The Legend of Zelda: 

Underworld Enemy #12: Pols Voice

“A ghost with big ears and a weak point – he hates loud noise.”

-The Legend of Zelda Manual

Due to Ganon’s meddling in the realm, the underworld is now home to a multitude of undead creatures, some even made animated indirectly by the corrupt sorcerer’s range of power. Despite this, there are even ancient ghosts that have been dwelling in the labyrinths ages before Ganon’s arrival in Hyrule. One such living corpse of a creature has been called the ‘Pol’s Voice’. The creature’s name is translated from an antiquated form of Hylian, literally meaning “Voice of the Pol” with the word 'Voice’ referring to the inner voice, essence or spirit of a living thing; a ghost. The word 'Pol’ however has gotten mistranslated and reinterpreted over time, and is believed to be a shortened variation of some unknown base word, referring to the creature’s bizarre, cat-like species; A species long extinct, only visually depicted in a handful of rare Hylian hieroglyphs. The Pols Voice tend to congregate only in the deepest sections of the underworld, due to their sensitivity to light and sound, floating through passageways with a certain sense of fluidity and buoyancy, as if swimming through the air. Though they only seem to attack if provoked, these strange spirits will latch onto the heads of their prey, or will choke them with their long ghostly tendrils. The Pols Voice usually proceed by draining their victim’s life-force with a set of sucker-like teeth that reside under their hood-like faces. They are quite adept at moving through the claustrophobia-inducing dungeons, but aren’t without their own weaknesses. Due to the creature’s extremely thin skin, arrows are particularly effective weapons in combat, and a well placed shot may very well rip through several of them at once. 

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Hey Rick. You may have seen me as the occasional Like or the guy who seems to appear around Everfree Tree. Indeed, I wouldn’t have known half as much about you if it wasn’t for Tree.

Though it is on my own behalf that I follow your work, Rick.I love the expressions, the fun and silly ideas that you come up with and put to paper, and yes, I do so love the big fluffy ears. Disliking them would mean, for me, disliking fun.

I’ve taken to heart the past few posts that you’ve made concerning appreciation. Though I have made sure to express my appreciation to other artists in the past, I haven’t been as faithful in doing so as of late. And I have had this mental note for the past few months to come up with some sort of well thought out and well written message to send your way, but I just never go down and do a rough draft of it.

But when will I learn? It’s best to write these things spontaneously. If anything is missed, well, there’s always another letter. Better to have done so than to have left it by the wayside.

You’ve done so well in bringing a smile to my face whenever I see anything from you. I chuckled softly when Flutters and Pinkie realized their public nudity, and the plain innocence of it.  I still go back to that Daily Apple Pony splash page you have on Deviant Art which is just a wall of fun and smiles (and the tag).

But you also did well in touching an emotional side with me. The final few scenes of Applejack coming to terms with her upbringing on her mother’s graveside. It had a maturity to it that betrays a deeper understanding of our weaknesses. There’s some of us that have the hardest time, the worst time, coming to terms with ourselves and finding a way to forgive. To truly forgive us for our actions. Even if there’s no real blame to have, that weight can bring us down. Bring us down over a very long time.

And sometimes we can’t imagine life without that weight.

I’m sorry for what friends may have drifted away. That tends to happen in any aspect of life, and I myself may cling a little too tightly to the remnants. But there’s always more. People looking for something better and genuine. This is what I see when I admire your artwork. I always knew there was something personal in art, but it was Dilarus who made me realize how much we can learn by appreciating the simple lines.

I apologize if this is a little too long for you to read right away. I just want you to understand that I appreciate you as well as what you do. I hope to find more to appreciate in the future.

Take care of yourself Rick.

~Trevor Rain

(I hope you don’t mind if I post this, lemme know if you’d rather not have it up) 

Thanks, man. I can tell this is something that comes from the heart, and I appreciate it tremendously. Paraphrasing a best friend, always take the opportunity to show people that you really appreciate them and that you’re glad they’re still around. This is really beautiful man.

Keep spreading the goodness, and keep being fantastic, Trevor Rain

Top 8 hottest boys rated on looks and personality

1. Ostrich is a 10 in looks he has long nice hair sexy lips and brown eyes. He is a 8 in personality bc he is nice to almost every one but he ca be mean some times.

2. MWolfe is a 9 in looks he is super tall has dark hair a nice beard and green eyes. He is a 9 personality bc he is nice and sweet to every one but he is a fuck boi.

3. Assign is a 8 in looks he has red hair and nice chin hair and cute eyes. He is a 6 in personality bc he is nice but annoying and a fuck boi.

