because I can’t get over what I just saw!!!) And what happened to Glossaryc (I don’t know how you spell his name.) what did Toffee do to him?? And the Chandler and Heckapoo and Time out guy (I literally forgot his name. It’s Ram-something.) their life forces… Toffee stole it, but why? What’s he planning??

Star and Moon aren’t safe just living in the castle now that Toffee is partially free and has half of the crystal embedded in his hand, so where are they going? The mewmans are furious after hearing Star’s song, Toffee is going to raise hell again, Heinous and Gemini are also plotting something big, Eclipsa may become a threat in the near future, Glossaryc and the Book of Spells are MIA, Star has to leave Earth and Marco is left wondering what’s going on!

Also Ludo’s family.. Ludo’s family omg! His mother is pretty. And Dennis is so kind. Everyone turned their back on Ludo except for him. I hope we see him again because I really like him. Perhaps he can also be a key factor in rescuing Ludo from Toffee’s grasp? But dang… poor Ludo! No wonder he kicked his family out; it’s their fault anyway… But Dennis though… he really cares for his big brother and Ludo knows it. I hope those two reunite soon because Ludo deserves to have someone in his life that loves him very much.

S2 was a wild journey! I wonder what S3 will hold in store for us! AAAHHH THAT FINALE!!!

i literally didnt watch a single episode of ot between 16 and 65 but holy SHIT was 65 a way to jump back in