Today in beyond retarded news, well, a few days ago but anyways, crazy feminists people got upset over a statue because it displayed “mansplaining” because it depicted a man talking to a girl on a bench.

And the statue itself looked like two friends talking and being happy, not some big evil representation of THE PATRIARCHY.

Statue in question.

Oh god I can feel all that sexism from here.

jiosen asked:

How did I know that would happen? So he goes and unleashes Pythor who, SURPRISE, turns on him. Lloyd. Seriously. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice..." But I love how Pythor legit just goes and steals candy with him. Like, seriously? Big bad ancient evil goes around with a kid just to further his goal? Love his voice tho. lol. Also, Sensei Wu being sweet was cool.

Did you catch the bit about Pythor being a cannibal.

I’m gonna share these reactions public. This fandom loves this kinda thing.

augh…it’s dONE 

I spent a good month or something doing this oh my godd -sweat-

I just wanted to draw more big hero 6 fanart to honour this bEAUTIFUL movie, since the stores around don’t seem to like doing that and instead still stock the shelves with frozen merch


anyways I might as well post this here now before I start regretting everything