oh yeah, i finally finished all of duke nukem 3d and it’s official expansions

like i said before, i’m not that big of a duke fan, i think some of the weapons are on the piddly side and some of the enemies are absolutely infuriating to fight, especially when placed poorly (my friends can attest to the fact that i often screamed randomly in voice chat while playing duke because i would turn a corner and come face to face with something that could instantly kill me and make me lose 20+ minutes of progress)

but i quite enjoy the general atmosphere of duke3d, it’s quaint and its constant references to 80s movies are cute

Thanks to Heathers...
  • *Something goes wrong*
  • Me: Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw
  • Everyone else: What the hell?
  • *shit happens*
  • Everyone else: Damn
  • Me: Dang dang diggity dang-a-dang
  • Everyone else: ???

felt like posting some heathers tonight

Heathers the Musical links

Full show:


Candy Store:

Fight For Me:

Candy Store (Reprise) and Freeze Your Brain:

Big Fun:

Dead Girl Walking:

Me Inside of Me:

Blue and Blue (Reprise):

Our Love Is God:

Prom or Hell? and My Dead Gay Son:


Shine A Light:

Lifeboat and Shine A Light (Reprise):

Kindergarten Boyfriend:

Yo Girl:

Meant To Be Yours:

Dead Girl Walking (Reprise):

I Am Damaged:

Seventeen (Reprise):

The Killing Fields
The Psycho Realm
The Killing Fields

Psycho Realm - The Killing Fields (Old School) Uncut Version (Updated)

Big Duke is probably my favorite rapper of all time. Dude was the best lyricist and still is. I still haven’t heard any rapper top his poetry.

Street Platoon is fucking sick on this tracc also! Cynic and Crow Soto!