wherefancyisfree  asked:

"Mitch sleeps in Auston’s Team USA t-shirts and gets chirped mercilessly by his Canadian friends for it" Mitch forgot that Connor and Dylan were coming by one day when they were both in town and opens his door wearing the shirt. Needless to say they are merciless and both hold their phones with pictorial evidence too high for him to destroy.

Immediately Dylan sends the blurry pic of Mitch wearing a worn Team USA shirt to the entirety of their WJC team so that even if Mitch does get their phones, there are 20 other dudes scattered throughout the NHL/AHL/CHL who have the beautiful evidence. Mitch is whining the whole time like a little puppy yapping at their heels.

He calms down though when Auston comes by and snuggles him and presses a kiss to his bedhead and says “Shhhh” very gently. Because who can be ashamed of wearing the clothes of someone that wonderful? Dylan makes a gagging noise in the background. Connor smacks his arm.