but what if,,, what if humans aren’t the only Hold My Beer species.

We are one of two.

The Adt’harra people look kind of like a cross between a bat and an elf. Big ole radar dish ears, slender bipedal bodies, all that. Their planet is heavily forested with gargantuan mangrove swamps, and they lurk under the roots to hunt fish and birds. More importantly, they lurk under the roots to prank the shit out of any and all intergalactic visitors. 

The Adt’harran love of pranks was at first a non-starter for joining the Intergalactic Alliance, but then they realized that these creatures were absolute geniuses for rigging complex mechanics in a matter of minutes, and also were simply too enthusiastic to refuse.

At around the same time, the Human people were discovered. They were rather flimsy compared to many other members of the Alliance, but further interaction proved them to be loyal crewmembers willing and able to risk life and limb for their cause and teammates. Further interaction also proved them to be reckless bastards who think it’s great fun to glue six warp cores together and try to poke a tunnel through a sun.

It was very quickly decided by the high-ups that Humans and Adt’harrans should never be allowed to interact, they would surely blow up at least three ships and cause a half dozen interplanetary incidents with their scheming.

When the Humans and Adt’harrans eventually meet anyway because neither species is really into ‘rules’, they are fast friends and the collective universe tears its hair out.


Finger prints and mug shot of Argentinian serial killer Cayetano Santos Godino. By the time he was 16 years old Godino was responsible for the murder of four children, attempted murder of a further seven as well as seven counts of arson. He was known as the ‘Big Eared Little Person’ (Petiso Orejudo) due to his distinctive appearance.


Trico is finally finished! My boyfriend and I took him to the park to take some pictures, it was so much fun. He was very fun to pose and looked really cute in the woods and on the beach. A little girl thought he was real and came up to pet him and mentioned many times how much she loved him

I learned so much working on him, I hope you guys love him as much as I do

Honestly we are blessed to have trans guys who aren’t “traditionally attractive” by shitty societal standards but who are actually most DEFINITELY attractive.

Boys with big noses and ears, boys who are fat, boys with acne and eczema, boys with braces, boys with large pores, boys with overbites and underbites, boys whose hair gets greasy, boys with acne scars, etc.

All are very handsome and important boys, no matter how they see themselves. It is a FACT that they’re just lovely.