4. Triggered is a 7.5-8 in looks he is “boy next door” big eyes cute ears and nice beard. He is a 4 personality bc he is mean his personality is just bad.

5. Pointe is a 7.5-8 in looks he is cute with dark features and a nice body. He is a 10 in personality bc he is nice to everyone and funny.

6. Roast is a 7 in looks he has dark hair and eyes. Hes a 3 in personality bc he is mean and likes to cause trouble and hes a fuck boi.

7. Intuitive is a 7 in looks he has dark hair and sexy dark eyes. Hes a 10 in personality bc he is sweet and nice to everyone and the best room owner ever.

8. Heuz is a 6.5-7 in looks he has dark features and sexy eyes and nice facial hair. Hes a 5 in personality be he is a bitch but nice to his friends.

  • Stratosphere
  • Manami Matsumae, Nor-Master

RST Music Disk Vol. 12 [U.S. Navy] (PC-8801), 1994
Original: Manami Matsumae
Arranger: Nor-Master

I have, in the past, complained about the poor mixing and sound quality on Capcom’s CP System board, so I always perk up when I hear a good fan arrange of a CPS game. This music deserves better, and Nor-Master delivers.

The samples were not playing correctly in my go-to, PC88Win, so I recorded this in M88. Although M88′s FM emulation is generally less accurate, I like that is makes the lead instrument a little more abrasive. I think its intensity is a good fit for the composition.

Nor-Master’s commentary:


It would seem that Nor-Master had not actually played U.S. Navy, and only heard it on the Street Fighter II soundtrack. These nerds were no different than you or me.

listen i have so many feelings about young will poindexter growing up thinking he wasn’t attractive and then meeting the objectively incredibly beautiful nursey who just thinks dex is the best looking guy he’s ever seen in his life and telling him that and dex not even believing him at first but eventually growing to accept that nursey really does mean it and that his freckles are wonderful not ugly and his red hair makes him look unique and his big ears are adorable and great and he just starts being more confident in himself okay

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「 – 14k followers? Wow~! ♡ I haven’t been on in a while but a part of me thinks the amount is a glitch, but if not I want to say hello to all of you. My name is Sierra but most call me Si-Si. I usually do daily upload but since my data is too slow sometimes it’s every other day, but starting now I’ll be more active on you lovelies dashboards. I live in FL, and I love many anime and manga series that I’ll make a list of in the near future, To know more about me never be afraid to PM- I’m a friendly kitten & I don’t bite… Too hard.」

C: This is something that has been bothering me for the longest time. I honestly cannot stand non black women copying black girl aesthetics (ex: cornrows, lip and butt injections, big hoop earrings that were once considered “ghetto”, wearing black/African inspired clothing, the whole “insta baddie” aesthetic in general). Its so frustrating to me because its just like if you turn in your homework and you get a C- while the person who copied off of you somehow gets an A+ ?? Non black women are LITERALLY profiting off of our looks, from the Kardashians + Kylie Jenner, to instafamous girls (aka Instagram “hoes” ) and black guys go CRAZY over these girls because they’re like black girls without being actually black. I don’t mean to come off as jealous but I am just tired of feeling like we are constantly being ripped off then thrown in the garbage.

Weeaboo coworker

Let me give a little background before I start my story. I’ve been working at a small ice cream parlor/coffee shop combination in my neighborhood for about two years now. It is owned by the sweetest older couple (who act as the managers), and I’ve honestly had no problems working there until the start of this summer.

So, at the beginning of this summer, my managers announced their granddaughter would be taking a job at the store. Let’s call her Lauren. They assured us Lauren would be treated just like the other employees, as she would be paid the same as an entry level employee, and earn raises/bonuses as appropriate.

When we were first introduced to Lauren, I realized she was weebish. She wore tiny cat ears, a big bow (think Rin from Vocaloid), and wore anime shirts under her apron. Her apron was adorned with a couple anime buttons. However, unlike your stereotypical weeb, she had good hygiene and did not spew broken Japanese at any given moment.

The first week with this girl wasn’t bad. We were both going to be on the same shift together throughout the summer. Lauren was being trained by her grandpa on how to do things (scoop ice cream, punch things into the register, etc.) and we didn’t interact much. It wasn’t until Lauren was trained when the problems began.

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Oooohh look at the cute little fella! Come here little lizard dude, I have food.

*Animal starts attacking*


*Starts firing at everything automatically in panic. Stares in horror as the little cutie dies*

I’m sorry! I’m so so sorry! I didn’t mean to!

*Hears sentry bot heading my way*

Oh god, oh god, RUN!

*Shrieks at sentry bot whilst running towards my starship*