VanVen having an argument
  • Vanitas: *punches the wall near vens head in typical shippy/douchey fashion*
  • Ven: *loud gasp* :O
  • Vanitas:
  • Ven:
  • Ven: did
  • Ven: did you hurt yourself???
  • Vanitas: *pained noises*
  • Ven: *wrapping vanis hand up* YOURE SO STUPID
  • Vanitas: SHUT UP?? JUST SHUT UP??????

is nobody going to talk about the CUTEST and most heartbreaking part of the episode (Ok bear with me) where Lucifer took something from the vending machine and then LEFT MONEY!??!?!?!? 

Like he didn’t even steal, knowing too well he was a hot god damn mess wanting to die. Nobody was watching him. Chloe was distracted. He pulled money out of his wallet and stuck it in the place where he took his snack and then scurried off. And LATER WHEN THE SHOT SHOWS CHLOE OBSERVING THIS. 

very symbolic. clearly despite all he’s done and how fucked up he is in this episode we are seeing a side from Chloe’s POV- She’s recognizing this isn’t really him, he’s not well, and in her eyes he’s not the monster he’s been acting like. proof in that he still took time to leave a stupid amount of money in a vending machine that he clearly broke open and hijacked some chips from.

TLDR big dumb devil baby in a lot of pain still left money for a snack he couldve stole and chloe noticed

people hating on Jack Ryan cause he only had 3 lines in the game and call it bad character development.

Jack is characterized more by the environment and his story, and is more of a silent protag than anything. I don’t know, I always liked that the main character didn’t coloring anything with his feelings/thoughts, leaving the player to make assumptions/ immersing themselves even more so. 

plus his baby doe eyes are canon, and wears a grammy sweater, how can you hate him

LUNCH TIME~! This is very messy, but I like how it looks! Arlong is saying something racist, Hancock is telling him to stop looking at her with his hideous eyes - he’s already offending her by being in her presence, and Jinbei’s telling Arlong to shut up because he’s being a big dumb baby.

the inevitable analysis

seeing them like this is making my heart explode, like,

I love that youtube rewind people specifically assigned this to them. “who’s gonna be the big dumb British baby that gets bit while snuggling his brother?” there is only one answer to that question.

what the fuck i never thought i would be so lucky to actually witness this shit like this is the type of trashy fluff i draw wtf

it’s perfect because its cute and gay as fuck but also nerdy as shit like

also this is fully how i expect they watch tv together all the time. i mean probably without biting, who knows

Look how fucking comfortable they are that close. and with that many people watching they are so silly. They are so in love and they are getting so close to not giving a fuck about who knows it. And they clearly are in this sitting arrangement all the time, okay? 

but dan behind phil with his arm around him (always the big spoon c; )

and phil leaning on dan, head on his shoulder, hand on his leg etc. etc. for ultimate cuddles. you know what kills me most? 

A. look how easy it would be for dan to attack phil with kisses, vise versa. or make out

B. Dan’s hand behind phil could be doing ~anything~

C. it’s a fucking fact that, under that blanket, phil’s hand is on dans leg.