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how do you feel about wild dogs? my fave is the african wild dog, it's got big ol' ears and they're really pretty!

oh gosh yes I love those too! I remember I was super into a game called zoo tycoon 2 ages ago and the wild dogs were my favourite to have

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What is your favourite animal?

“My favorite animal…?  Well, all we really have down here is snails.  Of course, then there are the animal monsters, but I’m assuming you mean animals hat dwell on the Surface, yes? 

“Based on the things I’ve seen and heard from both my family and the Undernet, I think my favorite Surface animal are mice!  They are so cute and fuzzy looking!  With their big round ears, tiny feet and hands, not to mention their noses!!  What else could possibly be as adorable as a pet Surface mouse!”

Season 3 is confirmed for september and i want to play more with Lotor’s design